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Digital Capabilities Strategy Manager For Analytics Resume

Princeton, NJ


Highly innovative and productive professional with the ability to work well with little supervision and meet tight deadlines in a high - pressure environment. A self-starter with exceptional Interactive Digital Marketing and Project Management skills.


Multi-Channel Data & Analytics: Develops digital analytics best practices, customer data-analysis methods and campaign optimization plans. Produces solution design; creates tech and tag designs, Manages TMS - Tag management system and manages tags independently. Developed a KPI framework. Driving the digital analytics strategy for manipulation and transformation of data into actionable models/metrics through advanced analytics using Adobe Analytics (Site Catalyst / Omniture). Tealium Tag Management‎.

Digital: Web Application Development, iPad iDetail Development, Responsive Website design, Interactive web-based animation/video development. Development of native iOS based iDetail apps as well as responsive web apps capable of delivering the same content to various platforms such as desktops (iOS or PC), tablets (iPad or Android) or smartphones (iPhones or Android)


Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Digital Capabilities Strategy Manager for Analytics


  • Serve as on - site Digital Capabilities strategic point-person for stakeholders as the primary source of information relating to Site Analytics and Tag Management technologies and projects
  • Collaborate with highly cross-functional team of technical/non-technical stakeholders on Measurement Planning and Technical/Business Requirements
  • Managed day to day projects using Agile methodology
  • Refine and prioritize requirements and needs, identifying and addressing functionality gaps and often-conflicting information
  • Develop/document with Engineering, the solutions design documentation for tracking across both new implementations and re-launched Web sites
  • Co-manage/assist engineering with implementation of and integration between Web analytics, TMS and related technologies
  • Used Adobe Campaign a cloud based cross-channel campaign management tool to improve and track campaigns across media and digital marketing.
  • Coordinate the testing and QA of all work with Engineering, leveraging methods and processes to validate accurate data capture, functionality gaps to be compliant with approved Measurement Plan
  • Troubleshoot agency-tracking compatibility, conducting periodic audits
  • Support the Digital Capabilities team in tracking progress of new implementations and ongoing customizations
  • Deliver ongoing front-line analytics technology support to Analyst(s), providing expertise on capabilities, potential customizations and impact assessments; help vet technologies
  • Continuously strive for excellence in processes, efficiencies, standards and data quality
  • Facilitate the implementation, deprecation and maintenance of all site/event tags leveraging TMS (Tealium, DTM)
  • Evangelize analytics cultural mindset by educating and partnering with stakeholders, cultivating DO team relationships
  • Provide training support on Site Analytics and Tag Management tools to stakeholders
  • Tealium Tag Management‎

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Multi-Channel Digital Analytics Specialist


  • Responsible for facilitating communications between stakeholders; weekly updates to senior management; organize meetings with stakeholders; increase project/product awareness or knowledge; promote cooperative relationships between stakeholders
  • Deliver customer segmentation and targeting, and convert analytic findings into customer insights that power marketing strategies and campaign programs and made use of Adobe Campaign tool for tracking campaigns and managed day - to-day project activities, demonstrating thorough knowledge and professional experience leading Agile-based projects
  • Act as thought leader and advisor to leadership team, collaborating with functional leads (Activation, Account Management, UX, Creative, Technology, etc.) to ensure that marketing plans and decision-making are data-driven
  • Develop sophisticated modeling tools that correlate activities with customer outcomes, and recommend ideas and initiatives with the goal of improving marketing performance (CPA, CLV) and customer outcomes (attach rates, retention rates)
  • Develop, maintain, and communicate marketing/customer KPIs and dashboards. Help marketing focus on critical customer outcomes and metrics
  • Provide Web analytics and standard web metric reporting on a weekly basis utilizing Adobe analytics (Omniture), Google Analytics and several other 3rd party report suites to provide a comprehensive view of the customer journey on the web
  • Expertise in solution design, tag implementation, tool integration, testing and optimization, reporting design and analysis for Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst), Google Analytics and other web analytics tools (leveraging TMS (Ensighten, DTM)
  • Developed the overall organizational change management strategy and work plan as well as developing and implementing the associated deliverables
  • Implemented a process of identifying the individuals or groups that are likely to affect or be affected by assigned projects, and sorting them according to their impact on the project and the impact the project will have on them
  • Implemented a strategy for reaching target audiences using multi-channel communication such as email campaigns, webinars or live chat. Was the thought leader in deciding who to target, when, with what message and how. Develop software instructions help stakeholders/users be more successful on their own, improving how easily those products gain acceptance and reducing costs to support them

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Senior Digital Project Manager


  • Demonstrated expertise in all phases of Digital analytics implementation using Adobe analytics (Omniture)
  • Able to quickly gain an understanding of client s industries, business and project objectives
  • Interface daily with clients as the primary point of contact
  • Analyze and prioritize project activities and client needs, while establishing realistic deadlines
  • Achieve consensus among diverse and dissenting viewpoints, while effectively translating ideas into prioritized and actionable steps
  • Create, maintain and present project plans and other relevant project documentation
  • Create project status reports, timelines, milestones and deliverable progress materials for our clients
  • Manage internal team workflow and Content Strategy/Management (Site.com & AEM)
  • Able to collaborate with and lead teams of information architects, graphic designers, copywriters, HTML developers, Flash developers, and programmers to problem solve and execute project challenges while delivering high quality on time and on budget (Veeva, Veeva Vault)
  • Have a can - do attitude that fosters a positive productive working environment, especially in stressful or pressured situations
  • Be flexible, organized, and open to feedback with excellent follow-through skills
  • Able to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, provide hands-on troubleshooting, and best available solutions
  • Balance a sense of urgency with calm and confident demeanor
  • Work effectively as part of a team or independently to meet agreed-upon deadlines
  • Travel to client locations for meetings as needed

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Senior Interactive Project Manager


  • Perform all duties of a Scrum Project Owner
  • Create user - stories with user acceptance criteria
  • Develop and manage content management, workflow, and operations across multiple channels and tools
  • Develop specifications, both at the functional element level and using user stories
  • Gather requirements from business team
  • Translate business specifications into technical specifications, sometimes working both from internal program documentation and explicit business specifications gathered by business analysts
  • Basic Wire framing
  • Implement enterprise-wide digital analytics (WebTrends)
  • Complete and document user acceptance testing
  • Document bugs, issues, and tasks
  • Retrofit current projects into new project management methodology
  • Update and monitor project tasks and plans
  • Develop presentation materials

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Digital Project Manager


  • Manage multiple projects at a time with multiple (shared) team resources.
  • Manage project tasks and documentation for projects including statements of work, cost estimates, requirements, documentation, project plans, budgets and forecasts, resource allocations, meeting summaries, invoices and project briefs.
  • Lead quality assurance for all project deliverables
  • Lead client meetings, internal and external status meetings
  • Coordinate and lead a shared, cross - functional through all project stages
  • Collaborate with colleagues on resource planning and management
  • Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, regarding all aspects of a project
  • Assist clients with goal setting and development of success criteria
  • Identify and communicate budget and time implications of project scope modifications
  • Able to see the big picture and deep dive into the tasks to support the team and their deliverables.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Interactive Project Manager


  • To develop, manage, and execute Confidential s internet/e - commerce strategy and implementation, consistent with company vision and strategic direction.
  • To gather consumer insights and trends and further drive forward brand awareness, brand familiarity, brand associations, and purchase intent through digital means and media vehicles, including Confidential website, related industry and consumer sites, social networks, partner sites where brand may be presented. To enhance brand image and brand presentation throughout the digital media spectrum. Managing and updating content on the various Social Media Platforms.
  • Responsibilities include assisting in website presentation, website content, site optimization, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, link optimization, social media networking, brand presentation on-line, on-line partnerships, etc.
  • Serves as the primary liaison to the business unit managers, consumer relations, customer support and Upper Management.
  • Establishes content update timelines and goals. Coordinates website review meetings at least monthly with predetermined division contacts.
  • Evaluates projects, assesses web strategy and deliverables, refines project plan, gets buy-in from stakeholders, and then executes; this includes strategizing what content is needed, editing existing/provided content, addressing navigational impact, identifying promotional needs and cross-linking opportunities, obtaining necessary graphics, etc.
  • Combines aspects of both web editor and project manager to strategize, develop, and deliver content for website.
  • Handles assigned projects from start to finish, following established processes and guidelines.
  • Customer Facing and Managed Application Services
  • Daily updates/edits to news feeds and features, images, poll questions. Ensure all content issues are resolved prior to posting new information.
  • Develop business process and workflow for the review and control of content to the web site. Adhere to electronic publishing standards for editing and content management.
  • Create and maintain web content using Adobe Flex 4, Flash Actionscript 3, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS 2.1, XML, JavaScript, Lotus Script, Notes Domino Formula Language, Dreamweaver CS5, Fireworks CS5, Adobe Scene 7, Web Analytics and Web Statistics

Confidential, Atlanta

Project Manager/ Business Intelligence Developer


  • Create a variety of ASP.NET applications that interact with web services and client/server side development. Full life cycle development for various Business Intelligence applications. Perform data analysis to analyze data using commercially available tools such as SPSS, and Crystal Reports. Working with clients to ensure their needs are being met.
  • Participate in project management duties and build strong client relationships. Implementation of web - based business solutions. Good analysis skills, coding and testing experience. Good understanding of business-to-consumer, business-to-business and business-to-employee models of Internet solutions.
  • Implement new user interface features including developing and recommending UI design patterns, policies, coding standards, guidelines and procedures.
  • Designing and producing data reports using SQL Server Reporting Svcs. 2005 with data from multiple vendor sources. Data warehousing and modeling. Developing/supporting reporting tools and applications.
  • Create Flash 8 controls. Experience with using XML data in Flash. Create Flash controls integrated into existing HTML pages to create a more personalized and engaging experience for the user. Experience integrating Flash applications with other client-side and server-side technologies. Implement a Flash component framework for interactive content delivery, which ensures performance, functionality, and flexibility. Design and implement the user experience of rich multimedia application software using Flash and Action Script.


Project Manager/Web Content Developer


  • Create and maintain web content using Flash, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Notes Domino Formula Language, Dreamweaver, Fireworks
  • Quality control and testing of the Web multimedia elements and User interfaces
  • Technical oversight of servers, network, web site and Lotus Notes (Windows 2000) infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain web - based tools for use by TryScience team.
  • Manage content staging and e-publishing using IBM s E-Pub tool.
  • Used WebTrends to implement Dynamic Search providing high level of clarity to marketing campaigns.
  • SurfAid (Web Stats) administration and configuration.
  • GIS Application Implementation (ArcView, MapInfo)
  • Maintain the online system, resources and reports.
  • Manage the day-to-day activities including content development and production.
  • Coordinate communication among stakeholders.
  • Serve as key contributor and participant at technical reviews.
  • Evaluate external technologies and strategically identify opportunities to implement them internally.
  • Conduct Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for critical projects.
  • Prepare portfolio-level reports for senior management.
  • Work with senior management to define business and project strategy.
  • Develop timelines and communicate cross functionally and to senior

Confidential, NYC, NY

Multimedia Web Developer


  • Utilizing software such as MapInfo, PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Word, CorelDraw, and Adobe Illustrator, to create pitch books and slide presentations
  • Re - created logos, scanned and retouched photos using Photoshop
  • Selected as Logo quality assurance operator. Proofing all logos and giving other operators direction to increase quality of output to client
  • Created various Databases for use with GIS Application (ArcView, MapInfo)
  • Responsible for the design and development of various internal websites using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Java Applets and Flash streaming technology
  • Used WebTrends to shift analysis from detailed web data to business metrics

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