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Chief Financial Officer/vp Finance Resume


  • Diligent, energetic and accomplished Financial Leader recognized for a clear, pragmatic and visionary measured approach to complex issues.
  • Excels in strategic planning, competitive analysis and financial forecasting in order to eclipse competition and consistently exceed shareholder and client expectations.
  • Provides broad - based oversight of all company operations including P&L and marketing.
  • IT expert, successful in the identification of and capitalization upon rare market opportunities that if recognized, can rapidly drive revenue and lead to substantial growth.
  • Significant international experience. Former CIO.


Strategic & Planning Business Development Negotiations Confidential M&A Inventory Management Financial Integrity Product Development GAAP/IFRS Cash Flow Cost Accounting Fixed Assets Job Costing Data Warehousing Team Management Flexibility Project Management Market Trends Competitive Analysis Excel EP Drilling Hydraulic Fracturing



Chief Financial Officer/VP Finance


  • Directs MQA, P&L, planning, income, expense statements, BI analysis, dashboard, scorecard, job costing, reporting, treasury, tax management, & investor relationships. An integral part of executive team. A/R, A/P, G/L, Treasury, Inventory. Leading all financial admin. Establishes, monitors internal controls, business planning, pricing, Budgeting on I/T global platform. As a new strong leader will take the lead to increase. Revenue. Investor relationship. GAAP/IFRS. TQM/CPI.
  • SOP's, budget, forecasting, auditing, financial modeling, SWOT, corporate strategies, FAS, CAS and ESOP. EBITDA. Weekly availability cash report to executive team. BOM, WIP, COGS. Ethanol, Methanol, Natural Gas for renewing fuels/gases. Joint venture relationships.
  • Turns Gas, Oil into energy profits into being successful revenue. Evaluates RFI/RFQ/RFP. Solar energy. Build & operate Wind Mills. Nuclear energy. Fossil fuels. Refining. Enhance shareholder value. Develop evaluate corporate strategy. Optimize working capital. Protects company assets, Funds. Strong interpersonal, organizational, analytical sills. Manages Audit/Banking relationsips.
  • Oversee company funding and ensure funds, securities & assets of the company are protected.
  • Renewable Gases/Oil/Fuels (Ethanol, Bio-diesel, Cellulose, Wind, Anaerobic Digestion, Fractionation, Solid Waste, etc.). Budget/business planning, forecasting. Agricultural (Feed mills, Soybean, Grain Elevators, Corn, Grain Storage, Fertilizer, Livestock, Seed, Flour, Sugar Beets, etc). Pipeline construction. Problem solver. Delegation. Coach & mentor service station operators. Fuel dispensing operations. Fuel Management. Hands on where ever needed.
  • Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions: Drives strategic merger and acquisitions growth utilizing Excel pivoting, pies, roll-ups. Increased growth by 20% in 2012.
  • Partner w/CEO, Executive team strategic projections on financial analysis.
  • Integral member leading executive team providing business analytics so managers can effectively manage their areas & maintain alignment with financial management of the company.
  • Managing cash flow, forecasting, direct all financial, project-based and departmental accounting, including consolidating international entities. Administer financial goals with top leadership.
  • Infrastructure. Implemented Dynamics AX, Cloud Software. Expert DB Analyst, Financial analysis. ERP/Sar Supply. Solar, Tax planning strategy. Purchasing, Supply chain.


Chief Accounting Officer, Senior Financial Planning Manager


  • Partnered with CEO in all aspects of financial planning, controlling, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Delivered financial reporting on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Spearheaded accounting policies, procedures, practices to ensure compliance; maintained control.
  • Sand energy support and drilling services, refineries through platform drilling.
  • Natural Gas, Ethanol, Methanol arena and produce around 500M barrels annually. Mainly in Alaska, Montana. Financial analysis. Re-engineering, process improvement, and TQM.
  • Tracks raw materials, Work in Process, and Finished Goods as well as allocating employee and consultant time to projects and managing the company OH Direct & Indirect pool. Solar electric tower wind mills. Creates insurance, bonding requirement. AFL-CIO. Union Iron workers Certified Payroll, Lien releases, Prevailing State Wages, Joint payments, checks. Cost Plus, Fixed Price contracting. Pricing, Margins. PO/Change Order Management. Cost containment. A/R Project Progression.
  • Transportation, Distribution/Warehousing we operate 75 trucks in our oil, gas business transporting oil, gas, to warehousing fuel depots of our customers in Alaska & Montana. Investor relations.
  • Strong interpersonal analytical, organizational, presentation, analytical skills. Delegation. Problem solving. Experience interpreting strategic vision into operating model. Demonstrated experience in identification, development of metrics, delegation measurements to manage profitably grow business. Oil pipeline Project Manager. Implemented Sage/MAS 300. Created FAS, CAS reporting.
  • Oversee design, manufacture burners in creating Methanol, vapor control systems in trucking business of oil, gas distribution of 200M barrels annually used in global processing.
  • Leads financially power, oil, and gas utilities. Finance management. Share holder investment.
  • Utilized MRP inventory, distribution controls and Confidential .
  • Budgeting, Forecasting.
  • DCAA, FAR Government contracting, Oil, Gas, Alternative gases, Solar Power. FERC. PUD policies & direction. Regulatory Power. Alaska Pipeline.
  • Materials selection overseeing, corrosion control plan Trans Alaska Pipeline expertise.

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