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Consultant Resume

Sunnyvale, CA



Database Technology: Sql Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, SSMS, OEM

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows, AIX, HPUX, VMware ESXi, Oracle, MS Azure and Amazon clouds

Methodologies: Business Process Modeling (BPMN), Data Modeling, Star Schemas, Agile and Scrum

Business Intelligence Design and Analysis: Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Dashboards, SSDT, SSAS, Power Pivot, SSRS, BIDS, Tableau, Cognos, Microstrategy

Integration Tools and Languages: SSIS, Scribe, Boomi, Perforce, Shell scripts, PL/SQL, TSQL, PowerShell, JSON, XML, AWS, Streams

Data Philosophies: Kimball and Inmon using Denormalized Star, Normalized and/or Hybrid schemas

Business Systems: MS Dynamics AX, Lawson, Oracle Applications, MYOB, Salesforce, Marketo, SAP, Hadoop

Business Experience: Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Biotechnology, Author Royalties, Asset Recovery, Logistics, Media




  • Performed advisory role for a VP of a mid - sized freight shipping and storage company on the migration to a state of the art international logistics system called Silver Bullet. Restructured project plans and personnel resulting in more accurate forecasts of timelines and budgets.
  • Designed, built and administered Sql Server database schemas and a SSAS environment for a retail import business resulting in 70% improvement of sales. Designed, and loaded, operational data stores and dimensional data marts using AWS queries and SSIS. Performed business process modeling for organizational efficiencies.
  • Designed, built and administered Oracle object-relational database and performed business analysis using Hadoop, MapReduce, and Hive for a media company.
  • Streamlined business processes, contracts and personnel in preparation for the transfer of ownership for a food service business.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, Ca

Architect - Information Systems

  • Personally designed and installed a “Data Broker” Architecture that removed website dependencies on the availability of backend architecture allowing for timely testing, upgrades and problem resolution while maintaining a 99.9% commitment level on real time payments, sales orders and reports.Pro
  • Migrated from Lawson ERP to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and consolidated systems between Headquarters and subsidiaries in Australia and Singapore resulting in staff cost savings of up to $500K and a 50% improvement in the monthly and quarterly closing of the financial reports worldwide.
  • Integrated data using SSIS, Scribe and Boomi between ERPs, PayPal, CCH tax systems, Collections, Salesforce, MS Azure, multiple websites, and exchange rate databases.
  • Migrated off aging CRM systems to Marketo and Salesforce resulting in more timely Marketing and Sales
  • Designed and integrated an operational data store (ODS) from many sources around the globe, using SSIS, and vendor APIs, to support a centralized business intelligence department.
  • Individually designed and wrote database audit reports using SSRS for tracking data integrity and security to keep orders correct and timely.
  • Led a staff of 50 in business process improvements for Account Payable/Receivable, General Ledger, Tax, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Billing, Order Entry, Royalties and Purchase Orders. Used BPMN methodology.
  • Managed the company Oracle, Sql Server and MySQL database environments in the US, Singapore and Australia.



  • Installed and refined an Oracle multi-replication using materialized views and Streams, backup and recovery environment which enabled engineers to work between regions and double their throughput.
  • Resolved Oracle and Sql Server database and application performance problems to drop processing times from days to hours enabling a financial recovery team to quickly process transactions and improve their quotas by 300 percent.
  • Implemented and designed relational databases, backup and recovery processes, and business intelligence using Linux, Cognos, Oracle and MySQL for an insurance startup.

Confidential, South San Francisco, Ca

Lead Architect - Applications and Databases

  • Designed corporate architecture, processes and data models, and implemented applications in the creation of a Bioinformatics department for a new neurosciences company.
  • Managed staff and performed design, implementation, integration and administration of all Oracle, Sql Server and MySQL databases on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Designed, programmed and supported an in-vivo planning, tracking and order application that was integral in the company’s IACUC requirements and accreditation from an external watch group, ALAAC.
  • Implemented LIMS and Compound registration systems that improved scientific processes resulting in an annual savings of $130K.
  • Implemented Linux and VMware infrastructures, consolidated applications and databases, and retired old technology resulting in faster systems and quicker disaster recovery Confidential an annual savings of $120K.
  • Implemented Solomon HR, Finance, BI, and Project ERP modules

Confidential, San Jose, Ca

Lead Architect, Database Architecture and Administration

  • Hired and managed a team of data modelers, Oracle database developers and system DBAs for a new company specializing in supply chain management software for health care organizations.
  • Played key role on the Corporate Architecture team to design world class, cutting edge web based applications for contract and price negotiations, purchasing workflows, and DEA Registration and tracking.
  • Led the redesign of SAP’s ERP highly integrated MM, FI, SD architecture resulting in unique services for Contract Management and Pricing that proved to be the foundation for the company’s ongoing business model.
  • Led the evaluation and implementation of Oracle ERP applications for HR, CRM and Finance.

Confidential, Emeryville, Ca

Senior Database Architect

  • Defined application architecture, identified legacy applications with high operating costs and low business value, and established and led project teams in the removal or rewrite of the applications.
  • Designed and installed and administered Oracle and Sybase databases for Web and UNIX based applications to maintain project portfolios, classify and store sample inventories, track radioactive isotopes, and organize gene sequences.

Confidential, Pacific Telesis San Ramon, Ca


  • Lead Architect in collaboration with Ralph Kimball, to design and implement Oracle operational data stores, data marts and a data warehouse for a large financial decision support project.
  • Wrote and implemented ETL business rules for the aggregation of revenues associated with products, customers, and organizations.
  • Designed meta-data repository to capture the definition and transformation of data from Source to Target systems.

Confidential, Hayward, Ca

Senior Data and Process Architect

  • Designed and implemented the new Facilities Planning and Management process and organization.
  • Designed relational databases to improve the definition, design, shipment, presentation and sales of merchandise.
  • Designed data warehouse and data mart schemas for corporate decision support.
  • Designed meta-data repository and trained staff in data and process modeling.

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