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Managing Director - Development Resume



To obtain a challenging position that leverages my vast and varied expertise in telephony, call center, development and management to enhance an existing enterprise Confidential architecture or lead the creation of a greenfield install from scratch.


Systems Experience: Confidential AURA Architecture and Components. Computer/Telephony Integration (CTI). Confidential Communication Manager (CM). Confidential Session Manager and System Manager. Confidential Application Enablement Services (AES). Confidential Interaction Center. Confidential AURA Messaging (AAM). Confidential Call Center Elite and Vector writing. Confidential One - X family of products. Confidential Flare (ADVD, iPad, PC). Oracle Call Center Anywhere (CCA), Visual Basic .NET 2003 - 2008. SQL. Windows API programming. TSAPI, CVLAN, H.323, SIP and DMCC (CMAPI) protocols. Client-Server architecture and design. Microsoft Desktop and Server Operating Systems. Microsoft Office.

Management Experience: Large Call Center Management (up to 350 reports), Project Sponsorship / Leadership, Program Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Remote Office Management, Consolidated Global PBX Management, and Small Business Management.


Confidential, TX

Managing Director - Development


  • Directing project managers, developers and offshore vendors as we create infrasturcture, administration, payment system, and associated mobile applications in preparation to launch a startup service provider company.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Confidential Architect


  • Contracted to Confidential in an escalation management role, primarily supporting a large multinational client's global Confidential infrastucture (350K endpoints, 150M/yr revenue)
  • Coordinated with various Tier IV groups within Confidential to provide enhanced features and functionality to end customer, while providing updates and status reports to executive level management at both Confidential and the end customer.
  • Successfully de-escalated account and achieved removal from Confidential 's global Confidential list (Critical Account Escalation list).

Advanced Solutions Architect



  • Member of architecture team tasked with splitting the Confidential systems of a massive international company into two seperate entities without any disruptions in service

Confidential, TX

Telecommunication Systems Expert


  • Initally hired in to architect an overhaul/upgrade of Confidential 's Confidential systems.
  • Shortly after onboarding, I was re-tasked with leading the Confidential operations department for North America locations with dotted-line responsibilities in Europe.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Solutions Development Lead


  • Worked with project sponsors to establish a budget for Confidential and call center systems.
  • Demonstrated leadership by assuming a key role in ensuring the construction of the center stayed on track in order to meet imperative deliverable dates for implementation and testing of systems.
  • Displayed vision by designing Confidential system with extensibility and flexibility as a primary requirement. This resulted in a possible future consolidation point, allowing future Confidential upgrades at a significantly reduced cost for other facilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a huge project within a very aggressive timeline.
  • Assumed temporary leadership roles in Audio/Visual, Facilities management and IT management until permanent positions were filled, as well as participated in site selection, space planning, building architecture, furniture selection, etc. while still performing my designated Confidential responsibilities.

Confidential, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Lead Architect


  • Re-designed existing AES strategy and configuration to increase failover capabilities, while reducing the number of AES servers needed by 40%.
  • Designed and performed comprehensive world-wide synchronization effort to create a valid development and QA environment.
  • Designed and executed massive PBX optimization effort. Including documenting existing system, removing unused logic and re-designing problem areas.
  • Worked as a team with other individuals to relocate entire PBX/CM core to new corporate headquarters location, and introduce ESS architecture.
  • 7 month contract position - completed 100% of initial deliverables in 4 months - additional projects added and funding approved due to high performance.
  • Provided insight to upper-management in an initiative to re-design the entire world-wide call center strategy by completing comprehensive analyses, evaluating technologies, and recommending solutions.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Principal Consultant / Solutions Developer


  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys consistently 100% favorable.
  • Approximately 25% of personal revenue generated from previous customers requesting additional work.
  • Recognized as a Global Subject Matter Expert (SME) in TSAPI, DMCC (CMAPI), Confidential Agent Access, Confidential Interaction Center (voice channel), Custom Call Routing, Desktop Integration and Interface Design.
  • Successfully trained over 20 expert-level integrators globally.
  • Integral part of Development Team that conceived, produced and released new CTI product that generated over $10M in sales its first year.
  • Received numerous recognition awards.
  • Utilization (billable hours) consistently above 85%.
  • Successful CTI integrations included packages such as: Siebel, PeopleSoft, Attachmate, Reflections, Vantive, Heat, Clarify, SQL Server, Remedy, DST, CSG, PeopleSoft, Lotus Notes, Access, eCRM and Oracle as well as home-grown applications developed in Java, PowerBuilder, C++ and others.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Call Center Manager Ticketmaster


  • Managed up to 350 agents, assistant managers and supervisors.
  • Reduced call volume to Customer Service department by 35%.
  • Improved communication with over nine cities in five states served by the department.
  • Authored customer service training manual for new employees and initiated incentive program.
  • Streamlined departmental functions and cross-trained representatives, resulting in:
  • Staff reduction of 30%.
  • Reduced call abandonment percentage by 50%.

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