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Solution Architect Resume

New, YorK


  • Experienced in implementing the digital transformation for multiple partners in different domains.
  • Designed intuitive and accessible architectures for web applications catering to global audience.
  • 10 Years of hands on experience on technologies like Adobe AEM, Oracle Confidential, Spring and RDBMS.
  • Experience with Sales Pitches and submitting RFPs to multiple Confidential 500 clients.
  • Strong Front - end and GUI development skills in HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Node JS, JQuery and ExtJs.
  • Extensive knowledge of Personalization, User-behavior Tracking, Segmentation on web pages.
  • Integration with performance monitoring, test & target, customer feedback modules.
  • In-depth knowledge in OOAD(Object Oriented analysis and Development), Model-View-Controller architecture and OOP (Object Oriented Programming).
  • Strong experience in developing the Omni-channel web-site compatible across various versions of major browsers.
  • Conversant in Integration of the enterprise software, Quality Management and Application Support.
  • Extensive experience in evangelizing concepts and ideas to higher management for budgeting, approval and pitching for new areas of development.
  • Experienced in procuring software and cloud space and negotiating terms with vendor partners.


Technology: Implemented architectures on AWS and Azure Cloud for Adobe CQ5/AEM, Oracle Confidential, Java, J2EE, Spring, Mediawiki, WordPress, Apache Solr, Jenkins, Adobe Brandportal, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, AWS S3, Lambda, SQS, Glacier

FrontEnd Development: JQuery, Ally JS, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, Less css

Application/Web Servers: Weblogic 10.x, Apache HTTP, Tomcat, IIS 10.0

Tools: Eclipse,Adobe CRX,Adobe Dreamweaver,Rally, Application Lifecycle Management (previously Quality Center), Version One, Jira, Oracle SQL Developer,Toad,Sublime, Photoshop, Maven, VLT, Git, SVN, Fiddler, Source Tree


Confidential, New York

Solution Architect


  • Achieved the process of importing assets from various locations to AWS S3 storage and into AEM through Horizontal scaling and AWS Snowball.
  • Ingested assets from 15 different brands into AEM assets using horizontal scaling model totaling to the tune of 40 Terabytes in the largest configuration on AMS.
  • Enabled direct publishing of assets from AEM Author instance to Brand Portal and caching of the assets on AWS CloudFront.
  • Enabled asset mapping and transformation rules by scheduling process in AWS Lambda which would ingest the assets into an upload queue.
  • Integrated AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service) which handles the queue for uploading the assets into AEM Author.
  • Implemented partial workflows for publishing the assets to BrandPortal without increasing the server load and cpu utilization.
  • Integrated AEM Assets and Brandportal with Saas services such as Opal, Sprinklr for campaign management and Workfront for metadata population.
  • Implemented the reporting queue in SQL DB to track upload Success, Completion Percent and Error reports.
  • Enabled integration with company's Active Directory to implement SAML authentication for internal and external users.

Confidential, New York

Solution Architect/Manager


  • Designed and implemented the complete spectrum marketplace experience on AWS cloud. This was a highly scalable and high-availability system.
  • Global presence of site involved replicating the content in multiple geographies in different languages and making it accessible for wide range of users.
  • This site involved obtaining user’s location based on ip and browser-locale and direct to best site depending on the locale and language and personalize pages based on the locale setting.
  • Implemented multi-site management, auto-translation and internationalization by integrating with various external services.
  • AEM Authoring instance made available as a site on the intranet which provides accessibility for various authors giving a wide range of user access to authoring and approving content.
  • Designed different architectures for multiple environments (Dev, QA, Prod) based on business goals and budget constraints.
  • Layer 7 integration with SSO authentication which was later modified to SAML authentication
  • Site-wide Search implementation using Apache Solr.
  • Integration with IIS with ISAPI filters for dispatchers, URL rewrite for various locations.

Confidential, New Jersey

Solution Architect/Manager


  • Implemented distributed architecture for multiple environments to make the site high-available and high-performance application.
  • Ecommerce site involved traffic from various demography and geographies and hence made a highly accessible site to create the best customer experience for all visitors.
  • Manage and maintain the complete microsite experience which involves site development in AEM, integration with Confidential and Endeca and Oracle DB, site availability, monitoring metrics and SEO.
  • Develop and enhance the smart-home site, which endorses Verizon's smart home concept and the products related to the experience of modernizing every home control.
  • Create and maintain the omni-channel experience of app-reviews which endorses various apps from Apple's appstore or Google's playstore specific to user lifestyle and provide content authoring functionality for business teams specific to each of these platforms.
  • Personalize the various apps and the products displayed on the site depending on the customer location, age, account type, smart phone and the plans used and display targeted ad campaigns (developed in CQ).
  • Implemented various security standards and best practices for search-engine optimization (SEO) to enhance site ranking and improve traffic and converting them to potential purchases.
  • Maintain the e-commerce experience of adding to cart, apply discounts and direct to payment systems by integration with Confidential .
  • Implemented accessibility by using innovative ideas and analystics and performance metrics like Site Catalyst, Localytics, Ensighten, Gomez, Mbox and integrated with these data for campaigns in AEM.

Confidential, Bellevue, Washington

Technology Architect


  • Created various CQ5 reusable components like alerts & notifications, pagination, carousels, accordions and implemented personalization, targeted campaigns which resulted intuitive user experience and better foresee ratings.
  • Developed the User Interface and front-end of the website from concept to release stage.
  • Handled business functionalities, client context and enabled site compatibility across a wide range browsers and devices.
  • Implemented various content management techniques using CQ5 which give the business users complete control over the components, structure and layout of the website.
  • Proposed and worked on the Integration platform which was used to liaise the front-end business logic and the back-end services (implemented partly on both java and .NET).
  • Worked on enhancement of the customer billing and payment management system of the site which involved easier payment options, secure payment info management and auto-debit notifications.
  • Ensured information management by developing reusable components and content authoring of the page by integrating with .NET services.
  • Implemented various features like/of Bootstrap, LESS CSS, cloning, etc thuspresenting great UX and aiding in easier code management Confidential the same time.
  • Implemented social collaboration on the application by collating related feeds from various social networking sites.
  • Developed intuitive and customizable UI and created visual comps for the web pages.
  • Co-ordinated between business, end users, offshore team for requirements analysis, design and development of the application.


Sr.PHP/ Java Developer


  • Was involved in development of content pages using Wordpress components with Ajax methodologies.
  • Developed reusable components and base templates with the objective of the functionalities implemented and the layout of the page which aided in reduced effort on application development.
  • Designed and developed the site’s activity management component by rendering the calendar for each logged-in user and networking the occurrences with other registered users.
  • Designed UI and developed various customized components which were reused across all modules.
  • Worked on performance tuning of the site which involved reducing service invocations, faster page loads, better server and CPU usage and server, client-side cache management.
  • Was also responsible for configuration, build and release management.
  • Developed user registration, role allocation and work item tracking through Wordpress Customization.
  • Responsible for build and release management using SVN, File Vault (VLT) and Maven.
  • Developed backend modules using Java, Servlets and integrated using PHP as services.

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