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Data Scientist Resume


  • Strong statistics, math, physics, computational and programming skills backed by multi - disciplinary education
  • Core courses taken include Biostatistics, Advanced statistics, computational statistics, machine learning using R and Python, Big data analysis (Hadoop, MapReduce and CDH ecosystem), SAS, Stochastic processes, physics, advanced calculus, linear algebra, ArcGIS, Java and C++ programming, SQL, NoSQL
  • Experience in handling both structured and unstructured data
  • Machine learning using Hadoop and MapReduce to characterize state wide geospatial data


MS SQL 2008, SSRS, SSIS, Linux, Hadoop, MapReduce, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, Access, R, Python, SQL, SAS, C++, SPSS, VB, Tableau, Perl


Data Scientist



  • Writing optimization codes using python to derive rules for deciding optimal sampling and survey methods.
  • Building tables in SSMS and writing SQL code to run quarries. Developed a VBA automation tool with an updated feature to generate adhoc and monthly analytical reports and presented result summary using Tableau.
  • Experience with SSMS, SSRS, SSIS. Providing Data science driven solutions based on client’s inquiry. Conducting Data mining and Machine learning on large data using python and R software.
  • Developing complex multivariate statistical models using different weighting methodologies. Conducting trend, risk and uncertainty analysis using SAS and SPSS.
  • Played major role in the research, design and implementation of new geophysical methodology and software application.
  • Review recent advances in Data science methodologies and adopting new techniques to increase capabilities and facilitate existing workflows.

Data scientist



  • Statistical risk analysis using logistic regression in SAS, GIS and R for sinkhole hazard prediction
  • Writing python scripts to extract useful information from unstructured data and prepare input data
  • Statistical analysis of the correlation between geophysical and geotechnical data using SAS, conducting MANOVA and ANOVA hypothesis testing using data from several sinkholes affected sites in Florida

Project Team Leader



  • Project team leader of a multi-disciplinary task force involved in risk analysis and problem solving of complex geohazard problems in dam foundations, reservoirs, unstable slopes and active fault areas
  • Using statistical risk analysis and numerical modeling to design and implement mitigation measures

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