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Power Bi Developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • A results driven software professional with 8+ years of progressively responsible experience in Data Analysis, Design, Implementation, Administration and Support of Business Intelligence, OLTP (Batch Processing, Online Processing), OLAP, ETL, Data warehousing, Data mining, DBMS and Data Modeling using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008R2 /2008/2005, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS.
  • Ability to work with various types and stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes including Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation.
  • Skillful in ETL - Extraction Transformation Loading, Operations Data Store concepts, data marts and OLAP-Online Analytical Processing technologies.
  • Proficient knowledge of Data Warehousing methodologies and concepts, including star schemas, snowflakes schemas, ETL processes, dimensional modeling and reporting tools.
  • Experience in creating Views, Constraints, Triggers, Joins, Cursors, Temp Table, Table Variable, Functions, Batch Scripts and numerous stored procedure consumed at various stages of migration/cleansing process, reports or data validation.
  • Proficient in writing complex T-SQL (DDL, DML), new features like CTE, Ranking Functions, TOP(n), PIVOT, XML PATH,SQL, Physical, logical database design and Performance tuning.
  • Expertise in Power BI, Power BI Pro, Power BI Mobile.
  • Expert in creating and developing Power BI Dashboards in to rich look.
  • Knowledge in all types of Database migrations with all the versions of SQL Server.
  • Expertise in designing SSIS packages to import and transform data between databases and external data sources using various transformations.
  • Involved in creating Jobs, SQL Mail Agent, Alerts and Scheduled DTS/SSIS Packages.
  • Experience at Transforming and validating data using SSIS Transformations like Conditional Split, Lookup, Merge Join, Sort and Derived Column.
  • Experience in configuration and maintain Report Manager and Report Server for SSRS, Deployed and Scheduled the Reports in Report Manager
  • Developed OLTP system (s) and involved in creating facts, dimensions and Star Schema representation for the data mart.
  • Expertise in OLAP and OLAP Cubes in SSAS.
  • Tested Power bi reports Of the Database and Verified it with the Source data.
  • Experience in Ad-hoc reports, data driven subscription reports by using Report Builder.
  • Experience in developing Dashboard Report, Parameterized Reports, Linked reports, Sub reports by Region, Year, Quarter, Month and Week.
  • Developed U-SQL scripts for processing massive amounts of data in a very familiar environment which is mainly used for AZURE DATA LAKE ANALYTICS.
  • Worked on creating Azure Data Factory for moving and transforming the data.
  • Worked with Azure Data Lake Store to capture data of any size, type, and ingestion speed in one single place for different operations
  • Experience in Migrating databases from SQL 2008 R2 to SQL 2012.
  • Experienced in all facets of Software Development Life Cycle (Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and maintenance) using Waterfall and Agile methodologies.


Databases: Microsoft SQL Server (2005/2008/2008 R2/2012), Oracle 8i/9i, Oracle 10g/9i DB2,Postgre MS Access, NoSql Databases(Hbase).

Database Tools: MS SQL Server (2005/2008/2008 R2/2012), MS-Access, SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS), Data Transformation Services(DTS), SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)


Languages: VB.net, Linux, Unix

ETL Tools: DTS, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), Informatica, COSMOS, Kettle

Reporting Packages: SQL Server Reporting Services, MS Excel.

Tools: MS Project, SQL Profiler, Toad, TFS 2010, Agile, Jira, Waterfall.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows 8, Win 2003/2008/2008 R2


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Power BI Developer


  • Developed Power BI model used for financial reporting of P & L and Headcount.
  • Designed and documented the entire Architecture of Power bi Poc
  • Expertise in writing complex DAX functions in Power BI and Power Pivot.
  • Automated Power Query refresh using power shell script and windows task scheduler.
  • Used various sources to pull data into Power BI such as Sql Server, SAP BW, Oracle, SQL Azure etc.
  • Installed and configured Enterprise gateway and Personal gateway in Power bi service.
  • Created Workspace and content packs for we users to view the developed reports.
  • Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in power bi service.
  • Wrote calculated columns, Measures query’s in power bi desktop to show good data analysis techniques.
  • Weekly presentation to the business users about the reports and their changes as required.
  • Worked on all kind of reports such as Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, and Daily.
  • Provided security for power bi data sets in power bi service among organizational content pack.
  • Monitored audit locks in power bi service by administration as power bi service admin.
  • Check the daily refresh in power bi service.
  • Worked on all types of transformations that are available in Power bi query editor
  • Created stored procedures and SQL queries to pull data into power pivot.
  • Participated in project planning sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Tested Power bi reports and verified the data with the source database data and checked the accuracy of data.
  • Took tested power pivot reports and verified it with power bi reports.
  • Wrote Queries in Source Database and checked consistency and tested accuracy of data between Source database and power bi.
  • Database creation (DDL, DML, DCL), database tuning, SQL tuning, performance planning.
  • Extensively used Joins and Sub-Queries to simplify complex queries involving multiple tables.
  • Developed tabular queries for efficient analysis of report using Pivot/Un pivot in T-SQL.
  • Transformed complex business logic into Database design and maintaining it by using SQL objects like Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, T-SQL Scripting and Jobs.
  • Creating and Modifying Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, User-defined Functions, and Triggers as required.
  • Extensive use of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) functions in creating Power BI dashboards, reports and Tabular Models.
  • Created many calculated columns and measures using DAX in Power BI based on report requirements and published Power BI reports to end user via mobile.
  • Implemented the BI Semantic Model using SQL Server Analysis Services and build metrics using DAX
  • Worked on Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for accessing data directly from tabular SSAS database.
  • Created Jobs Performance report that queries system tables to track the duration of each job and weekly-average duration using SSRS.
  • Designed and created data extracts, supporting SSRS, POWER BI, Tableau or other visualization tools reporting applications.
  • Created SSIS packages to import data from Access, Excel, XML, OLE DB Source and Flat Files.
  • Filtered bad data using Derived column, Lookups, Fuzzy Lookups, Conditional split.
  • Designed SSIS packages to import and transform data between databases and external data sources using various transformations like Data conversion, File system task, Row counts, OLE DB Source, OLE DB Destination, OLE DB Command, Merge Join, Look up, Sort, Data flow task.
  • Designed and created data extracts, supporting SSRS, Power BI, Tableau or other visualization tools reporting applications.
  • Debugging SSIS packages, Performance tuning on Slowly running SSIS Packages.
  • Configure SSIS Packages with xml configuration
  • Configure and maintain using Report Manager and Report Server for SSRS, Deployed and Scheduled the Reports in Report Manager
  • Created Reports using Charts, Gauges, Tables, matrix.
  • Created Parameterized Report, Dashboard Report, Linked report and Sub Report by Year, Quarter, Month, and Week.
  • Created Drill Down Reports, Drill Through Report by Region.

Environment: Power BI, SQL Server 2012, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, T-SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Windows 7, MS Word, MS Excel, C#, Visio, Point Jira, SQL Profiler

Confidential, New Jersey

SQL Server BI/SSIS Developer


  • Highly responsible for data transformation from various formats to company’s format on a weekly basis. Managed external client project contracts from technical consultation to delivery of projects
  • Involved in Planning, Defining and Designing database based on business requirements and provided documentation.
  • Developed logical and physical data models for schemas using Erwin.
  • Installed MS SQL Server 2008R2 and Management tools using SQL Server Setup Program.
  • Coordinated with DBA in creating and managing tables, indexes, triggers, db links and privileges.
  • Designed, created and reviewed primary objects such as views, indexes based on logical design models, user requirements and physical constraints.
  • Helped to designed all kind of production and sales reports for Sales and procurement departments using SSRS
  • Responsible for optimizing all indexes, SQL queries, stored procedures to improve the quality of software.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to transfer data from flat files to SQL Server using Business Intelligence Development Studio.
  • Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data using SQL server Reporting service (SSRS).
  • Extensively used SSIS transformations such as lookup, merge, derived column, data conversion, conditional split and aggregate for creating SSIS ETL Solution..
  • Responsible for creating cubes and dimensions using MS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Created business critical KPIs using MS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) representing aggregations in several different ways - hierarchically and using custom groupings that the company will use to analyze performance.
  • Calculated measures and dimension members using MDX, mathematical formulas and user defined functions.
  • Used Transformations such as Union All, Merge and Breakpoints in SSIS.
  • Generated ETL Packages tasks daily using SQL Server Agent jobs by scheduling and also manually configured.
  • Used all types of container tasks such as for loop, for each loop and sequence container in SSIS.
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed reports in MS SQL Server environment using SSRS-2008R2
  • Generated Sub-Reports, Drill down reports, Drill through reports and Parameterized reports using SSRS for Different Regional Sales Head by Monthly and Quarterly Report.
  • Created reports to retrieve data using Stored Procedures that accept parameters.
  • Used SQL Server profiler for auditing and analyzing the events which occurred during a particular time horizon and stored in script.
  • Performed T-SQL tuning and optimization of queries for reports that take longer execution time using MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard and SQL Query Analyzer in MS SQL Server 2008R2.

Environment: Windows 2003 Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, SQL Server 2008R2, MS Access, T-SQL, Crystal Reports, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Visio, Visual Studio 2008

Confidential, Miami, Florida

SQL Server BI/SSIS Developer


  • Gathered business requirements, definition and design of the data sourcing and data flows, data quality analysis, working in conjunction with the data warehouse architect on the development of logical data models.
  • Installed and configured MS SQL Server 2008 along with Visual Studio on a network domain system.
  • Created logical and physical data models using Erwin for new requirements after discussion with technical team and application users.
  • Designed and implemented complex SSIS package to migrate data from multiple data sources for data analyzing, deploying and dynamic configuring of SSIS packages.
  • Created OLAP cubes and dimensions for the analysis of specific areas using SSAS.
  • Developed and maintained a combined data store for reporting purposes.
  • Generated reports using Global Variables, Expressions and Functions using MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2008.
  • Identified the database tables for defining the queries and defined datasets for report generation.
  • Defined report layouts including report parameters and wrote queries for drill down reports using SSRS 2008.
  • Generated daily, weekly and monthly reports for the managers.
  • Administered interface to organize reports and data sources, schedule report execution and delivery, and track reporting history using SSRS 2008.
  • Designed high level ETL architecture for overall data transfer from the OLTP/OLAP with the help of SSIS.
  • Extensively used performance monitor/SQL profiler to solve dead locks/long running queries.
  • Tested the reports and fixed bugs in the stored procedures.
  • Responsible for the Performance tuning of the SQL Commands and the troubleshooting of the technical problems in MS SQL Server 2008 with the use of the Query Analyzer and Database Engine Tuning Wizard.
  • Established backup and recovery of MS SQL server 2005 by using SQL Server Agent Jobs for periodic Backups with backup devices, database maintenance plans and recovery.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008, SSAS 2008, SSRS 2008, SSIS 2008, T-SQL, Visual studio 2008, DTS, Data Analyzer, MS Access, Word, Excel, SQL Profiler, Windows XP, Erwin v4.2, Version One


SQL Developer


  • Involved in system analysis & design of the Enterprise data warehouse implementation, Requirements gathering and understanding the business flow.
  • Designed the Functional Requirements and Mapping Technical Specifications on the basis of Functional Requirements.
  • Creating Index, Views, Complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors and appropriate User defined functions to implement the business logic.
  • Creation of database tables and procedures to update and clean the old data.
  • Transferred data from flat files, Excel spreadsheets, and XML Source data to SQL Server using SSIS and also used BCP and Bulk Insert.
  • Designed dashboards, including scorecards and reporting with the Dashboard Designer delivered via MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server).
  • Involved in data modeling for the application and created ER diagram using Erwin.
  • Created, Maintained & scheduled various reports in SSRS like Ad-hoc Reports, Canned Reports, and Master Reports & Parameterized Reports, Drill Down Report, Drill Through Report using SQL Server Reporting Services SSIS 2005.
  • Proficient on and designing Data Mart and Data Warehouse using Erwin in Star and Snowflake Schemas.
  • Helped Database administrators with power shell in building robust administration scripts.
  • Responsible for support of MOLAP structures using Analysis Services 2005 and reporting structures in MS EXCEL and Reporting Services 2005.
  • Designed and Maintained SSIS Packages for Importing and Exporting Data Migration and Conversion from Legacy Systems to SQL Server 2005.
  • Used SSRS to create reports, customized Reports, on-demand reports, ad-hoc reports and involved in analyzing multi-dimensional reports in SSRS.
  • Created document for Self-Service Deployment and Execution process for SSIS packages
  • Interacting with the users and troubleshooting the problems involved with the development of stored Procedures, triggers and problems related to the privileges.
  • Responsible to tune ETL procedures and schemas to optimize load and query Performance.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2005, MS Access, SSIS, SSRS, Query Analyzer, ERWIN, Windows server 2003, DTS, T-SQL, SQL Profiler, DTS

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