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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume

Boston, Ma


  • Senior Business Systems Analyst with 9 years experience in System Analysis, Business and Data Analysis
  • Creative and aggressive self - starter with integrative thinking skills, capable of forming and maintaining positive and productive working relationships in internal, external, independent, and team environment.
  • Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies like Waterfall, Scrum-Waterfall Hybrid, Agile (Scrum, Test Driven Development, Kanban) in domains like Finance and Banking.
  • Good understanding of financial concepts like Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, Trading life cycle, Investment Management, FX Trading,e-Banking;In depth knowledge in Financial Assets such as Equities, Bonds, Mutual funds, ETFs, Derivatives like Futures, Forwards, Options (Put and Call options), Swaps.
  • Sole point of contact for all phases of Software Development Life Cycle namely Requirement Gathering, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation phase on behalf of the Business.
  • Conducted GAP Analysis by creating current and expected process flow diagrams and assisted in Impact Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Root Cause Analysis and Feasibility Study.
  • Elicited requirements using techniques like Interviews, Brainstorming, Focus Group, Document Analysis, JAD sessions, Survey/Questionnaires and documented Business Requirements Documents (BRD), System Requirements Specifications (SRS), and Functional Specification Document (FSD).
  • Decomposed Functional requirements to User Stories to meet INVEST criteria. Assisted Product Owner and Scrum Master in creating Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done for requirements.
  • Strong experience in tracing requirements throughout development life cycle by creating Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) using MS Excel & tools like JIRA and HPALM; content management using TFS.
  • Handled Change Requests by taking upon the role of Change Owner, Interacted with Change representatives, CCAB to review Impact Analysis and documented Change Request Form.
  • Handled Change Management in Agile environment, negotiated with the Business and Developers on Triple Constraints in order to accommodate the change.
  • Created UML diagrams like Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequential Diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Good Knowledge in Data Warehousing concepts like OLTP, OLAP, Star and Snowflake Schema, Business Intelligence using IBM Cognos. Extensively created Entity Relationship diagrams (ER Diagrams). Designed Conceptual Models and Logical Models to help Developers.
  • Created Test Plans, Test Scenarios, and Test Cases using MS Word, MS Excel and JIRA, HPALM.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Manual Testing using Test Lab in HP Quality Center (HP QC) and assisted automation testers with system testing, integration testing and Regression testing.
  • Assisted Project Manager in developing Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure to have a high-level view of the project using MS Project and Project Plans, Gantt Charts using MS Word.
  • Good knowledge in Databases, Data Marts, Data Schemas, Roll-up, Drill-Down, Silce and Dice operation
  • Strong knowledge in ETL tool, Informatica Power Center for Data Normalization(1NF, 2NF),Data Indexing & mapping using and Informatica Data Quality for Data Profiling and Data Integrity.
  • Performed various SQL queries like SELECT, JOIN, VIEW for relevant data retrieval on Oracle database.
  • Extensively used reporting tools like Tableau to create visual representation of Data Analytics using Dimensions and Measures; MS Excel and IBM Cognos for BI reporting.
  • Strong knowledge in Web Services, n-Tier SOA Architecture using SOAP, REST and FIX APIs. Strong understanding of XML, JSON and FIXML messages; Responsible for API documentation using MS Excel.


Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Gathered requirements to help banks comply with the regulation and best execution reporting by capturing and reporting timestamps across trade lifecycle via JAD Sessions and Structured Interviews.
  • Work closely with product managers to understand the business requirements and functional requirements and document the same in Confluence . Created mockups/ wireframes using MS Visio.
  • Analysed current workflows and developed strategies to leverage existing software systems, made recommendations for enhancements to meet operational objectives such as increased efficiency.
  • Evaluated & Analysed feasibility of business requirements and defined scope, resolved dependencies by interacting with Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, Project Manager and Technical Lead.
  • Used SQL queries such as SELECT to conduct drilldowns and identify the timestamps related data currently in the database and thus conducted gap analysis across banks. Documented gaps in the product backlog .
  • Used JIRA for issue management, requirement traceability matrix, user story writing and backlog management. Created dashboards to provide insights into business performance, project progress.
  • Created use case diagram, workflow diagram and GUI mockups using MS Visio & Axure .
  • Created User Stories from the Systems Requirement Document (SRS) to meet the INVEST criteria.
  • Interacted with Traders to understand implementation shortfall, swap position flip etc to gather specs.
  • Prepared Test Cases, Test Plans and Test Scenarios to perform Manual Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Performed UAT testing to validate requirements and communicated any defects to the QA and dev team.
  • Created internal and external release notes and conducted demos of the new functionalities included in the release to the sales team in the US, UK & Asia. Leveraged strong communication skills to maintain strong client relationships .
  • Expertise in Stakeholder Identification and Stakeholder Management; Established communication management plan based on Stakeholder Prioritization.
  • Worked on FIX Protocols; API documentation of FIXML messages in a multiple tier architecture

ENVIRONMENT: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, MS Visio 2013, Axure, FX Connect, MS Office 2013 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), JIRA, Oracle DB, Java, FIX Protocol, FIXML, HTML 5.0 JAVASCRIPT, CSS 3.0.

Confidential, New York City, New York

Sr Business Systems Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assisted PM in creating Project Charter, Project Plans and work breakdown structure using MS Project
  • Elicited requirements from stakeholders via JAD Sessions, Structured Interviews and Questions/ Surveys
  • Strong understanding of Trade Life Cycle, Front Office, Back Office(Calypso), Capital Markets, Derivative & FX market
  • Conducted extensive GAP analysis by identifying AS-IS and TO-BE process models and process flows, where and how big the GAP is, to identify specific requirements.
  • Created Business Requirement Document and System Requirement Specification incorporating business, functional, non-functional, data and GUI requirements, which will serve as the centrepiece of the project.
  • Created UML diagrams like Use Case Diagrams and Activity diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Created User Stories from the Systems Requirement Document (SRS) to meet the INVEST criteria.
  • Interacted with Financial Analysts to understand Fundamental analysis, Financial models to calculate Expected Return, Market Risk and Portfolio Risk of the portfolio to be used in Analytical tools.
  • Assisted product owner in prioritization of Product Backlog Items (PBIs) using MOSCOW technique and assisted the technical team in breaking down EPICS into user stories to meet the INVEST criteria.
  • Created UI Mock-ups using the software Balsamiq to help developers visualize the UI components.
  • Used JIRA for tracking sprint progress, user story writing, backlog management, issue tracking, user story management and requirement traceability matrix and generated status reports.
  • Prepared Test Cases, Test Plans and Test Scenarios to perform System Testing, Interface Testing (SOAPUI), Smoke Testing and Regression Testing, logged down defects, and systematically managed them in JIRA.
  • Generated various risk reports from Bloomberg like Liquidity risk, Credit risk using Tableau and MS Excel
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing(UAT) and executed Test Cases on Test Lab in HP QC for manual testing
  • Created SQL Queries and Stored Procedures using SELECT and JOIN for Portfolio Drill Downs to pull data.

ENVIRONMENT: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, MS Visio 2013, Balsamiq, TFS, Calypso, MS Office 2013 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), JIRA, Oracle DB, Java, FIX Protocol, FIXML, HDFS, Mahout, MapReduce, MS Project, AJAX, HTML 5.0 JAVASCRIPT, CSS 3.0.

Confidential, Malvern, Pennsylvania

Sr Business Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Conducted GAP analysis by evaluating the AS-IS and identified TO-BE process models by creating process flows.
  • Facilitated JAD Sessions with users, developers, and database design team to deal with backend synchronization issues accompanied with interviews and document analysis to elicit requirements.
  • Documented Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Requirement Document (FRD) that included business requirements, Functional, Non-Functional, Data and GUI requirements.
  • Was involved in Business Process Re-engineering through workflow diagrams and other methods.
  • Created Use Case Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagram (E-R) using MS Visio that helped in better
  • Created Requirement Traceability matrix (RTM) and managed migration process and developer fixes, retested fixes, defects/bugs tracking, issue log and tracked progress for team members of project through completion.
  • Actively participated in the testing during UAT & assisted Regression Testing, Interface Testing (SOAPUI ) and Black box Testing. Created Test Cases, Test Scenarios and conducted Manual Tests in HP Quality Center.
  • Created UAT Test Plans, End User documents, educate users by providing user manuals.
  • Administered ETL Process, identified source table, target table and mapped the data of various Portfolios and securities using Informatica Power Center and created the data-mapping document using MS Excel.
  • Created various types of reports with bar chart, pie chart and line-chart graph reports for analytics using Tableau.
  • Developed good knowledge of Trading Life Cycle, Indexes, Arbitrage, and Automated Trade Execution.
  • Performed SQL query operation such as SELECT, JOIN and VIEW to retrieve portfolio drilldowns from Oracle DB.
  • Strong working knowledge in Web Services, XML, and SOAP API. Prepared XML documentation.

ENVIRONMENT: Hybrid (Waterfall - Scrum),JIRA, MS Project 2013, Morningstar, TFS,Web Services, XML, SOAP, Java, MS Outlook, Oracle DB,, HTML5.0, CSS 3.0, JavaScript, HP QC 10.0,Tableau 8.2.


Business Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Understood the processes by interacting with stakeholders and conducted documents analysis and performed GAP analysis to assist Product Owner and Project Manager in planning the transition.
  • Substantial experience in conducting structured walkthroughs using workflow diagrams to identify, understand and conduct process analysis for business process improvement (BPR).
  • Assisted in cash flow analysis and preparing a summarized reports relating to cash in-flow and cash out-flow
  • Conducted Root cause, SWOT analysis to fully understand the current state of the system.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions as Facilitator and conducted interviews with various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and stakeholders, process reviews and policy & procedure reviews to elicit requirements.
  • Prepared Business Requirement Document (BRD/HLD) and assisted preparation of System Requirement Specification (SRS). Analyzed, modified and validated these documents.
  • Created Use Case Narratives and built Use Case Diagram and Activity Diagram using MS Visio.
  • Managed and tracked requirements using HP ALM through Application Life-Cycle.
  • Worked closely with Project Manager for any change request and helped SMEs to do Impact Analysis.
  • Worked with QA team to design and develop Test Plan and Test Cases to assist in performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Systems Testing, Integration Testing and Regression Testing.
  • Assisted Data modeling process by creating conceptual and logical ER diagrams and designing schemas to help development of an accurate Data Warehouse Structure.
  • Assisted in increasing Data Integrity by performing Data Normalization & Indexing using Informatica DQ.
  • Was involved in using IBM Cognos for effective visual representation of Business Intelligence (BI) to facilitate expenditure tracking using various matrices critical to decision making.

ENVIRONMENT: Waterfall, MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio), Tableau 8.1, MS Visio 2013, MS Project 2013, HP QC, Oracle DB, Informatica Power Center, IBM Cognos, Informatica Data Quality.

Confidential, Buffalo, New York

Business Analyst/ Systems Analyst

Roles & responsibilities

  • Conducted extensive GAP analysis by identifying AS-IS and TO-BE process models and process flows.
  • Elicited requirements involving interactions with various stakeholders including hedge fund managers, financial strategists and financial analysts using JAD Sessions, Structured Interviews and Document Analysis.
  • Created Business Requirement Document (BRD) and System Requirement Specification (SRS) incorporating business, functional, non-functional, data and GUI requirements which served as centerpiece of the project.
  • Involved in Business Process modelling by designing UML diagrams such Use Case and Sequential diagrams.
  • Handled requirement churn and triple constraints during the project by assisting in Impact Analysis
  • Used JIRA for requirement tracking, issue tracking, and requirement traceability.
  • Analyzed feasibility of business requirements and defined scope, found out dependencies by interacting with Subject Matter Experts, Product Owner, Project Manager and Technical Lead and managed them.
  • Substantial experience in conducting structured walkthroughs using workflow diagrams to identify, understand and conduct process analysis for business process improvement (BPR) and modeling.
  • Established extensive knowledge of Trade Order management systems and Trade Execution.
  • Strong knowledge in FATCA regulations to integrate compliant reporting systems.
  • Developed good knowledge of Equities, Fixed Income Securities (Bonds), Bond Pricing, Derivatives (Futures, Forwards, Swaps, Options), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Portfolio Diversification and Risk Models.
  • Worked with middle office and back office for Transaction management, trade capture & reporting.
  • Assisted in creating Conceptual Model as well as Physical Model of the trading system using MS Visio.
  • Assisted in defining Acceptance Criteria for User Stories to perform User Acceptance Testing. Designed Test Cases, Test Plans and Test Scenarios to perform System Testing, Regression Testing systematically in JIRA.
  • Assisted ETL developers to map data from different sources (Bloomberg B-Pipe and Thomson Reuters) and perform transformations for all the assets such as equities, fixed income and derivatives to the traders system enabling them to upload the order details as the business required.
  • Assisted in increasing Data Integrity by performing Data Normalization, Data Standardization and Data Indexing to maintain accuracy and effectiveness of data using Informatica Data Quality.
  • Created environment for self-organization and organized team engagement activities.

ENVIRONMENT: Hybrid (Waterfall- Scrum), Mock up screens, MS Office 2013, MS Visio 2013, MS Project 2103, Oracle 11g, Java, JIRA, Bloomberg B-Pipe, Informatica Data Quality, Informatica Power Center.


Business Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assisted the Project manager in creating and assigned task through Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Followed Waterfall as the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology.
  • Gathered requirements from key stakeholders, customers and SME’s to define the scope and requirements of online banking system.
  • Worked closely with the development team to verify that business needs are fulfilled and deliverables are produced within specified budget, quality and time.
  • Defined the context of the system by creating various Use Cases for the development system requirements specifications encompassing Functional and Non-Functional requirements.
  • Developed Use Case Diagram and Sequence Diagrams to represent interaction between user and system.
  • Created Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) to track requirements and test cases using MS Excel.
  • Conducted data mapping & data indexing for retrieval of information from existing account systems & outlined security measures for accessibility and transmission of information using standard templates in MS Excel.
  • Developed plans for verification and validation of requirements at all levels so that developed software successfully fulfilled user expectations and business needs.
  • Worked with the QA team for designing Test Plan and wrote Test Cases for the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and assisting the Automation Testers in System Testing, Integration and Regression Testing.
  • Worked closely with Project Manager for any change request and helped to do Impact Analysis.
  • Helped creating and modifying SQL queries to match the requirements.

ENVIRONMENT: Waterfall, MS Office, Oracle, Java.


Jr Business Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Served as a liaison between HR department and the project team by assisting the business in identifying, the recruitment process and documenting their business needs.
  • Attended JAD sessions f or design and documentation of the System Design Document (SDD) and made sure that all the requirements were implemented into functionality.
  • Assisted developers to create Conceptual and Logical Data models to help developers visualize the database schema.
  • Used SQL queries like SELECT, JOIN, VIEW to retrieve data from SQL server.
  • Assisted QA team to document Test plans, Test cases and Test Scenarios using MS Excel.
  • Created mock up screens for the application which helped business users to give their feedback

ENVIRONMENT: Waterfall, MS Office, Oracle, Java

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