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Data Scientist \ Machine Learning Engineer Resume

Southfield, MI


  • 4+ years of analytical experience in IT and Automation Industry.
  • MS with focus on advanced analytics, machine learning and deep Learning.
  • Proficient in collecting social data from web APIs/scraping, data cleaning and text mining.
  • Expertise in statistical analysis, modelling, predictive analytics and forecasting using clustering, regression, classification (Random Forest Tree, Naïve Bayes, SVM, KNN, Neural nets) algorithms.


Programming/Web: Python, R, C++, Java, C#, Hadoop Ecosystem, AWS, Azure, OPC UA, IOT

Software: Tableau, SAS, Weka, Power BI, Rapidminer, ggplot, ServiceNow, Excel, Git.

Database: DB2, SQL, Hive, Oracle 10g, MS ACCESS, SQL Server, Graph database.


Confidential, Southfield, MI

Data Scientist \ Machine learning Engineer


  • Predictive Modeling to detect anomalies to ensure proper installation of devices in plants using accelerometer data. Environment: Python, Weka, PyQT5, PyCharm.
  • Integrate internal robot with Jetson Tx2 board to add AI capabilities (Vision and path planning) in it.
  • Develop and deploy deep learning - based algorithms for large scale object detection and implement deep Reinforcement algorithms for automated path planning in robots. Environment: Pytorch, GPU-Jetson TX2, OPENCV, Deep Reinforcement Learning(DRQN) with LSTM, C++, ROS, Linux, Scrum
  • Enhance analytical capabilities in PTC Thingsworx for predictive maintenance of devices in plants.
  • Analyze aftersales customer feedback to get their sentiments using text mining and visualize trends.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to find areas that can be improved on and communicate findings to add values to business.


Software Engineer\Data Analyst


  • Implemented dashboards, analytics, time charts, key indicators, scorecards in Servicenow to anticipate trends, to prioritize resources, to identify areas where automation or self-service can be added and to find areas of performance improvement.
  • Enhanced Workflows for change management and optimized priority calculation algorithms.
  • Worked with ServiceNow COE team to do research and development in ServiceNow module for IT Management and build applications to simplify process.
  • Customized performance analytical module to put the power of data in the hands of the stakeholders and subject matter experts, owners, and executives.
  • Developed multiple POCs that were highly appreciated by the clients.
  • Built the Event Reviewer Application which improved the process of RCA of incidents.
  • Followed the scrum process and migrated updates to production instances based on our monthly release schedule.

Confidential, Rochester, Michigan

Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Guided under-graduate students for courses including design and Analysis of Algorithm, Problem-Solving using C# and MATLAB, Database Design and Implementation.
  • Monitored and ensured successful completion of academic projects.
  • Predictive analysis for financial data of direct marketing campaign of Portuguese banking institution.
  • Real time object detection using YOLO network for robotics.
  • Robotic arm manipulation using Deep reinforcement learning.
  • Real time image caption generation with CNN and RNN-LSTM.
  • Plant Disease Identification from leaf images using convolutional neural networks.
  • Sentiment Analysis on topic #NetNeutrality using Twitter API and NLTK.
  • Missing Person Tracker in Sparta-hack using Amazon web services (S3, Lambda, Rekognition API).

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