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Business Technology Manager Resume


  • Information technology professional with more than 12 years of progressive experience in the financial industry
  • Provided innovative and effective solutions to improve existing business processes using the latest e - Business technology resulting in increased business efficiency achieved by reducing production support costs by 25%
  • Analyzed complex business requirements, proposed and drove design and architecture that met customers’ requirements and enhanced quality, scale performance and manageability
  • Worked through all the phases of Software Confidential Life Cycle (SDLC) including Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, Confidential, Testing, UAT, Production and Post-production Support
  • Strong knowledge of Java and .Net language
  • Two plus years of in depth knowledge of K2 Blackperal
  • Extensive hands-on experience in K2 SmartObjects, K2 Workflow, K2 SmartForms, and Service Broker
  • In depth knowledge in database design, analysis and Confidential
  • Strong knowledge in software system analysis, design and implementation
  • Extensive experience in developing and building Java based application using J2EE Technologies like JSP, Servlets and Web Services
  • Solid Understanding of web services connectivity, JMS messaging and Service Oriented integration
  • A self-motivated and focused individual who strives to exceed organizational and personal goals
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team and accomplish tasks under minimal direction and supervision
  • Translated business processes and requirements into technical design
  • Interface with customers to develop and review technical requirements
  • Develop project plans, coordinate software change control and software quality assurance, provide project tracking data to Project Manager, manage resources, coordinate and participate in Confidential, testing and deployment of complex data reporting and workflow applications
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Extremely customer focused and results-oriented with focus on on-time delivery of projects and team coordination
  • MBA, Finance (May 2010)


Languages: JAVA, C#, Vignette, C++, J-Script, Visual Basic 5.0 & 6.0, VB-Script, HTML, JQuery, AJAX, CSS/CSS3

Software: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer, SiteMinder, LDAP, Active Directory, MQ series, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel

Database Language/Tools: SQL, Oracle SQL*Plus, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Access



Business Technology Manager

  • For past year and half, spent 90% of the time on K2 hands-on Confidential, lunch and learns on K2 functionality for both business and IT personals
  • Lead the team of two K2 resources to deliver over ten projects utilizing different K2 capabilities such as K2 SmartForm, K2 SmartObjects, K2 blackpearl workflows, integration between SharePoint and MS SQL Server
  • Used best practices and naming conventions to develop increasingly efficient code that rendered faster and was easier to maintain
  • Developed strategy and processes to deploy code between different environments
  • Designed and implemented numerous workflows utilizing K2 to streamline business processes and increase efficiency by more than 30%
  • Utilized 3rd party service brokers, Workflow List Service Broker, to meet business needs
  • Extensive experience in creating or updating SQL Queries, Triggers and Stored Procedures


  • Responsible for managing a team of developers in planning, directing and implementing the entire software Confidential process in the middle-ware and web Confidential realm
  • Primary responsibilities include, but not limited to, providing technical direction on the platform and technology section, implementing and overseeing the agile software Confidential process and working with various business units (LOB), business analyst, and project managers on requirements/design/integration of software components
  • Work closely with IT infrastructure team to develop middle-ware standards within the organization
  • Designed, developed, documented, tested and deployed a web-based application for HR to manage mentoring program within the company
  • Developed the REST web-services using Spring IOC to provide user a way to run the job and generate daily status report
  • Coordinated SharePoint migration to CSC and upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
  • Responsible for managing Confidential, testing and release teams both in U.S. and offshore (matrix management)
  • Generated site usage statistics for senior management
  • Leadership in identifying requirements and executing custom design efforts for specific internal clients
  • Led portal governance requirements gathering workshop to identify site hierarchy and structural design
  • Worked closely with business owners to set design strategy with naming and labeling conventions, global navigation, search, site definitions, security and customization requirements
  • Led a capacity planning requirements gathering workshop with key IT server management, account management and business users to forecast portal capacity requirements
  • Designed, developed and delivered a custom site 2-stage workflow approval process for automatic site provisioning application featuring custom site templates, rules based template selection, automatic enforcement of security and navigation policy


Lead Developer

  • Led a team of four developers over the past 6 years to create a Java Frame Work to be utilized through the organization. The Java Frame Work helped increase developers efficiency by reducing Confidential time by more than 25%
  • Managed middleware team that focuses on the operability and reliability of the systems to ensure 99.99% system availability
  • Led a team of 7 developers (5 consultants) to re-design the current Intranet utilizing SharePoint 2010 and .NET custom web parts and applications
  • Led a team of 11 Vignette developers (8 consultants) to design, implement and release customized portal to production that supported 16 extranet websites
  • Played integral part in my team’s career Confidential by helping individuals identify talent gaps and subsequently guiding them to eradicate those weaknesses. Worked closely with HR to officially launch a formal mentoring program last year.
  • Responsible for Assessing Design/ Confidential /Deployment costs and identifying areas for taking advantage of efficiencies and cost reduction

Project Management/Business Analyst

  • Spearheaded IT project planning sessions with managers and team members to analyze business requirements and proposed solutions
  • Created design docs including dataflow and workflow diagrams and technical details of the feature implementation
  • Proposed architectural changes that were based lined and developed technical design document, functional specification, use cases and Content Management design documents
  • Worked closely with various functional groups including Retirement Service Group, Compliance, Marketing and IT to identify business and functional requirement to implement CRM system that will help internal wholesaler identify potential funds sales
  • Presented monthly project status reports to senior management on project cost, scope, risk and deliverables
  • Provided analysis of website visitors and click-through rates to understand areas for improvement



  • Designed and develop J2EE applications to support Retirement line of business
  • Implemented Java processes to transfer marketing material from Lotus Notes to Oracle database utilizing MQ-Series
  • Designed and enhanced existing internal Java framework for logging and writing to MQ and LDAP
  • Developed code using the Java EE platform, and utilized tools such as IBM RAD during the course of Confidential .
  • Created local data warehouse in Oracle by pulling data from external source to be used in existing applications
  • Supported and enhanced Struts based application used to support data warehouse
  • Designed Complex database and has hands-on experience in using T-SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Transactions, Views and fine-tuning of the database indexes
  • Extensively utilized XSLT to convert XML data into HTML and PDF documents
  • Developed utility classes like Xmlobject, which allows easy translation from XML to Java and back using JAXP (DOM & SAX) and Property Reader to read properties from a flat file.
  • Code review for better performance and coordination with performance testing team.
  • Used Spring JDBC for the Data Access layer. Developed several Hibernate mappings and corresponding DAO’s.
  • Developed ANT scripts to build, package and deploy the application and used Log4j for the Logging system.
  • Gathered business requirements from multiple stake-holders, researched extensive existing infrastructure components, and Confidential requirements

SharePoint - C#

  • Developed and designed Master Pages for SharePoint by utilizing SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, Minimal Master Page, and CSS Adapter
  • Worked closely with business to design and implement workflows to improve operational cost
  • Customized SharePoint sites, creating web parts, mater pages, page layouts, site definitions, content types, workflows, wikis, and list templates using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio
  • Implemented and configured SharePoint 2010 for document management and collaboration
  • Developed custom time jobs to upload employees pictures and updated new attributes created on MySite
  • Designed and implemented processes to import Lotus Notes group into SharePoint as SharePoint groups
  • Created Web Parts using Visual Studio to display live feeds by consuming web services
  • Implemented Event Handlers for both synchronous and asynchronous events and deployed them on the server
  • Designed and developed various custom defined reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and deployed them on SharePoint 2010 Portal
  • Maintained Active Directory users and groups for implementing security
  • Using CAML to query list and filter data in Web parts


IT Specialist

  • Responsible for two major projects, supporting and enhancing e-Business and Excel application. As Team Leader, completed technical responsibility for both projects, and for enhancing satisfaction of our Lucent customers. Responsible for deriving appropriate technical design to suit client's business needs. Understand all relevant business processes and constraints, and plan and coordinate all aspects of the projects accordingly. Brief descriptions of the two projects
  • Converting a legacy treasury application, written in Visual Basic 5.0, to web using ASP, J-script and VB-script as front-end and SQL Server 7 as back-end. This web-based application will be used to track and report Letter of Credit activity. It will allow users worldwide to access the system
  • Redesigning visual basic application to increase performance and make it more user friendly. The application assists Lucent CPA to perform forest cast analysis. The performance was increased by 400%
  • Converted web site written in Lotus Notes to ASP. It provides information for commercial and international Lucent employees in case of accidents

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