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Senior Tibco Architect Resume


  • More than 17+ years of Experience in Software Development involving analysis, design, development, deployment and testing of various applications using TIBCO Suite of Products, XML, Web Services, distributed architectures and IIB.
  • Proficient in designing, developing and testing of Enterprise Integration applications using TIBCO products such as Business Works, EMS, Rendezvous, Administrator, Active Database Adapter, File Adapter, MQ Series Adapter, R/3 Adapter, and HAWK.
  • Now working on the Latest TIBCO BW 6.3.4
  • Now has acquired expertise on TIBCO APIX gateway 2.3
  • Had training in IBM Websphere Cast Iron Product
  • Had training in TIBCO BPM
  • Have good TIBCO Administration skills with strong Unix/Linux skills
  • Can manage TIBCO landscape across the enterprise
  • Proficient and experienced in designing, developing, and managing applications using object oriented paradigm in C, C++, and Java
  • Proficient in designing, developing, and testing of Application programs and kernel - level programs under AIX 4.x.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in Protocol development on Real-time kernel.
  • Worked as Project manager, and architect in implementing Enterprise Integration Projects.
  • Excellent Team Building, Project implementation, Analytical, Interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Have Good knowledge about AWS


LANGUAGES: C, C++, JAVA, Perl, SQL, Java Script

TECHNOLOGIES: UNIX Shell scripts, Visual caf, Eclipse 3.x, J2EE, Struts (MVC2) and BEA Weblogic Application Server, TIBCO BW 5.2, TIBCO Designer 5.2, TIBCO EMS 4.2, TIBCO Administrator 5.2, TIBCO HAWK 4.5, TIBCO Adapter for files 5.3,TIBCO ADB Adapter, TIBCO Adapter for MQ Series 5.1, TIBCO R/3 adapter, TIBCO RendezvousXMLSpy, JavaScript, JDBC, SOAP, UML, XML, XPATH, XSLT, HTML, Fuego(ALBPM)BPEL, IBM Integration BUS (IIB), TIBCO BW 6.3.4, and TIBCO APIX gateway

DATABASES: Oracle 9i, SQL Server, IBM DB2

CONCEPTS: TIBCO Messaging, Logging, and Exception Handling, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Methodologies, Load balancing, Fault tolerance, Clustering, BPM, BPEL, and OAGIS.

NETWORKING: Network monitoring concepts using SNMP protocol, TCP/IP concepts, and UDP concepts, networking essentials

SOFTWARE: MS Office, MS FrontPage, Dream weaver 3.0.

IBM RS/6000 Systems: IBM F40, IBM F50, and IBM Compatible PCs.

OS: AIX 4.3.3, 4.3.1, 3.2, WINDOWS 2000, 2003/xp, and Linux.



Senior TIBCO Architect


  • Worked with Web Methods Consultant to understand AS-IS interface code existing in Web Method platform - the plan is to migrate all web method 41 interfaces to TIBCO 6.3.4 platform
  • Worked on High level design for Phase 2 (GTT and ENT interfaces) to arrive at design pattern for each of 41 interfaces
  • Studied Entergy infrastructure architecture that includes TIBCO Exchange Gateway 2.3, TIBCO Businessworks 6.3.4, and EMS 8.3
  • Worked with team to resolve deployment issues to TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
  • Responsible for all APIX configurations Customer Digital project (that has around 60 interfaces)
  • Responsible for maintaining BW Domains so that the BW Applications keep running without issues
  • Troubleshooting to resolve issues while performing connectivity testing with the external applications
  • Configured APIX Configurations that include one-way SSL, Basic Authentication, Special routing feature based on specific input header, and with Special policy to enable Basic authentication
  • Responsible for all onsite issue-resolution - it may be development-related issue, or APIX Configuration issue

Skills used: TIBCO Business Works 6.3.4, and TIBCO APIX Gateway 2.3

Senior TIBCO Developer

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Developed one interface that consumes external web service with SAP’s FieldGlass Application.
  • Developed pagination service to split the data into multiple pages and send out to SAP’s FieldGlass application.
  • Helped to install BW software on linux Cloud-based hardware
  • Configured TIBCO Domain and provided access to all team members
  • Using SOAP UI, prepared the business error cases
  • Developed shell scripts to start automatically if it shuts down for any reason

Skills used: TIBCO Business Works 5.13, and TIBCO EMS

Senior Integration architect and developer

Confidential, NY


  • Developed 4 interfaces that call external systems using web service calls.
  • Used many built-in nodes (such as Email Input, SOAPRequest, MQInput. Compute, FlowOrder, Filter, MQOutput etc) to develop message Flows.
  • Modified XSDs for calling external web services
  • Developed Unit and Functional test cases using SOAP UI
  • Resolved a performance testing issue the team facing for a long time
  • Architected TIBCO BW projects

Tools: used: IIB 9, Oracle 11g, and SOAP UI 5, TIBCO BW

Technical Lead

Confidential, Reston, VA


  • Provided leadership for four teams - TIBCO, Informatica, Ab Initio and JAVA.
  • Worked with Client teams to understand the requirements
  • Architected the designs for TIBCO solutions (Test data generations and ESB integrations)
  • Developed shell-scripts to install Java-client-code for Fannie-Mae home-grown ESB on various environments (DEV, TEST, STAGE and PROD)
  • Made significant contributions to all the four teams and successfully completed the projects despite technical challenges and tight schedules

Skills used: TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO EMS, Shell Scripting, Project Management

Integration Specialist

Confidential, Stamford CT


  • Interacted with external vendors to integrate the latest version of Opentext document management software with SAP
  • Studied application architecture that includes varied type of applications (SAP and custom-built)
  • Coordinated with internal agencies of Confidential across the world (including Brazil, Australia, Indonesia) to install latest opentext desktop software despite many challenges
  • Developed shell scripts under Linux and Windows to implement integrations with SAP system
  • Coordinated with India development center teams to complete functional testing

Tools: used: Shell scripting under Linux and Windows, Application Architecture, and Integration architecture


Confidential, Bridgewater NJ


  • Architected the TIBCO projects and managed offshore team (3 members) to migrate eleven TIBCO interfaces from existing IBM tool (Mercator) to TIBCO - both real-time and batched.
  • Integrated SAP R3 system using TIBCO SAP R/3 adapter
  • Interacted with the client to elicit requirements and prepared comprehensive documents - Source is the SAP SD system and the targets are varied from Databases to flat-files
  • Designed and developed a Proof of Concept (POC) TIBCO BW project and got the client approval
  • Designed the TIBCO projects for all eleven interfaces
  • Prepared the design document templates for the offshore team
  • Developed the TIBCO templates for the designs which includes TIBCO SAP adapter, and Client-specific error-handling framework and provided them for the offshore team
  • Deployed TIBCO projects in Development, Integration and UAT environments
  • Did the Integration testing and regression testing for one interface and prepared templates for offshore team
  • Configured password-less-scp-copying between HP UNIX systems
  • Developed several UNIX scripts to copy files, and to change permissions dynamically
  • Developed a custom-java-function and integrated into TIBCO to transform special characters into specific characters
  • Studied Mercator (IBM mapping Tool) and worked with third-party consultant to understand existing mappings
  • Studied SAP IDOC structures and developed mappings in TIBCO projects
  • Managed all aspects of the project and offshore team

Tools: used:Tibco BWv5.9.3, Tibco EMS 6.1.0, Tibco SAP adapter 6.2.1, Tibco Admin 5.7.1, Oracle Database, HP UNIX ksh shell, HP UNIX scp

TIBCO architect and developer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Studied the Business Requirements Document
  • Studied SWIFT prowide third-party java-based software for converting SWIFT-text messages to an XML format
  • Integrated SWIFT prowide software into BW-project and created a Project Lib so that all other developers can re-use this library
  • Worked with Client to create a POC (Proof of Concept) TIBCO BW Project
  • Created XSDs for inbound and outbound messages
  • Worked with Client to arrive at the Logical data model, and arrived at the tables needed

Tools: used: TIBCO Designer, TIBCO Business Works, Java, Oracle Database

Integration architect and XSLT developer

Confidential, Bloomfield, IL


  • Analyzed the data sources from which the data to be picked up
  • Studied the data model
  • Studied the existing shell scripts
  • Studied Informatica designer to know if it has an XSLT engine
  • Developed shell-scripts to split the large xml files into smaller ones
  • Developed XSLTs to pick up the data from various sources
  • Tested the application and got the Client’s approval

Tools: used:Shell scripting XSLT engine (xsltproc) available in Linux

Integration Architect

Confidential, New York City, NY


  • Interacted with client managers to elicit the environment-landscape that spanned Budapest and New York City
  • Made a list of applications and their interaction among them
  • Made a list of Real-time integrations and batch-integrations
  • Made a list of objects that are being sent between various applications
  • Made a high-level design of integrations among the applications
  • Studied SalesForce.com(SFDC) a SaaS (Software a Service) product
  • Studied various Integration Platforms such as BOOMI, Cast Iron and Informatica and recommended Cast Iron as it has features that support SalesForce.com

Integration Specialist

Confidential, New York City, NY


  • Responsible for integrating about 200 interfaces with PeopleSoft. It involves doing the analysis of AS IS state and then design meeting the client requirements. The goal is to eliminate un-necessary file movement, provide jailing to the individual folders for each account, and the file transfer should be secure, and use industry standard tools.
  • Implemented the integration architecture from the design to the deployment.
  • Interacted with external vendors and implemented the SFTP infrastructure.
  • Implemented PGP infrastructure to encrypt and decrypt the interface files from multiple (about 20) vendors.
  • Implemented SFTP connectivity between BSC (Business Service Center) and external vendors.
  • Developed bash Scripts to move the files from the external gateway server (exposed to the internet) to the internal gateway server and vice-versa.
  • Designed and developed a set of scripts that are called by the SQR (Structured Query Report) programs. These scripts create the folder structure in multiple environment for each interface.
  • Managed all the interfaces (around 200) that are used in the project -- some are file based, others are DB Link based and the rest use messaging.

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