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Sr. Technical Lead/data Architect Resume

Vienna, VA


  • Confidential has 14 years of Core Software Development experience with full life cycle responsibilities including requirement definition, project planning, feasibility studies, system analysis, solution architecture, software implementation, integration testing, acceptance and maintenance in Client - Server, Embedded, Distributed, Multi-tier, ETL and Web-based applications with a heavy focus on developing relational database-driven systems.
  • He has exceptional problem solving and sound decision-making capabilities, recognized by alternative solutions, and confident, accurate, decision-making coupled with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Confidential has an excellent track record for meeting deadlines and submitting deliverables on time.
  • He is a highly motivated software professional, self-starter and a team player.


Database Technologies: MS SQL Server (2017/ 2016/2012/2008 ) PostgreSQL 9.x, 10 (including use of pgAdmin III & IV, Linux shell) Active Directory, MS AccessMS SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)Informatica (ETL)

Programming Languages: C, C#, Java (JS, jQuery, AJAX), .NET 4.5, PHP, PowerShell, Python, Perl

Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Elastic Cloud (EC2), GovCloudRDS (Relational Database Service)AWS S3 storage managementSignificant experience with AWS management console, provisioning and configuring servers.

IDE/Dev Tools: MS Visual Studio 2017/2015/2012/2010/2008 SharePoint Designer 2013/2010/2007 and InfoPath Designer 2013/2010/2007

Reporting/BI Tools: Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Tableau Server, Tableau Desktop Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Requirement/Application Management Tools: MS Project, Rational Requisite Pro, MS Office Suite.

Repository Management: Confluence, JIRA, Rational CCM/Team Concert, CVS, SharePoint 2013/2010/2007

Microsoft Technologies: SharePoint 2013/2010, InfoPath 2010Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0SharePoint Designer 2010, Search Configuration, Web Parts, Web Part PagesExcel Calculation Services, Document Management, Records Management.

Operating Systems: Windows 2016/2012/2008 R2, XP, Windows 7/10, Cisco IOS.

Modeling Tools: MS Visio 2013/2010/2007 , Erwin, Navicat (database modeling)


Web Servers: IIS 10.0/8.0/7.0/6.0 , Tomcat

CRM Tools: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0



Sr. Technical Lead/Data Architect, Vienna, VA


  • Leads the data and system architecture of Confidential ’s newly designed Digitized Mail Handling System (DMHS) application for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Effectively worked with cross functional teams (including external scan vendors and internal Confidential functional teams) to finalize design and architecture, system interface development, identify/prioritize sprint tasks and significantly contributed towards the implementation.
  • Led the development of database logical and physical models for the new DMHS application by effectively applying normalization and database optimization techniques. Worked very closely with different functional teams (such as backend services, UI and BA teams) to ensure database mapping and persistence is consistent with the application requirements.
  • Single handedly stood up a development environment on the AWS cloud (Windows and Linux), including provisioning servers, network, security configuration and provided ongoing maintenance. Facilitated the development requirements of the team by installing IDE’s such as Visual Studio, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Git repositories for source control, performed branch management etc.
  • Analyzed the scan vendor MSSQL database schema objects, data and system components and gained expertise in short order to facilitate interface development (loose coupling using XML/JSON/REST Web services/SFTP) between the vendor systems and the new DMHS application.
  • Led the effort to draft a Data Migration (ETL) plan that addresses the technical procedure to migrate legacy MSSQL scan vendor data to the new PostgreSQL operational database along with the associated Veteran packet metadata files to a secure S3 file storage on AWS. Identified innovative ways to reuse existing code and rewriting underlying stored procedures and views to work with the new database schema.
  • Led the effort to draft and finalize an Interface Control Document (ICD) that defines the various data exchanges between the vendors and the new DMHS application, XML schema definitions (XSD’s) for the various application functionalities.
  • Sole implementer of an XML schema generator (.NET 2.0 Core application) using C# that can read an XSD (as defined in the ICD document) and simulate the creation and transmission of XMLs and sample packet documents to the DMHS ingestion service as though it came from a real scan vendor. Applied various algorithms to make the data generated as realistic as possible and implemented various functionalities in the tool that allows it to scale for load/performance testing (by pumping thousands of XMLs within a few seconds).
  • Development of DMHS Reports using Tableau (server version 9.3) to satisfy VA’s Reporting requirements. Also, supported VA with their ad hoc reporting requests with minimal turnaround time. Involves writing complex queries and stored procedures directly on the MSSQL database, often times using several cross database and cross server joins. Also deployed/managed the Tableau development environment on AWS for the new DMHS application.
  • Worked on integrating a new scan vendor (Anacomp) into the existing system using SSIS. Designed and developed a data transfer mechanism with the vendor (.csv files sent over SFTP that gets ingested into SQL via the BCP utility). Developed and configured SSRS (to use anonymous authentication to overcome cross-domain issues). Worked diligently on a data transfer dictionary that ensures the data from the vendor has all the necessary data points and compatible datatypes. Debugged and resolved several issues in the implementation and effectively communicated vendor issues until the data transfer process became clean. Also automated exception handling scenarios where data issues were reported automatically to the vendor.
  • Actively involved in a technical capacity in other VA solutions such as Claims Made Simple (to reduce Veteran Claim adjudication cycle time) and Data Access Service (DAS) whose objective is to create a data warehouse of all Veteran claim data. Wrote a DAS whitepaper detailing the technical vision and architecture which was submitted to VA.
  • Gained a reputation within the technical team, stakeholders and the management teams of being the technical go-to person in various functional areas.
  • Assigned Top 5% in the team (Category: Exceeded expectations) during the annual Confidential Employee Performance Reviews.


Sr. Technical Lead, Washington, DC


  • Lead a team of software developers in the design/implementation/testing/delivery of the Veteran’s Affairs Enterprise Architecture (EA) applications suite for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
  • Aid with the extensive customization (using Java, PHP and T-SQL) of COTS products such as System Architect (SA) to meet VA’s business and EA needs.
  • Responsible for the application infrastructure (Microsoft SQL/Oracle database architectures, business layer logic, performance optimization, scalability etc.) and integration with the UI components (using JSON, JQuery and JavaScript). Responsible for making EA applications “Enterprise Ready” by designing/implementing event/usage logging, server and client-side caching etc.
  • Manage the day-to-day tasks and schedules of the development team, engage in daily agile scrums, help the program/project management team with roadmaps, operation reviews, establish and meet deadlines etc. Troubleshoot technical problems in Production/Development environments and provide resolution.
  • Manage day-to-day development/production environment infrastructure, policies (AWS EC2 sandbox, VMs) and Source code repository (Rational RTC, GitHub based)
  • Active customer engagement to understand requirements, propose technical solutions and document functional specifications.
  • Perform GAP Analysis and aid in the development of custom capabilities to satisfy customer needs where COTS (off the shelf) products fall short.
  • Drive testing effort/document test plans for data validation (to ensure data integrity), functionality testing, UI testing, performance/load testing and security/role-based testing. Drive pilot testing efforts with various stakeholders and assess changes and scope various tasks to address customer feedback of the EA applications.
  • Design, document and implement a comprehensive Backup, Archive, Retention Policy that encompass all Enterprise Architecture (EA) data and applications in the program for data protection and resiliency.
  • Conduct risk assessment of various technical solutions, create mitigation plans and propose ways forward minimizing risk and ensuring minimal or no end-user impact.
  • Active member of the Confidential team helping with proposals, provide technical vision and direction for future/proposed architectures.
  • SharePoint 2010/2013 intranet sites management/customer engagement for new requests.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Technical Project Manager


  • Lead a team of software developers (~6) and QA testers (~4) in the design/implementation/testing/delivery of the Online Reporting System (ORS), a rich web/SQL based application with a multi-tier/distributed architecture built by Confidential which is used for reporting various state-wide metrics.
  • Currently managing a portfolio of 12 clients (state government clients) - developing/tracking project schedules (internal and external), gathering requirements, writing/finalizing functional specifications, allocating development and QA resources, planning/executing releases and various deployments, proposing process improvements, actively involved in the design and architectural decision making process of the system.
  • Extensive co-ordination with the development and testing teams to ensure various clients’ delivery schedules are on track, review and contribute to design documents, test plan documents etc.
  • Responsibilities also include ensuring both operational activities and new feature development (IR&D tasks) are completed on time and within the allocated budget.
  • Extremely hands-on on a day-to-day basis writing SQL scripts/stored procedures for configuration (the code is largely generic and the application’s capabilities are largely driven by database configuration), debugging C# and Java code when necessary, deploying configuration to various environments such as Staging, Test, UAT and Production.
  • Extensively involved in design and architecture discussions/reviews for new R&D development/features.
  • Writing and executing PCB (Production Control) documents that aims at creating a process around deployments for bug-fixes or delivery of new features into the respective clients’ production systems.
  • Ensuring scalability and configurability so existing code and configuration can be ported and extended across clients when necessary (depending on client demands) with minimal turnaround time yet ensuring robust capabilities in the system. Customize the system for each client that is in line with their demands that often reflects their specific situation in their jurisdictions (such as varying state policies, varying demographics, local economic conditions etc).
  • Extensive cross-functional work with other Technical PMs and Technical Directors within the organization to ensure proper integration of the Online Reporting System (ORS) with other Confidential systems (which are largely loosely coupled systems by design).
  • Manage hardware/server infrastructure in the datacenters by allocating resources appropriately so the application and its associated services can run efficiently on different environments (such as UAT and Production). Balance the hardware portfolio based on internal (hardware availability) and external demands (such as a need to load balance driven by client needs).
  • Providing ongoing training/presentations (bi-weekly) to client teams and other Confidential teams about the system and its capabilities.
  • Worked extensively with the field/help desk teams to resolve open issues (Siebel tickets) with minimal turnaround times.
  • Work on the management, design and implementation of several business workflows in SharePoint 2013 (group intranet).

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Lead Software Engineer


  • Lead Developer for a .NET, SharePoint and MS SQL based Performance Management System.
  • Worked extensively with the client to gather functional requirements, made recommendations as necessary and authored a functional specification document that was eventually signed off by the client.
  • Developed several complex InfoPath 2010 forms with complex rules and logic.
  • Developed several SharePoint designer workflows that would facilitate the bridge between the InfoPath forms and the SharePoint 2010 site where the performance management system was deployed.
  • Co-ordinated testing efforts to ensure effective testing and diligently resolved defects and implemented enhancements. In addition to this, coordinated with the client for a smooth and productive beta-testing.
  • Worked on SharePoint 2010 extranet migration to AWS GovCloud - Migration of site collections, sites, content databases etc. Extensive PowerShell scripting to monitor metrics, automatic start/stop of cloud instances based on dynamic load, usage etc. (Resulted in direct cost savings).
  • Designed and authored a SharePoint 2010 governance model document for internal SharePoint collaboration sites. Defines process and procedures of deployment, custom coding, integration, third-party web part tools, maintenance schedules etc.
  • Automation of external SharePoint 2010 account creation in AD (Active Directory) using InfoPath 2010, SharePoint designer workflows and AD API’s.
  • Worked on gathering requirements, designing and developing several SharePoint 2010 application/team sites for various directorates and divisions inside the agency.
  • Worked with the Project Managers and other senior resources to draft and finalize team goals for FY’13.
  • Worked proactively on client support tickets almost on a daily-basis and provided quick turnaround and effective solutions. Extensive debugging, leveraging SharePoint 2010 event logs etc.

Confidential, Westport, CT

Sr. Software Developer


  • Worked on Microsoft .NET, Intranet design and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 projects for the following clients - Barclays Capital, HarperCollins Publishers, International Aero Engines (IAE), Yellowfish Software, Planet Payment Inc, Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP.
  • Analyzed business requirements and translated them into functional specification document (FSD) and technical design document (TDD) for the entire above mentioned client projects.
  • Understanding Business Requirements and providing solutions in .NET/MS CRM.
  • Created several UML and flow diagrams to facilitate the design and architecture of the applications, using Microsoft Visio.
  • Worked on branding and customizing master pages, lists, libraries, form libraries etc. for client deployments.
  • Extensive experience in developing custom Nintex workflows that involve complex state machines, loops, SQL queries, data type conversion, date/time conversions/calculations, CRM interaction and BCS Connections.
  • Worked on automating several “In-House” Business processes such as New hire account creation (in Active Directory), New Vendor Request, Management Approvals etc. using Nintex 2010 worflows and InfoPath 2010.
  • Configured Web Applications with Services like InfoPath forms services, User Profile Management, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services (BCS).
  • Worked on implementing custom lists, custom InfoPath forms and Nintex workflows for HarperCollins Publishers Customer Service Project & Barclays Capital HR Services Automation Project.
  • Developed complex workflows involving SQL and CRM workflow interaction, worked on SQL server management, IIS7 and Microsoft CRM management, custom CRM workflow development and MS SQL Reporting Services, for Planet Payment’s CRM Ticketing Project.
  • Worked on Salesforce.com to Microsoft CRM 2011 migration for Planet Payment’s CRM Ticketing Project.
  • Developed several workflows to automate business processes, document management, support ticket management etc and SharePoint based sites, web parts for International Aero Engines (IAE).
  • Involved in writing testing plans, developing/executing tests and reporting of workflows and SharePoint sites for Gibney Anthony Flaherty LLP’s Immigration Process Automation Project.
  • Implemented Cascading Drop Down feature functionality in MOSS 2007 using custom developed C# code and in SharePoint 2010 using InfoPath 2010 (For Barclays Capital).
  • Created custom security permission levels and assigned them to user to override their existing permission on Sites, Lists and List Items according to their actions (For International Aero Engines).
  • Development of GUI/Functional Test Automation framework/scripts for .NET based customer support tools (Revelation Helpdesk - Yellowfish software).
  • Developed several workflows to automate several in-house business processes such as new account creation, reporting printer/network issues, shipping request etc.
  • Prepared exhaustive documentation and training material for client portals and in-house staff to manage and maintain various application sites.
  • Assisting Business Consultants and Project Managers in the use of MS Project 2010 to track client project engagements.
  • Assisting Business Consultants by mocking up various functionalities before they sign off the functional specification with the clients.
  • Travel within the tri-state area accompanying Business Consultants to client locations, involving in client engagement, gathering requirements, workflow demos etc.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2008 R2, IIS 6.0/7.0 Win Server 2008 R2, Web Services, 2007/2010, MS Office 2007/2010.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Software Engineer


  • Worked closely with cross functional project managers within and outside the Cisco BU, product line architects, business/functional analysts, developers, QA testers, and administration groups to understand their requirements and translate them into development activities that deliver appropriate, right-sized, and scalable solutions.
  • Creation of functional specifications, preliminary design documents, test plans.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions with developers and documented business, functional and Non-functional requirements using appropriate documentation techniques to describe statements of the goals, objectives of stakeholders.
  • Identify, analyze, propose and document appropriate solutions for problems and issues that may impact the project. Identify and understand issues that may impact day-to-day operations and/or project cost.
  • Interacted with Business Users to gather and document requirements and translate them into Technical specifications for designing solutions and report generation.
  • Worked on Data Mining/BI reports using tools such as WEKA to generate reports on user/business trends, calculate descriptive statistics, and automate report generation that would eventually show up on .NET based quality dashboards.
  • Developed Analytic logic flowcharts, UML diagrams like data flow diagram, process flow diagrams, and use cases, Network architecture diagrams, Current and Future State Diagrams.
  • Worked with developers to refine system requirements and contribute to the Integration design of several Java/.NET and InfoPath based solutions.
  • Worked collaboratively with the BI Architect team to bring in the data required into Business Objects Universe so as to make available for super users to create Ad-hoc reports.
  • Executed Project according to the existing SDLC to Support and ensure all audit requirements are met through appropriate documentation and apply full SDLC methodology where needed. This includes facilitation of code reviews, JAD sessions, dev-test meetings etc.
  • Worked collaboratively with a diverse implementation team of developers, trainers, data conversion specialists, and QA in the delivery of .NET portals and applications targeted to remote (customers/remote employees) and corporate users.
  • Worked with many areas of the organization and has strong working knowledge of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing of project. Initiated and overviewed several PPA sessions (Post-project Analysis).
  • Worked on Agile Scrum teams both as a team member and Scrum Master, working in collaboration with Project Owner, develop User Stories, assigning priorities, manage iterations etc.
  • Maintained scope, budget and schedule integrity through management of the project team and interaction with the Project Sponsor, including development and maintenance of integration management, scope management, cost management, time management, communications management, risk management, resource management, procurement management and quality management to deliver a project successfully.
  • Created project plans and associated documentation, including project charters, project scope document, project tasks, breakdown structures, resource plans, and work plans.
  • Closed projects ensuring requirements have been met, project materials are properly archived, lessons learned have been addressed, contracts are closed, and resources are properly released.

Environment: Rational Requisite Pro, MS Project, MOSS 2007, Agile Scrum, InfoPath 2007, SQL Reporting Services, Data Mining/BI - R Tool.

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