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Salesforce Developer/ Administrator Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Having 4+years of overall experience as Salesforce.com Developer with proficiency as Developer and Administrator.
  • Proficient in designing the components using Objects and Fields, Roles, Page layouts, Visualforce Pages,Apex Classes, Controllers & Triggers, Workflows for automating different business process and various other components as per the client and application requirements.
  • Maintained and supported various Functional areas like Forecasting, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Opportunities, Quotes and Activities.
  • Experience in Force.com Apex Classes, Apex triggers, Apex Scheduler, Batch Apex, Apex Web Services, SFDC Integration, and Salesforce.com S Controls.
  • Good Experience in Administration, Configuration, Implementation, and Support of Salesforce CRM applications based on Apex Language and leveraging Force.com Platform application running in Cloud Computing Environment.
  • Proficient in dealing with functionalities related to sales cloud &service cloud, Community Cloud, Custom Cloud.
  • Experience in Force.com Web services API for implementing web services in the application to provide access to Salesforce data from external systems.
  • Work experience in Custom Integration of Outbound Messages, Workflow& Approvals, Reports, Custom Objects and Tabs, Email Services, Security Controls, Custom Application, Sandbox data loading.
  • Implemented Security setting across the organization using Roles, Sharing settings, Profiles and Permission sets.
  • Proficient in Data Migration from Traditional Applications to Salesforce using Import Wizard and Data Loader Utility.
  • Experienced in querying salesforce.com database using SOQL & SOSL queries using Force.com Explorer, Data Loader, Excel Connector and Workbench.
  • Experience in working with REST and SOAP API’s.
  • Experience in working on configuration, customization, integration with external systems using SOAP API and REST API, communities, lightning migration, lightning components, lightning design system, lightning Data services and lightning locker services.
  • Working experience with Lightning Component Framework, using Lightning component in Visualforce and adding to lightning component to salesforce1. Proficient in configuring and customizing salesforce1 App.
  • Strong knowledge of Sales and Marketing.
  • A result - driven, analytical and coherent software developer with excellent skills in programming languages like Java, C#, C++, and web technologies like HTML.
  • Work well alone and as part of a team with excellent troubleshooting mechanisms and highly adaptable to different work environments.
  • Excellent team player, self-motivated, quick learner with good communication skills and trouble-shooting capabilities.


Salesforce Technologies: Apex, Visualforce Pages/Components, Apex Web Services, Workflow & Approvals, Dashboards, SOQL, SOSL.

Salesforce Tools: Force.com plug-in,Data Loader Force.com Explorer, Force.com Migration Tool, Force.com Excel Connector.

Languages & Technologies: Apex, C,C++, Java, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, Apache

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/ XP Pro / Vista, Windows Server 2000 / 2003

Databases: SQL Server 2000, My SQL


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Salesforce Developer/ Administrator


  • Experienced in requirements gathering with the business owners and to customize and utilize the full functionality of Salesforce.com CRM.
  • Developed user roles, Profiles, OWD rules, sharing rules, role hierarchies for selected users to protect confidential data.
  • Created workflow rules and defined related tasks, email alerts and field updates.
  • Implemented Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case entry and manual case entry for entering customer’s cases in Cases Tab.
  • Extensive experience working in implementation of Case Management in Service Console.
  • Created page layouts, search layouts to organize fields, custom links, related lists, and other components on record pages.
  • Worked with Import Wizard and Data Loader for importing data from Leads, Opportunities & required information in Salesforce Environment.
  • Experience in Aura Framework, Lightning Components and Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS).
  • Developed several Lightning Components, Global Actions for various functionalities.
  • Error handling in Apex, Lightning Components, debugging in components.
  • Involved in MVC architecture, Apex language as bridge between Visual Force Pages and open source Databases using SOSL and SOQL query languages.
  • Hands on Experience on maintaining Standard Objects and Fields, and creating custom Fields, Objects, Validation Rules, Applications, Profiles and Users.
  • Created Visual Force Pages, Controllers and Apex Pages using different IDE’s like IntelliJ and Eclipse.
  • Implemented the REST web services within Cox platforms to get the health scores & performance of the account, revenue made under that account.
  • Was part of account and opportunity management, all related account opportunity requirements, developments, enhancements, production tickets.
  • Migrated data from external sources and performed insert, delete, upsert, and export operations on millions of records.
  • Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports and Custom reports) and Report Folders to assist Service managers to better utilize Salesforce and configured various Reports and for different user profiles based on the need in the organization.
  • Worked with implementing Dashboards, Dynamic Dashboards, Dashboard Components and refresh times

Environment: Force.com, OWD rules, Standard and Custom Objects, Service Console, Visual Force, Relationships, Sharing rules, Apex, Lightning Components, Data Loader, Import-wizard, Dashboard Components, REST/SOAP API’s, Workflow Rules, SOSL, SOQL, Apex Controllers.


Salesforce Developer/ Administrator


  • Given support to development team in gathering and differentiating the requirements based on application priority.
  • Created Letterheads, Email templates & Mail merge templates for sending notification automatically to customers whenever Workflow rules are triggered.
  • Implemented Data Loader and Import Wizard for exporting bulk records from outside applications like excel sheets and from other databases into Salesforce based on CSV files.
  • Implemented Lead Assignment rules, Case Assignment Rules, Auto Response Rules and Escalation Rules.
  • Managed Lead, Account, Contact, Sales, Approvals and Workflow by Sales Force Automation.
  • Worked with Agile Development for time to time delivery of developments, integrations and updates.
  • Remodified Salesforce CRM for Marketing, Sales and Customer services by creating custom Profiles and Pages Layouts.
  • Implemented portals for users working with Visual Force Pages and Apex class.
  • Imported excel based (.csv files) customer information records into Accounts, Contacts and Cases using Data Loader and Import Wizard.
  • Used Batch Apex to build an archiving solution that ran on a nightly basis, looking for records past a certain date and added them to archive.
  • Improved the Salesforce CRM effectively in the organization by automating, simplifying the usage of it.
  • Provide hands on configuration and troubleshooting, feature explanation, and best practice guidance to assist Customer who are using Salesforce as their platform.
  • Worked on Developer Sandbox to develop code and deployed in Test sandbox and next with Production.
  • Worked with SFDC integration techniques to extract data from external systems using REST/SOAP API’s.
  • Implemented Visual Force Pages, Triggers, Apex classes, analyzing logs and Debugging techniques by using Eclipse and force.com IDE’s.
  • Good working experience with standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Reports, Dashboards and as well as Opportunities with custom objects while creating and implementing.

Environment: Salesforce.com, SDLC, Sandbox, REST/SOAP, Workflow rules, Permission Sets, Visual Force Pages, Sandbox, Dashboard, Reports, Apex triggers, Email Services, Eclipse IDE’s, Java Script.


Jr. Salesforce Administrator


  • Designed, and developed the Custom objects, validation rules, Custom tabs, Components, VisualForce Pages to suit the needs of the application.
  • Developed web services for Integration using Salesforce.com Webservices API to provide data for third party clients
  • Integrated Veeva CRM for users to readily access smart reports and dashboards.
  • Configured and developed custom objects, layouts, reports, in SFDC platform.
  • Performed Data Migration for 500+ users.
  • Developed APEX Triggers, Classes based on the requirement.
  • Implemented The Requirements On Salesforce.Com Platform And Force.Com Ide Plug-In Using Eclipse.
  • Designed and developed secure, high-performance technical solutions on the Force.com platform and custom ServiceMax solutions.
  • Knowledge of ServiceMax/ Force.com development best practices
  • Performed Integration using Call Outs, Triggers and Out bounding messages.
  • Worked extensively on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and other Standard Objects and customized Objects for Additional Fields, Layouts, and Record Types and Validation rules.
  • Supported the application for the new internal requests from the users.
  • Performed Unit Testing and Regression Testing.

Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visualforce (Pages, Component & Controllers), JavaScript, Apex Data Loader, Sandbox, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Windows XP

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