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Sr. Salesforce Developer Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • Over 8+ Years of professional experience in Software Industry with a good knowledge on Salesforce.com, both as Administrator and Developer experience in the Salesforce.com CRM platform as both Developer/Admin and Business Analyst and over 3 years of experience in Java/J2EE Technologies.
  • Worked on all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle in all the projects.
  • Experience in Salesforce MVC architecture designed and developed business layers with Controllers (Custom, Extension classes) using Apex and presentation layer with Visualforce pages.
  • Hands on Experience with Salesforce Lightning Builder, Salesforce lightning components.
  • Good experience on visual force UI using lightning components.
  • Experience in designing and developing Integration Solution using Web Service APIs, REST API and data load using Bulk APIs .
  • Expertise in Sales and Service Cloud, Partner portal and Customer portal.
  • Experience in different SDLC levels, including Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, and Implementations, Maintenance, Enhancements.
  • Strong experience in Steel Bricks and Oracle Big Machines CPQ implementation. Used Steel Brick CPQ to enable sales reps to configure complex product
  • Hands - on experience in using New Lightning UI to bring Salesforce into the responsive UI era of web-based applications.
  • Good Experience in data migration and integration using Data Loader, Starfish ETL, Import Wizard.
  • Excellent in Administrative tasks like Creating Profiles, Roles, Users, Permission Sets, Email Services, Approvals and Activities.
  • Good knowledge on mobile applications like Salesforce1 and Salesforce classic.
  • Strong knowledge about Sales cloud, Service cloud, Community cloud & Marketing cloud configuration and customization and good understanding with Client/Server architecture.
  • Experience with Web and Web application servers (e.g., Apache, Jetty) and No-SQL databases like MongoDB & Cassandra.
  • Experienced in web technologies - HTML, CSS, XML, JSP, JavaScript, WSDL and SOAP.
  • Experience with SFDC integration events, triggers. Worked with SFDC Apex REST API, SFDC Bulk API, SFDC Workflow Outbound Messaging.
  • Manage all CM tools (JIRA, Jenkins, ANT, GitHub, Visual Studio) and their usage/process ensuring traceability, repeatability, quality, and support.
  • Familiar with Conga, eDocusign and Forseva App exchange solutions.
  • Strong reporting background using standard reporting tools including standard sales force.com reporting functionality.
  • Extensive experience in using salesforce.com involving the creation of Roles, Profiles, Workflows, Approval Processes, Page Layouts.
  • Strong knowledge in the creation of Custom objects, Triggers, Apex Classes, Force.com API, Standard and Custom Controllers, Controller Extensions.
  • Good understanding of Org Wide Defaults, Object level security, Field level security, Record level security, and Sharing rules.
  • Proficient in SFDC technologies like APEX, Visual Force.
  • Hands on experience in querying the SFDC database using SOQL and SOSL queries, and governor limits.
  • Worked with salesforce Process Builder and consolidated existing workflow rules with process builder.
  • Performed data analysis for data migration, integration to salesforce from other data bases and performed Data migration using Data Loader, Informatica, Demand tools.
  • Expertise in using the Application Servers including Web Sphere, JBOSS and Tomcat.
  • Possess strong technical knowledge. Strong Analytical and Problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work in a cross functional environment with various business levels, and end users to find and communicate business process.
  • Flexible and enthusiastic team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills and leadership skills to develop creative solution for challenging client needs.
  • Exceptional presentation skills, Multi-tasking capabilities, hands on with client/customer relation skills.


Salesforce.com: Salesforce Lightning, Apex Language, Apex Trigger, Apex Class & Apex, Visual force (Page, Component & Controllers). SOQL, SOSL, Email template, formula, Validation rules, apex trigger, workflow and approvals, App exchange, Eclipse, force.com IDE, Apex data loader

Custom Integration & Management tools: Outbound Messages, Workflow and Approvals, Field updates, Reports, Account Management, Contact Management, Email Services, Security Controls, Custom Objects, Custom Settings, Custom Labels & Tabs, AppExchange Package & Custom Application and Sandbox Data Loading, MS Visio, HP ALM, QC, JIRA

Force.com tools: Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Data Loader, Workbench, Snapshot, Steel Brick CPQ

Web Technologies: HTML, Java Script, XML, CSS, WSDL, JQuery

Languages: C, C++, Apex, Core java, Java, Javascript

Database Scripting: SQL, PLSQL

Java Framework: J2EE, Struts, Hibernate.

Relational DB: SQL, SOQL, SOSL


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Salesforce Developer


  • Agile Development Methodology was followed for the implementation.
  • Involved in Scoping Phase, Gap Analysis, Testing, and Implementation Phase of project called Q2C (Moved the order management functionality from Siebel to Salesforce).
  • Familiar with Steel Brick CPQ for subscription, billing, invoicing and can take control of sales process from Quote to Cash. Generated Revenue recognition status automatically with Steel Brick CPQ.
  • Designed and developed a Quote document structure and Quote templates associated to it.
  • Experienced with for billing, invoicing, and subscription. And take control of sales process from Quote to Cash.
  • Involved in developing salesforce Lightening Apps, Components, Controllers and Events.
  • Involved in Lightning conversion for Reports, Dashboards, Tasks, Leads and other objects.
  • Designed and developed PPM schedules for the organization.
  • Performed Code Cleanup on various objects Confidential various levels before moving from classic to lightning.
  • Developed/rebuilt various Apex classes, Controller classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Skilled in understanding and implementing the new Salesforce Lightning Experience.
  • Analyzing the Scenarios for switching between Salesforce classic and the Lightning Experience.
  • Worked on Salesforce Lightning Components for building customized components to suit business needs.
  • Using ANT along with the change sets for the regular deployments.
  • Hands on experience with Salesforce Lightning Process Builder and associated new actions of invoking apex classes, Lightening app Builder.
  • Extensive experience on S controls, Visual force pages and Page layouts according to the Business requirements.
  • Created Visualforce Pages for Lightning Experience, Alternates for Java Script Buttons.
  • Worked on removing Siebel dependencies from CPQ Quote, Opportunity and other objects.
  • Written apex SOAP web services classes for inbound calls to salesforce and other consumers used Partner WSDL to consume salesforce data.
  • Responsible for writing SOQL & SOSL queries with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Developed various Batch Apex classes and scheduled those using Apex Schedulable classes.

Environment: Salesforce CRM, Siebel CRM, Steel Brick CPQ, Zuora, Force.com platform, Apex Language, Visualforce Pages, Custom Component, Lightning Component, Service Cloud, Custom Controllers, Workflow & Approvals, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Page Layouts, Email Services, Security Controls, HTML, Web Services, Reports, Sandbox, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Workbench.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Sr. Salesforce Developer


  • Involved in discussions with Business Analyst and Project Managers to provide best solutions possible in Salesforce for the requirements collected.
  • Build reusable components, and customized Salesforce1 mobile app using Lightning component framework.
  • Used Lightning process builder for visualizing and creating automated business processes.
  • Using Salesforce Workbench timed SOQL queries to get the most optimized version of the query.
  • Developed different Visualforce Pages to suit to the needs of the application using different Visualforce components.
  • Developed Lightning component Framework and built Lightning components using Aura framework.
  • Implemented Salesforce Lightning Components for small set of users within the organization.
  • Efficiently worked with standard salesforce objects like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Cases and Opportunities.
  • Worked on Service Cloud and Sales Cloud implementations. Experience in developing and maintaining email templates within Marketing Cloud.
  • Created Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs and Components.
  • Proactively created Apex Triggers and Apex classes and also developed and managed complex workflows, approvals, validation rules, assignment rules and system triggers.
  • Defined the lookup relationship and master-detail relationship on the objects that helps in associating the records and defining a parent-child relationship in which the master object controls certain behaviors of the detail object respectively.
  • Designed Salesforce Service Cloud console to boost productivity with the dashboard-like interface, reducing clicking & scrolling, making it easy to quickly find/update/create records.
  • Effectively created the Picklists, dependent Picklists and junction objects to establish the connectivity among objects.
  • Used Change Sets, Force.com Migration tool to deploy components across various sandbox and production environments.
  • Expertise in configuring, using and administrating GIT version control system.
  • Involved in daily production bug fixes raised by QA and business users in the Org.
  • Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Interacted with the clients over calls and emails effectively.

Environment: Salesforce CRM, Force.com platform, Apex Language, Visualforce Pages, Custom Component, Lightning Component, Service Cloud, Custom Controllers, Workflow & Approvals, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Page Layouts, Email Services, Security Controls, HTML, Web Services, Reports, Sandbox, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Workbench.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Salesforce Administrator/ Developer


  • Actively involved in interacting with business users (subject matter experts), requirement gathering, defining functional and technical specifications.
  • In the service cloud environment, performed the role of Salesforce.com Developer and Administrator in the organization. Also Participated in translating and documentation of business requirements into functional requirements.
  • Perform detailed analysis of business and technical requirements and designed the solution by customizing various standard objects of SalesForce.com (SFDC) and other Platform based technologies like Visual Force, Force.com API.
  • Customized Company Profile, Page layouts, record types, Security &; Access Controls and Communication Templates as per the organization requirements.
  • Worked on Eclipse IDE with force.com platform for writing business logic in Apex Programming language.
  • Developed Apex Triggers, Apex Classes and Test Methods to facilitate details capturing and updating on leads, prospects and contacts, sandbox data loading and Web services API.
  • Developed Complex Apex Batch Jobs and changes to the existing Jobs for better Performance.
  • Designed high level customized visual force pages using extension controllers, custom controllers and standard controllers.
  • Used SOQL SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Created case escalation rules to escalate cases automatically if they are not resolved within a certain period of time, also worked on app-exchange tools for tracking orders.
  • Created formula fields and Roll-up summary to validate the information provided by the customer using validation rules.
  • Created templates using CSS, approval processes, approval page layouts and defined approval actions on them to automate the processes.
  • Worked extensively with various Salesforce objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns, Reports, and Opportunities.
  • Designed and implemented Custom Objects, Page Layouts, and Custom Tabs to suit application needs.
  • Created Profiles and Roles based on organizational role hierarchy, implemented Record-Level and Field-Level security and configured their sharing settings.
  • Implemented Salesforce.com web services client using Salesforce web services API, Java, XML and partner WSDL.
  • Exported data from legacy system and imported into SFDC through Apex data loader for data migration.
  • Created various Reports (summary reports, matrix reports, pie charts, dashboards and graphics) and Report Folders to assist managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales tool and configured various Reports and for different user profiles.

Environment: Saleforce.com, Security Controls, Escalation rules, Assignment rules, Record types, Custom objects and Fields, Workflows, Rules, Data loader.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Salesforce Developer


  • Participated in requirements grooming sessions with business users, developers and created Technical Design Documents with coding standards and pseudo code.
  • Involved in technical design sessions and performed peer-code review before code is migrated to QA.
  • Worked on Eclipse IDE with Force.com plugin for developing Apex programming and customizing meta-data components.
  • Developed Apex Triggers, Apex Classes for implementing customizations requested by business users across various objects.
  • Developed custom Apex extension controllers (Dispatchers) and visual force pages to dispatch to visual force page and standard page layouts based on record type.
  • Created custom relationships on the objects using Lookup, Master-Detail relationships and created junction objects to establish many-to- many relationships.
  • Written and tuned SOQL, SOSL with consideration of Governor Limits for querying across large datasets and performed DML operations.
  • Written Apex Batch, Schedule classes by implementing Batch able, Schedulable interfaces to perform DML operations Confidential scheduled intervals.
  • Developed Visual force pages with rich user experience using visual force components, HTML5 and CSS3 and used JavaScript and jQuery validations and hiding content/sections.
  • Designed high level customized Visual force pages using extension controllers, custom controllers and standard controllers.
  • Implemented apex callouts to Exact Confidential by consuming Exact.
  • Worked on customization of Sales, Marketing and Service clouds - Accounts, Opportunities, Campaigns, Leads, Cases and Solutions.
  • Automated building marketing programs within Exact Confidential for executing Campaigns and getting response back into salesforce.
  • Implemented Email-to- Case, Case Escalation rules, Case Assignment rules for service request automation.
  • Performed out Of the Box configurations customization activities Page/Search/Compact Layouts, Record Types, Dependent Pick lists, Formula, Roll-up summary fields, Validation rules, Workflows and Approval process.
  • Worked on Workflow rules, Approval processes and actions Field update, Email alert, outbound message for business process automation.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex Classes Extension Classes to support Visual force pages development, Test Classes for Unit testing and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Worked as an admin for Creating Users, Profiles, setting up organization role hierarchy and public groups.
  • Configured Single Sign-On using Active Directory and worked with AD team.
  • Worked on data migration from Siebel to salesforce using Data Loader, Oracle and performed Insert, Update, Upset, Import and Export operations.
  • Developed various Custom Reports, Report Types, Dashboards and Analytic snapshot for different line of business on Standard and Custom objects.
  • Built package.xml and deployed components to sandbox and production instances using Force.com ant migration tool, Workbench and Change Sets.
  • Provided ongoing Salesforce.com maintenance and administration services including periodic data cleansing, custom objects, workflow.
  • Participated in the bug review meetings, updated requirements document as per business user feedback and change in functionality of the application.
  • Help users with Chatter teams/Groups and follow application as well.
  • Participated in the training sessions provided by the Salesforce team.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Security Controls, Escalation rules, Assignment rules, Record types, Custom objects

Java Developer



  • Involved in Requirement gathering, Analysis and Design using UML and OOAD
  • Developed user interface using HTML, CSS, JSPs and AJAX
  • Client side validation using JavaScript and JQuery
  • Designed the Application using Model View Controller Architecture
  • Developed different modules using J2EE (Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI)
  • Integrated the Application with Database using Hibernate
  • Communicated between different applications using JMS
  • Used JNDI for registering and locating Java objects
  • Interacted with backend Oracle and wrote stored procedures, functions and cursors for deleting and inserting using PL/SQL
  • Deployed the Application in WebLogic App Server
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUnit framework
  • Worked on production issues
  • Interacted with the Users and Documented the Application

Environment: Java, UML, HTML, CSS, JSPs, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, J2EE, WebLogic, JNDI, JMS, Hibernate, PL/SQL

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