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Technical Team Lead Resume

Lansing, MI


Object Oriented Programmer and Database developer with extensive experience designing, coding, testing and supporting next - generation front-end software solutions in Powerbuilder/Java/C# and back-end solutions in Oracle enterprise, Sybase, Java and SQL Server environments. Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including Powerbuilder 6.0-12.5, C#, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, DB2, Access, MySQL, Sybase ASE, MS SQL Server, Java, XML, and Windows and Linux.


  • Extensive Object Oriented Theory
  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Development
  • Data Security, Backup & Recovery
  • Java Software Development
  • Expert Datawindow Manipulation
  • Database Triggers and Stored Procedures
  • Database - Backed Web Solutions
  • .NET 4.0 with Powerbuilder 12.5


Confidential, Lansing MI

Technical Team Lead


  • Responsible for every aspect of system design, coding, and documentation for numerous projects over a five year time frame.
  • Confidential is an online system written in Powerbuilder 12.5 with an Oracle 11g database.
  • Extensive use of Oracle stored procedures, Unix shell scripting, PVCS, TFS.
  • The project was upgraded two times to different versions of Powerbuilder. From 9.0 to 10.5, and then three years later from 10.5 to 12.5 classic.
  • Also in charge of new developpers Powerbuilder as we were having a very difficult time finding new Powerbuilder developpers locally.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Technical Lead


  • Technical Lead on the IWS (Investor Workstation) migration from Powerbuilder 9.0 to Powerbuilder 12.5 .NET. Extensive .NET coding using C# within WPF for the cryptography aspect of the Manifest Builder application.
  • The IWS Suite has a total of 8 programs that were migrated to the newest version of Powerbuilder .NET and the complete PFC architecture had to be removed for the migration and workarounds for all functions created.
  • Extensive use of OLE functionality for many aspects of the new security algorithms to take advantage of single session sign-on and active directory calls.
  • Installed and set up policy rules for the first ever version control of a Powerbuilder source control.
  • This was done using the Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 and Powergen 8.5 boot-strap build process.
  • Finally wrote many new applications to automate many processes that were previously done on a weekly basis for builds, access control to applications, removal of users from the database that were removed from active directory, and verification of all trades completed via the Trade Architect application for SEC compliance issues.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Computer Programmer


  • Design, develop and test new enhancements Unit Diary Marine Integrated Personnel System ( Confidential ).
  • The software uses Powerbuilder 10.5 and Oracle 10g, as well as Java for Web based services.
  • Confidential is a deployable automated PC-based entry and retrieval point for manpower data.
  • It is the primary software application for reporting pay and personnel data in the Marine Corps Total Force System ( Confidential ).


Project Manager


  • Responsible for every aspect of software lifecycle within the IT department within China’s third largest chemical company.
  • Required to bridge the communication gap between the Chinese and foreign staff and to ensure targets were met for specified rollouts.
  • Involved in exchanging data (Purchase Order, Invoice) between the customer and the manufacturers to ensure orders were processed properly and data integrity was maintained.
  • Legacy system was scrapped and a full rewrite of existing functionality was transferred to new in house programs.
  • All Powerbuilder programs were upgraded to version 10.5 from Powerbuilder 6.5. Database work was all migrated to Oracle 11g from Oracle 8i and Microsoft Access.


Professor of Business Ethics


  • Designed and taught four courses on the undergraduate level in Business Ethics.
  • Had a total of 210 students in four sections.
  • Responsible as advisor to 10 students from the business law department.
  • Corporate - Chinese based corporate business .
  • Responsible for all aspects of corporate from programming essentials, database use, International Business English (IBE), business improvement methods, efficiency, ethics .
  • Have extensive personal s from many Chinese corporations

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Application Team Lead


  • Responsible for complete lifecycle for many modules of the Confidential CSM project. From GUI design of the user interface, database transactions via unix services, to the actual front end coding via Powerbuilder.
  • Created full functionality for Extended Information of both wireline Confidential and wireline Confidential, long distance PIC request information for long distance products, IP processes, hardware selection for equipment such as pagers and cell phones, plus many other enhancements and core developments.
  • Lead consultant for price plan and feature selection of all product types. Capable of complete code rewrites in both version 2.0.3 and 3.1+ for Confidential CSM and all other Amdocs Telecommunication products.

Confidential, Albany, NY

Powerbuilder Consultant


  • Software development using Powerbuilder 6.0 and Powerbuilder 5.0.3. Stressed the use of Object Oriented Programming through such means as Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Requirements included a thorough understanding of system, base, and abstract classes, visual and non visual objects, multiple types of instantiation, datawindows and datastores, and a variety of other Powerbuilder programming techniques.
  • Responsible for upkeep of the Berkshire Life application developed by Confidential Consulting, DRT Systems.
  • Lead Powerbuilder developer at the West Point project. Responsible for complete lifecycle of the S1 Manager, Cadet Process Control.
  • Lead Powerbuilder developer on Bausch and Lomb project. Responsible for complete development of both the Powerbuilder and Stored Procedure work for the entire project. Work involved extensive use of PL/SQL within Oracle 7.3, Use of a wide variety of functions and events within Powerbuilder, creation of new frame to work with existing SCC framework, and creation of new user screens.

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