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Technical Analyst, Contractor Support Resume

Washington, DC


Confidential, Washington, DC

Technical Analyst, Contractor Support


  • Provides Subject Matter Expertise in SIGINT, CYBER, GEOINT, and HUMINT Tasking and collection requirements.
  • Coordinates multi - agency Space intelligence collection operations, and identifies emerging opportunities for commercial capabilities in supplementing ISR gaps.
  • Provides policy development, program oversight/guidance, capabilities development and resourcing requirements
  • Facilitates leadership and decision-making processes for responses to leadership inquiries, influencing Departmental positions, and making recommendations to leadership that account for SIGINT and CYBER requirements.
  • Oversees management of space, SIGINT, GEOINT and cyberspace operations and intelligence portfolios.
  • Produces assessments and strategies for utilizing intelligence collection programs.
  • Identifies resourcing recommendations to meet the Department’s requirements for Intelligence operations and capability portfolio growth.
  • Provides technical review and integration support to space, SIGINT, and cyberspace operations.
  • Identifies cyberspace intelligence capability gaps and steers resourcing, CONOPs, and threat targeting.
  • Coordinates development of cross agency analysis detailing blockchain in government applications.

Confidential, Fort Meade, MD

Director of Operations


  • Provides weekly intelligence products to IC leadership detailing Confidential Cyber intelligence programs.
  • Led 45-member Air Force unit supporting IC /DoD compartmented Space/CYBER/SIGINT missions.
  • Produced Confidential requested SIGINT analysis products from the Air Forces’ only Cyber Intelligence Organization.
  • Supervised emerging technologies group to analyze technology usage, policy, and procurement for the Confidential intelligence community and national security programs.
  • Managed $1M Cyber National Mission Force Operations (CYBER) and Space Multi-Int tasking. Collection, and processing portfolio, through three fiscal years.
  • Engaged with intelligence customers and warfighter to identify ready-to-deploy capability, resources, and provide coordination opportunity minimizing need for new acquisitions to fill or request needs.
  • Coordinate 1500 Airmen Cyber National Mission force buildout, supporting Confidential CYBERCOM, Confidential, and USAF Defensive and Offensive Cyber Operations.


Senior Intelligence Officer / Program Manager


  • Directed several multi-million-dollar space intelligence program initiatives involving multiple engineers and several managers to expand intelligence capabilities in areas of technology acquisition, policy guidance by creating first ever draft plan for space asset protection.
  • Led compartmented Space Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Division at supported agency, leading multiple multi-member teams to analyze future threats to intelligence with presidential attention.
  • Program manager tasked with developing interagency guidelines to manage emerging technological trends for economic and military impacts on Tasking, Collection, Processing, and Exploitation of SIGINT, GEOINT, MASINT, and fused Multi-Int processes and products.
  • Acted as outreach for IC customer’s collection, fusion, and dissemination program; equipped US Air Force with $1B+ compartmented Intelligence distribution system by enabling DOD and IC to access intelligence in near real time.
  • Identified prospective Confidential Govt customer requirements for Multi-Int acquisition projects supporting TS//SCI programs.
  • Routinely briefed Congressional leadership on the use and dissemination of classified intelligence.
  • Selected as lead for Confidential, NGA, and other IC agencies Personnel Recovery program lead, coordinating multi agency support to DoD Combat Search and Rescue operations.
  • Captured and authored multi-million-dollar budget supporting real time customer needs assessments enhancing space assets procurement and portfolio planning.
  • Provided Congress with updates to new technologies, securing several multi-billion-dollar funding sources, enabling future and ongoing operations during periods of fiscal uncertainty.
  • Briefed senior government executives, including Vice President on the establishment of protocols for US legal compliance on future capabilities as well as engaging 16 agencies to secure future support to programs.
  • Led Multi-Million Dollar Intelligence and budget analysis dev effort to create interagency collaborative program resulting in multi-billion-dollar in savings over FY 11-14 by reducing duplication of effort across multiple agencies.
  • Authored multi-million-dollar budget for classified program preventing program cancellation, ensuring funding through two fiscal years.

Confidential, KS

Customer Service Manager


  • Directed staff of 15 in three departments. Created and managed schedules, handled accounting and inventory
  • Team lead for six associates at service desk. Managed 15k in monetary transactions per day for money transfers and over 100k in general transaction accounting.
  • Provided frontline customer support for store manager on daily basis.
  • Acting night shift manager for 75+ employees during high traffic holiday seasons.

Confidential, Manhattan, KS

Senate Budget Lead


  • Lead 450-member cadet wing for one academic year. Interacted with KSU school president for numerous VIP visits including POTUS, Chairmen of the Joint Chief of Staff, and Secretary of defense.
  • Directed education and training for cadet corps and led officer training through two summers.
  • Elected as KSU student senate budget committee lead.
  • Managed 1.2Million dollar student budget through two academic years. Prevented tuition increase through 1 academic year and minimized tuition increase by 50% through second academic year
  • Led recreation staff of 12 students through two academic years.
  • Authored recreation improvement plan, enabling $1.6Million increase in facilities spending, moving new facility opening six months early.

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