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Sr. Data Analyst Resume

Knoxville, TN


Offer extensive software, hardware, and systems administration experience and accomplishments for developing, implementing, expanding, and improving computer system applications to support business growth objectives. Extensively involved in all aspects of system application development (system analysis, design, installation, troubleshooting, end - user training, and maintenance) related to both hardware and software. Earned a reputation as a significant contributor in supporting major projects from conceptual stages through completion on: multi-site hardware/software installations, database and software application development, and system administration projects.


Confidential, Knoxville, TN

Sr. Data Analyst


  • Core team member to design and develop theTeamHealth CMS Provider Quality Reporting System (PQRS) program data repository (Oracle PL/SQL). Also a member of the TeamHealth CMS Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) data ODS team.
  • Core team member of the TeamHealth Data Governance initiative. (Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server)
  • Designed and developed the data repositories for many of the key initiative projects that are utilized by top executives for major business decision at Confidential . (Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server)
  • Created the environment that supports the account management utilities used to drive secondary systems such as our LMS (Learning management system), our provider PSO (Patient Safety Organization) and our AD security models which support report and data access to business critical information. (Oracle PL/SQL)
  • Built the in-house account management system used to supply “people” information for multiple Operational projects as well as provisioning Active Directory account and group membership information. This system combines people information from our provider contracting database as well as our Lawson employee system. (Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server)
  • Designed the database structures and developed the ETL processes for multiple custom report repositories.

Software Engineer



  • As part of the MRTS application conversion team, I designed and developed several web application components using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003. My objective as part of this team was to convert the current MRTS Oracle based forms into the new .Net web based application.
  • Designed and developed MRTS reports using Microsoft Reporting Services V 1.0 development tools.
  • Worked on several maintenance and product enhancement projects for the MRTS application using Oracle Forms and Reports version 6.
  • Developed several Import and Export functions for Confidential clients using a combination of PL/SQL, Oracle Database tables and Oracle forms. These imports and exports were developed to import data into CAMS, hospital systems information and conversely, export CAMS chart data (entered by MMR for the hospitals) into flat files for their hospital systems to import.
  • Worked on several maintenance and product enhancement projects for the CAMS application using Oracle Forms and Reports version 6.
  • Converted all the Confidential reports from Oracle Reports based programs to Microsoft Reporting Services V 1.0 development tools in conjunction with Oracle s 8i database and PL/SQL.
  • Designed and developed a web based Confidential report user interface using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003 in conjunction with Oracle s 8i database and PL/SQL.
  • Designed and developed the new Confidential monthly data load to be a fully automated process utilizing Oracle dbms jobs functionality with PL/SQL stored procedures. This functionality replaced the Oracle user interface mechanism that was used to import data to Confidential from the Confidential billing system IDX.
  • Analysis and design of the Emergency Physicians Associates (EPA) recruiter database conversion efforts. Evaluated EPA s current applications and database design and developed the interface to capture and convert that data into Confidential s TeamWorks application database. Developed conversion programs using Oracle 8i and PL/SQL.
  • Worked on several maintenance and product enhancement projects for the TeamWorks application using Oracle Forms and Reports version 6.

Confidential, Oak Ridge, TN

Senior Applications System Analyst


  • Developed a web - based electronic grant application that was an Oracle 8i/Web application using Visual InterDev/ASP, and the IIS WEB server.
  • Directed all project administration duties, managed all functional system design activities, and designed the Oracle database/application software specifications.
  • Developed a Tau Beta Pi National Honor Society Membership Support application which was a Visual Confidential and MS Access/Web application using HTML, JavaScript, and ColdFusion. Utilized Seagate Crystal Reports Designer, Crystal SQL Designer, and ODBC Administrator software suite to develop reports used to integrate the ColdFusion front-end application.
  • Analysis and design of various database conversion efforts throughout the Confidential enterprise to support integration of databases from newly acquired companies during aggressive expansion efforts.
  • Evaluated various applications used by Confidential and their national associates and determined database mapping relationships to the team works target database and satisfied Confidential corporate mission.
  • Developed conversion programs using Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Selected as one of three people to provide maintenance support for the Waste Information Management (WIM) systems for Confidential
  • Managed responsibilities that included monitoring and troubleshooting system operations and investigating/resolving user problems.
  • Designed and generated ad hoc reports and implemented GES program changes for Confidential compliance.
  • Served as a member of an analysis team tasked to determine the impact to CLUE resulting from Lockheed Martin and Confidential changes to corporate information repositories, structures, and distribution methods.

Confidential, Oak Ridge, TN

Generator Entry System (GES) Systems Manager


  • Provided technical system analysis and design support for all Oak Ridge sites as well as Paducah, KY and managed responsibilities that included supervising/evaluating the development team as well as planning, assigning, and monitoring work assignments.
  • Designed and developed all PC Xbase databases and provided programming support.
  • Selected as one of two people to develop a Microsoft Access application that tracked and reported system business rules for every release of GES for the Oak Ridge and Paducah GES applications.
  • Organized and led training sessions for both end - users and development team members; conducted user-training classes for Beta and Pilot test groups.
  • Provided Software Change Request management, technical application, and business area support.
  • Managed/executed all production support functions including release version control and coordinating all Web based tasks for software releases.
  • GES application was developed using Confidential for Windows 2.6.

Confidential, Oak Ridge, TN

Senior/Lead Systems Analyst


  • Key project team member in information systems analysis, programming, custom application development, and system/software conversions on several major government contracts. Specific assignments included:
  • Provided functional and technical system analysis/design support to the Mixed Waste Inventory system (MWIR) project as well as the Waste Management Information System (WMIS) project.
  • Designed and developed the PC databases required to support the MWIR and WMIS applications by using KnowledgeWare IEW; provided Confidential 2.5 for DOS programming support for both applications.
  • Successfully led the WMIS facility subsystem conversion from the VAX/VMS platform to the MS - DOS operation system using Confidential 2.5 for DOS.
  • Conducted a feasibility study and provided technical support to the Management Control Information System (MCIS) project as well as the Martin Marietta Energy System's Environmental Restoration Program. Performed database and process modeling using KnowledgeWare IEW as the methodology support tool.

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