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Bi Consultant Resume

Richfield, OH


Deep Business Intelligence Architecture and Coding: ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Analytics, Application Development, Cloud Migration


Skills: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Windows On - Premises; some Linux, some Unix

Vendor Stack: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM

Vendor Toolkits: Microstrategy, CrystalReports, SSRS, QlikView, Tableau, PowerBI, Excel, Access

ETL Toolkits: SSIS, Informatica, DataStage, Azure Data Factory, Open Source Solutions/SmallwareCustom Assemblies

Query Code Fluency: SQL, DAX, MDX, USQL, PolyBase

DBs: MS Sql, Oracle, DB2, MySql, SSAS, SSAS Tabular, Azure Data Lakes, Azure Data WarehouseAzure Streaming Analytics, some Cosmos

Supporting Fluency: javascript, VB6, VBA, vbscript, powershell, c#, M, Python, HTML, XML, JSON; some Rsome .NET, some shell scripting


Confidential, Richfield, OH

BI Consultant


  • This consultancy is a re-start of a stalled B.I. implementation.
  • Re-organized effort to re-align all teams towards coherent ends and goals.
  • Re-structured approach to managing people and sharpened a hazy command hierarchy.
  • By leveraging existing parts and pieces made available as an adjunct by “ Confidential ” an ERP vendor and software package, shortened path to full re-development from 9 months to 3 months.
  • Provided interim data solutions in Excel and variety of desktop tools enabled by setting up replicant of production systems for reporting.
  • Migrated on-premises SQL Server 2014, 2016 to Azure hosted servers and sourced data from both Azure and AWS environments, using SSIS to manage ETL, modified SSAS architectures from existing Confidential offering to fit custom reporting needs.
  • SSRS to author and schedule a variety of both stored procedure-driven and CUBE sourced reports. Currently implementing row-level user security for all domains of data.

Tool: used: Tableau, PowerBI, SSRS; SQL Server, Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, SSIS, SSAS, T-SQL scripts and assemblies.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

BI Consultant


  • Consultancy on behalf of North Highland includes light Project management, heavy data architecture and BI systems architectures; hands-on coding and building of Business Intelligence: ETL, Data Warehousing, CUBES, custom reporting models and platforms in support of Dashboarding, Reporting, Discovery and Analytics. Specializing in rapid definition or re-definition and deployments; 3rd party data project troubleshooting and remediation duties. Re-packaging / republishing of existing reports into new buildouts. Cloud migrations into Microsoft Azure: hosted data servers, Azure Databases - SQL, MySQL, Postgre, Azure SQL DataWarehouse.
  • Experimental work with replacing SSIS data packages and workflows with Azure Data Factory.

Tool: used: SSIS, Informatica, Microstrategy, Tableau, QlikSense, PowerBI, SSRS; SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres, Oracle 9g-11g, Amazon RDS; SSAS, Business Objects, WebI open-source data tools and suites, custom SQL assemblies.

Confidential, Center Valley, PA

Data Architect


  • In an effort to increase sales while improving Medical standards for use with Confidential endoscopy and reprocessing (cleaning), Confidential selected Qlikview as the near-real-time (60 second aging, 60 second refresh) front end engine for all Operations and Medical Device Management Display, Process/Issue Discovery, Reports and ad-hoc data browsing.
  • Architected solutions to the unique, code-intensive challenges this presents and implemented in code.
  • Designed a 3-tiered QlikView infrastructure (SQL-Source, QVD, QVW, …) to bring forward data relevant to the ongoing medical practice of endoscopy with Confidential hardware, as well as data supporting business analysis and scheduling.
  • Standardized a suite of visual objects (“icons”) specific to modalities of effort (Patient, Practice, Procedure, etc.) and in line with Confidential design standards.
  • Provided mentorship to native I.T. team members towards Qlik architecture, coding and implementation.
  • Some Qlik Server configuration.
  • Back end SQL Server 2012; constructed custom T-SQL to ETL operational and transactional data from multiple sources into a datamart for Qlik ingestion.

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL

BI Architect/Project Manager


  • Reboot of a BI reporting and ad-hoc data browsing project; providing Architectural and Team Lead and Project Management services to redefine and drive project to proper completion from data sources through SQL server for ETL and EDW, B.O. Universe for semantic and business layers; Crystal Reports for reports dev and custom webi Confidential . for ad hoc browsing and custom reports assembly and scheduling.
  • Complete redefinition of Extraction, elimination of hops between source and reports.
  • Build out of a self-service platform using SSAS 2012 Tabular model and Excel 2013 clients.
  • Partial architecture / corrections to EDW, B.O. semantic and business layers. Re-spec of Confidential . functionality, implications grown from those new specs.
  • Program Management of new report requirements and reporting standards.
  • Process authoring: dev/QA/production and deployment.

Confidential, New York, NY

Data Architect/Developer


  • Remote engagement to revamp all data at rest and data in motion standards and processes for this testing and credentialing company.
  • Validate existing and design new ETL for the warehousing of professional exams data.
  • Validate and design new processes for scoring and question and answer management.
  • Definition of new conceptual schema (and matching, underlying database schemas and tables) to assemble data from deeply fragmented and varied sources.
  • SQL and PostGres sources. Deep cleansing and entity / record matching.
  • Architecture of new data warehouse for internal and client-facing reporting platform, QlikView and CIA Report Manager (an N-Print clone), supporting ad-hoc browsing for internal management.
  • Advanced reporting and import management with Qlikview.

Tools: used include: MS SQL 2014, SSIS, Qlikview, Advanced ETL Processor.

Confidential, St Petersburg, FL

BI Architect - SSAS specialist


  • Short term project to bring new working approaches to complex data presentation challenges, specifically within the architecture of several Microsoft SSAS 2012 CUBEs and their underlying DSVs and the ETL packages (SSIS) importing the source data.
  • Requirements specified that ad-hoc browsing serve a majority of all reporting needs; this created the need for several calculated measures in each CUBE to represent in-scope averages computations in mixed granularity, etc.. Built a ‘self-service’ site in collaboration with web developers, with back-end in a Tabular Data Model; this model mirrored the entities found in the CUBEs, targeted all the same functionality excepting many::many.
  • Re-architecture or re-definition of relationships via combined dimensions (arranged into hierarchies) when necessary; redefined multiple relationships via bridge FACT tables, introduced several new relationships, “de-coupled” dates in several cases using Reference to role-playing dimensions in order to re-define.
  • All data housed and development performed in the context of the Microsoft stack: T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, TFS.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Data Architect/Solutions Developer


  • Personally responsible for the architecture of a warehoused layer from selected pieces and parts of an all-encompassing XML schema defined for data collections.
  • Shared responsibility for ETL development and maintenance, and for presentation layer Views, etc. as a foundation for the “physical” layer in a Cognos universe.
  • Shared responsibility for final Cognos presentation layer (reporting).
  • Also responsible for defining and build-out for proof of concept of an IW (International Warehouse) for top 100 IBM clients.

Technologies in use: Unix/Linux scripting for raw data imports, some Datastage for ETL processes, DB2 for all data structures and services, Cognos for a multidimensional universe for reporting. Designed and implemented Data Federation (DB2) scheme to support a rapidly growing Global Data Warehouse.

Confidential, Virginia Beach, VA

Senior Business Intelligence Developer


  • Short term consultancy to assist with development tasks for rapidly growing and hugely complex data warehousing initiatives.
  • Billions of rows typically moved in a vast national data structure involving massive replication across 5 regional centers.

Technologies used: include Microsoft B.I. stack, custom .NET assemblies, custom made platforms for moving and synchronizing data across those regions.

Confidential, Virgina Beach, VA

Principal I (top tier) Business Intelligence Developer


  • Built multi-tiered CUBE for CMS regulatory compliance, spanning 12 years of complex data
  • Built multiple Tabular environments for upper management ad hoc browsing and reports; designed dynamically “assignable” dashboards using SSAS Tabular model source.
  • Retired 250 legacy reports from old State Billing system - merged 132 Business Objects reports (Crystal Reports) into 40 parameterized SSRS reports, deprecated 80 more via business discovery, re-wrote 38 reports in SSRS from scratch to duplicate functionality.
  • Authored process and data dictionary for federal ASH compliance auditing.
  • Front end discovery tools assembled for executive data review - Qlikview pages for self-discovery around well-defined dimensions.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Business Intelligence Architect/Developer


  • Data Architecture for all new & existing initiatives
  • Migration of key customer systems from various OLAP platforms (Cognos, SAP Business Objects, etc.) and dB platforms (DB2, Oracle, etc.) to Microsoft stack - including ETL and OLAP environment (SSIS & SSAS), SSAS Tabular, Qlikview and Tableau
  • Day to day SQL (2008 R2) administration and performance tuning
  • Day to day Oracle (10g & 11g) administration and performance tuning
  • Occasional MySQL admin & tuning; occasional IBM DB2 admin & tuning
  • Extensive use of Microsoft SSIS/SSAS/SSRS 2008 R2 technologies
  • Extensive use of Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Senior SQL/Reporting/Business Intelligence Developer


  • Requirements gathering/Business Analysis pertaining to the creation of a reporting infrastructure across multiple departments
  • Design and creation of OLAP data stores (Cubes) within each domain of services; design of potential Tabular model schemas.
  • Creation of parameterized stored procedures to accommodate multiple reports within each given domain of services
  • Creation of over 300 SSRS reports (SQL & MDX based) for running ad-hoc or scheduled delivery

Confidential, Tampa, FL

SQL Architect/Developer/DBA


  • All Reports, both internal and client services and ad-hoc reporting
  • Data Architecture for all new & existing initiatives
  • “Data at rest” and “Data in motion” security and SAS-90 & HIPPA compliance
  • Advanced many: many analysis, trending, forecasting
  • Day to day SQL (2008 R2) administration and performance tuning
  • MDS architecture build & maintenance

Tools: Used: SQL Server, vbscript, Powershell, Java, Javascript

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Data WarehouseArchitect/OLAP Developer


  • consolidating data from multiple local, state and federal sources, enabling rapid advanced reports production.
  • Final reports publication through Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Ongoing work includes ad-hoc SSAS/SSRS support, on-call SQL development, advanced data-mining: client grouping by related attributes, risk predictors. Implemented Master Data Services infrastructure enabling in-house resources to manage schema and content and centralize business entities/attribute management across the enterprise.

Tools: Used: SQL Server, MS C#.NET, vbscript, Master Data Services

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