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Business Analyst/data Analyst Resume



  • Praveen has over 19 Years of cross - functional experience as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst/Architect, and Subject Matter Expert in Reference Data, Asset Management/Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Risk Management, Regulatory Reporting and Trading systems. Below are some salient features from his industry experience.
  • His experience in reference data includes Counterparties, Legal Entities, and extensive knowledge in Securities industry related to asset domain in Equities, Mutual Funds, ETF, Depository Receipts, fixed income and derivative (Options, Futures, Spreads, etc.) instrument, Collateral, Repo, Sec Lending, Loans, Leases and Factoring business Products.
  • His experience in Asset Management/Asset Services includes in developing Trading Systems, Order Management, Middle office Trade Settlement & Clearance Systems (Broadridge BPS-A, IMPACT), interacting with Accounting Systems, and large Data Warehouse applications for customer reporting.
  • Worked in Regulatory applications such as FinReg (FRY 9C), CCAR Reporting (FRY 14A/Q/M), Risk Reporting, Liquidity Reporting (5G - FR 2052 and LCR), SEC Filings (10K/10Q), Basel Reporting, Risk (Credit Risk/Counterparty Risk/Market Risk) related applications with regards to reference data, FATCA, KYC - Client onboarding, Data Quality, Data Controls, & Data Management from Data Governance team, regulatory requirements (BCBS 239) with Controller, & Audit teams.
  • Worked with Data Governance, Data Quality team to initiate DQ Rules & Controls, and Enterprise Data Management/Modeling policies.
  • Develop a strong working relationship with appropriate business users and provide business-impact driven analysis and communicate results to stakeholders utilizing functional processes and solutions.
  • Partner with managers and Program Managers to create and evolve processes, standards and best practices across various platforms and create and evolve technical strategy & architectures.
  • Turn identified solution delivery requests into project plans, including detailed work plans, timelines and budgets which meet the functional management and process owners.
  • Worked in many ETL projects for large Data Warehouse applications, Star Schema, Facts & Dimensions, OFSAA, Big Data processing using Hadoop technologies. Has understanding in big data statistics and analytics using SAS and other RDBMS tools.
  • Worked on Data Analysis/Profiling, Data Traceability, Metadata Management, and Data Compliance
  • Extensive experience in requirements gathering across various functional areas, process and data flow analysis, stakeholder management, prioritization and other business face-off functions.
  • Hands on with databases, SQL, programming and scripting languages.
  • Experienced in providing in-house training in processes/Runbooks/ETL/Analytics based tools.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills. PMP certified, but not currently active.

Skill Summary:

Project Tools: MS Project, Power Point, Word, Excel, Visio, JIRA

Langauges / Scripting: Oracle PL/SQL, Transact SQL (Sybase), C++, Java, Perl, Sybperl, OraPerl, C and K-ShellDatabase & Tools Oracle 10i/9i/8i, OFSAA, Oracle Star Schema, Mongodb, SQL-Server, MS-Access, BCP, SQL-Programmer, SQL Developer, ERWin, TOAD.

Middleware/Trd Tools: Informatica (ETL Tool), AbInitio, EaglePace 9.x/6.x, Eagle Star, Message Center, Charles River Trading System (CRIMS), Cognos, Make, awk, SCCS, dbx, gdb, syncsort, purify

Web Tech: J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, WebLogic/Web Server, HTML, XML, MSMQ, Sharepoint

ERP & Reporting Tools: Oracle Financials (OFSAA), SAP ERP, Tableau, Axiom

Operating System/ Hardware: Unix, Solaris 2.7 (SUNOS 5.7), Linux, HP-UX, Windows2000, NT 4.0


Confidential, NJ

Business Analyst/Data Analyst

  • Worked as business analyst on Trade Services (Factoring), Loans, and Mortgages systems, to gather the systems operational data into DSL (Data Service Layer) to provide one source of truth information for various downstream consumers, like Risk Analytics, and reporting.
  • As a business analyst in data service, data quality and data governance team, working on company initiatives (as BHC) to file Regulatory reports FRY 9C, FRY 14Q, and SEC reports (10K/10Q) filings. Worked closely with data governance team in defining data quality rules and data lineage effort on firm wide data service layer.

Environment: ETL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, OneSumX, Workiva, Excel, JIRA, Visio and Microsoft Project.

Confidential, NJ

Business Analyst/Data Analyst

  • As a business analyst, worked on company initiative to create Intermediary Holding Company (IHC) and to prepared the star schema based data warehouse to submit Fed compliant regulatory reports like CCAR (FRY 14), FinReg (FRY 9C), Basel reporting, MIFID I & II, Risk (Credit Risk, Counterparty Risk, and Market Risk), Liquidity (5G), Risk Weighted Assets -RWA, Internal Risk Reporting - IRR, etc.
  • Worked extensively on analyzing and sourcing counterparty, legal entities and securities information from various business systems in developing a golden copy of the referential data for IHC, Compliance and Risk systems. Counterparty info (third parties data which have financial exposure with the company) was sourced from CRDS and RMPM internal systems, Legal Entities (ownership percentage information up to 5 parent levels, consolidation method, industry group. etc) were sourced from Regent system, and Securities data (Equity, Fixed Income, and Funds reference data, issuer information, HQLA info, Liquidity Classification Ratios, etc.) were sourced from Bloomberg and Sereno vendors. All these three systems are interlinked.
  • Worked with Data Governance, Data Quality team to initiate DQ Rules and Controls to maintain single source of key data element values across multiple reporting systems. Worked on data quality controls to counterparty data with upstream systems, data scrub projects to clean DQ issues.
  • IHC specific general ledger data from LAP system loaded into data warehouse for exposures and inter-company nettings.
  • Analyzed S&P, Bloomberg, Moody’s rating data to onboard counterparty ratings, Forex rates, industry, and other risk related items.
  • Hands on with writing complex SQL queries, analyzing data using Excel sheets, creating functional requirement docs, creating project plan decs, sample data loads, test case documents, and power point presentations in completing the analysis.

Environment: Informatica ETL, Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application (OFSAA), Axiom Repots, Tableau, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, Unix, Excel, JIRA, Visio and Microsoft Project.

Confidential, NJ

Business Analyst/PM

  • Worked in business analyst/project manager role in developing a golden copy of the securities in Security Master Central (SMC) application. The golden copy security reference data is used by various business units, Trading Systems, Fund Accounting, Custody, Sec Lending, Risk systems, FATCA, CCAR and with many other company systems, in catering reference data, Fixed Income (Govt, Agencies, Corp, CMO, Muni), Equity, Warrants, Futures and Options market sectors, etc.
  • Interacted with data providers (Bloomberg, Interactive Data Copr (IDC), Reuters, S&P, etc.) and analyzed various data feeds to onboard on to SMC as per the business requirements.
  • Analyzed Citi/Broadridge connectivity and data flows in providing rates and factors data, BPS-A system for equity and options clearance, and sourcing ADP number for security referential.
  • Worked with stake holders in setting up Tri-party Security Lending (Sec Lending) system to facilitate lending, and Repurchase Agreements between external clients through Citi.
  • Key liaison in identifying the required data feeds, business requirements and functional specs, to source data, and exporting to downstream systems using Tibco EMS data distribution process
  • Analyzed and designed to onboard Bloomberg, IDC data feed to cover the attribute coverage, and data coverage into SMC, with appropriate weightage in creating Golden record.
  • Analyzed S&P, Bloomberg, Moody’s rating data to onboard into SMC, and creating rating hierarchy.
  • Hands on with writing complex SQL queries, analyzing data using Excel sheets, creating functional requirement docs, creating project plan decs, sample data loads, test case documents, and power point presentations in completing the analysis.

Environment: AbInitio ETL, SMC Web Application, Tibco EMS, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, TOAD, Unix, Excel, Visio and Microsoft Project.

Confidential, NJ

CRD/Eagle Business Analyst/Consultant

  • Worked as an analyst in identifying the required data feeds and specification to implement Eagle Accounting system and CR Trading system. Performed impact analysis of the current product and created new requirements and capabilities as per the client business needs.
  • Translations are developed to map the static reference data, and designed load process for user entitlements (User and Group setup and their privileges), global models, and mutual fund trading.
  • Worked with Equity including ETFs, Fixed Income assets like Mortgage back, Asset back, Muni, Corporate bonds and Mutual Fund instruments. Handled issues with the Order Management and Compliance, Stored Queries, Work flow rules and reports.
  • As part of the batch process designed feed imports using DoFeed to load Security Reference Data including Issuer, Securities, Schedules, Ratings, Prices, and Restrictions, Corporate Actions, Accounts, Taxlots, Positions, Cash Activity, Option and Mutual Fund eligibility feeds. Designed exports using DoExport utility for Orders, acknowledgements, performance data to downstream systems, and Eagle Data Warehouse.
  • Analysis of PACE Up loaders, Exporters, Message Streams, creating PACE & STAR Events & Schedules, Concurrency Matrix for process flow, load monitoring & stream statistics using Message Center and Global Process Center, and error analysis & Trading issues using Workflow Monitor and other Eagle products.
  • Implemented multiple FIX connections and created auto routing rules as part of Order Management to send the trades to different Fix connections and systems based on the trade volume and instrument requirements.
  • Developed Unix Korn shell & Perl scripts for batch process and autosys jil scripts to automate the process.

Environment: Charles River Investment Management System (CRIMS) 9.x, Charles River Anywhere, Eagle Pace/Eagle Star 9.x, Perl, KSh,, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQLPlus, TOAD, Linux OS, Autosys.

Confidential, NY


  • Provided analysis and support for CRD trading system, Eagle Star Accounting and Eagle Pace data warehouse production systems. Performed impact analysis of the current product and created new requirements and capabilities as per the client business needs.
  • Key liaison for the business in identifying the enhancement requests and writing specs for Charles River/Eagle and other interface projects including configuration changes, software patches, and upgrades.
  • Performed impact analysis of the current product and created new requirements and capabilities as per the client business needs. Developed detailed project plan in Microsoft Project, and performed scope management, resource management and change control process.
  • Managed, coordinated various project activities including status reports and weekly meetings to outline tasks & goals, milestones, risks, issues and defects tracking. Served as the subject matter expert and mentor to off-shore development team.
  • Analyzed PACE Up loaders, Exporters, PACE & STAR Events & Schedules, Concurrency Matrix, Composite Securities, OLAP and Advanced reports, BMR applications, Corporate actions, Trading issues and other Eagle product components.
  • Extensively used Eagle application modules like, Event Details, Evenet Queue, Adhoc Event Maintenance, Eagle Engine, Cluster Manager, Maintain schemas, Star-Scheduler, Message Center console, Position viewer, Global Process Center, Security Reference Manager (SRM), Performance engine modules..
  • Analyzed batch process, and setting up CRD/CRIMS (Charles River Trading Systems) import/export configuration for DoFeeds, and DoExport scripts, and other EOD processes like cancel day orders, calcBond, compliance.
  • Worked with Oracle packages, procedures, functions & database triggers using PLSQL, and fine tuning the database performance by introducing table partitioning, by changing database parameters.
  • Analyzed interfaces for BMR (Bench Mark Rebalance) system with external vendors like FactSet, S&P, Russell, Wilshire, MSCI (Morgan Stanley).
  • Wrote Unix Korn shell scripts & Perl scripts for job execution, autosys jil scripts, and gentran file transfer modules. Used Informatica ETL tool in analyzing complex loads in to Eagle and downstream systems.

Environment: Eagle Pace/Eagle Star 9.x/6.x, Message Center, Perl, KSh, Informatica 7.x, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQLPlus, TOAD, Solaris 2.7, Autosys, Gentran File transfer utility, Windows Servers.

Confidential, NJ

Lead Role, Architect, and Data Warehouse Analyst/Developer

  • Designed, developed and supported Private Investors Business Specific Repository (PIBSR) Data Warehouse for Merrill's Asset Management division. It has consolidated financial transactions information of private bank customers from feeder systems APL, PACMAN, and Other external systems. The financial information that it holds is related to Instruments, Accounts, Holdings, Transactions, roll-up holdings, for Equities, and Fixed Income, Risk Analysis, Derivatives and Currency transactions.
  • As a Team Lead, data Architect managed in designing and developing the Start of the Day feeder system to implement Charles River Trading System (CRIMS) for PI business.
  • Involved as an analyst in replacing the PIBSR with EaglePace Data repository, and identifying various data repositories for Eagle based Data Warehouse. Developed Eagle exporters to extract held securities
  • Requirement Analysis & writing Technical Spec for the data Extracts and Uploaders.
  • Designed and developed data interface from external system to CRTS (CRMIS) using Perl, Oracle procedures, and Oracle load utilities. Used Informatica as ETL tool to Extract, transform, and load the data in to PIBSR.
  • Developed Eagle exporters and loaders to extract and load various financial analytics information from EaglePace to Data Warehouse, and vice versa. Worked on scheduling the events with concurrency matrix.
  • Designed and developed RECON process for PI accounting and trading team using RECON tool. The outside custody data files are in regular formatted or FIX formatted files.

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, Informatica, EaglePace, Perl, KSh, ERWin 4.0, PL/SQL, SQLPlus, SQL-Loader, Solaris 2.7, Sun Sparc (Enterprise- X), Windows 2000, MSMQ, CRTS, Macgregor, FIX, Autosys, Shell Scripts.

Confidential, NY

Team Lead, Architecture, Data Warehouse Developer/Analyst, and Production Support

  • Participated in Design, Development and Production Support of Common Data Repository (CDR) Data Warehouse for Chase Private Bank. It has consolidated financial transactions information of private bank customers from feeder systems AMTrust, Mshear, Shear and DDA. The financial information that it holds is related to Instruments, Accounts, Equities, Fixed Income, Risk Analysis, Derivatives and Currency transactions.
  • Led the development team of three programmers. Senior Sybase Developer, Data Analyst and Architect in developing the Data Warehouse/Datamart. Involved in Logical/Physical database modeling, created Tables, Triggers, Views and Indexes for performance tuning. Designed and developed ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) process to load different feeder system files into CDR data warehouse.
  • Provided interface to KYC (Know Your Client) application to track customer activity.
  • Produced Support for CDR and interacting with business Users in solving the day-to-day issues. Load process is automated through Autosys job scheduler.
  • Created an Oracle 8i RDBMS based Datamart for wealthy clients of Private bank. A web based portal application for wealthy clients was developed on top of this Datamart. Created utilities to move history data from Data warehouse to Datamart using Sybperl, SQL-Loader and Oracle Procedures.
  • Involved in developing discussion group for The Chase Journal Online using Java, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, Beans, XML, HTML. Used Oracle 8i RDBMS, WebLogic as application Server and NES as WebServer.

Environment: Sybase, SQL Server, C, C++, Perl, Sybperl, KSh, ERWin 4.0, Prism, Informatica, Cognos, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQLPlus, SQL-Loader, Solaris 2.7, Sun Sparc (Enterprise- X), NT 4.0.

Confidential, NY

Sybase Developer/Analyst, Data Warehouse specialist, and Production Support.

  • Participated in development and support of centralized Securities Data Warehouse (Sec20) for Natwest back office applications. Source Data is provided from ADP BPS Advantage, Rolf & Nolan, LoanNet, and other feeder systems. Data Warehouse contains company Proprietary and Customer Accounts, Trades, Positions, Balances, Currency and Securities prices. It also contains data from OpenTrades, Stock Loan, Bonds and Options.
  • Analyzed ADP BPS Data and developed ETL process to load in to database using Object Oriented technologies. Used C++, Tools.h++, DBTools.h++ class libraries extensively in the load process.
  • Fixed Income: Calculate Accrued Interest on all types of (Treasury, Corporate, FNMA/GNMA, and high yield (junk)) instruments by gathering cuponRate, maturityDate and other financial information.
  • Developed extraction modules using Sybperl, Sybase Procedures, Shell Scripts to provide the feeders to market applications like Regulatory Reporting (SIGMA) to Federal Government, Capital Maximizer (CAPMAX), and General Ledger Interfaces. Generated reports for Compliance Department by using this Data Warehouse to generate Restricted, Monitor, Front Running Reports, and Employee Trading Surveillance.

Environment: Sybase 11.x, C++, Tools.h++, SybPerl, SUN (Sparc/Ultra), Solaris 2.5, NT 4.0.


Programmer Analyst

  • Participated in analysis, and implementation of a Proprietary Accounting and Risk Analysis System. The System operates in an online and batch environment for data entry, query, and report generation.
  • Enhanced the system to find the proprietary accounting and risk analysis of the firm such as Mortgages, Equities and Bonds, at the end of the each business day.
  • Developed a spreadsheet-like Graphical user Interface for PARA System to browse and update General Ledger entries of the accounting system.

Environment: Sybase 4.9, T-SQL, BCP, X-Windows/Motif, FTP, C/Unix, Shell Scripting, SunOS.

Confidential, NJ

Programmer Analyst, Application Developer

  • Developed a Touch screen Panel for the booth Clerks at the New York Stock Exchange. This panel increases the average quality of business transactions per day. Applications were developed using the object-oriented concept and implementing features of C++ languages as virtual functions, virtual classes, overloaded functions, multiple property inheritance and iterators.
  • Specific responsibilities included, developing a Graphical User Interface using X-Windows, writing stored procedures, handling deadlocks and other database errors, making use of Begin, Commit, and Rollback of database transactions in Sybase.

Environment: C++/SunOS, Sybase 4.0, Motif, Xlib, Xt.

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