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Senior Data Analyst Resume

Washington, DC


  • This data analyst has a strong background in business intelligence, big data solutions, data warehousing, project management and intelligence analysis. He has worked at all stages of the data processing cycle in both the public and private sector. Possessing a strong analytical approach and sharp attention to detail, he has the ambition to lead and manage various projects.
  • As a Confidential veteran, he has worked with the United States military, the federal government and the private sector. Having worked on data solutions at home, across Europe and while deployed, he is accomplished in using data to find root causes and create solutions which result in gained efficiencies, cost control, improved quality, and problem resolution. Throughout his career, he has been recognized as an expert analyst, talented briefer and accomplished writer. He carries a broad background in various analytical roles, including being a project manager and lead data analyst under the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, and a data architect at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC.
  • This business intelligence professional seeks a new opportunity where he can put his analytical skills to work. He seeks to take advantage of his strengths in varied roles as an analyst, data modeler, data architect and project manager. He thrives in a work environment that is fast paced and demanding, whether working independently or with a team. While fully absorbed in challenging and engaging tasks, this professional remains composed under stressful or time - sensitive situations, and strives for excellence in all of his duties.
  • Multi-disciplined analyst & strong briefer
  • Big data solutions & data warehousing
  • Process modeling & data integration
  • Strong attention to detail & analytical approach
  • Executive level interaction & guidance
  • Business consulting & project management


Senior Data Analyst

Confidential, Washington DC

  • Provides timely business intelligence solutions to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) / Veterans Health Administration
  • Conducts ongoing assessments of the current state of VHA's supply chain data and supporting systems to ensure data quality
  • Uses a suite of online tools to perform data standardization and data cleansing across VA facilities Nationwide
  • Performs data retrieval and data validation of VA's purchasing systems via the National Item File (NIF) centralized database
  • Conducts data standardization and data cleansing efforts across a large array of datasets and VA site locations
  • Produces data assessment deliverables for supply chain transformation via Excel spreadsheets, Alteryx & Visio

Data Analyst

Confidential, Washington DC

  • Provided business intelligence and data modeling to the Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office (VACO) / Office of Enterprise Integration
  • Updated, constructed and refreshed the Department of Veterans Affairs Business Reference Model (BRM). Offered insight and analytical inputs for required enterprise data updates and necessary key improvements for modernization efforts
  • Created an updated entity relationship diagram (ERD) and flow charts to encompass entities across VA’s many subject areas. Efforts lead to promotion as a data modeler on a separate VA contract, working remote on new modernization efforts
  • Conducted data analytics and key business intelligence oversight for over VA 60 programs requiring modernization and improvement
  • Performed duties as lead data architect for VA’s business architecture modernization effort for the Access Subject Area

Data Analytics Consultant

Confidential, Herndon, VA

  • Provided timely business intelligence, statistical analysis, and business improvement services focused in the resale, retail, and IT services industries
  • Created and delivered Microsoft Excel based reports, Microsoft Access database solutions, management tools and financial models to small businesses and online customers
  • Created and delivered in-person and online presentations to customers in the resale, retail and IT services industries and to online customers for short-term projects
  • Analyzed and presented data relative to current business operations geographically and online
  • Delivered accurate and timely business intelligence to customers to capitalize on strong areas and pinpoint problem areas

Data Analyst

Confidential, VA

  • Project manager and lead data analyst for the United States Navy portfolio under the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE)
  • Presided over data management and integrity of the United States Navy forces inventory portfolio, a $135 billion budget
  • Analytical efforts contributed to roughly $10 billion in cuts to the DoD budget in FY 2013
  • Analyzed and tracked 400+ ships of the United States Navy from historical, present and future data covering FY 1945- FY 2050
  • Collated assets from over 3 million lines of data from Joint Capabilities Requirement Manager (JCRM) and deployment data to create integrated data sets to present a better picture for the customer
  • Created and released over fifty Microsoft Access and Excel products utilizing SQL queries, VBA script and additional analytical processes to be presented to the Joint Staff and US Navy service representatives
  • Created 100+ pivot tables, visual diagrams and products of interest for senior DoD leadership to detect and trace data trends
  • Trained 80 hours on the Joint Staff Data Resources Data Warehouse (DRDW) in order to present solutions on big data across the DoD budget in order to implement budget cuts
  • Briefed and presented data integration and solutions to senior government service representatives of the United States Navy and additional staff members in 2 workshops

Territory Sales Manager

Confidential, Niagara Falls, NY

  • B2B territory sales representative of the second largest ($800,000) territory in the district covering 15 accounts
  • Managed and lead a team of 6 territory service representatives by leveraging variable labor to maximize business operations
  • 15% volume growth across largest accounts within first 3 months of taking over new territory
  • #1 sales representative in the district in April 2013 and #4 in the zone
  • Grew base sales and floor space by 15% across entire tenure as sales representative through maximizing distribution, share of shelf, and selling incremental displays
  • Sold in, assembled and restocked over 30 creative displays placed at optimal locations within the stores to maximize sales
  • Wrote, entered and processed over 2,000 customer orders and ensured accounts were sufficiently merchandised by controlling product stock and managing merchandising employees
  • Analyzed sales data of 30+ products for 15 accounts via pivot tables/pivot charts on a consistent basis

Full Motion Video Analyst


  • Responsible for the exploitation of imagery and geospatial data from satellite and airborne systems in support of current military operations
  • Produced 250+ time-critical operational imagery products and provided real time assessments of the battle space for several DOD customers
  • Analyzed data and archived mission images to create additional products as necessary in support of mission related taskers
  • Conducted over 3,000 operational hours of analysis, research and product generation to provide detailed intelligence to the customer
  • Saw over 20 joint special operations missions to completion in support of the US Navy and US Marine Corps by providing geospatial intelligence and FMV analysis as required by the customer

All-Source Intelligence Analyst


  • Collected, analyzed and processed over 2 million unclassified DoD telecommunications through the electronics system security assessment (ESSA) program
  • Conducted over 8,000 hours of classified and unclassified research and intelligence analysis
  • Applied analytical processes and identified critical information potentially compromised by friendly forces and made recommendations to leadership to improve OPSEC posture
  • Developed and produced over 20 mission reports highlighting intelligence vulnerabilities
  • Provided over 40 pre-mission and post-mission briefings for commanders on intelligence vulnerabilities, both on base, across Europe and while deployed
  • Installed permanent telecommunications monitoring equipment at 3 fixed military bases across Europe
  • Deployed twice in support of US CENTCOM to Turkey and to Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE
  • Utilized all-source analysis to collect, process, report, identify, and evaluate weapons programs, threats, terrorist organizations and potential cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Delivered 8 classified briefings to staff and distinguished visitors on weapons systems of friendly forces and political, economic, geographic and military threats affecting operations within the European theater
  • Selected from 30+ peers to sit as Project Manager in charge of 12 programs of interest including the coordination and acquisition of new telecommunications monitoring equipment and computers

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