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Independent Consultant Resume

Houston, TX


  • 18+ years of experience from Finance to IT, working predominately with Oracle, Hyperion, SQL, Hyperion and all EPM related systems, including Essbase, Planning, Smart View, OBIEE and DRM technologies. This experience pool includes the position of General Ledger Accountant and special projects in the Finance department.
  • Successful architecture and actual hands - on experience building multiple Oracle EPM Suite environments of various versions (9.3 to, with the inclusion of multi-module middleware, such as HFM, EPMA, Essbase, Planning, Smart View, FDMEE and Financial Reporting. This includes the installation and configuration of, and development in DRM on a standalone and integrated server setup to manage metadata between all applications.
  • Daily maintenance of environment builds, including all patching, bug fixes, infrastructure administration and server/network environment issues. First-hand experience working with Oracle Support to get assistance with undocumented software issues.
  • Responsible for all Windows server environments, including the pre-setup before installation and the post monthly updates and future environment scope.
  • Responsible for the database repository creation setup and maintenance of actual SQL Server 2008 and Oracle databases. Create databases, run scripts, create indexes, and monitor performance and remove locks that may occur from application administration side.
  • Application development and administration experience with HFM, EPMA, Planning, Essbase, EAS, FDM, OBIEE, DRM, CalcManager, Smart View and Financial Reporting. I have a working knowledge in all these areas to help develop, administrate, test and support the finance team with all modules and applications to ensure goals, proper functioning and use.
  • Extensive experience with performance tuning of all software modules (application and infrastructure configuration files), including IIS, Weblogic and Windows server registry settings for greater performance, task response times and overall throughput.
  • Sox experience providing auditing policies and documentation for all Oracle EPM system and server changes. Built and maintained an actual DEV (multiple), QA, Disaster Recovery and PRODUCTION environment setup with policies created to properly promote new application work, patching, software version updates or other changes from DEV safely through QA to production.
  • Strong background in finance and accounting, providing a ‘user’ perspective in the development of reports and applications, with the ability to understand and interact amongst all business groups.
  • Experience in business and systems architecture with strong skills in data analysis, mapping and data mart modeling and the development of reporting applications using Brio/Hyperion (Interactive and Production Reporting, Dashboards, HFM, Financial Reporting, FDM, Essbase, Smart View, and OBIEE), SQR, SQL, PL/SQL, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with new cloud technologies, such as the Oracle PBCS (Planning cloud solutions) migrating applications and data, and working with Oracle support to assist with implementation and troubleshooting issues.
  • Commitment to the production of robust applications that can be easily maintained and updated.
  • Strong self-discipline in the assessment and completion of projects in a timely manner, with the ability to work independently, as a team player, and a team lead.
  • Management skills from Reporting and Technical Lead to Infrastructure Team Manager.


Independent Consultant


  • Responsible for the development and administration of DRM
  • Manage and complete Oracle EPM upgrade to - installation, configuration, migration of applications and support for Planning, Essbase, Financial Reporting, FDMEE and ODI. Planning piece migrated to PBCS.
  • Create robust documentation for the upgrade installation, configuration and migration of all the Hyperion artifacts.
  • Manage upgrade and development team, mentoring other associates.
  • Creation of training plans for user base.
  • Performance tune new system and all related migrated applications.
  • Provide on call production support.


Financial Systems Architect

  • Responsible for the development and administration of complex Hyperion Planning applications from requirements to delivery phase.
  • Development and maintenance of Hyperion Financial Reports.
  • Work directly with finance team to understand and automate processes, as well as to understand and complete the user acceptance testing phase.
  • Document all processes and the contract deliverables for review and publication.
  • Support applications and complete product enhancements for all production environment releases.
  • Create Oracle database and Unix automation scripts for data extracts and loads in Essbase.
  • Mentor junior developers in Hyperion modules.


Senior Software Engineer/Hyperion Tech Lead

  • Implementation, development and administration of multi module Oracle EPM system.
  • Develop and administer DRM applications on a separate on-premise server.
  • Tune environment and troubleshoot all application related issues.
  • Implementation, development and administration of Hyperion Financial Management, Planning, Essbase and HPCM applications.
  • Documentation and communication of best practices for services and server administration for this Oracle EPM environment.
  • Train business users on how to use and perform some administration functions in HFM, Planning, Essbase, Financial Reporting and Smart View.
  • Provide detailed ‘how to’ documentation guides on various applications and services.
  • Assist with metadata creation and movement of metadata and data from UAT to DEV via the applications extract and import methods, as well as copy functionality and the LCM tool.
  • Demo the Oracle cloud solutions, migrating the data from our current DEV environment to provide application for review by business.
  • Planning administration to include changes in the dimensions, calculation manager business rules and scripts, and refresh database and security to update the Essbase cubes.
  • Responsible for Hyperion Shared Services security, configure AD user security and groups and make changes to existing groups and roles.
  • Provide support for business users on application issues, such as logins, Planning forms, Smart View POVs, and security by troubleshooting issues and including Oracle Support for review.
  • Maintenance of the DRM application metadata structures and workflows after initial installation and build.
  • Patch Oracle EPM system applications and perform tuning tasks to enhance the Hyperion applications.


Hyperion Technical Lead

  • Development and administration of multiple Essbase and Planning applications.
  • Tune environment and troubleshoot all application related issues.
  • Review the entire system process flow with recommendations for changes to the current overall financial system, including SSIS packages and scripting.
  • Development and administration of Hyperion Planning applications, dimensions, planning forms, Calculation Manager Business Rules, Essbase Calc Scripts, Rules files, and outline dimension management.
  • Install and administer DRM, followed by development work importing metadata from Planning, HFM, Essbase, EBS and other legacy data sources. Worked with the blender feature and creation of workflows in DRM
  • Managed the SQL Server side database along with writing SQL scripts to gather various data points.
  • Work with SSIS packages, changing and developing steps and processes to achieve requested data flows.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Confidential Architect Administration

  • Installed and configured Hyperion and on multiple separate distributed and clustered environments for development work, QA/Testing, Disaster Recovery and final Production release.
  • Architect entire suite of environments with implemented change control and auditing procedures for better control and safety of environments, along with SOX auditing compliance.
  • Technical Lead for other members of our Oracle EPM team. Mentored, researched and provided answers and support for application administration group, along with support for user side individual systems.
  • Manage and administrate the Oracle EPM financial HFM, Essbase and Planning applications.
  • Use various tool such as LCM, various scripts and database copies to move data between HFM (actuals) and Planning (forecast) applications, Managed the promotion of all applications properly through existing environments.
  • Troubleshoot all errors related to the Oracle EPM Suite, both application and infrastructure side.
  • Patch and upgrade all individual applications and related software.
  • Create performance monitoring processes using various diagnostic tools to monitor systems on an application, user, server and network levels.
  • Created and developed HFM, Planning, Essbase and DRM applications with full documentation for further training of business users.
  • Extensive work with MyOracleSupport SRs for all technical related issues.
  • Responsible for working Remedy tickets sent in by users, mostly relating to Smart View, Financial Reporting, FDM, Planning Forms, DRM and all other related connectivity and performance issues.
  • Install and Configure Essbase Analytics Link for HFM, including user based training.
  • Install and Configure DRM and , latest patch version. Continued with development in DRM to manage metadata between all applications.
  • Administrate the SQL Server database, writing scripts, copying and setting up new database for financial applications.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO


  • New development of Interactive Reports with parallel modification and support of existing report structure. Due to multiple data sources and complexity of reporting data, a large portion of time was spent on creative and optimized multiple query and derivable query section work and use of query and results side computed items using Oracle functions and imbedded JavaScript logic.
  • Create and modify customized interactive dashboard sections using extensive JavaScript code and procedures.
  • Customize new OBIEE environment with creation of new OBIEE dashboards, reports, subject areas and front-end and back-end ETL work with the latter work done via Information ETL tool.
  • Create training modules documentation of all work completed.


Senior Business Systems Architect

  • Lead internal business teams and customers to scope out specific work and steps involved to go from business need and conception to actual working end product to be delivered.
  • Extensive research, mapping and technical documentation of all the specifics associated with each deliverable within a project.
  • Author official requirements documentation, technical specifications, test plans and recommended user testing and training documents. ‘
  • Conduct daily meetings with multiple teams involved in each project, along with initiate and manage all verbal and written communications between all internal and external teams.



  • New net install and configuration of Hyperion (all modules) on a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit OS with a SQL Server 2008 R2 repository and reporting database. Previously upgraded company from a 9.3.1 Shared Services and Reporting & Analysis Workspace only environment to a 9.3.3 better supported environment. 200+ Scheduled BQY reports migrated to vs 11 with focus on recreating reporting environment in OBIEE with more robust subject area reporting capabilities for user audience.
  • Technical documentation of all work and services.
  • Create training modules and conduct classroom/knowledge transfer sessions with multiple teams and key individuals as appropriated.
  • Troubleshoot infrastructure issues relating to associated servers, the Hyperion software and compatibility between and within all Hyperion components.
  • Daily administrative work with Shared Services and Workspace.
  • Maintenance of start and stop scripts, log files, patch applications, etc.
  • Regular development work in Hyperion IR, Essbase, Smart View, and FinancialReporting and Analysis.


  • Oracle EPM (Hyperion) 11.1.2x Distributed System Management, Architecture, Infrastructure, Installation, Administration and Support (includes ALL Hyperion products, such as Shared Services, HFM, Financial Reporting, Financial Data Management, Planning, SQR, OBIEE, DRM, FDMEE and Essbase).
  • JavaScript
  • Unix, Perl, Windows and Python Scripting
  • SQL Server Reporting Management Studio
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 Databases
  • Smart View and Planning Forms
  • Informatica PowerCenter ETL
  • DataStage

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