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Bi Developer/ Tableau Developer Resume



  • Over 6+ Years of IT experience which includes Design, Development, Integration, Implementation and Maintenance of Business Intelligence Platforms.
  • Proficient in Building compelling, interactive dashboards in Tableau that answer key business questions.
  • Worked extensively with Advance analysis like Actions, Calculations, Parameters, Background images, Maps, Trend Lines and Statistics.
  • Used Groups, hierarchies, Sets to create detail level summary report and Dashboard using Tableau’s Advanced Capabilities.
  • Designed and developed many complex reports based on the requirements using complex calculations like Row - level calculations, aggregate calculations, filter Actions, URL actions, filters, trend lines, forecast lines using Tableau 10.3 to 2018.1.
  • Performed LOD Calculations on the worksheet for micro granular reporting.
  • Working knowledge in gather external data to Tableau from different sources like Oracle JD Edwards, Salesforce.com, IBM Cognos, SQL Server & Excel, for data visualization.
  • Involved in upgrading Tableau platforms in clustered environment and performing content upgrades.
  • Connected different data sources to Tableau like Oracle JD Edwards, Salesforce.com, IBM Cognos, SQL Server & Excel for live connection on various Dashboards.
  • Extracted reports from various BI tools and connected as datasource.
  • Analyzed the database and provide detailed information on their operational and Forecast for future years.
  • Multiple levels of Hierarchies are implemented such as Sales, Product, Partner, Customers and Service Hierarchy etc.
  • Worked on pilot batch team for getting trained, testing and implementing Power BI.
  • Experience in designing, developing, and delivering business intelligence solutions using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Experience in Creating Tables, Views, Complex Stored Procedures, Triggers to facilitate efficient data manipulation, data integrity and other T-SQL (DDL, DML) statements for various applications.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to extract data from various heterogeneous data sources such as Access database, Excel spreadsheet and flat files into SQL Server for further Data Analysis and Reporting by using multiple transformations provided by SSIS.
  • Experience in Database Normalization, Designing, Creating Indexes, Developed Queries & T-SQL Scripts in MS SQL.
  • Expertise in creating complex SSRS reports against OLTP, OLAP databases.
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing rich user experience reports using Matrix, Tabular, Drill down/up, and Drill through features in using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).
  • Experience in optimizing the query by creating various Clustered, Non-clustered indexes.
  • Expertise in Report Caching and Subscriptions including Standard and Data-Driven Subscriptions.
  • Good Understanding of Technical trends, architectures and highly motivated to know more about the latest technology update.
  • Team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Worked with various cross functional teams and ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently.


BI Reporting Tools: Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Excel.

MSBI Tools: SQL Server Reporting-SSRS, Integration- SSIS Services.

SQL Tools: SQL Server Data Tools and Business Intelligence Development Studio.

Databases: Desktop, Server, Prep, Public

Tableau: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Linux.

Language: SQL, T-SQL

Other Tools: Microsoft office suite, Photoshop CS5.


Confidential - IL

BI Developer/ Tableau Developer

Environment: MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle JD Edwards, Salesforce.com, IBM Cognos

  • Analyzing huge data from multiple sources such as SFDC, Oracle, and Cognos to formulate and develop insights to day to day basis.
  • Generating insights by analyzing actual department performance versus targeted department performance.
  • Preparing dashboard and analyzes trends to aid in targeting and the development of new business opportunities.
  • Responsible for the design and development of key indicators ( KPI) and the appropriate tracking reports to assist in the management campaigns.
  • Gathering data, analyzes trends, proactively identifies variances to forecast and automating existing dashboards.
  • Working with cross functional teams for various.
  • Ensuring that manually updated dashboards are published on daily, weekly and monthly basis for use by the sales and marketing organization.
  • Identifying and develops system and/or applications in conjunction with IT to aid in the reporting and processing of data.
  • Creation of metrics, attributes, filters, reports, and dashboards created advanced chart types, visualizations and complex calculations to manipulate the data.
  • Organized dashboards in Tableau to analyze the revenue, expense over various attributes of employee, project, time and location dimension.
  • Extensively involved in doing user acceptance testing.
  • Strong Excel skills, including pivots, Vlookup, conditional formatting, large record sets. Including data manipulation and cleaning.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 2018.1, 2018.3, Tableau Prep 2018.1, 2018.3, Salesforce, IBM Cognos, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Excel.

Confidential - NC

BI Developer/ Tableau Developer

  • Partnered with Business stakeholders and executives with the goal of providing them with the ability to make decisions and gain insights through data visualization reports and operational reports.
  • Created Rich dashboards using Tableau Dashboard and prepared user stories to create compelling dashboards to deliver actionable insights.
  • Interact with Business Users, Business Analyst and source system owners to gather the Requirements and Business logics.
  • Creation of metrics, attributes, filters, reports, and dashboards created advanced chart types, visualizations and complex calculations to manipulate the data.
  • Organized dashboards in Tableau to analyze the revenue, expense over various attributes of employee, project, time and location dimension.
  • Extensively involved in doing user acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Strong Excel skills, including pivots, Vlookup, conditional formatting, large record sets. Including data manipulation and cleaning.
  • Developed Excel Power View, Power Query and PowerPivot dashboards for data analysis
  • Developed confidential proprietary analytical tools and reports with Confidential Excel, and Power Pivot and Power Point.
  • Used Microsoft Power BI Power Query to extract data from external sources and modify data to certain format as required in Excel, and created SSIS packages to load excel sheets from PC to database.
  • Used Power BI Power Pivot to develop data analysis prototype, and used Power View and Power Map to visualize reports.
  • Creating Complex queries and sub-queries in SQL Server 2012.
  • Gathered reports requirement; collaborated with the business users using wireframe mockups.
  • Designing, developing, and delivering business intelligence solutions using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Good understanding of SSRS with Report authoring, created daily, weekly and monthly reports as per requirement using SSRS.
  • Created an SSIS Packages for loading mappings into Tables
  • Deploy SSIS Package into Production and used Package configuration to export various package properties to make package environment independent.
  • Experience in Ad-hoc reports, data driven subscription reports by using Report Builder.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 10.0,9.3, Tableau Server 10.2, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, MS Access, SQL Server 2012.

Confidential - GA

BI Developer

  • Created and assisted users in Tableau dashboard development.
  • Designed Visual Reports and interactive Dashboards in Tableau.
  • Created Data Connections, published on Tableau Server for usage with Operational/Monitoring Dashboards
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau.
  • Installed patches on server and documented upgrade plan form Tableau 9.2 to Tableau 9.3.
  • Resolved various performance issues and analyzed the best process distribution for different projects.
  • Administered and provided production support for Enterprise wide Tableau application consisting of multiple key functional business domains.
  • Extensively used analytical features in Tableau like Statistical functions and calculations, trend lines, forecasting etc. in many tableau reports.
  • Publish the developed dashboard, reports on the Tableau Server so that the end users having access to the server can view the data.
  • Developed business process and technical design documentation for each reporting service developed in this project.
  • Designed and developed reports such as Drill down, Drill through using Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Developed Reports in SSRS to send the reports directly to the respective E-mails using Subscriptions.
  • Created SSIS packages to extract data.
  • Created various complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, CLR Procedures, Views, Cursors and User Defined Functions to implement the business logic.
  • Used Stored Procedures to pull the data from the Production server and scheduled jobs to run the Stored Procedures.
  • Optimized queries by looking at Execution Plan for better tuning of the database.
  • Developed internal and external performance management dashboards enabling business intelligence reporting for application portfolio.

Environment: Tableau Desktop 9.2, Tableau Desktop 9.3, Tableau Server, Teradata, SQL Server 2012, MSBI Suite (SSIS, SSRS) MS Office, Visual Studio 2010.


Business Data Analyst

  • Collected business requirements from different sources and wrote the technical specifications for building the Data model.
  • Strong leadership, problem-solving and multi-tasking abilities.
  • Developed workbooks and dashboards using Tableau 8.3 Visualizations like Heat maps, Pie Charts, Dual Axis workbooks and Charts, Bar Graphs, Scatter Plots, Trending and Forecast dashboards, Waterfall Charts, Geographic maps using local and global filters.
  • Involved in creating calculated fields, mapping and hierarchies.
  • Worked creating Aggregations, calculated fields, mapping, hierarchies, Table calculations, Totals, percentages using Key Performance Measures ( KPI) and Measure.
  • Involved in extraction, transformation and loading of data directly from different source systems like flat files, Excel, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Reviewed basic SQL queries and edited inner, left, and right joins in Tableau Desktop by connecting live/dynamic and static datasets
  • Tested dashboards to ensure data was matching as per the business requirements and if there were any changes in underlying data.
  • Executed and tested required queries and data before publishing Dashboard
  • Effectively used data blending feature in tableau.
  • Define best practices for Tableau report development.
  • Execute and tested required queries and reports before publishing
  • Designed the ETL process to load data to the server through SSIS with a variety of data sources including Flat files, Access, Excel.
  • Involved in the creation of scheduled jobs for Extracting, transforming and loading operations and database maintenance tasks like de-fragmentation, re-indexing, and recompiling.
  • Developed and deployed packages for ETL from OLTP and various sources to staging and staging to Data warehouse using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term, Slowly Changing Dimension and more. Performed ETL mappings using MS SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Created Queries in Oracle SQL, Stored Procedures, and Views to store the data of clients, advisors.
  • Created User Defined Functions, Triggers to store data into appropriate tables as and when data arrives and created indexes to the tables that have least updating to improve the query performance.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries using joins, sub queries and correlated sub queries to retrieve data from the database.
  • Documented all processes and activities for future development.

Environment: Tableau Server 8.1/8.2, Tableau Desktop 8.1/8.2, Windows Server Standard R2, Excel, MSBI(SSAS, SSRS, SSIS), MS SQL Server 2008R2.


Business Data Analyst

  • Maintaining server activities, user activity, and customized views on Server Analysis.
  • Manage the application's users, groups, and integration with Active Directory.
  • Good SQL reporting skills with the ability to create SQL views and write SQL queries.
  • Designed, Coded, Tested, Implemented the Stored Procedures to support the System.
  • Fixed bugs in the existing in-house developed Software, which is used to upload the reports for the end users to view the reports.
  • Designed, coded and tested several T-SQL Queries to Support the System.
  • Fixed bugs in the software that was used to support the healthcare system.
  • Designed the reports using Crystal reports And SSRS to create reports for the end users.
  • Created ad-hoc reports, drill down, and drill through reports using Crystal Reports and SSRS.
  • Used the SQL profiler to trace the data and thus troubleshoot effectively.
  • Interacted with the End users on a regular basis for resolving issues pertaining to the reports.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, MS Visio, NET Framework, PowerBuilder, Crystal reports, SSRS


SQL Developer

  • Help write and optimize in-application SQL statements.
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases.
  • Prepare documentations and specifications.
  • Handle common database procedures such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Profile server resource usage, and optimize and tweak as necessary.
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.
  • Involve in Planning, Defining and Designing data based on business requirements and provide documentation
  • Involved in updating functional requirement document after development and created documentation for deployment team.
  • Design and develop OLAP cubes for Multi-dimensional data.
  • Created Packages for loading mappings into Tables.

Environment: SQL Server 2008R2 Enterprise Edition, SQL, T-SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, & Windows 2003 server.

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