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It Business Systems Analyst Resume

Wilmington, DelawarE


  • Qualified IT Business Systems Analyst professional with 8+ years of experience.
  • Worked in multiple projects with Business Users, Key Business Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Project Managers, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, Testers, Developers, Architects and Deployment Analysts.
  • Experienced throughout the phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in areas such as Finance, Investment Banking, Banking, Compliances, Risk & Regulation, Trading and Asset Management opportunities.
  • Prior knowledge in financial and investment banking concepts: Financial Securities (Bonds, Stock, and Other Financial Instruments), Trade Lifecycle (Front Office, Middle Office & Back Office Activities), Brokerage & Dealer Services, Underwriting, SIP (Systematic Investment Plans), Risk Management, Capital Market (ECM & DCM) And Asset Management (Sales & Asset Data), RIA, IAR, IRA, ETFs, Derivatives (Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps), & Mutual funds.
  • Experience in Asset management CRM to create Rep, Office, Firm, Master firm, Partnership, Team, etc and manage Sales data, Trades, Asset, Redemption, and state Activities, Trip Planning and Business Analytics with investors.
  • Exposure to regulations & compliance such as FINRA, Dodd - Frank, ERISA, IRS, FATCA, FTT, EMIR, SEC, GAAP, FINMA, FFMSR, SFFAS, IPAC, CCR, CRD, Investment Advisers Act, Investment Company Act, Securities Exchange Act, Securities Investor Protection Act, SEC rule 22c-2 Compliance, FRS, FDIC, NCUA, BSA regulation & KYC rules.
  • Proficient in planning, designing, capturing, consolidating and maintaining key metrics with Agile and Scrum Protocols.
  • Worked and exposed to enormously various Agile-lean and traditional software development environments including Agile-scrum, Custom-Agile/Water+Scrum+Fall (Waterfall-Scrum hybrid), SAFe 4.0 and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Detailed knowledge in SDLC: Scrumban (Scum+Kanban), Kanban, XP (Extreme Programming) and Spiral techniques.
  • Conducted detailed project analyses such as Business Processes (analysis of AS-IS & TO-BE), GAP analysis, risk review & assessment, Impact assessment, Cause and effect analysis (root cause analysis), Effort estimation, mitigation plan, maintenance of risk register, Cost-Benefit analysis, SWOT analysis & Feasibility study.
  • Knowledge of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases, including concept proposal, discovery and analysis, planning, requirement gathering, design, development, integration, testing, deployment, support and maintenance.
  • Used Ms Project & Ms Excel in Project Management, Scheduling, Allocation of Resources, Gantt-Chart View Creation, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), Critical Path Analysis, Budgeting, and End-To -End task & Milestone Tracking.
  • Strong project management skills in Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Budgeting with experience in requirement elicitation such as Brainstorming, JAD sessions, Job shadowing, Survey/Questionnaire, One-To-One Interviews, Prototyping, Requirements Workshop, Document Analysis/Interface analysis and Focused Group Sessions.
  • Efficient in handling change requests and assessing change requests through impact assessment on triple constraints.
  • Created User stories (by SMART & INVEST techniques) and acceptance criteria (list method or Given-When-Then method) for an iterative and developmental model of application with the help of Scrum Master & Product Owners.
  • Took part in breaking down, sizing of stories, prioritizing, tasking and distributing the requirements within SCRUM
  • Participated for Sprint Planning (WHAT & HOW meeting), Daily Stand Up, Sprint Execution, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective Meetings, and followed disciplined SCRUM framework, guidelines and rules for successful releases.
  • Prioritized User stories using MoSCoW, KANO model, 100 Point method & Ranking method and Walking Skeleton.
  • Created, maintained and described the Scrum Product Backlog items, and prioritized them to achieve goals and mission.
  • Proficiency in documenting artifacts such as Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Document (FRD), Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Data Specification Artifact & Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Documented in sprint execution: user roles, workflow descriptions, user interface, storyboards, and prototypes.
  • Created Use Case specification document comprising actions, pre-conditions, post-conditions, triggers, actual/happy, alternate/unhappy paths, assumptions, constraints and business rules for different positive & negative scenarios.
  • Proficient in developing Behavior UML (Unified Modelling Language) Diagrams (Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams), and Use case diagrams using Mockup Screen, Draw.io, Lucid charts and Ms Visio.
  • Designed UI/UX by Mockup and Wireframe diagrams for requirements to show the visual modelling of business processes and getting an understanding of Application Under Development (AUD) through prototyping methods.
  • Assisted programmers towards deciding the development techniques TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and ACTDD (Acceptance Criteria Test Driven Development) based on the certain business needs.
  • Created Conceptual, Logical and Physical data models and experienced in ER diagrams (Entity-Relationship diagrams).
  • Proficient in artifacts creation of Data Dictionary, Data Glossary and Data Mapping Specification document.
  • Experience in SQL queries for Data Analysis, retrieval, validation, modification, creation of Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL) & Data Control Language (DCL), Views, Stored Procedure and Functions.
  • Sound knowledge of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Object-oriented programming, Business Process Re-Engineering, & Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, Tableau, SSRS & QlikView for reporting needs.
  • Experienced in creation of Data Warehousing, Data marts, OLAP operations (Slicing & Dicing), and OLTP.
  • In-depth knowledge in implementation of dimensional data modeling (Star & Snowflake schema), Dimensions, Facts data modelling & OLAP (MOLAP & ROLAP), Data aggregation, Data mapping, Data integration & Application migration.
  • Managed Data integration projects, enhancements and data migration initiatives between SalesForce Confidential and in-house Asset management CRM application for data integrity & client data platform (MDM)
  • Performed ETL process for transformation of data sources into one integrated system (Transformation performed include Sorter, Filter, Source Analyzer, Aggregator, Joiner, Lookup, Stored Procedures, Expression and Router).
  • Performed ETL testing, data validation, data partitioning, data quality checks, data transformation testing, data cleansing, data profiling and other data cleaning activities, and strong knowledge on Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) process with Informatica PowerCenter tool (Source Analyzer, Target Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet designer, Mapping Designer, Repository Manager & Workflow Manager), passing data through transformations.
  • Performed OLAP operations such as slicing, dicing, roll-up, drill down, pivoting (transpose) and summarization.
  • Coordinated with UX designers and developers to create web application using web services between the front and back-end systems that define the UI functionalities using HTML5/CSS3/JQuery and used HTTP/FTP as transfer protocol to display the data, SOAP/REST API & XML to store and carry the data between webservers and application servers.
  • Understanding of HTTP request to the web service, to specify REST API CRUD operations having HTTP verbs-GET, POST, DELETE and PUT -on application layer that utilized POSTMAN as the powerful HTTP client to test web services.
  • Facilitated end-to-end Web Service testing on SOAP & REST API through Swagger Tools & POSTMAN.
  • Involved in technical API documentation using POSTMAN & API testing using SoapUI for SOA & REST.
  • Experience in SalesForce administrator application and administrative tasks such as creating a profile, role, user, page layout, approval, workflow, process, reports and dashboard, validation rules, and custom configuration.
  • Experienced in Black Box, Manual, Unit, System, Performance, Load, Stress, Regression, Automated, Functional, Non-Functional, UAT, Smoke and Sanity Testing of applications with knowledge on STLC (Software Testing Lifecycle) by creating Test plan, Test Scripts, Test cases, Test Scenarios, Test reports and Requirements Traceability Matrices.
  • Dealt with stakeholders, change, conflict, vendor & risk management and problem-solving techniques.
  • Documented Standard Operating Procedures, Training Manual, Checklists (Ask questions), Quality Assurance Plan.
  • Experienced in bug tracking and following up for successful maintenance & delivery of service tickets using JIRA
  • Engaged actively in creating reports such as feature progress reports, performance reports and ad-hoc reports.


Categories: List of Technology/Tools used

SDLC Methods: Waterfall, Scrum, SAFe, Custom-Agile (Water-Scrum-Fall) Waterfall & Scrum hybrid

Project Management & Business tools: Ms Project (v 2010,2013,2016), Ms Office v 2010,2013, 2016 Office 365 (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Excel (VBA- Macro), Ms Sharepoint, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, Ms OneNote, Ms Publisher, Ms Visio), Atlassian JIRA (v 6.3,7.0), HP ALM (v 11.5), Confluence v 6.15, Rally (CA Technologies)

Testing: Selenium Web Driver (v 3.14.0), UFT/QTP (v 14.02), HP LoadRunner 12.60, Cucumber v 3.1.0

Statistical tools: IBM SPSS (v 25.0), Minitab (v 18.0), Ms Excel (2013, 2016, Office 365).

Web services: SOAP API, REST API, XML, JSON, Swagger Tools, SoapUI, POSTMAN, IBM Websphere

Database Tools: Microsoft SQL SMS (Server Management Studio), MySQL, Oracle DB.

Reporting Tools: Qlikview v 11.20, Power BI, Tableau, SSAS & SSRS

Languages/IDE: Java (Testing Environment), Java EE, Eclipse IDE (v 4.8, 4.9, 4.10)

Technologies (CRM/ERP/ETL): Informatica Cloud, Informatica PowerCenter, SalesForce Administrator, SalesForce Confidential, Ms Dynamics CRM, SAP Business Client one.

UI Development: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery v 3.3.1, Ms Visio, Lucid Charts, Draw.io, Mockup Screen, Balsamiq mockups



IT Business Systems Analyst


  • Worked in Agile- Scrum Framework environment facilitating documentation, validation, requirement elaboration and elicitation, stakeholder analysis and other business processes (AS-IS vs TO-BE) related optimization activities.
  • Major features implemented include: Activity search, Activity addition, Activity detail, Activity sharing with Calendar, Territory & Zone definition and adding MFORTP data, Persona creation & security level management and creation of automatic notification system about call lists & activities, history of tracking call lists, campaign management, etc.
  • Acted as a liaison between business stakeholders, remote clients, Asset managers and Technology Teams.
  • Conducted Gap analysis and Cost benefit analysis to determine the effects & performance of new features.
  • Conducted JAD session, Questionnaire, one-on-one interviews to collect requirements with Product Owner about security levels, inclusion of internal respective features for activity creation, deletion, expense management and Persona creation (Internal & External Wholesaler, Sales management & reporting, Marketing, National Accounts, Admin & Master roles).
  • Estimated requirements and created BRD and Product backlog items (SMART & INVEST techniques to break down user stories), supported in creation of User stories & Acceptance Criteria along with Product owner for Sprint releases, prioritized PBI and involved in Sprint Planning, Daily Stand Ups, Execution, Reviews and Retrospective meetings.
  • Assisted Scrum team in creating Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as an early adopter in the CRM application.
  • Coordinated in creation of ER Diagrams defining entities, attributes, relationships, normalization and business rules.
  • Performed SQL Queries to extract data from different sources, verify, validate & modify using various commands.
  • Constructed UML diagrams using Mockup Screen & Ms Visio for business process flow of sales, redemption and asset data with respect to MFORTP (Master Firm, Firm, Office, Rep, Team & Partnership) of Asset management CRM.
  • Designed sized solutions to solve & arrive at consensus for solutions. (Views of Funds by groups, portfolio, wholesalers).
  • Verified and validated Firms based on CRD registration with FINRA during data profiling, data cleaning, data assessing and data quality check, and implemented SEC Rule 22c-2 Compliance for avoidance of improper trading in the system.
  • Created Custom-Dashboards for persona for reports of sales & Redemption data involved in YTD, MTD, LY & Current Assets.
  • Provisioned an environment for successful Enterprise integration of data sources such as CRM data from Dial-a-note, advisory atlas, and SalesForce Data into a target model through ELT process (Filter, Sorter, Aggregator and Rank).
  • Documented data specification mapping document and mapped data sources to model a unified view of single data of sales, redemption and asset information of Financial Instruments (Mutual Fund, ETFs) for Business Intelligence purposes.
  • Performed Data mapping for version upgrades across many clients from source to target system after analysis.
  • Assisted front-end developers involved in development of UI through HTML, CSS, Jquery & JavaScript.
  • Used Web methods of GET, POST, DELETE & PUT for testing API endpoints and validated the response, response time & error code by executing HTTP requests using SoapUI, to ensure that API aligns with expectations.
  • Collaborated with the QA/testing team/Scrum team in preparing test data for positive and negative test scenarios as per application specifications; writing test plans and performing functional, smoke and end-to-end testing.
  • Facilitated meetings and conducted Regression Tests, UAT testing across Asset management support functions including business users & Portfolio Managers as admin role, wholesalers, sales and marketing & institutional clients.
  • Ensured Definition of Done has been met along with other criteria for each User story of the Sprints.

Environment: Custom JIRA, Confluence, HTML, CSS, Java (Testing environment), Selenium WebDriver, Ms Word, Ms Visio, Ms Excel, SOAP & REST API, XML, JSON, SoapUI, Balsamiq mockups, Apache Axis 2 Tomcat (app server), Eclipse IDE, JavaScript, Java EE, Microsoft SQL Server, Jenkins (Continuous Integration), SalesForce Admin, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Discovery Data, Advisor Atlas, Concur and Informatica Cloud (Extract Load & Transform process), Slack (Communicator), SnagIT (snapshot tool).

Confidential, Wilmington, Delaware

IT Business Systems Analyst


  • Worked in Scrum Framework to achieve the project deadlines and post live support using Agile.
  • Worked on all phases of the system development, procedures for requesting, implementing & supporting the process.
  • Conducted face-to-face workshops & collaborative meetings with customers, stakeholders & development team to gather the list of high-level requirements for retirement accounts and calculation of score to deduce the benefits.
  • Interviewed Subject Matter Experts and Business/Technical Leads to gather high-level Business Requirements.
  • Performed ad- hoc analysis, Cause & Effect analysis, Risk consideration & GAP analysis and performance results.
  • Worked with Retirement solutions team to understand the requirements and needs of potential customers so that User stories & A/c Criteria were created further for better converting the requirements in to respective features.
  • Created AS-IS and TO-BE processes and integrated them to show one end-to-end business model and process mapping.
  • Worked closely with Senior Product Manager to manage ranked product backlog to increase early adoption of product (Comparison of actual vs planned velocity), assess & prioritize business needs and feature enhancements (BDD technique)
  • Responsible for creating UML Modeling Plans, Use Cases, activity diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Created wireframes & mockup screens using Ms Visio to facilitate discussion before designing the UI/UX application.
  • Analyzed the system using Data Flow Diagrams, Functional Hierarchy Diagram & Process Development Diagram.
  • Managed and monitored requirements by developing Requirement Traceability Matrix against the test cases.
  • Executed SQL Queries to perform back-end testing to check the server side and data validation for the client end.
  • Analyzed the compliance documents and pre-existing conditions such as 401(k), 403(b), 401(a) and 457(b) accounts to facilitate the regulatory compliance within the data specification.
  • Measured VaR risk factors for IRA opening using historical method, Variance-covariance and Monte-Carlo Simulation.
  • Complied the end-to-end solution matrix for different age groups of investors according to the Publications 590-A & 590-B from IRS determining the RMD, IRA interest, Tax advantages, early savings and Control limits.
  • Used SOAP API web services to communicate with data sources that include customer information of other modules.
  • Facilitated discussion between Business Team and QA team to determine the test requirements, test plan, test cases development (around 55 test cases for 20 scenarios combined); conducted functional and non-functional testing.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (both Alpha & Beta) along with trade managers and registered representatives.
  • Used Atlassian JIRA to maintain and track the requested enhancements and changes.
  • Acted as proxy scrum master, facilitating all sprint events and sprint reports (Burndown charts, information radiators)
  • Created and maintained dashboards for reporting the behavior of consumers using the application system to determine the retirement planning using QlikView for business analytics (factors chosen: age, gender, date, type of account, occupation, marital status, region, annual income, credit score worthiness, occupation and spending power).

Environment: JIRA 7.0, HTML, CSS, Ms Word, Ms Visio, UFT- Unified Functional Testing (v 14.01, 14.02) Ms Excel, RESTful API (Swagger tools), XML, Oracle DB, IBM Websphere (app server), Cucumber v 3.1.0, JavaScript, Java EE and QlikView v 11.20.

Confidential, San Antanio, TX

Agile Business Analyst


  • Worked in SAFe environment within a Scrum Team as the team level execution strategy of the project employing Scrum Framework at the team level, Kanban Visualization through Kanban Board and Extreme Programming (XP) Practices.
  • Deeper knowledge in execution activities and business processes at Front office (Order management, investor interaction, order capture, enrichment & portfolio management), Middle office (risk management, trade processing) & Back office activities (clearing & settlement procedures, legal measures and following compliance metrics).
  • Employed research & analytical systems finding gaps within existing tools for development of profitable business models.
  • Initiated system development plans by building working groups to access business need of future system implementations otherwise recommending alternative applications where necessary and coordinated with the team in picking features for next Program Increment at PI Planning meeting to identify risks with team’s dependencies.
  • Assisted Project Manager in estimating the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals.
  • Wrote functional specification document for collection of requirements for brokerage accounts, analysis of securities (Stock, bond, Annuities and Funds) and regulatory compliances (In-compliance to regulations posted by FDIC & SIPC)
  • Responsible for the development of user (account holder) documentation, training material, and job aids to support initial implementation of Charles River IMS (automated processing system for front & middle office).
  • Involved in the creation and maintenance of the workflow plans and worked with portfolio managers to resolve issues encountered with the Order Management module, & handled requirements churn with Product Owner & w/o deviation.
  • Identified and managed project risk by creating an open forum where both developers and business users could participate equally in the continuous improvement of fixed income trading and portfolio management technology.
  • Conducted comprehensive review of client portfolios, and meeting with clients for investment & wealth management. document (includes Customer info, order ticker symbol, Product purchase order, order transaction, order type, order size, order transmission type); involved in Business Process Modeling and redesigning Entity Relationship diagrams.
  • Integrated data sources of Charles River Trading and Compliance System with Bloomberg, oneTIS trading system, GlobalMAX accounting System, GlobalPLUS system for Charles River applications.
  • Performance and load testing using HP LoadRunner tool to test the enormous load parameters within the application.
  • Developed post-implementation reviews through coordination with QA teams and stress testing for risk management.
  • Created team specific Agile process flow in Rally (CA technologies) to move tasks from one activity to another.
  • Provided technical guidance to developers on areas and opportunities to improve SQL code.
  • Involved in UAT Test Plan, Test Cases and Test Strategy creation based on the functional and non-functional requirements to maintain Requirement Traceability Matrix, and performed Smoke, Functional and Regression Testing

Environment: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), Microsoft Project, REST, JSON Draw.io, Rally (CA technologies), RTM, Charles River IMS V9.0, Bloomberg API, Onetime Data Population, Realtime API, Java, EJB 2.0, Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, JDBC, Struts Framework, HP LoadRunner, JavaScript, Perl, MySQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Progress, Weblogic 7.0.


Business System Analyst Associate


  • Worked on traditional SDLC model for the application development both for android and iPhone Operating systems.
  • Collaborated with Senior BA to gather requirements by JAD (Joint Application development), Focus groups & Interviews.
  • Performed GAP Analysis to check the compatibility of the existing system infrastructure with new Business Requirements and documenting the differences in current AS-IS and future TO-BE system functionalities with business rules.
  • Analyzed tuning rules on initial threshold values by reviewing existing alert quality and relevant data analysis of cash management, compliance division and anti-money laundering requirements (BRD, FRD, SRS, DSR).
  • Assisted in transaction monitoring scenario design, identifying initial threshold values based on customer segment and the risk level exhibited by the customers and maintained the list of high-risk customers base within Actimize.
  • Developed Data Models in collaboration with Data Architect and Data Modelers and wrote SQL queries to validate.
  • Worked on UI creation by using UML diagrams along with UI and app developers (component selection and creation of Radio buttons, Data-entry fields, check boxes and Drop-down lists to retrieve data for client-side
  • Explicit requirements collection regarding functionalities including check balances and transaction history, Search for transactions within the app, Transfer funds, view your balances using Quick Balance (W/o log in), Deposit checks electronic way, pay bills, finding local centers & ATMs (integration with Google maps).
  • Knowledge in core banking functionalities: Money deposits, withdrawals, account management, transaction management, KYC profile creation, import of new schemas for loan & disbursal management.
  • Involved in system testing, app testing on Tablet & Phones, functional testing, ad-hoc testing, risk-based testing, security testing, load testing and designed Test Plans/Test Scripts and conducted UAT testing.
  • Analyzed the customer base and its transactional activity to segment them & enable threshold-setting of scenarios.
  • Utilized JIRA to track tasks, defects and tickets for maintenance and deployment of system being developed.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server, mockup screen, JIRA 6.4, Java J2EE, XML, HTML5, Three-tier, Andriod Studio and Xcode


Business Analyst


  • Worked in Water-Scrum-Fall (Custom-Agile practice) to implement the technologies under specification and took rough feature requests from operational managers & real-time project stakeholders to turn them into detailed BRD.
  • Actively enhanced monthly re-forecasting process (& sub-schedules), budget preparation, accruals, general ledger coding, SG&A analysis, and weekly Finance updates, business reporting & tools preparations (Accounting software, agile billing, expense tracking, payroll management, cash-flow analysis, financial dashboard & budgeting tools.
  • Involved in Conceptual, Logical & Physical data model, database schema design, metadata documentation, user documentation & modification of triggers, scripts, stored procedures in database servers; determined the specifics of a feature’s design & functionality to final planned state; detailed documentation of RFP and divided the SLA requirements.
  • Conducted architecture, technical design, and product implementation discussions for feature installations.
  • Developed a spectrum documentation namely Quality Practices, Business rules, Code changes, Bug Reports, User Manuals, Test Performance reports, Metrics & change requests.; prepared and participated in validation test cycles to ensure the system implementation has met business requirements.

Environment: Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, Ms Project, Qlikview v 11.20, Microsoft SQL Server, Informatica Powercenter, Selenium WebDriver, Java J2EE, XML, HTML, SOA, SOAP API, Oracle WebLogic server.


Graduate Engineer Trainee


  • Worked in MPCS (Material Planning Control Systems), Contract Management, Risk review meetings, Management Information System & Scope planning and maximization of return on investments; Implemented knowledge of QA principles, FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), Critical Path analysis, CAPA (Corrective & Preventive Action)
  • Looked through financial planning along with the supervisor and engaged in material, men and resource planning for early completion of projects, analyzed, created and presented tradeoff parameters.
  • Prepared and maintained documentation on business analysis (that include Requirements plan, Scope Document, departmental specification document), project tenders, quality management system, standard operating procedures, Engineering-work methods manual, checklists & quality assurance plan; Led internal project team auditing, client meeting, quality bid submissions, vendor meetings, resource lead for various items concerned with Information technology, smart city and surveillance projects.

Environment: Ms Sharepoint, Ms Dynamics CRM, Ms Word, Ms Excel (VBA-Macro), IBM SPSS, Ms Project, and Power BI


Junior Support Engineer


  • Supported the network and systems engineer with activities, solutions and other responses to request for service.
  • Performed basic testing, firewall configurations, resolving network issues and configuring operating systems.
  • Used remote desktop connections to provide configuration and administrative support.
  • Used email and chat applications to give clients quick answers to simple IT issues.
  • Responded to user requests for service, troubleshooted problems and helped develop solutions.
  • Supported PC hardware components, desktop operating system software, and application software.
  • Performed minor repairs to equipment and arrange for other servicing needs; identified and reported system issues to vendors; monitored and tested resolution of those issues sent to vendors.

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