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Sap Mm/im/wm/p2p Functional Analyst Resume

Mcdonough, GA


  • Total 11+ years of IT Experience along with 8 years of Business professional experience in SAP procurement and Logistics with expertise in MM, WM, IM and LE with cross functional experience in P2P and QM.
  • Experienced in 3 full life - cycle implementation phases of a project (ASAP Methodology) - blueprinting, realization, testing ( Unit testing, User acceptance testing, Assembly testing and integration testing ), final preparation, training, documentation, data uploading, go live and post go live (production) support, also successfully performed production support and system upgrade projects.
  • Business blue printings - Requirement definitions, system/process mapping & solution design.
  • Conducted Business discussions with core team for requirement gathering and business process workshops for Blueprint design.
  • Developed functional specs for RICEFW objects (Reports, interfaces, conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflows) BAPI’s and BADI’s.
  • Hands-on experience for configuration in SAP MM/P2P/IM/QM.
  • Setup Organization Structure such as Storage Locations, Purchasing Organizations, Purchasing Groups, Plants, Warehouse, Storage Types, Storage Section, Storage Bins.
  • Configured Materials Master including Material Types, definition of Views and Fields, required Number Ranges for Material types
  • Configuration of Vendor Master including creation of Account Groups defining Fields and usage of Partner functions.
  • Worked on Implementation of Putaway Strategies for Search Fixed Bin (F), Open Storage (C), and Addition to Existing Stock (I), etc., with ABAP team to customize specific strategies using MWTMTO0003.
  • Expertise in configuration and maintenance of Master Data in Material Master, Vendor Master, Info Records, BOM, Account Determination, Source List and Vendor Evaluation.
  • Expert in integration between SAP MM and SAP FI, including Account Determination, AR, AP, Defining Valuation Class, Material Pricing Procedures, and Price Controls for Standard (S) and Moving (V) Average Prices.
  • Defined Release Procedures for purchasing documents like Purchase Order and Requisitions.
  • Expertise in designing scenarios like outline agreements, RFQ, source list, info records, quota arrangement, Scheduling agreement, Reservation, Vendor consignment, subcontracting and vendor evaluation
  • Conducted Purchase Requisition Release Procedures using workflow to Refuse Individual Release of PR (WS6540027), Refuse Overall release of PR (WS65400029), and to Refuse Release of PO (WS6540030).
  • Worked on whole Procure to Pay (P2P) life cycle like Purchase Requirement, Request for Quotation (RFQ), Purchase Order (PO), Source determination, Vendor selection, Goods Receipt and Invoicing. Also designed Unit testing for Procure to pay cycle.
  • Adopted stock transfer techniques to assist in Plant to Plant stock transfers and Cross-Company stock transfers using Stock Transport Order
  • Active participation during the UAT and Go-Live phase, solving the issues reported by the clients team
  • Configuration of MRP, Reorder Point based planning & Consumption based planning Configured various Pricing Calculation Schemas for and defined condition tables, access sequences and condition types
  • Configuration of WM and IM movement types and linking IM movements types with WM movement types via reference movement types
  • Configuration and implementation of batch management with the classification by defining class, class type, and characteristics
  • Worked on various delivery types, storage unit management, stock placement and stock removal, and goods issue for sales order, inbound and outbound deliveries and other goods movement.
  • Configuration of Message types, Access sequences, Message Determination Schema for Output Control of Purchasing Documents
  • Configuration of Warehouse Activity Monitor to supervise unconfirmed transfer orders, open transfer requests, deliveries, interim storage stock and negative stock
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for Purchase orders (850), Order confirmation (855), Advance shipping notification (856), and Invoices (810).
  • Proficient in carrying out special functions like Subcontracting, Third Party, Vendor Consignment, Pipeline and Stock Transport Orders.
  • Hands on experience using LSMW in data conversion, field mapping and uploading data from legacy system to SAP.
  • Purchasing: Created Materials, PR, PO, Request for Quotations, GR, Material Document and Accounting Documents, Pricing and Conditions.
  • Inventory Management: Customizing done in Goods Movements, Cross Company and Intra-company Stock Transport orders using Stock Transport order (STO), Subcontracting, Customer and Vendor Consignment & Third Party Orders.
  • Configuration of Inventory Management Movement Types, Number ranges for material document of Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and Stock Transfers
  • Lead the team in Physical inventory, Posted Stock Differences and Cycle Counting, Control Parameters for TO, Transfer Requirement, Inbound/ Outbound deliveries and Shipment planning; Assigned stocks as Unrestricted, Inspection/Quality-Management, and Blocked Stock.
  • Warehouse Management: Setup Warehouse Structures - Storage Types, Bins, Sections, TR/TO, Placement and Removal Strategies, KANBAN, Batch Management, SLED in WM, Posting Changes, Replenishment procedures in WM, Delivery processing in WM.
  • Prepared several end-users training documents for various implementations and conducted numerous training sessions for Power Users and End-Users.


ERP: SAP R/3 4.0B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC6.0, SOLMAN

Methodologies: ASAP Methodology, Solution manager

Database Management/Dictionary: Tables, Views, Search Helps, Lock Objects, Logical Database, Database Indexing

Interfacing: T-RFC / Q-RFC, Application Link Enabling (ALE), IDoc, BAPI, ABAP Proxy, XI, SFTP, XML

Performance Tuning: ABAP Runtime Analyzer

Data Migration: BDC, LSMW, CATT, BAPI

Enhancements: User Exits, BADI

Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/ 2003/2000/98/95 , OS X, Ubuntu, UNIX

Applications/Tools: MS Project/Visio/Azure/Office, SharePoint, HP Quality Center, ARIS, QADB, SPSS/PASW-18

Modules: SAP MM, WM, IM,P2P, LE


Confidential, McDonough, GA

SAP MM/IM/WM/P2P Functional Analyst


  • Studied the organizational structure to analyze the viability of implementing SAP MM/WM.
  • Discussed the feasibility and gathered information required for implementation at the client site.
  • Created and maintained the material and vendor master and incorporated all existing client records of the same into the system.
  • Prepared project documents such as process design, business blueprint, configuration documents, functional specifications, test scripts, data migration templates.
  • Configured the purchasing cycle including purchase requisitions, vendor evaluations and purchase orders with release procedures to suit client requirements.
  • Set up Purchase info records for subcontracting & consignments to meet certain core business requirements.
  • Integrated MM with SD, P2P, and QM modules.
  • Configured the system to process goods receipts with tolerances for over and under delivery and further carry out invoicing.
  • Setup Tolerance Limits for Invoice Verification, and processed verification, block, release of invoices
  • Provided assistance in moving stock from one storage location to another with Stock Transfer order creation
  • Worked on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) includes a comprehensive support approach in the application environment.
  • Configuration WM structure by defining and creating Storage types, Storage sections, Storage bins manually and automatically designed storage areas, high rack storage, bulk storage, fixed storage, fixed bin storage and other commonly used storage area.
  • Configured automatic and manual generation of Transfer Requirement and Transfer order
  • Created Physical Inventory settings, documents, posting differences, Inventory Sampling, and Cycle counting
  • Configuration of Purchasing Documents, Requisitions, RFQ, Release procedures, Pricing Conditions, Info records, Invoice Verification and maintain source list
  • Created Source List and Quota arrangement and used Source Determination in purchase requisition
  • Defined and configured the Enterprise Structure, Material master, Vendor Master, Info record, Purchase requisition, RFQ, Purchase orders, Release procedures
  • Created Master data and assigned to organizational units
  • Configured Release Procedure with/without classification maintained it for release conditions and release strategy and set it for purchasing documents.
  • Configured put away and stock removal strategies like Manual Stock Placement, fixed bin Storage, next bin empty, addition to existing stocks and bulk storage.
  • Worked on whole Procure to Pay (P2P) life cycle like Purchase Requirement, Request for Quotation (RFQ), Purchase Order (PO), Source determination, Vendor selection, Goods Receipt and Invoicing. Also designed Unit testing for Procure to pay cycle.
  • Configured different account groups, utilizing FIN, number ranges, and field selections for vendor master.
  • Customized and configured Material Types, Number Ranges, and Field Selections in Vendor Master, Material Master, and Purchase Document.
  • Created necessary documents required for the client to carry out the physical inventory process for cycle counting.
  • Designed and mapped standard and custom IDOCs for Purchasing Documents. Worked on EDI process for Purchase Orders (850), Order Shipping Notification (856) and Invoices (810).
  • Defined put away and picking strategies and configured automatic creation of transfer orders.
  • Configured warehouse activity monitor with all the critical parameters and created variants to run different job reports in background, and assigned the variants / reports to all user profiles.
  • Developed specs for multiple RICEF objects-Reports, enhancements to transactions, user exits, BADIs, BAPIs, and enhanced standard SAP Reports.
  • Performed Unit test, HPQC, Integration test, and user acceptance test for all customized developments.
  • Provided training in SAP to end-users as required.
  • Provided post-production support in SAP.




  • Implementation according to ASAP methodology which includes Business Blue-Printing, Realization and Go live and Support.
  • Worked in GAP Analysis and helped client in selection and implementation of suitable solutions.
  • Configuration of purchasing documents, requisitions, RFQ, release procedures, pricing conditions, info records, invoice verification and maintain source list
  • Customization: material master record, sales grid, purchase grid, grid level pricing including material types, and number ranges, material group, deletion of fields and applying suppressed, mandatory and optional functions.
  • Configured vendor master record; created vendor account groups, number ranges, incoterms, text types, purchasing group, partner determination, and terms of payment.
  • Configuration of special stocks in inventory management for subcontracting and vendor consignment Materials.
  • Setup tolerance limits for invoice verification, and processed verification, block, release of invoices
  • Configured WM organization structure by defining and creating storage types, storage sections, storage bins manually & automatically designed storage areas, high rack storage, bulk storage, fixed bin storage & other commonly used storage area.
  • Involved in allocation of material for the specific vendor on the basis of certain criteria.
  • Configured automatic and immediate generation of transfer requirement and transfer order
  • Set up in moving stock from one storage location to another with stock transfer order
  • Configured WH structure for RF devices and Mobile Data Entry for various movement types in warehouse.
  • Working on cross-functional integration with LE/WM, MM, SD and QM .
  • Activated RF monitor for various warehouse and inventory management transactions
  • Processed transactions such as GR, GI, stock transfer posting, availability check and stock differences
  • Conversions for data load in SAP from legacy system using LSMW.
  • Configured materials with Shelf-Life Expiration Date and configured materials for split valuation.
  • Created physical inventory settings, documents, posting differences, inventory sampling, and cycle counting.
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for purchase orders (850), order confirmation (855), order shipping notification (856) and Invoices (810).
  • Customized process for single step picking strategy as well as two stage picking strategy
  • Developed specs for multiple RICEF objects-Reports, enhancements to transactions, and user exits.
  • Schedule and monitor background jobs for automatic update for various tables.
  • Creation of test data, preparation of test plans, unit & integration testing.
  • Prepared end-user manual and provided necessary training to end-users.
  • Provided go-live and post-live support.


SAP MM/P2P/WM Consultant


  • Understanding and gathering requirements for business process according to the client requirements
  • Managed materials with Shelf-Life Expiration Date and activated SLED check for different materials
  • Defined different movement types in WM, storage bin structures, Storage type indicators and providing the information required for stock placements and removals
  • Support the definition of the training data set and compliance with the SAP PP Project Design
  • Configured routing determination, MRP plant parameters, MRP groups, MRP types, lot size calculation, planned orders and movement types
  • Update master data in accordance with standard operating procedures. Create finished/semi-finished good materials within SAP.
  • Configured Put away strategies for inbound movements and Picking strategy for outbound movements in the warehouse
  • Configured settings to use barcodes and assigned barcodes to the warehouse number.
  • Configuration improvements of LE module relating to storage types, storage sections and stock placement, removal strategies, route determination and transportation shipments
  • Configured Batch Management, Process manufacturing cockpit digital signature for resource check, Serial number capturing during production planning and during goods receipts and goods issue.
  • Proficiency in WM and P2P in the areas of storage, shipping, bins and bin types, forecasting pick lists and put away, routes and planning, bulk material handling, yard management, wave picking, cross-docking, physical inventory, batch management, serial number tracking, Handling unit management, RF framework.
  • Supported WM applications involved Handling Unit management, Kanban functionality, and its replenishment strategy using PP or bar code scanning.
  • Enhancement Configuration of MRP Controllers, mail delivery and screen displays.
  • Implemented zero stock check on bin during stock removal process for continuous physical Inventory. Implemented zero stock check on bin during stock removal process for continuous physical Inventory.
  • Provided training in SAP to end-users as required.


SAP MM/IM/P2P Functional Consultant


  • Gathered business process requirements: Created business process maps (BPM). Conducted general/detailed environment workshops, business process workshops.
  • Defined implementation strategies. Set up development environment and initial system landscape, developed functional specifications for WRICEF objects (Workflow, Reports, Integration, Conversion, Enhancements and Forms).
  • Designed and mapped standard and custom IDOCs for Purchasing Documents. Worked on EDI process for Purchase Orders (850), Order Shipping Notification (856) and Invoices (810). Worked with BAPIs, used RFC for connectivity with import data, export data, tables & return code data.
  • Interface with ARIBA: Was responsible for end to end implementation of transaction and master data. Analyzed the requirement from user, designed the interface, Developed Technical Specifications, Performed unit testing, Systems Integration testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Interface with 3PL: Deployed 3PL warehouse management system, Configured Interfaces to WM and Deliveries, Integrated existing SAP software with RF hardware. Worked on XSI and mapped two way interface for UPS and FEDEX and outbound interface to TNT.
  • Configuration: Designed and configured entire warehouse organization structure, Configured MMR (Material Master Records), VMR (Vendor Master Records), Special Stocks (Subcontracting and pipeline material). Set up automatic and immediate generation of transfer requirements and transfer orders.
  • Successfully implemented a customized Stock transport order process involving Handling Unit Management and Storage Unit Management.
  • Defined standard put away and removal strategies for warehouse and created custom search logics using SAP enhancement MWMTO003.
  • Configured warehouse activity monitor, created different variants for it and defined jobs according to user requirements. Defined print control for all warehouses. Defined and implemented a procurement system driven by MRP with requirements based on sales orders, production orders, reservations, and BOMs.
  • Forms: Developed forms for put away label, pick list, production list, pack list and manifest.
  • Set up Physical Inventory: Configured physical inventory settings, dynamic cycle counting (Required new OSS Note) and inventory sampling.
  • Supervised Testing: Conducted unit test, integration test, user acceptance test, template integration tests for all customized developments using mercury testing tool.
  • Reviewed support services: Took part in post-implementation activities, and resolved outstanding issues.


SAP WM/MM/P2P Analyst


  • Understanding the business processes, mapping and preparation in MM for the SAP implementation.
  • Participating in the activities related to upgrading the system from ECC 4.6C to ECC 6.0 with Configuration and customization of Material Master and Vendor Master.
  • Responsible in integrating MM/WM modules with P2P and QM modules.
  • Creating Purchase requisition, RFQ and Purchase orders using Source lists and purchase info records and using Release Procedures based on predefined Release Groups, Codes, Indicators and Strategies.
  • Defining conditions in purchasing process and implementing suitable condition type for the same to determine the pricing procedure.
  • Adding Contracts, Quota Arrangement and Scheduling Agreements to assist in source determination in the long run.
  • Setting up screen layouts for purchasing documents like Purchase Requisitions, Request for Quotations, Quotations, and Purchase Orders.
  • Taking care of Management of Stocks and Goods movement for implementing Goods receipts, Goods issue and Transfer posting.
  • Configuring settings for Goods Issues, Goods Receipt, Movement types and other relevant objects in Inventory Management as required by business logistics.
  • Maintaining Goods Receipt for a number of Purchase Orders and Goods Issue for various production orders and plant maintenance.
  • Processing Stock Transfers between Storage Locations and Plants using suitable procedure and movement type.
  • Configuring the Valuation of the Material for different material types; working on Debit & Credit Posting keys for Automatic Postings to G/L Accounts.
  • Creating specs for custom modifications and working with development team on user exits.
  • Testing the integration and compliance between MM and FI modules during customization.

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