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Business Intelligence Consultant - Tableau Resume


  • Strong experience in Business intelligence in designing with major focus on Data Warehousing and Database Applications.
  • Around 4 years of IT experience in Business Intelligence (BI) Project Development and Implementation Using Tableau and Microstrategy.
  • Excellent understanding of Data modeling on concepts like Star - schema, Snowflake schema using fact and dimension tables.
  • Around 3 years of extensive Tableau Experience in Enterprise Environment in Tableau 9.x, 10.4 as a developer.
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
  • Expert in creating Dashboards using Tableau features like Quick Filters, Action Filters, Drill down, Hyper linking, Ranking
  • Involved in creating dashboards and reports in Tableau. Created report schedules on Tableau server.
  • Extensive knowledge in various reporting objects like Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies, Transformations, filters, prompts, Calculated fields, Sets, Groups, Parameters etc., in Tableau.
  • Hands-on experience in creating solution driven dashboards by developing different chart types including Crosstab's, Stack bars, bar graphs, Geographical Maps, Heat/Geo/Tree Maps, Pie/Bar Charts, Dual axis charts, Line/Area Charts, Packed Bubble Charts, Box Plots, Scatter Plots, Bullet Graphs, and Histograms in Tableau Desktop.
  • Experience in configuring reports from different data sources using data blending
  • Experience in Microstrategy tool Suite including but not limited to Microstrategy Intelligence Server, Microstrategy Administrator, Microstrategy Architect, Microstrategy Desktop, Microstrategy OLAP Provider, Microstrategy Web and Microstrategy Narrowcast Server
  • Exclusive knowledge in creating and integrating Microstrategy reports and objects (Attributes, Filters, Metrics, Facts, Prompts, Templates, Consolidation and Custom Groups) with the data warehouse
  • Experience in Excel reporting using pivot tables, filters, sorting.
  • Strong Experience in Microstrategy Report Services.
  • Good understanding and experience with SDLC.
  • Excellent communication skills, strong Team-building and conflict management skills.


Business Intelligence Tools : Tableau 9.x and 10.0, MicroStrategy 9.x and 10.4, Power BI.

Tableau Components: Tableau desktop, Tableau server, Tableau Reader.

MicroStrategy Components : MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Architect, Intelligence Server, Object Manager, MicroStrategy Mobile.

DB Tools: Informatica, Toad, MS SQL Server Management Studio.

DB Programming : SQL, SSRS, SAS

Databases : Oracle 8i/9i, DB2, MS Access, Teradata, SQL Server, Hadoop.

Operating System WINDOWS 9x/2000/NT/XP.:



Business Intelligence Consultant - Tableau

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzed applications and brainstormed with the business team for gathering effective requirements for the system.
  • Converted requirements to BR Documents
  • Followed SCRUM (Agile) methodology and developed dashboards with value-added products.
  • Generated Tableau Dashboards with quick/context/global filters, parameters and calculated fields on Tableau reports.
  • Restricted data for Particular users using row level security and user filters.
  • Conducted Training sessions for Tableau Power users and created the documents for end-user support.
  • Created organized, customized analysis and visualized projects and dashboards to present to executive leadership.
  • Responsible for creating dashboards using bars, stacked bars, pie charts, scattered plots, line charts, Gantt charts, and maps.
  • Used Data Blending, groups, combine fields, calculated fields, and aggregated fields and spotlighting to compare and analyze data in different perspectives.
  • Implemented wireframe methodology to prepare prototype dashboards to design overall processes integration
  • Worked on Dual axis chart, Bubble chart, Drill down analysis using tableau desktop
  • Involved in scheduling data refresh on Tableau Server on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the updated data correctly.
  • Found efficient ways to make tables and graphs, which were visually easy to understand, and at the same time maintaining the accuracy of the core information content.
  • Performance tuning of workbooks, data sources, and providing best practices for user community.
  • Provided production support for Tableau users.

Environment: Tableau 10.4 (desktop, server, reader, online), Hadoop (Hive/Impala).


Business Intelligence Consultant - Tableau

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Interacted with business stakeholders, gathered requirements and managing the delivery, covering the entire Tableau development lifecycle. Testing the each report based on the requirements before and after migration, performance monitoring of each object before and after migration.
  • Developed complex calculated fields for the business logic, field actions, sets and parameters to include various filtering capabilities for the dashboards, and to provide drill down features for the detailed reports.
  • Developed Trend Lines, Statistics, and Log Axes. Groups, hierarchies, sets to create detail level summary report and Dashboard using KPI's.
  • Created histograms, pie charts, box plots, scatter plots for inventory management and background maps illustrating the potential revenue change.
  • Developed Tableau workbooks to perform year over year, quarter over quarter, YTD, QTD and MTD type of analysis.
  • Involved in Sprint planning, review meetings and various business meetings for requirement gathering.
  • Extensively work on various production migrations, interacting with the business and handle UAT process successfully.
  • Scheduling the reports for daily run against the Hadoop environment, monitoring the performance daily.
  • Work closely with the Data Architects in making necessary design changes and reviewed the data model.
  • Coordinated with various teams in Enterprise Data warehouse and other IT teams and responsible for the whole life cycle of multiple BI migration projects.

Environment: Tableau9.x (desktop, server, reader, online), My SQL Server 2008, DB2.


Business Intelligence Consultant - Microstrategy

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in gathering and analyzing business requirements from clients and end users.
  • Extensively worked for creating various report services documents, datasets as per the requirement.
  • Used Dynamic text and static text, graphs, panels, panel stacks, widgets in creating the dynamic dashboards.
  • Created various types of graphs and widgets (Waterfall, Heat Map etc.).
  • Created Intelligent Cubes and shared to reduce the database load and decreasing the report execution time by using the cube services
  • Created various report builders for the internal analysis.
  • Executing reports and testing for proper data using microstraetgy web environment.
  • Created complex metrics, Nested Filters, Nested Prompts, Custom groups, Consolidations, Templates for graphs, Templates for reports.
  • Expertise in designing and creating schema objects such as Facts, Attributes and Transformations
  • Created various Freeform SQL reports for the analysis of data in data warehouse.
  • Involved in various business meetings for requirement gathering and project demo’s
  • Involved in moving objects from Development to QA.
  • Created services in microstrategy narrowcast server using static and dynamic subscription sets.
  • Narrowcast services development, complete automation of services using page by report execution for performance and Use of prompt answering of Narrowcast services.
  • Prepared dashboards and reports with complex logic involving pass-through functions.
  • Unit testing of the developed reports.
  • Used VLDB settings in the reports to achieve required results.

Environment: Microstrategy 9.4, 10.4 (desktop, web, architect, administrator, narrowcast server, Object Manager), DB2, Teradata, MS SQL Server.

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