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Sr. Bi Consultant Resume

Brooklyn, NY


  • Over 9 years of work experience using Business Objects BO XI 4.0/ XI 3.1/XI R2/6.5 Designer, CMC, Info view, Web - Intelligence, DESKI, Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard, Metadata Manager, Crystal Enterprise 2008/XIR2/10/9, XCelsius 2008, Live Office, QAAWS, Enterprise Dash Board Manager, Broadcast Agent and Supervisor
  • Proficient in managing all phases of data ware house life cycle, including requirements gathering, analysis, preparing Business specifications, designing technical specifications, Software requirement specifications, designing and developing reports, performance tuning, testing, migrating to production and post production support
  • In Depth understanding of Data Warehouse concepts, OLAP, Star Schema, Data Modeling using Normalization, Business Process Analysis, Dimensional Data Modeling, Physical & Logical Data Modeling, Fact & Dimension tables
  • Strong experience in Design, Development, Deployment, and testing of Universes using Business Objects Designer against SAP BW and Relational databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 sources)
  • Good exposure and understanding on the new release BO XI 4.0. Knowledge and experience working on the new features and applications added in BO XI 4.0 IDT (Information Designer Tool), Workspaces, Data foundation, business layers and Query objects, Business Launch pad, Web Intelligence, Interactive analysis, Dashboard designer
  • Experienced in SAP BW for HANA and migrating standard SAP Models to In-memory optimized models and Performance testing.
  • Native HANA MODELLING - Designing Views (Attribute View, Analytic View, Calculation View), Stacked Calculation Views, Views that needs multiple table functions, counters, Restricted and Calculated measures, input parameters, filters, transparent filters. Debugging Views. HANA Modeling using SQL Script and CESQL scripting. Also trained on XSJS, OData, web services.
  • HANA SQL SCRIPTS & CDS CORE DATA SERVICES - Strong experience on Creating SQL, Stored Procedures with SQL Script and also with Calculation Engine (CE) Functions, Debugging SQL Script using various techniques like - Tracing, Using the SQL Script Debugger.
  • HANA SECURITY & TRANSPORT- Creating Analytic Privileges, Setup data level authorization and privileges at SAP HANA Database, Creating User, Roles & assigning the respective Privileges. Hands-on experience on all three modes of transport - Delivery Unit mode, Development mode, as well as on the ‘SAP support mode’, Apt in Direct metadata import - mass import of metadata, selective import of metadata.
  • Also have hands on experience of s/4 hana reporting and HANA live system to extract and import the Delivery unit.
  • Good working knowledge on SAP BI/BW 7.0 with exposure on BEx queries, BEx Analyser, Info cubes
  • Good understanding on the Business Objects XI3.1/XIR2/6.5 Enterprise Architecture (Central Management Server, Web component Adapter, I/O File repository server, Web Intelligence server, List of values server, Report Job server, Event server, Page/Processing server, Cache server and RAS (Report Application Server)
  • In-depth knowledge in migration, working and implementation of Business Objects Enterprise Reports 6.5/ XI R2/ XI 3.1
  • Experience in training the users on generation AdHoc reporting and the WebI tool navigation.
  • Working knowledge of ETL tools like Informatica 9.1/8.5/7.1, BO Data Services XI 3.2, BODI 11.5
  • Expertise in working on SQL with Databases like Oracle11g/10g/9i, MS SQL Server 2005, IBM DB2 V8 and Tera data V12
  • Diversified experience in implementation of Business Objects, Crystal reports within Financial, Banking, Publishing and Media and Public sectors.
  • Proven ability to work in cross-functional teams with high sense of ownership and strong customer focus
  • Highly efficient and committed in demanding and rapidly changing environments
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and a good team player.
  • Ability to effectively multitask, meet deadlines, quickly adapt to different project environments.


Programming Languages:: SQL Tableau R MySQL PHP HTML CSS C C++ Python

Software Applications: SQL Server Management Studio Tableau R Studio Google Analytics, Microsoft Azure Advance Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft Suite IBM s Bluemix Power Query Power Pivot


Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Sr. BI Consultant

  • Gathering information (specs) from the user regarding the report, providing Estimation, developing reports and performing the testing
  • Created HANA views against Data tables and worked with ETL team for mapping tables as per the requirements in HANA
  • Migrated reports and dashboards from Business Objects 4.0 to BOBJ 4.2 and created distributed environment for Business Object 4.2 and Tableau 10.2
  • Worked on Remedy Tickets for resolving reporting and dashboards issue of end Users.
  • Applied functions, calculations and filters with dynamic prompts. Built formulas, variables, ranks and alerts using Tableau Desktop, Crystal reports, Web Intelligence, Lumira.
  • Implemented Security Features of Business Objects and Tableau like row level, object level and report level to make the data secure.
  • Created Tableau Dashboards including linked and unlinked sub reports. Created formulas, parameters, applied calculations and stories.
  • Efficiently reduced storage space of database via cleaning, organizing, and analyzing large data tables on SQL Server Management Studio hence increasing the run time (10,000 - 2 million records).
  • Helped develop, build, and test an extensive Tableau dashboard which displayed over 20 healthcare metrics.
  • Comprehensively devised and presented analytic solutions for current and prospect carriers of a call system software, InContact by creating dashboards to simplify data understanding
  • Increased efficiency of reports by creating automated report builder queries, answering questions in minutes instead of days and reducing department manual labor by 50%.
  • Completed an average of 4-5 support tickets a week to answer questions related to electronic health records.
  • Resolved data issues related to existing reports, dashboards, and other tools in place before my tenure to support other company departments, including Finance and Marketing.

Environment:- SAP Business Objects XI 3.2, SAP BI/BO 4.0,Xcelsius 2008 sp4, Crystal Reports XI/2008, Web Intelligence, Report2Web, Business Explorer/Polestar, Oracle 10g/11g, MS Sql Server 2008, Sql Developer, Sql Server 2008 Management Studio,

Confidential, Bloomburg, PA

Sr. BI Consultant

  • Created two complex dashboards which uses live office to feed the data into xcelsius from the source webi reports
  • Developed Provider scorecard reports using Webi as the reporting tool
  • Developed complex webi Core Measures Scorecard report which is used by the organization to track various core measures of the hospitals by month, quarter, year against the benchmarks
  • Developed a complex provider scorecard dashboard with multiple tabs using dynamic visibility. This dashboard shows the high-level information of rolling 12 months of provider performance data varying across different areas like productivity, machine utilization, compliance and quality. The dashboard also has the capability of drilling down to the detail data on to the detail webi reports
  • Re-Developed an existing dashboard which shows the high-level rolling 12-month information of patient medication administration. This dashboard also had drill down capabilities to get to the detail data by month and by facility.
  • Worked as a HANA Lead with the capacity of team size 15.
  • Worked on HANA Views, Optimizing Data loads with the use of SLT and minimizing HANA space.
  • Built and enhanced objects in various business areas like MTD, GTS, CRM, RTR, LEX, HCM, etc.
  • Developed data flows and work flows using BODS.
  • Worked on SAP SLT and Smart Data access (SDA) for S4 hana Finance Data Integration.
  • Worked on Integrate SAP S/4HANA with SAP BW platform with guidance on how to set up the integration and pre-built content delivered with SAP BW environment.
  • Worked on S/4 CDS views for Accounts Payable with Cash Discount, Accounts Receivable Reporting, Cost Center Plan/Actual Analysis, Profit Center Plan/Actual Analysis, Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Expertise in Converting front end business warehouse components like BEX Query into HANA View and Web Application Designer report into WEBI.
  • Hands on experience in Native HANA modeling. Created multiple schemas and table definitions. Experience in creating Attribute views, analytical view and calculated views. Good Knowledge in Direct Extractor Connections.
  • Worked on optimizing the performance of the dashboards. Reduced the dashboard loading time by scheduling the backed source webi reports for the live office and changing the live office refresh option to pick from the latest instance.
  • Modified the existing universes for performance tuning and maintained common dimensions across all the universes with unique naming as a part of clean up activity
  • Developed a complex provider scorecard universe which involved multiple fact tables. Created multiple contexts to resolve loops. Performed integrity checks and documented them
  • Validated the source to target data for referral and medications scanning data marts.
  • Created sql test scripts to validate the source to target data for the provider scorecard datamart.
  • Created complex webi reports with multiple queries, custom sql, using complex fuctions, merging dimensions at report level, drill down, drill up, drill across, complex filters etc
  • Worked on creating Webi reports as a part of the homeless project
  • Created trending images and published them to the server images folder and used them in the webi reports to show trending of the data
  • Formatted webi reports and scheduled them to be bursted as pdf to the report to web server.
  • Created information spaces in business objects explorer and performed indexing on them
  • Worked on a different internal project Radiation Oncology software upgrade from Lantis to Mosaiq 2.3
  • Worked on validating the canned crystal reports with the end user and customized some of canned reports and created new reports as a part of new user requests
  • Created an user log crystal report with input optional prompts, to report all the fields which were required for the internal security compliance which were not there in the user log which was shipped with the application
  • Involved in scheduling the crystal reports as object packages, creating the schedule events on test server using CMC
  • Actively involved in knowledge sharing, documentation and troubleshooting any SAP business objects related problems

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. BI Consultant

  • Fulfilled the business objects development needs for various departments. And also performed the day to day admin tasks.
  • Modified existing universes and implemented new universes according the reporting needs by detecting cardinalities, resolving traps and using contexts and also developed hierarchies and derived tables.
  • Developed complex webi reports using combined queries, merging dimensions, complex functions at the report level and complex filters to satisfy the end user requirement.
  • Handled various tickets for business objects issues for the end users.
  • Performed Admin tasks like monitoring DB Services, monitoring BO server running with optimal performance, monitored licenses, monitoring of user activities/ sessions etc.
  • Some daily admin tasks included verification of all BO user logins and security checks, Testing the availability of all universe connections, Monitoring day to day scheduled jobs on Broadcast Agent (BCA)
  • Designed information models like analytical view, attribute view, calculation view in SAP HANA Studio.
  • Implemented BODS ETL jobs to Load data into SAP HANA Database from source system.
  • Designed data flows in SAP BO Data Services for different source systems and merging them.
  • Experience in handling challenges related to the migration of BW powered on HANA.
  • Modified the default session timeout, for the infoview as the users complained about being session timeouts frequently.
  • Migrated some of the Hyperion reports to business objects, developed similar reports in webi
  • Edited the existing Hyperion Reports, to add new prompts for the reports by changing the front end scripts and sql queries.
  • Handled Bobj Administration tasks, to create new usersand groups, handle password resets and assign security. Was involved in upgrading the service pack.
  • Created a stable environment for Business Objects XI 3.1 by scaling the number of processing servers based on the user base and access frequency.
  • Modified existing crystal reports and created new reports with cross tabs and sub reports based on the client requirements using Crystal Reports 2008.
  • Designed complex reports based on discussions with user groups and created various objects using built-in functions (like prompt, select, where, and aggregate), complex report level filters and contexts and complex SQL queries and joins involving case statements, some analytic functions like partition by etc. Thus Considering best business Practices using Web intelligence Rich Client
  • Scheduled Webi reports and Hyperion reports based on the requirement.
  • Moved the developed webi, crystal reports and universes between development, QA and production environments using import wizard.
  • Migration of the database from Oracle to the SAP HANA after upgrade.
  • Involved in the pre cutover activities of the HANA migration.
  • Was involved in training the end users over the newly developed crystal and webi reports.

Environment: -SAP Business Objects XI 3.1/3.2, Xcelsius 2008, Crystal Reports 2008, Web Intelligence, SQL Server 2008/2005

Confidential, Springfield, IL

Sr. BI Consultant

  • Fulfilled Business Analyst requirements by Completing Universe Development Life Cycle to Prepare, Analyze, Plan, Implement, Test, and Deploy & Maintain to Successfully Develop Universes meeting User Needs and Requirements from both technical and strategic views of an organization.
  • Involved in establishing SAP BW connectivity with Universe Designer and Business objects Infoview, using SAP integration kit. And also installed java connector to import the roles of the SAP user to Business objects.
  • Performed day to day admin tasks like monitoring DB Services, creation ofuser groups and handled password resets, monitoring of user activities/ sessions, universe connection and availability checks.
  • Conducted Study to Build Universe's Classes and Objects involving everyday terms that supports Users. Object properties defining Measure, Dimension and Details were created.
  • Implemented Universes by detecting Cardinalities, resolving loops, Chasm Traps and Fan Traps using Contexts and Aliases etc, and also Developed Hierarchies to support users with the option to drill down on reports. Also implemented User Security.
  • Designed complex reports based on discussions with user groups and created various objects using built-in functions (like prompt, select, where, and aggregate), complex SQL queries and joins. Thus Considering best business Practices using Web intelligence Rich Client.
  • Involved in creation of Reports, formatting reports, generation of charts, barsetc as per user requirements using Webi, Xcelsius 2008.
  • Developed new set of standard Web Intelligence reports against the new universe. Completed ad-hoc data requests as required.
  • Working with different transformations like Query, Key Generation, Pivot, Map operation, Table Comparison in Data Integrator.
  • Involved in writing scripts and also used some built-in functions like To Date, lookup, key generation and Custom Functions like checking whether the load is a initial load or a bulk load.
  • Creating complex Data flows with inner R/3 data flows and declaring parameters at different levels of Workflow.
  • Creation of different data stores to get SAP tables.
  • Used Business Objects Data Integrator XI R2 for ETL extraction, transformation and loading data from heterogeneous source system.
  • Worked on Polestar to generate complex reports for the data required. Simultaneously export reports and making it easily available to Decision makers.
  • Used BEx Analyzer and Query Designer to Query and analyze SAP BW OLAP Cubes.
  • Developed Dashboards using Xcelsius 2008 components using maps, Pie Charts, Staked Bar, List Views etc creatively using best Xcelsius components effects for better interaction.
  • Performed ETL activities using Data Integrator and Data Services, by extracting data from various Sources.
  • Design, develop, and implement Xcelsius dashboard against SAP BW data sources. Established the design pattern for all future Xcelsius development using Live Office and QaaWS as connectors
  • Developed Cross Tab Reports, Sub Reports by using Crystal Reports 2008 and embedded Xcelsius onto Crystal Reports for better results and also provide users with clear understanding.
  • Worked on certain issues and dealt with Info View, CMC.

Environment: -SAP Business Objects XI 3.1/3.2, Xcelsius 2008, Crystal Reports 2008, Data Integrator & Services, Web Intelligence, Business Explorer (Polestar) XI 3.1, SAP BI/BW 7.0, T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Info View, CMC.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

BI Developer

  • Build Xcelsius Dashboards using SAP Web services created from SAP NetWeaver. Without the need of any BOBJ Platform to import data into excel sheet to serve as the input for the dashboard.
  • Various SAP Functional Modules have been used as a source and ABAP programming to extract, aggregate and deliver the data to Xcelsius using SAP Web services.
  • Highly Interactive Dashboard completely based on dynamic user input and varying amount of information to analyze without limitations being provided to the user.
  • Various other forms of dashboard development also performed including Data from SAP BW through Bex Queries, Data from Universe using QAAWS, Data from Webi reports, Crystal Reports using Live Office etc.
  • Dashboards Using Advanced Multiple Drills Down, Dynamic Visibility, and Alert Features were designed to support Complex Requirement Scenario.
  • Designed dashboard using best practices and advanced filtering techniques to dynamically filter and serve as the source for the dashboard.
  • Optimized dashboard performance for speed of thought analysis even with large data volumes and simultaneously allowed user customization on the fly.
  • Worked Extensively with Flash Variables, web services and made Generic Dashboards to enhance Performance in Situation to Decrease Load on the Parent Dashboard, and Designed Child Dashboards to Distribute Load among Various Child Dashboards to Mitigate the Performance Issues
  • Used Complex excels functions and logics to support data requirement. Ex: -Vlookup, hlookup, choose, Nested IF's, Value, ISNumber, ISNA, Match, Indexetc to name a few.
  • Built Password Protected Dashboard and Created a Scenario to Trigger Multiple Web Services on User Authentication.
  • Built Many Static Dashboard Models during all my Work Requirement in due process to Create Generic Live Model Using Web Services, Flash Variables etc.
  • Done extensive testing across various scenarios to see the dashboard working across multiple complex and varying scenarios.
  • Used various Custom SAP functions exclusively for Xcelsius to help in this process to additionally implement thousand separators and decimal Operators to support various number formats.

Environment: -SAP Business Objects XI 3.1/3.2, Xcelsius 2008, Crystal Reports 2008, Data Integrator & Services, Web Intelligence, Business Explorer (Polestar) XI 3.1, SAP BI/BW 7.0, T-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Info View, CMC.

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