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Miami, FL


Exploring high - impact direct-hire opportunities. Seeking titles of Lead Engineer, Architect, Director.


Many years of experience in R&D and complex software systems and algorithms, scientific simulations and visualization, software architecture, Enterprise Cloud systems, cloud SaaS environment, fuzzy logic, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, intelligent systems, OOP(C/C++, Forte, Java), Functional Programming(Scala, Erlang), creating SDK and API, distributed systems, financial data, network programming, telecommunication systems, 2D- and 3D graphics software and hardware, image/video processing, mobile devices programming, database development, UI/web development, mentoring others and promoting the re-usable software.


Languages: Main focus on these three C++/C, Erlang, Scala. Prior professional experience C#, Python, R, Golang, SQL, bash, ksh, Perl, MATLAB, Java, Assembler, Forte, Pascal, Fortran, Access, Clipper, CORBA, HTTP, XML, UML, Silverlight, Racket, ML.

Software: IntelliJ, MS Visual Studio, DDD, Eclipse, Sun Workshop, MFC, Symbian 60, Forte TOOL, Code Warrior C++, Carbide C++, Mini IDE, Freescale, Visual Basic, Rational Rose Analyzer, MS Visio.

SourceCtl.: Git, TFS, SubVersion(SVN), StarTeam, SourceSafe, CVS, SCCS.

DevOps: AWS, Docker, Ansible, Swarm, Vagrant, Jenkins, NSIS.

OS: Linux (Ubuntu, Alpine, CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, SuSe, etc.), UNIX, HP-UX, SunOS, MS Windows, Symbian OS, MS DOS, MacOS, PTS DOS.

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL, other RDMSs, proprietary databases (financial and scientific data).

Hardware: Mac and PC computers and components, embedded devices, Symbian OS, HP, Sun, Macintosh PowerPC, DEC, MC9S12DP256B microcontroller. Pika Telephony boards, Arduino microcontrollers.

Other: SCRUM, Agile, OOP, SaaS, Kafka, RAML, OR/M, SCADA, Spring.Net, OpenGL, security, cryptography, distributed systems, load balancing, cloud computing, design patterns, Apache, fuzzy logic, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, modeling, visualization, ray tracing, meteorology, digital image processing, financial instruments, embedded programming, TCP/IP, Functional programming, networking.


Confidential, Miami, FL

Staff Engineer


  • Managing a distributed team of freelancers to create a distributed, cloud-based, IoT platform and social media ecosystem.
  • VR and AR concepts.
  • Web design and support, adoption of open-source software for commercial purposes, SDK, and re-usable API for third-party components.
  • Private cloud distributed 3D rendering engine, wide variety of image- and video- processing, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, distributed data storage and data de-duplication.
  • C/C++, Linux, Git, bash, OpenGL, GPU simulations, etc.
  • Scalable predictive analytics, C++/MFC forecasting system for energy trading and alternative energy infrastructure.
  • Full lifecycle of backend, frontend, Visual Studio 2017, remote tools, etc.
  • SDKs for 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, domain-specific AR/VR products.

Confidential, Miami, FL



  • C++, Scala, Golang.
  • Big enterprise AI system for data processing.
  • Software platforms and APIs, Docker Swarm, Kafka ecosystem, AWS, Ansible, Play Framework, Akka, Docker, AWS, Zookeeper, etc.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Team Lead


  • Erlang. Cloud SaaS back end.
  • Full life cycle development of back-end cloud APIs, Linux. Vagrant, Ansible, AWS, XMPP, RabbitMQ, etc.
  • Custom modules for EJabberd.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Sr. Software Developer


  • Cloud infrastructure APIs in Erlang.
  • Linux, Cisco devices. Vagrant, Ansible, Ruby, prototyping in Golang, etc.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Enterprise software development for secure data transfer.
  • Server programming using C++.
  • Data abstraction using C#, NHibernate and Spring.Net.
  • Object-relational mapping, high-availability distributed system.
  • TFS, StarTeam, NSIS scripts.
  • Contributed to release of EFT High Availability 7.0

Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr.Software Engineer


  • Software development for real-time trading systems, financial data streams, C++, Windows, server programming, multithreading, TFS.
  • Completed three development cycles of Master Server.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Lead Platform Engineer


  • Full life cycle of software development for back end components of a distributed system.
  • Created prototype API for distributed storage within network security system.
  • Erlang, Linux, C/C++, distributed storage, functional programming for distributed systems, GIT, SVN, Redmine, MySQL, Agile, SCRUM, etc.

Confidential, New York, NY

Price Server Programmer


  • Worked in real-time financial data feed processing group.
  • Designed, analyzed and implemented programs for Solaris (UNIX) operation system using C/C++ languages.
  • Some of projects included: Merrill Lynch proprietary feed, Confidential quote feed, several Confidential sources of real-time information (Level 1,2) and OPRA (equity options), IMQ, CQS, CTS, Pink Sheets, Netfeed, etc.

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