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Lead Information Architect Resume

Stamford, CT


Work as an Enterprise Architect, Architecting and Delivering information architecture to leverage the enterprise information, helping the Enterprise improve its return on investment. Help leverage the Enterprise information to improve the performance of the Enterprise. Architect information, making the information a value add to the Enterprise


  • 15 Year Systems Architecture experience
  • 25 Years of software development and Database design experience
  • 20 Years of Data Warehouse Design and implementation experience
  • 6 Years of project Management experience
  • 7 Years Erwin with Model Management administration
  • 7 Years of Business Objects Data Integrator (Acta) ETL Development


Project Management: MS Project; PM Office, Mind Manager, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Word.

Data Warehousing: BUSINESS OBJECTS DATA INTEGRATOR (ACTA) ETL,SAP R/3, Oracle Financials Systems, custom systems and Oracle release 6 through release 12c UNIX, ERWin, SQLlab, Custom ETL, and SAP Business Warehouse. Kimball and Inmon methodologies. Dimensional, OLTP, OLAP, Data Vault Modeling design.

Requirements Management: Rational Rose Methodology

Software Development: KORN, Bourne, Oracle RDBMS 6 - 12c, Oracle's PL/SQL, SQL, Business Objects Data Integrator (Acta) ETL, Business Objects, Cognos, Forest & Trees Hyperion's OLAP development environment, Epiphany's OLAP environment, PICK systems, Power Builder, Visual Basic, SAP Business Warehouse, MS Access.

Operating systems: UNIX (HP-UX, AIX and Honeywell), Microsoft (XP, 2000, NT, 98, 3.1, 3.0, DOS), Universe, Ultimate PICK.

Networks: Novell, MS (2000, NT, XP, 98), UNIX


Confidential, Stamford, CT

Lead Information Architect


  • Provide technical guidance and thought leadership on Data Warehouse design and implementation strategies
  • Provide mentorship and performance guidance from design through Database implementation and support for data warehouse and OLTP.
  • Provide Database design reviews for all database changes and all new projects as they affect the Treasury Data Warehouse solution.
  • Published two papers to the Confidential Consultancy internal yearly technical forum Tactics. Both papers on the subject of leading university research in the area of Data Warehouse Design.
  • Develop prototype Data Warehouse solution using the Data Vault modeling methodology.
  • Develop small prototype using MongoDB NoSQL to explore transitioning information between the Data Warehouse and the MongoDB.


Confidential, Norwalk, CT


  • Develop various ETL routines to transpose source system data into the target Data Warehouse structures.
  • Migrated existing data from Terra data to Oracle RDBMS Dimensional model.
  • Lead ETL Architect designing the ETL infrastructure and design patterns for the ETL Development team.
  • Develop various ETL routines to transpose source system data into the target Data Warehouse structures.
  • Provide design and implementation for daily batch routine of over 200 million records to extract transform and load in under 45 minutes.
  • Interface with the client and other external consulting groups to ensure the success of the project.
  • Worked with the Business Director to develop integration routines between various SAP systems and a single global Ariba system.
  • Upgraded Business Objects Data Integrator from version 5.2 to version 6.5
  • Implemented new Business Objects Data Integrator interfaces using XML, HTTP and Real - Time Adapter Services to interface with IBM MQ Server Message Broker.
  • Wrote 400 pages of business / technical documentation on the various interfaces between SAP and Ariba.
  • Migrated several Business Objects Data Integrator repositories from one location to another, in order to eliminate hardware dependencies.
  • Modified more than 40 Business Objects Data Integrator jobs based upon supplied specifications.
  • Documented complete system to provide high level business information on the various Business Objects Data Integrator jobs supported.
  • Converted Business Objects Data Integrator scheduling from local NT scheduler to enterprise scheduler Tivoli Maestro.

Senior Design Specialist

Confidential, Norwalk, CT


  • Architect of the redesign of the Data Warehouse environment transition from a dependency of each version requiring a separate hardware platform, to an environment that supported multiple versions of the Data Warehouse environment existing on a single UNIX platform.
  • Architect of the integration of a third party ETL product (Business Objects Data Integrator) into the existing environment with a minimum impact.
  • Project manager for Data Warehouse project evaluating the impact of expanding the company’s master product dimension from 200,000 products to 9,000,000 products. Provided a cost based analysis of the impact to the Data Warehouse, based upon a linear progression of hardware purchases to support the proposed project. Provided an alternative solution to aggregate the product information without impacting the business analysis requirements. Used MS Project and PM Office, ERwin for the data modeling, Business Objects Data Integrator (Acta) for the ETL process in conjunction with custom PL/SQL transform routines, leveraging the Oracle Table Function feature of Oracle 9i.
  • Responsible for managing the Data Warehouse team and working with the various business managers to ensure timely communication of project status and resource requirements. Team produced a detailed analysis of the system impact of the project and provided alternative Data Warehouse designs for management to review. Used Mind Manager for Brainstorming and capturing interview information, MS PowerPoint for presentation of project status and other presentations.
  • Responsible for managing the implementation, testing and moving of various Data Warehouse projects into production. Used MS Word to write testing scripts and scenarios.
  • Managed project to implement Financial Analysis as part of the overall Data Warehouse. Responsible for the integration of Revenue and General Ledger information into the existing Sales Data Warehouse module. Also responsible for managing projects to implement Inventory Management modules into the Data Warehouse. Used Mind Manager to Document Business Analysis information. Implemented solutions, sourcing from SAP, and integrating the solution into an Oracle RDBMS custom data warehouse. Used Business Objects Data Integrator (Acta) for the ETL process, UNIX scripts for job flow and PL/SQL to do custom transformations.
  • Developed a program for the Data Warehouse team to meet and share information and knowledge on technical and process related issues. Used Mind Manager to manage brainstorming, PowerPoint for presentations and Webex for sharing the information with team member located outside of the Norwalk office.
  • Worked with Business Objects Data Integrator (Acta) ETL Tool to move data from SAP R/3 system into custom Data Warehouse solutions.
  • Technical lead for the Data Warehouse team, responsible for researching and reviewing new software features that would leverage the Data Warehouse platform and development environments. Mentored the Data Warehouse development team on new software features and Data Warehouse Design standards. Worked with other team members to find solutions to problems that they could not resolve.

Data Warehouse Lead

Confidential, Stamford, CT


  • Work with Oracle Consultants to implement a multiple terabyte data warehouse solution for Confidential .
  • Architect for the Data Stripping requirements to support the processing of 400 million records on a daily basis.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Greenwich, CT


  • Architected and implemented the replacement of a dumb terminal based computer environment with a client server environment.
  • Architected and implemented the replacement of a custom financial solution on a PICK system with an Oracle Financials ERP solution.
  • Architected and implemented the development of a custom Data Warehousing solution on Oracle using Multiple Business analysis tools focused upon the users level of technical skills.
  • Architected a Data Mart distribution system leveraging Lotus Notes and MS Access to distribute to remote Sales people Orders, Sales and Depletions information to boost the sales department’s productivity.
  • Migrated a customer PICK based ERP software package to an Oracle Financials solution.
  • Implemented a 70+ node Novel Network solution.
  • Responsible for maintaining the UNIX platforms, the Oracle Databases and the Network environment.
  • Developed a custom Data Warehouse solution for analyzing business product demand, to support Sales and the Inventory Management departments.
  • Developed customer reporting solutions to allow for cross departmental analysis of business performance using Forest & Trees and Cognos.
  • Was brought in to analyze and resolve a major Cost Accounting implementation failure. Custom modifications had not been tested prior to implementation. The Company was unable to report on Inventory for a period of six months. Developed solutions and implemented the changes within a 2 month period.

Lead R&D IT Services

Confidential, Wilton, CT


  • Responsible for porting PICK/BASIC tool to various UNIX environments from the proprietary Ultimate (Pick) platform.
  • Responsible for porting the tool to run in client server configurations using X-Windows.
  • Ported ERP Software from proprietary PICK platform (Ultimate PICK) to run on a UNIX PICK environment ( Confidential PICK).
  • Responsible for all new customer installations of UNIX systems and the ERP software version running on the UNIX Platforms.
  • Worked with business analysts to develop software solutions and bug fixes for Enterprise Resource Planning software sold by the company.
  • Help customer resolve problems with the usage of ERP business software.
  • Trained customers on the proper usage of the software and on specific business practices, such as Inventory Management, Sales processing, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and General Ledger.
  • Debugged software programs and provided documentation on the software problems and proposed software changes to fix the problems.

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