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Data Analyst - Power Bi Developer Resume

Houston, TexaS


  • Ambitious and analytical individual with 6+ years of experience in BI seeking a Power BI developer position to gain additional knowledge and to utilize master’s degree in Business Analytics as well as knowledge in BI tools.
  • Around 6 years of experience in Data/Business Analysis in different domains using Microsoft Power BI, T - SQL, SAS, MSBI, R, Excel, IBM Rational, Agilecraft, BigMAMA, Tableau, MS Visio, MicroStrategy and Alteryx.
  • Work with the Stakeholders and the Business Applications Manager to define the product roadmaps.
  • Critically evaluates information gathered from multiple sources, reconciles conflicts, abstracts up from low-level information to a general understanding, and works with customers to uncover unmet business needs.
  • Knowledge of data cleansing and modifying data according to the Business Requirement.
  • Expert in Power BI and ability to program in DAX query language to modify data for reporting.
  • Knowledge of Robotic process automation and different stages of BOT development life cycle in Agile environment.
  • Understanding of Microsoft Azure data factory and creating Pipelines.
  • Experience in creating visualizations, interactive dashboards, reports and data stories using Tableau, Power BI and MicroStrategy.
  • Proficient in using functions in Excel and perform analyzing using Pivot charts.
  • Exceptional analysis skills with an ability to transform the needs of Business Users and Stakeholders into functional /Tech Requirements.
  • Providing recommendations based on analytics.
  • Maintain proper documentation of the business workflow.
  • Experience in SAS products. Used SAS Studio, SAS enterprise guide, Proc SQl for extracting, manipulating and creating Reports
  • Good knowledge in RDBMS concepts and constructs along with Database Objects creation such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Functions.
  • Experience in OLTP and OLAP design, development, testing, implementation and support of enterprise data warehouse.
  • Experience in R for building different models like Random forest and Gradient boosting and suggest business strategies to solve business problems.
  • Excellent skills in Developing SSIS Packages to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data into the Data warehouse from Heterogeneous databases such as excel sheets, Flat Files and MS Access.
  • Experience in developing custom reports and creating various types of reports like on demand, drill down, Drill-through, Table, Matrix, Chart, Sub Reports, Ad hoc Reports, dynamic grouping, Cross-Tab, graphical, distributed Reports in multiple formats using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Experience in Designing and Building the Dimensions and cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Experience in using SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases, and process SSAS cubes to store data to OLAP databases
  • Strong understanding of Dimensional Modeling technique, Multi-Dimensional Database Schemas like Star, Snowflake Schema, Fact and Dimensional tables and DW concepts.
  • Experience in server administration tasks using Active Directory and VMware Esxi servers.
  • Committed Team player with excellent communication skills and capable of working independently.


Confidential, Houston, Texas

Data Analyst - Power BI Developer

  • Import data from multiple data sources and create automated reports in Power BI after cleaning and preprocessing the data.
  • Create reports in Excels by importing data from the Sql database using T-Sql and write queries according to the business requirement.
  • Modify datasets using DAX query, Merge statements, Refresh Schedule, Row level security and Modelling within Power BI.
  • Provide recommendations and Business Insights based on analytics.
  • Work with process owners to identify and assess appropriate automation use cases.
  • Work with the stakeholders to understand the requirement for the application development and enhancements.
  • Create documentation in support of business and technology requests.
  • Perform data quality control and assurance and handle quality issues.
  • Use of IBM Rational and Agilecraft to get business requirement from Stakeholders and work in Sprints to complete and to track the user stories.
  • Develop scalable and efficient process automations and reusable components that can be leveraged across different lines of businesses.
  • Use of industry leading RPA tools implementing full life cycle RPA solutions - use case selection, requirements gathering, implementation, testing, deployment, monitoring, and support.
  • Build COE Scorecards, Daily and Monthly tech Ops report, SteerCo reports and Engagement Lead reports that contains financial details crucial for the Business.
  • Translate business requirements, current and future state process designs to create automation ready process flows.
  • Work on enhancements, security model and adhoc reports based on the management requirement.
  • Attend daily standup meeting for reporting.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Data Analyst (BI Developer)

  • Develop ETL packages with different data sources (SQL Server, Flat Files, Excel source files, XML files etc.) and loaded the data into target tables by performing different kinds of transformations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and T-SQl.
  • Develop different types of Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports (Cross Tab or Pivot), Chart and Graphs reports using the SSRS reporting as per the user's requirements and deployed in report server.
  • Work on OLTP and OLAP design, development, testing, implementation and support of enterprise data warehouse.
  • Work with stored procedures for data set results for use in Reporting Services to reduce report complexity and to optimize the run time. Exported Reports into various formats from (PDF, Excel) and resolved formatting issues.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Data Analytics Practicum

  • Gather data from multiple sources, clean the data, analyze and generate reports using SAS Studio, SAS Enterprise guide, BigML, Alteryx and Proc SQL.
  • Responsible for making growth model for the organization by segmenting advisor using quadrant analysis in Tableau.
  • Create data stories and visualizations using Tableau and Power BI.
  • Forecast the revenue for each rep so that the company can identify traits in Rep behavior for profitable relationship using ARIMA model in R.
  • Identify the attrition rate to develop strategy to target reps with low probability of staying.
  • Implement a Strategy to increase the revenue and keep reps who are generating more revenue for the organization.

Confidential, Irving, TX

AV Specialist

  • Set up, adjust, and operate audiovisual equipment such as cameras, film and slide projectors, and recording equipment, for meetings, events, classes, seminars and video conferences.
  • Acquire, catalog, and maintain collections of audiovisual material such as films, video- and audio-tapes, photographs, and software programs.
  • Maintain accurate record of equipment inventory using Excel and troubleshoot equipment problems.
  • Repair damaged or malfunctioning equipment and perform routine maintenance.


Business Data Analyst

  • Collect data from the client, analyze, summarize and interpret to do a better decision making.
  • Implemented various KPIs and prepared Invoice dashboards with MicroStrategy.
  • Create data Stories, Reports and visualizations using Tableau and Power BI.
  • Keep track in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Create ad hoc, weekly and monthly reports in compliance with the client requirement with Excel.
  • Communicate effectively in both verbal and written manner to the client.
  • Set up a meeting with the client to address business needs and develop the business solution.
  • Develop business plan recommendations based on potential risks and returns.
  • Create timely reports and work closely with other team members.


Systems Engineer

  • Analyze performance of the virtual and Physical servers using BigMAMA, Excel Pivot tables, bar graphs, and Pi- chart.
  • Create reports using Excel.
  • Installing and configuration of MS Server 2012.
  • Troubleshoot active directory issues and monitor production servers in the data center.
  • Automate technical process to reduce the workflow.
  • Responsible for root cause analyses, documenting workflow process and incident management.
  • Maintain virtual Environment using VMware Exi servers and vCenter.


Power BI, Excel VLOOKUP/Pivot, Microsoft Azure data factory, Alteryx, MicroStrategy, SAS enterprise guide, T-SQL, SAS enterprise miner, R language, IBM Rational, Tableau, Power Point, Microsoft word, Intermediate level skills in Visio, MS Access, Data entry, Agile, Smartsheets, SDLC, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, OLAP, OLTP, BMC Remedy, Active Directory.

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