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Big Data Consultant Resume

New, YorK


  • Over 10 years of diverse software experience in architecture, design, development, testing and implementation of business solutions using OOAD.
  • Expertise in Big Data Solution Architecture, Design & Development
  • Strong Technical experience in Big Data Ecosystem(Hadoop, Map/Reduce, YARN, Spark, Hive, HBase, Pig, Oozie, Zookeeper)
  • Experience working in technologies like C++, Java, Python and Scala
  • Experience working in STL, Boost, Multithreading, IPC, Socket programming, TCP/IP programming, packet capturing/processing and session management
  • Open source tools like ZeroMQ, TinyXML, OpenSSL, Sqlite3, libPCAP, Net - snmp etc
  • Scripting language knowledge of Shell, Python, TCL/TK and Perl.
  • 5+ Years of experience in Telecom domain (Evolved Packet Core, Telecom Billing and Policy and Charging Control)
  • Worked in Automotive Embedded, Manufacturing, and Finance domains.
  • Worked in 3GPP Compliant PCC components (OCS, OFCS, SPR and PCRF)
  • Worked on LTE-SAE’s EPC (SGW, MME, PGW and PCRF).
  • Worked on Telecom Protocols like Diameter, Radius, GTP, SOAP
  • Lead End to End design and delivery of Projects.
  • Worked on Confidential Enabler, Singl.eView ICP, Confidential PCRF, Confidential products
  • Worked with configuration management tools like SVN, GIT, Clear Case and BK.


Programming language: C++, Java, Python and Scala

Scripting Languages: : Shell, Perl, Python, and TCL/TK.

DBMS: Oracle, SQLite, MySql, TimesTen

Big Data Technologies: Hadoop, Map/Reduce, YARN, Spark, HiveHBase, Pig, Oozie, Zookeeper


Confidential, New York

Big Data Consultant

Platform: Big Data Ecosystem (MapR)

Technologies Used: Java, Python, Scala, C++, SQL, Shell Script, Perl Script, Hadoop MR1, MR2, YARN, Spark, Hive, HBase, Pig, Oozie, Zookeeper

Tools: Putty, MySql Workbench, Confluence, Stash, Jira, SVN, GIT, Maven, Gradle


  • Business Development, Business Strategy Consulting, Planning & Operations in Big Data space using Hadoop, Map Reduce, Yarn, Spark etc.
  • Big Data Architecture, implementations, strategy and POC on the latest technologies.
  • Implementation of k Nearest Neighbor in Python and Scala using Spark distributed computing engine.
  • Design and development of a tool which is used to Capturing the data from the network.
  • Design, develop and modify software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences.
  • Capture the web traffic from Amex web applications and prepare it for analysis.
  • Creating and maintaining C++, Java API’s to support the data capture and data analysis.
  • Implementing various machine learning algorithms and benchmarking the results.
  • Writing Map Reduce jobs in Java and performing performance tuning of the jobs.
  • Performing data manipulation and data analytics in Big data ecosystem
  • Preparing for the deployment of the models in production.
  • Optimize various predictive models to execute faster in a resource intensive Big Data environment (MapR).
  • Migration of the Map Reduce jobs from MR1 to Yarn .
  • Develop software system testing and validation procedures, programming, and documentation. Writing Shell, Python, and Perl Scripts to execute programs seamlessly
  • Design and Development of a Big Data Warehouse Platform having capability of ingesting the data from different sources and performing data transformation/organization on it.
  • Design and Development of Data Lineage module which will show the relationship between the raw data and the processed one.
  • Contributed to the development of an installer which will install and deploy the Big Data Warehouse Platform seamlessly.
  • Design and Developmenet of a columnar access control using Parquet custom Serde and input/output Implementation.
  • POC on the Kerberos and LDAP integration of the access control in Big data Warehouse Platform.



Platform: HP-UX and Oracle 10g

Technologies Used: C++, SQL, Shell Script

Tools: Putty, Toad, QC and Confidential internal Tools.


  • Data Analysis and Reporting.
  • Production Support.
  • Defect Fixing, C++ Code profiling and debugging using GDB
  • Performance tuning of SQL queries.
  • Workaround and patch creation
  • Customer Queries, Audit and Remedy Tickets


Lead Software Engineer

Platform: Unix

Technologies Used: C, C++

Tools: Putty, SVN, Redmine


  • Design and Development of Command Line Interface for the Confidential Box using C++ and boost library
  • Design and development of a tool pcapFastFrwd which modifies the pcaps using C++ language
  • Net SNMP code modification for adding new variables
  • Design and Development of Call Flow manager using C language for implementation
  • Design and Development of pcap manager using C for implementation
  • Design and development of GTP vipe using C language
  • POC using Flume, Hadoop MR1 and Hive to capture the data and perform data analysis on the data loaded in Hive tables.


Technical Lead

Platform: Unix

Technologies Used: C++, Java Springs, My SQL

Tools: Putty, SVN, Pentaho, Gantt Project


  • Design and Development of diameter compliant Gx, Rx, S9 and Sp interface.
  • Design and development of caching feature in Java
  • Limit Monitoring feature having SMS, Email and Redirect functionality
  • Application, Location and Device based policies
  • Design and Development of Turbo Boost Policy
  • Sp Adapter Design and Development using Java
  • License feature for the product with node locking using C++ and STL
  • Leading the team during various releases.
  • Leveraged capabilities of Pentaho to add data analysis capability to the product.


Sr. Associate

Platform: Debian, RHEL, StarOS, Times Ten and Oracle 10g

Technologies Used: Here I am exposed to Confidential IPCF, Confidential SSC, ASR 5000(PGW), Star OS, TCL/TK Scripting, Python, C++.

Tools: Putty, BK, CallGen, miniD, SAE-SIM, MonPro


  • Development of Gx, Sy and Sp interfaces using Diameter protocol. Adding a new diameter message involved modifying the dictionary classes and adding new AVP classes.
  • Development and Testing of CGF interface i.e. Gz interface using XML and C++ language features. Here we have used STL extensively to support our data structure needs.
  • Developing Python scripts for PCRF to interface with SPR.
  • Developing TCL/TK scripts for testing the interfaces.
  • Configuring Confidential ASR5000 (Starent ST40) for SGW/SGSN, PDN-GW/GGSN and PCRF in standalone as well as combo setup.

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