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Data Analyst Resume

Mountain View, CA


Engineering professional with putting the “Customer First” practice and a good team player. Completed deepening the skillsets of Data Analytics at Confidential, seeking to offer significant strength in providing Quality Data Analysis to the Customers. Changed my career to seek pure Data Analyst and the work I’ve done before will complement the skills set.


Advance Excel, Python (Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter Notebook), VBA, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Tableau, Sisense, Git, Git Hub, familiar with R, Hadoop, machine learning and deep learning



Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Data Analyst


  • Generate metrics reports on Inventory, by gathering data from several sources - BarScan DB (mysql scripts), including Microsoft Excel, printed reports, emails, etc. to correlate and reconcile.
  • Categorize metrics by host/service, aging reports, technical report writing and summarizing project goals and objectives.
  • Weekly tasks completed, including percentage of progress towards goals and objectives (KPI metrics).
  • Executive Summary Charts/graphs of metrics for Program Management, CIO, Center Agency Leadership,
  • Collaborate and consult with different teams for data collection and communicate through emails, phone, chats, meetings in person.


Data Science/Data Engineer


  • Build a WebApp that scrapes various Websites for data related to the Mission to Mars and displays the information in a single HTML page using MongoDB, Flask Application, Jupyter Notebook, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, HTML, JavaScript, Python, SQL scripts and Requests/Splinter.
  • Interactive Visualizations and Dashboards of Charts based on the medical dataset and its effect on various ethnicities, using Flask API, HTML, JavaScript, Sqlite database, Python, JSON and CSV
  • Machine Learning - Predict the Wine Varietals given the Description, with Natural Language Processing with Naïve Bayes model, Decision Trees, Support Vector Model (SVM) model and created an UI web app that would ask for a user to input a description of a wine and show the models prediction.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Sr. Customer Solutions/Data Analyst


  • Diagnose and provide resolutions on customer reported issues on Quali products with Python, Networking, Sisense (BI Module & Analytics) and SQL scripting.
  • Used Jira for bug tracking and product feature management, and github for distributed version controls.
  • Integrate /Plug-in with BI tool Sisense and working with business users on analytics and reporting.
  • Liaise with Engineering, QA and PM to troubleshoot, reproduce, and resolve support incidents.
  • Provided escalation support for North America and Confidential customers on Quali’s CloudShell, TestShell LaaS, Cloud based solutions with third party Plug-Ins such as Ranorex, Sisense, SQL Queries and others.
  • Assisted other support team members, Pre-sales and Delivery teams with Product configuration, and technical resolution while providing onsite and remote support on customer evaluations.

Confidential, Redwood City, CA

Sr. Product Support


  • Maintain and integrate Salesforce with Vantage(Product) captures and all communications with compliance.
  • Used Jira for triaging defects and the development status, and github for distributed version controls.
  • Setup Security config and Controls policies to comply with FINRA and IROC regulatory compliances.
  • Contributed Knowledge Base (KB) articles, and Documentation in SFDC(Salesforce.com).
  • Managed Order Processing and License keys on Renewals and new Software Upgrades using SFDC.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Product Support Engineer


  • Analyzed operational metrics, monitoring systems and support escalations.
  • Used Jira for triaging defects and the development status, and github for distributed version controls.
  • Provided technical support for all Confidential Display Advertising products using SQL Queries, HTML, CSS.
  • Analyzed, and performed troubleshooting with Web Apps using Networking and Chrome developer tools.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Principal Customer Solutions Engineer


  • Translated customer requirements to product specifications on key features for value add.
  • Used Revision Control System ( Confidential ) for bug tracking and version controls.
  • Generated Reports using SQL Queries, Excel based dashboard/charts of Lithography Data covering multiple designs.
  • Created and conducted demos, and prepared the licensing process for demos.

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