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Sr Salesforce Developer/lead Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over 18 years of IT experience in Design and Application Development of CRM systems inSalesforce.
  • Sound knowledge with application concepts and extensive experience on the Standard out of the Box and Customization using custom objects and functionalities on Sales, Service and Marketing cloud environments.
  • Provided guidance and expertise on requirements regarding analysis, solution architecture, design, and development.
  • Effectively customized applications on Salesforce platform performing Force.Com development,Integration of Salesforce with external and enterprise system along with Admin related duties.
  • Upgraded Salesforce Classic UI functionality to Lightning UI. Created various Lightning components and also used SLDS for VF Pages and Modals, and converted Apex controllers to Lightning Data Services.
  • Performed tasks that include creating Objects, Reports, Triggers, Workflows, Data Loads, Batch Jobs, Scheduled Jobs, Assignments Rules, APEX Classes (OOPS), Visual Force Pages, CSS Stylesheets, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and Web Services.
  • Accountable for customizing, implementing, and upgrading of Siebel CRM from v7.X to 8.X, (HI and OPEN UI) and understanding the architecture, scope and functionality with SQLServer db.
  • Creation and technical documentation for new and innovative Siebel CRM application utilizingSiebel Tools.
  • Design, development and maintenance of modifying business objects, business components, Views, Screens, Applets, MVG Applets, State Model, List of Values, Pick Lists (Static & Dynamic), Toggles and Drilldowns, EBC, VBC, Business Services (Client and Server), DB Views, Stored Procedures.
  • Directed team contact and presentation of results, training and teaching in implementing business requirements into Functional and Technical specifications.
  • Experience in developing Web Application using Oracle and SQLServer, PL/SQL, Packaged Procedures, Stored Procedures, and DB Views.
  • Manages multiple project and program related activities relating to Scrum and Agile schedule with on - time delivery.
  • Having extensive exposure of working in Onsite offshore Model, worked on multilingual Siebel Implementation and also worked on Siebel Global Role out implementation.


Salesforce CRM:, Administration, Development, Architecting, Data Loader, APEX, Visual Force, Web Services, Callouts, Workbench, Sublime Text 3/Mavensmate, Eclipse, SOQL, SOSL

SiebelCRM:, Siebel Configuration, Siebel Server Components: EAI, EIM, Assignment Manager, Workflow Manager, Siebel Tools, Siebel EAI, eScript, Browser Scripts, VBC,EBC, Integration Objects,Business Service.

Web Design & Graphics: CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and DHTML.

Programming: Java,PL/SQL, APEX Classes, REST, SOAPUI, WSDL, SQL, eScripting, DB Views, Stored Procedures.

Operating Systems:: Unix, Linux, Solaris, various Windows Servers, Mac OS


Sr Salesforce Developer/Lead

Confidential, Atlanta GA


  • Sales Structure of the Company has changed so the Salesforce System has to be redesigned. Involved in Design and Development of the new System and also make sure the data is migrated to the new structure. Converted the application from Classic to Lightning. Development of new VF Pages, Controllers, Batch jobs and Scripts which will be used to populate data post Migration. Working with Admins on the configuration and also involve myself with some configurations. Providing Solutions for their requirements and also prototyping some of the complex requirements. Involved in day to day Support to various Sales Teams (Users) needs. IntegratingPricing Portal System with Salesforce so that the Products can be priced with just a click of button from Salesforce.

Senior Salesforce Developer, Atlanta GA



  • Focused on building teams, developmentprocesses, achieving consensus, and implementing process as part of the Development Team.
  • Configuration, enhancement and maintaining multiple Sales and Service Clouds applications that are being used by various Users in the company.
  • Integration development of Callout (Web services) and Inbound calls using REST with Oracle Financial application System and other Auction servers for Service and Sales details that needs to be updated in Salesforce.
  • Design/Development of VisualForcePages, APEXClasses, Workflows, Triggers, Dataloads, Batchjobs, Objects, JavaScript, CSSStylesheets and for Salesforce application.
  • Worked / Created many Custom Controllers, and also built a Custom application for Generic Field history tracking. This can be called to track the field changes for any Custom or Standard objects so that we can overcome the salesforce Limit of 20 fields per object.
  • Refactored many areas in the code base to resolve Governor limits and Recursion issues.
  • This salesforce application has also some Managed Packages and need to work with the Vendors for our change requests.

Senior Salesforce Developer (Contract)

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL


  • Configuration, enhancement and maintaining the Salesforce application that is being used by various Users in the company for lending loans.
  • Focused on building teams, developmentprocesses, achieving consensus, and implementing process as part of the Development Team.
  • Development of Callout (Web services)with many external systems like EmailAge, DOTS, Credit Unions using the JSON protocol.
  • Development of VisualForcePages, APEXClasses, Workflows, Triggers, Dataloads, Batchjobs, Objects, JavaScript, CSSStylesheets and for Salesforce application.
  • This salesforce application has also couple of Managed Packages like CreditLending and Conga.

Senior Applications Developer

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA


  • Configuration, enhancement and maintaining the Verizon Premisys Quoting and Ordering Enterprise system.
  • Supporting the Verizon Enterprise sales of telecommunications Equipment and Services, from Quote to Ordering.
  • Customization of the Siebel system to suit the business needs and integrated with many enterprise system using the SOAP methodology.
  • Migration to Salesforce with development of Visual Force Pages, APEX Classes, Workflows, Triggers, Data loads, Batch jobs, Objects, Reports, JavaScript, CSS Stylesheets and Web Services (SOAP & REST) from a Siebel application.
  • Implemented changes in the Pricing engine SQL Stored Procedures, to provide a uniform global pricing framework. Resulting in decrease of manual interventions and increase in productivity for the sales teams, through faster quoting and pricing with a gain of 10% in man hours.
  • Enhancements in different areas of the application, to provide faster quote to order experience for sales team. Resulting with an improvement of 15% in saved productivity time.
  • Development of various interfaces with external systems such as Premisys System, which is one of many in the VES integrated Systems.
  • Worked on various DB Views and Stored Procedures and fine-tuned the SQL’s to improve the performance which resulted in tremendous response time for users.
  • Analyzed existing Real Time Interfaces which are developed using Siebel 6 Technologies.
  • Proposed design to migrate these interfaces by using Siebel 7 technologies.
  • Migrated few of VB6 DLL Interfaces into Siebel by using Siebel XML Converter and Transport Adapters.
  • Proposed design to migrate Browser Scripts to suit the Siebel 8.XX Open UI Functionality.
  • Proposed design to improve error handling. Instead of using mail DLL of VB6, used Siebel Outbound Communication Manager for error notification
  • Involved from the Design Phase of the project and prepared Technical Design Documents.
  • Prepared the Unit Test cases based on the functional design.
  • Configured the Siebel Application as per the design document created. Configured MVG, Pick Applet, Screens,Views.
  • Associated Views with Responsibility and Position with User.
  • Wrote complex scripts on Business Service, for achieving functional requirement

Senior Systems Engineer



  • Development of Code for implementation of business requirements.
  • Thorough analysis of business requirements.
  • The business users, analysts and management teams were involved in development cycle. This resulted in complete transparency and no surprises when the product was delivered for User acceptance testing, and subsequently deployment to production.
  • Worked closely with business users and analysts in enhancements and change management for this system by developing various Packaged and Stored Procedures in Oracle 9.X and 10.X PL/SQL, ensuring performance and a quality product with each release.
  • Developed various interfaces with external systems for real-time data validations using PL/SQL and middleware team building flat files and xml.

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