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Sr. Microstrategy Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 7+years of experience as Data warehouse/Business Intelligence Consultant.
  • Having good experience in Retail, Finance and Health care Domains.
  • Experience on MicroStrategy Project Design and Implementing MicroStrategy Projects 9.X, 10.X
  • Expertise in Creating Schema Objects (facts, attributes, Hierarchies, Transformations)
  • Expertise in Developing User Objects (filters, prompts, metrics, Custom Groups, Consolidations, Searches) to develop Documents and reports.
  • Created Complex Dashboards and mobile Dashboards.
  • Created Intelligent Cubes for improving the Performance.
  • Expertise in using Pass - Through Expressions like Apply Simple and Apply Comparison to develop complex Filters and Transformations.
  • Expertise in creating Dashboard Reports to view personalized reports based on user requirements. Expertise in creating Hyper Links in Documents.
  • Expertise in Administration tasks like creating user accounts, assigning privileges and Security Filters.
  • Good in report developing, testing, deploying reporting solutions, scheduling the reports in MicroStrategy and manage the application’s users, groups, and integrations with active directory.
  • Expertise in Migration of MicroStrategy Environment from 9.3.1 to 9.4.1
  • Expertise in Using Administrative tools like Object manager, Command manager, Integrity manager and Enterprise manager
  • Exposure in dealing with variety of Databases like Teradata, Oracle, Netezza, Sql Server
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in creating Star and snowflake Schema.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of SQL and ability to write SQL queries.
  • Quick learner, ability to work in groups or alone, ability to work on tight schedules.
  • Excellent team player with good analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.


Business Intelligence Reporting Tools: MicroStrategy 9.X/8.X (Desktop, Architect, Web, Mobile, Office Narrowcast Server, Intelligence server)

Databases: Teradata 13.1/14.1, Oracle 10g/9i, Netezza, Sql Server

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, XML, HTML, C, C++

Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/2008/2003, UNIX, LINUX

Tools: and Utilities:: SQL Assistance, Data Stage, Talend, Toad, ERWIN, SQL Developer, SQL Loader, Query Analyzer.


Sr. MicroStrategy Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

  • Experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation (all phases of software development life cycle - SDLC).
  • Designed the MicroStrategy Project Schema/Architecture and involved in suggesting changes to the Logical Data Model as per the Business Requests and implementing the same in the MicroStrategy Project Schema.
  • Created attributes, facts, hierarchies and transformation objects as part of the development requirement for project.
  • Ensured proper relationships were established between the attributes to avoid any improper SQL query joins.
  • Created reports using Prompts, Filters, Advanced filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations.
  • Developed Dashboards that provide users a highly graphical, summary view of key metrics.
  • Created new and innovative dashboards based on the latest version.
  • Have used various Visualizations for Dashboard reporting.
  • Extensively used Report Services to generate Documents for exporting to Excel & PDF.
  • Created Intelligent ICubes for Improving the performance.
  • Performance Tuning of Reports and Dashboards at MSTR and DB Level
  • Automated ICubes refresh based on ETL Jobs using Autosys Scheduler.
  • Played a key role in User Acceptance Testing of the reports.
  • Tested all the reports by running queries against the warehouse-using SQL Developer.
  • Used Distribution Services to deliver reports directly to business users through Email & History List.
  • Worked with Object Manager to migrate objects from lower environments to higher environments.
  • Provided technical walk through to various stake holders.
  • Coordinate with ETL and Data Modeling team to ensure all the requirements are met.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.x (Architect, Developer, Object Manager,), Informatica Power Center, Oracle.

Sr. MicroStrategy Developer

Confidential, Sacramento, C.A

  • Involving in the design and development of logical and physical schema.
  • Involved in design/development life cycle including gathering requirements, user interaction and report design and development.
  • Gathered functional and non-functional client requirements in order to optimize the design of BI deliverables such as reports, dashboards and visualizations.
  • Worked as a MicroStrategy Architect and created best suited solutions to the existing system.
  • Created different Schema Objects like Attributes, Facts, Transformations, and Hierarchies by using MicroStrategy Architect of the MicroStrategy BI Suite.
  • Developed Metrics, Filters, Prompts to achieve the functionality of the canned reports and created advanced objects like Derived Metrics, Compound Metrics.
  • Generated reports using Advanced Metric objects, Filters, Prompts and also created Customized Templates to facilitate the End users to create customized reports by choosing Filters, Metrics and Report Attributes.
  • Developed MicroStrategy Dynamic Dashboards in the Flash Mode using several controls and worked extensively on widgets and MicroStrategy Visual Insights.
  • Worked closely with all aspects of the Business Intelligence group in order to deliver the required solutions in a timely manner.
  • Using Auto Prompts filter feature to give the end-user a choice of different filtering criteria each time they run the report.
  • Worked with end users along with Business Analysts to build reports and dynamic dashboards.
  • Worked with the DBA & ETL Team on issues of database performance and security.
  • Prepare opportunity analysis report and business modeling for priority basis.
  • Responsible for ensuring quality and standard in all the research activities.
  • Determines which analytics approaches are best-suited for a particular desired result.
  • Conducted Data validation testing to ensure data quality.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.x, 10.x (Architect, Developer, Object Manager,), Informatica Power Center, SQL Server, Sales force.

MicroStrategy Developer

Confidential, Irving, TX

  • Worked with business analysts to baseline the reporting requirements.
  • Worked with data modeling team on the dimension model to close out the gaps in the model to best use the underlying tables needed for BI layer.
  • Worked with data architects on data needed for testing the reports and dashboards.
  • Extensively worked with MicroStrategy architect to develop schema objects such as, attribute, facts, hierarchies, consolidations and transformations etc.
  • Extensively used MicroStrategy Desktop to develop application objects such as reports, metrics, filters, prompts, custom groups etc.
  • Created drill maps for end users to drill down and recover data.
  • Extensively worked with MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Administrator reporting basic using MicroStrategy Desktop and MicroStrategy Web.
  • Extensively worked in both Ad-hoc and standard reporting environments and involved in creating Reports scalable to large volumes of data.
  • Involved in Informatica development besides MicroStrategy role
  • Involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy Web Reports, optimizing the SQL using the VLDB Properties.
  • Designed and Developed MicroStrategy Dashboards using customized Widgets.
  • Created Datasets for the Dynamic dashboards using various selectors, panels and widgets.
  • Extensively used report services to create dashboards to create summary level reports using multiple datasets.
  • Extensively worked on Dashboards and have utilized the new features to convert the dashboards into Flash mode.
  • Worked extensively with Business Analyst to finalize the dashboard layouts and also worked on fine detail formatting for a desired look and feel.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.3.1 & 9.4.1, Informatica, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008, Main Frames, Windows.


MicroStrategy Developer

  • Participated in the development and implementation of complex MSTR Reports using MicroStrategy Product suite.
  • Created MicroStrategy Schema objects and Application objects using MicroStrategy Desktop and Architect like Metrics, Prompts, Filters, Custom Groups and Transformations for the report development.
  • Creation of Intelligent Cubes and sharing to reduce the database load and decreasing the report execution by using Cube Services.
  • Used SQL tuning techniques to marry MicroStrategy Schema & Teradata view layers for better performance
  • Hands-on development of complex dashboards & reports using Multisource option.
  • Created Dashboards with panel stacks, grids, graphs, widgets both in flash and interactive modes.
  • Performed Regression testing of the core reports using Integrity Manager Post deployment.
  • Architected objects and developed strategic reports integrating multiple country data for International Business groups
  • Created advanced grid reports, consisting of data analysis by combining a template with filters. The end-users were able to generate ad-hoc report by drilling up, down, within and across dimension or anywhere.
  • Deployed Custom Restaurant Group & Custom Item Group functionality using Filters, Prompts & search objects functions.
  • Involved in performance tuning of MicroStrategy reports, by optimizing the SQL using VLDB properties.

Environment: MicroStrategy 9.4.1/9.3.1 (Administrator, Architect, Desktop, Object Manager), Teradata 14.10, SQL Server, Talend 5.6, Windows XP Professional

MicroStrategy Developer



  • Application objects (filters, prompts, metrics, consolidations, custom groups, reports) needed to create the Micro strategy objects necessary for the deliverable.
  • Created Ad-hoc reports by gathering specific requirements from the different users.
  • Attended weekly project and team meetings and provided status on the assigned tasks.
  • Created project plans for development of MicroStrategy projects.
  • Extensively used INFORMATICA Power center 8.6 client to extract data from sequential files, Oracle databases and loaded into a single data warehouse repository in SQL Server.
  • Developed PL/SQL Business Functions, which were used with MicroStrategy Reports.
  • Designed and translated Logical Data Models into various Physical Warehouse Schemas.
  • Partnering with our business clients to understand the business analysis to be performed and subsequent required reports.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures to encapsulate Business processes.
  • The Projects in Project Sources were connected to the Data warehouse and Metadata Repository through a 3-Tier Architecture involving MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
  • Checked all the reports available in previous project, Scan data were developed with same or more functionality in EDW.
  • Experience in using Teradata utilities such as Fast load, Multi load and Fast Export.
  • Interacted with users from different functional teams across the organization in gathering requirements for developing departmental dashboards and Key Performance Index corporate dashboards
  • Analyzed the user requirements and project specifications to identify entities.
  • Implemented infrastructure and software architecture modifications, best practices, and naming standards resulting in quicker delivery to the business and accelerating the software development lifecycle.

Environment: MicroStrategy (Desktop, Intelligence Server, Web), SQL Server 2000 and Windows.

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