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Sr. Bi Developer Resume

Houston, TX


  • MS Certified Technology Specialist with extensive experience in Database Architecture, Administration, System Analysis, Design, Development and Support of MS SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005 in Test, Development and Production environments.
  • Strong experience in BI tools and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for ETL (Extract, Transformation and Loading), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for creating different types of reports using sql query’s and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) for design and developing complex cubes( Multidimensional and Tabular), MDX query’s and Tabular Module DAX Query’s.
  • Expert in developing ETL from SSIS and Informatica tools into the Data warehouse from Heterogeneous data sources such as Oracle, Sql server,DB2, Sybase, Excel, MS Access, CSV, flat file etc.
  • Experienced in scheduling SSIS Packages and stored procedures with SQL Server Agent, created Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent and Scheduled SSIS Packages.
  • Strong background in creating different types of reports (Tabular Reports, Matrix, Cross Tabs, Drill Down, Charts, Functions and Maps) by extracting data from tables, store procedures into report builder and SQL server reporting services. And customizing reports by adding Filters, Calculations, Prompts, Summaries and Functions in both native and SharePoint mode.
  • Expert in Design and Development of large number of enterprise reports using Query, SSRS, Business Objects, Power BI, Qlikview, Microstrategy, Tableau, SSAS using various data sources.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages (.dtsx files) to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases, data mart databases, and process SSAS cubes to store data to OLAP databases.
  • Expert in creating and deploying SSRS reports on the portal for user accessibility. Expert in writing parameterized queries for generating tabular reports, formatting report layout, sub - reports using global variables, subtotals, expressions, functions, sorting the data, defining data sources for the reports using SSRS.
  • Experience in data mining, text mining, business intelligence and machine learning algorithm development and implementation.
  • Extensive experience in using T-SQL for developing complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Tables, Views, User Defined Functions.
  • Experienced in creating Tables, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Cursors, Triggers, functions & SQL joins
  • Experience in developing the applications using T-SQL Programming (DDL, DML, and DCL).
  • Strong understanding of Kimball approach and experienced in star and snowflake schema structures.
  • Strong experience in logical and physical database design, development and Data modeling using Erwin and SQL server enterprise manager.
  • Experience in understanding and querying Oracle databases (10g/11g) as well as an ability to understand the business rules that apply to the data.
  • Expert in using Performance Tuning and optimization tools like MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning wizard, SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor.
  • Experience in meta data management and data integration engines using Biztalk, Informatica and SSIS.
  • Experience with Hadoop technologies like Hortonworks, Cloudera, Flume etc.
  • Exposure to all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) with in-depth knowledge of agile methodology, enterprise reporting life cycle, SQL server migrations, change control rules, problem solving skills, escalation procedures, documentations and knowledge transfer.
  • Excellent communication, analytical skills, self-learning abilities and leadership quality.


Languages: SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL,C, C++,C#, Java

DBMS/RDBMS: MS-SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle Databases 11g/10g/9i, T-Sql, PLSQL, Sql Loader, IBM DB2

Tools: SSMS, SQL Server Profiler, Visual Studio 2017/2015/2013/2010/2008 , Toad, Reporting Services, Idera Diagnostic Manager, Idera Defrag manager, Enterprise manager, Erwin, IDEAS (JDA Report Interface),Sage 10 ERP, Qlikview, Tableau, Microstrategy 9.4/10, Service-now, Informatica, SAP, Sales Force, Talend, Python, Power BI

Web Technologies: HTML, XML,XHTML,ASP.Net

Version Control Tools: TFS,VSS,SVN


Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr. BI Developer


  • Created Data Warehouse from scratch that include Requirement gathering, Design, Development, Testing and implementation to production to support 5 different legacy systems data with tabular mode SSAS Cubes.
  • Managed project as Project lead to validate data from legacy systems, finance application (AX system) vs Data warehouse.
  • Supported AX system SSIS ETLS(Finance processes) from legacy systems.
  • Created ETL processes to get data from Sales force by understanding Sales force environment and rules.
  • Used pragmatic work bench tool with Microsoft tools for advance functionality and documentation.
  • Enhanced Data warehouse functionality by various new requirements and added other legacy system to it.
  • Created new tabular cubes based on user requirements and created SSRS reports from SSAS cubes.
  • Manage project to upgrade SSAS to support increasing demand of new cubes in memory.
  • Worked on Corporate Databases (Oracle and Sql servers) to handle different ETL processes (SSIS and Informatica) for Supply chain; Operational and road net applications.
  • Handle and manage Star Reports (Personalized Reporting application) for corporate team.
  • Worked on tableau server configuration and report development for pricing team to build their own reporting application from Data warehouse.
  • Worked with Pricing, accounting and finance team to build different SSRS reports from application databases, sales force and AX systems.
  • Help business to provide ad hoc reporting through sqls and views for Audit purposes and Client request.
  • Documented all SSIS packages that used by my team with detail information.
  • Managed Qlikview Reporting Tools as administrator and as Developer to support 40 +Dashboards.
  • Supported Informatica ETL processes for Finance team.
  • Converted ETL packages from Talend tool to SSIS tool.
  • Worked on Project to transfer Customer data to Azure cloud.
  • Took SAP s (SAP Hana, SAP Data services, SAP BI) as company is going to launch SAP in near future.
  • Worked on Service Now Ticketing system for tasks, Incidents and projects.
  • Used Power BI to develop reports for Different teams.

Confidential, Houston, TX

BI Developer\Analyst


  • Handling BI SSRS development and production Environment.
  • Created Reports for business users, Finance, DTC, Account, and Merchandise Departments.
  • Working on SQL Server 2012/2008R2, Microsoft Visual Studio, Report Builder, Report Manager.
  • Handling and troubleshooting SQL Agent jobs, Reports Subscriptions, Report Security and Access.
  • Validating Reports data with production server data.
  • Working on IBM db2 Server to create Reports for Business Analysis.
  • Uploading all SSRS Reports to SharePoint site.
  • Created SSIS packages to transfer data from Excel sheets to Tables.
  • Maintaining Company's corporate SharePoint site as Developer and Administrator.
  • Troubleshooting existing Excel Visual basic Reports.
  • Involved in Office 365 SharePoint Project to migrate existing SharePoint site and develop new features/functions to Corporate SharePoint Site.
  • Administrator of Sage 100 ERP Application.
  • Involved in new BI Data warehouse design project as Business analyst and data warehouse developer.
  • Worked on JDA MMS databases to understand requirement and map different fields for Project Plan.
  • Validated company's New BI data warehouse with source data and OLD data warehouse metrics.
  • Developed SSIS ETL process for New BI data warehouse.
  • Created ad hoc reports, visualization and dashboard on Microstrategy 9.4/10.
  • Maintain VB Scripts excel reports.
  • Created ETL processes out of Oracle database and MySql databases.
  • Used SharePoint Designer 2010 to update existing SharePoint site.
  • Worked on JDA Report interface and JDA IDEAS Data Warehouse for Reporting.
  • Created Business objects reports for all stores to run for Employee hours schedule and performance payout.
  • Worked on python scripts to provide data to users to analyze business trend.

Confidential, Houston, TX

BI/SQL Developer


  • Involve in Creating SSIS packages to load data from Oracle database to Staging database to destination database using complex T-SQL Query using different control flow and data flow logic depending on data and mapping documents.
  • Use different test cases to test packages.
  • Create Reports for business users to view call center data with advance search using cascading parameter.
  • Involve in release of packages from development to ITG (Testing) environment.
  • Documented development and testing package and report tasks.
  • Created cubes using SSAS and deploy them on development to test server.
  • Created some reports using MDX On cubes.
  • Working on enhancement on time to fail project to connect to DAX server and load data to SQL server using ETL packages.
  • Worked on Oracle Databases and Toad as part of Project to extract data.
  • Worked on AWS technologies (RedShift, SageMaker etc.) as Part of Data Analyst team to gather data for Future Product analysis.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

BI (SQL) Developer


  • Involved in designing, developing and testing of the ETL (Extract, Transformation and Load) strategy to populate the data from various source systems feeds using SSIS to SQL server.
  • Created the SSSI packages which look for current day file and process data to load into database tables on daily basis according to the client requirements.
  • Creating SSIS package to load data from Flat File to Flat File and Flat File to Data warehouse and Report-Data mart using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation, and Slowly Changing Dimension.
  • Involved in Unit testing to ensure the correct functioning of the stored procedure and SSIS packages.
  • Used staging tables, table variable and temporary tables to improve the performance.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases, data mart databases and process SSAS cubes to store data to OLAP databases.
  • Used Performance Monitor and SQL Profiler to optimize queries and enhance the performance of database servers.
  • Monitoring Event viewer, SQL Error logs and Log File Viewer for Software and hardware related errors.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the Queries and Indexes using SQL Server Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Performance Monitor and DBCC commands and Dynamic Management Views.
  • Worked on SSAS for data warehouse and data mining for new application.
  • Management of users including creation/alteration, grant of system/dB roles and permissions on various database objects.
  • Involved in providing the structure, to store data and to maintain database efficiently, worked extensively in writing complex Queries and debugging complex stored procedures, Tables, Cursor, Views, Functions, Triggers and Indexes in the databases using T-SQL.
  • Created stored procedures which compares the existing data in the database table to flat file data and loads the new data or updates the existing data in the tables provided by daily feeds in flat file.
  • Involved in creating different types of reports (Tabular Reports, Matrix, Cross Tabs, Drill Down, Charts, Functions and Maps) by extracting data from tables, store procedures into report builder and SQL server reporting services. And customizing reports by adding Filters, Calculations, Prompts, Summaries and Functions in native and SharePoint integrated mode.
  • Created Crystal reports which calls stored procedure; retrieves the data from database tables and displays data in the reports.
  • Used various logging methods in SSIS packages to track the errors and generate the log files

Confidential, Monroe, NJ

SQL Server Developer/DBA


  • Responsible for writing scripts in T-SQL to create stored procedures, views, triggers.
  • Created logical and physical database design, data structures, and implemented databases using Erwin.
  • Created SQL server configurations for SSIS packages, Created SSIS packages from scratch to move data from flat file, Excel and OLE DB sources and Scheduled SSIS jobs using SQL Server Agent.
  • Worked with SSIS to import, export and transform data between linked servers.
  • Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and schedule SSIS Packages.
  • Experience in performance optimization and performance tuning with best SQL practice.
  • Responsible for creating and managing index for query performance.
  • Created SSIS packages to extract the millions of records data (13GB) from flat files (comma delimited, fixed width) and loaded into relational tables.
  • Used various types of transformations such as Conditional Split, Derived Column, Data Conversion and OLEDB command, Merge, Union All to validating data and redirecting the data to insert and updating the data.
  • Used the SSIS Script Task, Execute SQL Task, Foreachloop container, Data flow task in control flow to create the SSIS packages according to the client requirements
  • Involved in Data Mining: Data Selection: - Identify the most important predictors, Data Cleaning: - Missing value Imputation and data quality assessment, Data Construction: - Construct new column or transformed column, Model Building: - Build the predictive model using Decision Tree, Result: - Model Evaluation, Identifying the Business Rules, File processing - Converted Text Sources into database after completing spell check.
  • Hands on experience in creating different types of Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

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