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Sr. Qliksense And Qlikview Consultant Resume

New, YorK


  • More than 9 Years of real time IT experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of Business intelligence applications.
  • Around 6 Years of BI Qlik sense and Qlikview Administration and Development Experience.
  • Worked on Qlikview versions 9,10,11,12 and Qlik Sense versions 1,2,3, 3.1, 3.2, November 2018
  • Expertise in Qlik Sense and Qlikview development, administration, data modelling and architecture.
  • Expert to optimize existing Qliksense and Qlikview reports to improve business productivity.
  • Expert in Qlik Data Modelling
  • Implemented Qlik Centre of Excellence.
  • Experience with Nprinting 17 and built the Nprinting reports and templates.
  • Expertise in creating the Qlik Apps.
  • Experience in Embedding and Mashups.
  • Expertise in Advanced Set Analysis
  • Expertise in Qlikview and Qlik Sense Security Implementation.
  • Expertise in the QMC
  • Expertise in the JMETER setup and Scalability Tests of Qlik Sense and dashboards.
  • Strong experience in Performance optimization
  • Expertise in Qlikview and Qlik Sense Extensions.
  • Expertise in Qlik APIs and building the custom solutions.
  • Built the custom auto deployment tool using Qlik Sense APIs.
  • Implemented all levels of security at row level, field level, and sheet level.
  • Expertise in implementing the Qlik dashboard security model using Section Access.
  • Experience in dimensional modelling using star and snow flake schemas. Very strong knowledge on data warehouse and data base concepts.
  • Experience in error handling and debugging of Qlikview and Qliksense reports. Expert in handling production issues like report failures, missing counts in reports, resolving synthetic keys, Loops.
  • Automating the Monitoring of the server and Fog light monitoring.
  • Defining and implementing the Best Practices and Excellence.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and strong ability to perform as part of a team.
  • Experience with Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from inception to delivery of product including requirements gathering, functional specification, design, estimation, implementation, debugging, documentation, Project Release and Production support.
  • Highly motivated self - starter team player who is organized and methodical.


BI TOOLS: Qlik Sense November 2018, 3.2x,3.1.3, Qlikview 12,11.2/ 10X/9X, Tableau, PowerBI, R

DATABASES: Greenplum, SQL Server, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, IBM DB2, Sybase, MS Access 2000MySQL 5.3, Postgres DB 9.3 and SAP BW.

ETL: Informatica Power Center 8.x/7.xPROGRAMMING: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3, Angular.JS, Node.JS, C#



Confidential, New York

Sr. Qliksense and Qlikview Consultant


  • Developing the Qlikview and Qlik Sense environment and supporting the business decision process.
  • Installing, configuring, Clustering, Load balancing and Multi-node installation of Qlik Sense Environment.
  • Creating the Qlikview and Qlik Sense dashboards and charts and performance optimization.
  • Qlikview and Qlik Sense Security Implementation.
  • Integrating the version control like SVN and GIT for Qlik sense.
  • Qlik Sense Attribute based access control and role creation using security rules.
  • Building the Nprinting reports.
  • JMETER setup and Scalability Tests for QlikView and Qliksense dashboards.
  • Worked on QlikSense Extensions using Java script and D3.
  • Handled big data in Qlik Sense.
  • Building the Qlik Sense Governance dashboard.
  • Building the Qlik Sense advanced Mashups and Themes.
  • Set analysis.
  • Performance tuning of SQL Queries.
  • Excellent knowledge on Security rules and Custom properties in QlikSense.
  • Hands on experience in setting up QlikSense for external users/providers.
  • Hands on experience with virtual proxy’s setup with SAML integration.
  • Expertise on creating security rules.
  • Customizing the QlikView and QlikSense Extensions using Java script.
  • Expertise in QlikSense SAML implementation and Security Rules.
  • Hands on Experience with NodeJS and configured with Qliksense Governance dashboard.
  • Configured the Qliksense Governance version v2.x.
  • Configured the Multi-node built-in Apps (License monitor and operations monitor) with in the Qliksense.
  • Data modelling, analysis, design, testing, development and implementation
  • Implementing the Security.
  • Building the Self-service Model Creating dashboards by extracting data from database write and externalize the load scripts, store the data as QVD files and designing the UI based on business/user requirements.
  • Use of Set analysis and aggregation functions for sheet objects.
  • Governing data connections within the Qliksense.
  • Implemented R & Python as Proof of Concept.
  • Worked on Qlik Web Connectors and Qlik Data Connectors.
  • Installed and configured N-Printing 17.x on Multi-node setup.
  • Expertise in NPrinting Creating Apps, Connections, task, Users, generating reports and publishing and importing.
  • Developed dashboard for manual testing as complexity index which is integrated with Qliksense Governance Dashboard.
  • Developed dashboard Performance index where it shows the values of CPU and RAM of all servers in one dashboard
  • Installed and Configured QMC utilities.
  • Familiar with PGADMINIII tool and connecting to POSTGRES Data Base checking the number connections and running SQL Quires within the tool to trouble shoot the logs from QSR.
  • Worked on bulk volume of data sets and different data sources like .csv files, oracle tables, excel files, images, etc.
  • Tune/Optimize QlikView and Qlik Sense applications in order to meet enterprise performance standards.

Environment: Qlik Sense November 2017, 3.2, Qlikview 12.1, NPrinting 17.2, Qlik Web Connectors, SQL Server, Greenplum, MS Access, MySQL 5.3, Qlik SAP Connector, Hadoop HIVE.

Confidential, California

Sr. Qlik Consultant


  • Full life-cycle development and implementation of Qlik in enterprise wide.
  • Leading the Qlikview and QlikSense development environment.
  • Creating the Qlik Sense dashboards and charts and Qlik Sense performance optimization.
  • Customizing the QlikSense Extensions using Java script and D3.
  • Handled big data in Qlik Sense.
  • Building the Qlik Sense advanced Mashups and Themes. Performance tuning of SQL Queries.
  • Attribute based access control and role creation.
  • JMETER setup and Scalability Tests of QlikSense and Qlikview dashboards.
  • QlikView and QlikSense Extensions.
  • Qlik APIs and building the custom solutions.
  • Experience in error handling and debugging of QlikSense and QLikview reports. Expert in handling production issues like report failures, missing counts in reports, resolving synthetic keys, Loops.
  • QlikView and QlikSense development.
  • QlikView and QlikSense Seta analysis, Data Modelling.
  • Handling big data loads to QlikView and QlikSense and implemented impactful solutions.
  • Improved the overall performance of the application and redesigned data model applying QlikView performance tuning techniques
  • Having experience in developing the QlikSense/QlikView environment and supporting the business decisions process.
  • Developed Many Qliksense templates, themes, master library items and story generation.
  • Studied the existing data model and incorporated the new fields including static and dynamic flag fields to meet with the business requirements
  • Extensively involved in identifying and solving the problems by coordinating with senior managers in emergency and normal issues to meet the goals.
  • Extensively participated in translating business needs into Business Intelligence reporting solutions by ensuring the correct selection of toolset available across the Qlik BI suite.
  • Working with User for requirements and part of the team developing the software.
  • Publish Qlik workbooks to cloud and schedule the refresh of data. Specialized in analysing the incremental refresh scenarios.
  • Participated in Preparing Detailed technical documents from the functional specifications.
  • Created Advance connections, join new tables, create & manage Extract and Monitor Queries using SQL Assistant.
  • Executed and tested required queries and reports before publishing dashboards.
  • Provided support once the dashboards were published if there were any data changes, system changes, or requirement changes.
  • Created Qlik scorecards, dashboards, Heat maps using show me functionality.
  • Created complex data Views Manually using multiple measures also used sort, Filter, group, Create Set functionality.
  • Consolidated data into QlikView from various data sources (SQL Database, Oracle Database, Xml, HTML, Green plum, Text files and Excel files).
  • Worked on integrating NPrinting setup with Qlikview reports for creating automated Pixel Perfect reports and Office Reports.
  • Qlikview data modelling by building the Star schema and resolving loops/synthetic keys following Qlikview dashboards optimization.
  • Working with all types of data loads and functions like Automap.
  • Worked on bulk volume of data sets and different data sources like .csv files, oracle tables, excel files, images, etc.

Environment: Qliksense, Qlikview dashboard, Business Objects, SVN, Curran 5.2, Oracle 10g/11g Subversions, Service Now, MS SQL Server, SAP BW

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Qlikview Developer


  • Developed highly customized QlikView, QlikSense, dashboard applications.
  • Designed and developed a wide variety of charts and associated sheet objects to satisfy complex business requirements.
  • Designed Graphical User Interface with Qlikview Extension objects according to requirement.
  • Qlikview Data Modelling.
  • Qlikview and Qlik Sense Design, Development and Administration.
  • SSRS to QlikView report development.
  • Created the report datasets in SSIS and OBIEE.
  • Created a navigational system that utilized QV hierarchy that used weights to identify values.
  • Worked on enhancements and Performance tuning of existing Apps.
  • Implemented Security & involved in Deployment of QlikView Applications.
  • Back traced data to make sure it works cohesively as well as accurately by looking for discrepancies such as duplicates, rescinded information etc...
  • Was given the task to define major KPI so analysed, brainstormed the needs of the company and created a trigger system that alerted higher ups in problems with any unit of measure they are measuring or would fall under their jurisdiction to know the status of.
  • Wrote Complex set analysis statements.
  • Used SQL Server Management Studio, TOAD to run SQL queries and validate the data in Data warehouse and Data Marts.
  • Testing Applications, reports using review checklists, Data quality for Quality Assurance before delivering to the end users.
  • Code review as well as fine tuning of applications as well as fixing data model.
  • Scheduled tasks in server and Troubleshoot application in access point as well provided maintenance.


Qlikview Consultant


  • Acted as QlikView Service Centre Lead for SONY Annual Maintenance system.
  • Involved in Requirement gathering & designing QlikView applications.
  • Designed and Build ‘Risk Analytics Enterprise Dashboard’ and worked with teams very closely in Design/Build/Test/UAT/Deploy/Post Production Phases
  • Created QlikView scripts to extract the data from Teradata, built QVDs, data model and dashboards
  • Developed dashboards using QlikView sheet objects using list boxes, multi boxes, charts, drill downs, cyclic groups, sliders (what-if-analysis) etc.
  • Developed Macros, Set Analysis in provide custom functionality in QlikView Applications.
  • Implemented NT Based security based on business requirements
  • Involved in the Performance Tuning of the QlikView Risk Dashboards for Various Businesses with in the SONY AMS.
  • Expert in Scheduling the QlikView Dashboards and Load files
  • Communicating with the QlikTech Team, India along with Confidential Technology Excellence Group for latest features, versions/migrations
  • Experienced in Financial Services, Commercial domains and Sales Domains, Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Sound Knowledge in Dimensional Modelling Concepts for DWH and in ETL/Database Optimization.


SAP BO Consultant


  • Gathered requirements and written load scripts.
  • Created incremental load scripts for products and customers using multiple data source.
  • Resolved data load issues like synthetic keys.
  • Developed complex QV dashboards like product, Event, Therapy, Region and sales with multiple sheets using boxes, buttons, charts, cyclic groups and drill-down groups.
  • Customized dash board by using expressions, Book Marks, Functions, Dynamic charts, Filters, Action triggers and system variables.
  • Implemented section access security.
  • Optimized the Qlikview dashboards.
  • Used the Business Objects for standard reporting.
  • Resolved dashboard data issues by modifying load scripts.

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