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Tibco Bw Lead Developer/admin Resume

New, OrleanS


  • A TIBCO position in an organization seeking an amazing team player with great technical and effective communication skills.
  • 8 years of experience as highly motivated and innovative TIBCO analyst in Application Design & Development, Testing and Support which includes exclusive experience in the field of Enterprise Application Integration.
  • Experience in providing messaging solutions using TIBCO EMS/JMS messaging systems as part of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for large integration projects.
  • Expert level development skills in TIBCO Business Works using TIBCO EMS and TIBCO Administrator.
  • Used TIBCO BW (5.x, 6.x) as the core component to orchestrate all the services, EMS as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • Extensively used XPath, XML, XSLT, XSD, Canonical Data Model (CMD), WSDL and SOAP.
  • Adept in TIBCO ADB adapter, TIBCO File Adapter, TIBCO JDE Adapter, TIBCO SAP R/3 Adapter.
  • Proficient in TIBCO General Interface for designing & building Rich Internet Apps (RIAs).
  • Proven ability in creating data relationship and XREFs using TIBCO BW Smart Mapper.
  • Administrative experience in TIBCO EMS/JMS - Installing the EMS, creating queues, topics, users, roles and configuring EMS servers for Fault Tolerance and Load Balanced mode of operation.
  • Administrative knowledge in TIBCO HAWK and TIBCO Rendezvous.


Skills: TIBCO Active Enterprise Suite - TIBCO Business Works(5.x), TIBCO Business Works Administrator(5.x), TIBCO Business Events 3.x/5.x, TIBCO EMS (5.x/4.x), TIBCO JDE Adapter, TIBCO ADB Adapter(5.x), SAP R/3 Adapter, TIBCO File Adapter(5.x), TIBCO General Interface 3.9, TIBCO BW smart Mapper 5.x, TIBCO Hawk (4.x), Rendezvous 8.x/6.x. TIBCO Active Spaces 2.x



Confidential, NEW ORLEANS


  • Create Business Process for Integration between the Primavera
  • Database (AS6 DB) .
  • Translating SDS Requirements to business processes .
  • Designing XSD's for integration process .
  • Create component process to receive messages from TIBCO EMS and invoking partner services and responding back to the clients.
  • Create REST Services to be exposed to client .
  • Preparing SDS Documents after service implementation.
  • Interacting with the business to get the requirements and translating it to technical implementations.
  • Interacting with the senior architecture team and providing architecture consultation.
  • Implementing CLE framework and creating a seamless environment to adapt to all exceptions and providing a smooth application in the production

Environment: TIBCO Business Works 6.x, TIBCO EMS 5.x, TIBCO Enterprise Administrator

TibCo BW Lead

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Commit to 'x' number of stories and deliver them each sprint.
  • Translate the stories into technical work and logging work using AGM against each story.
  • Designed and developed XSD's, WSDL's before developing the code using TIBCO BW.
  • Developing the platform with cross-functional teams having dependencies on one another.
  • Configured TIBCO Business Works processes to receive XML files from trading partners and generate messages to update the billing system.
  • Developed XSDs, AE Schemas, XPATH transformations and XSLT mapping using TIBCO Designer.
  • Configured the publication and subscription services of the ADB (Active Database) adapter to integrate with backend Oracle 9i database.
  • Developed a common error handler process to log all errors to an Oracle database.
  • Developed interface migration documents to outline the overall upgrade strategy.
  • Created various test plans to verify newly migrated BusinessWorks 5.x projectsInvolved in the design and development of framework for the BW services.
  • Implemented the common logging and error handling service with the Interface.
  • Involved in cross-team communication with respect to services being consumed by one another.
  • Involved in debugging and fixing issues raised by the QA team.
  • Test the built component individually as well as its integration with other developed components.
  • Created the unit tests and Integration tests modules for the developed processes.
  • Involved in the deployment of the project into various environment using TIBCO Admin.
  • Involved in the creation of Hawk rules for monitoring and managing the developed processes.
  • Designed and implemented generic JMS serializer in TIBO BW and Java for using in logging and replay message module.
  • Designed and implemented rules that updated concepts/generated events on event/data correlation.
  • Set up the Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance for the BW engines.
  • ActiveSpace is used as Standalone and as well as from TIBCO BusinessWorks.

Environment: TIBCO Business Works 5.x, TIBCO EMS 5.x TIBCO Admin 5.x, TIBCO TRA 5.x, TIBCO Hawk 4.x, TIBCO SAP and ADB Adapter.

TibCo consultant

Confidential, MN


  • Created SOAP Over JMS interfaces to provide Webservices.
  • Configured security and identity files to enable secured access to the business sensitive processes
  • Developed asynchronous applications using TIBCO EMS.
  • Configured applications for better availability and performance.
  • Worked with canonical schemas to exchange data between several business entities
  • Experience in providing messaging solutions using TIBCO EMS/JMS messaging systems as part of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for large integration projects.
  • Involved in production release tasks. Created deployment scripts using AppManage utility to deploy the TIBCO interfaces through command-line.
  • Created hawk rule bases to monitor the services and send email notifications to appropriate groups.
  • Involved in creating a generic error logging framework used by various TIBCO Interfaces.
  • Developed business processes by configuring shared resources, creating process definitions, creating activities, configuring message transports using TIBCO Business Works.
  • Used Business Work’s XPath transformations for complex data mapping & transformations.
  • Complex integration of all the applications has been done with real-time data transfer (high throughput).
  • Participated in build and deployment of EAR files containing process & adapter archives on various environments’ Administrator.
  • Evaluated the deployed components in various environments.
  • Unit-tested developed business interfaces and resolved development issues found during unit testing.
  • Documenting various issues, root cause analysis and providing support for various test environments.

Environment: TIBCO Business Works 5.x, EMS 4.5, TIBCO Hawk 4.x, TIBCO Business Events 2.2.x,3.0.x, Sybase, XML, AIX, Sun Solaris UNIX, Shell Scripts.

TibCo Analyst

Confidential, VA


  • Designed and developed integration interfaces to integrate Web Logic Server with JD Edwards’s application.
  • Configured JDE Request Reply service adapter to invoke patient creation processes.
  • Created BusinessWorks processes to listen for messages from VIP system.
  • Created BW processes to transform messages from VIP format to JDE format.
  • Created various queues and topics and bridged the queues with topics.
  • Created the mapping matrix spreadsheets for mapping transformations.
  • Implemented the transformations using XPATH expressions.
  • Designed various WSDL and XSDs for web services service and client implementation.
  • Involved in the design and development of common services like Common Logging and Exception Handling(CLE) service
  • Involved in supporting Integration testing of interfaces.
  • Implemented Web service components SOAP, WSDL to interact with external systems by using TIBCO BW as part of SOA.
  • Set up the Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance for the BW engines
  • Validated certificates using Open SSL
  • Worked on creating PDF documents using JAVA code in Tibco BW
  • Implemented Logging and Error Handling framework
  • Worked on different pallets HTTP, SOAP, JMS, XML, JDBC, GENERAL Pallets etc.
  • Worked on implementing generic error handling for all TIBCO business processes
  • Created and deploying the EAR file
  • Involved in Validating and Creating Schemas (XSD)
  • Deployed projects onto Dev and Sandbox using TIBCO BW Administrator.
  • Involved in creating hawk rule bases to manage and monitor the deployed services
  • Installed TIBCO products - TIBCO TRA, TIBCO Business Events, and TIBCO Business Works.
  • Involved in the development of the core functionality of Application Pipeline Visibility (APV) Project.
  • Designed, developed and implemented Transfers Project which adds the shipment functionality to APV.
  • Worked on to handle different transactions from the JDBC Activity inside Tibco BW.
  • Involved in enhancing the functionality of Common Logging and Exceptions
  • Worked on creating new channels, events, concepts, rule functions and rules in Tibco BE for APV project.
  • Build custom java libraries to handle special cases through Tibco Business Events.
  • Performed production deployments for Tibco BE and Tibco BW.
  • Involved in research and identification of possible bugs in the production and fixed it when required.
  • Run several performance tests to make sure the code delivers the required SLA’s before making it to production

Environment: TIBCO BW 5.x, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BW Administrator, TIBCO SmartMapper, ADB Adapter, TIBCO General Interface, HP-UX, SUSE Linux, AIX, Windows 2003

TibCo Developer

Confidential, GA


  • Gathered requirements from business users and converted them into technical and functional requirements.
  • Responsible for installation and configuration of Tibco products in the development and test environment.
  • Designed various XML Schemas for various entities to support the Common Data Model.
  • Created Queues and Topics as needed in EMS.
  • Created the mapping documents for the interfaces identified.
  • Created Web services for Framework services like GEH (Global Error Handling) and GAL (Global Audit Logger).
  • Deployed the projects on different environments using TIBCO BW Administrator and App Manager utility, automated shell scripting to deploy common services and master projects.
  • Configured ADB Adapter to Update and Query the data to and from the database.
  • Configured File Adapter to poll for the files and then process them through BW.
  • Developed Business Processes to integrate various legacy systems using Tibco BW.
  • Performed all the business workflow and published transformed data on the EMS and RVD using
  • Business Works
  • Created WSDL for SOAP services, XPATH transformations and XSLT.
  • Designed batch processes to integrate two legacy applications using FTP.
  • Designed and developed Business Processes to integrate legacy applications using Business Works.
  • Performed load testing and performance analysis for Business Works engines and Adapter instances.
  • Created EAR Files for the developed BW components for pseudo deployment tasks and regular deployments.
  • Designed and implemented Framework Architectures for cross-project enterprise initiatives such as - Exception Handling Framework & File Transfer Framework.
  • Created EAR Files for the developed BW components and deployed them using Tibco Administrator.
  • Notify respective business group using TIB/Hawk and BW process for critical related events.
  • Created EAR files and deployed them to the administrator in fault tolerance mode.
  • Participated in application performance tuning, system documentation, and technical support for production
  • Authored a batch integration best practices document to provide a standardized approach of exception handling and retry mechanisms.

Environment: TIBCO Business Works 3.x, TIBCO EMS 4.x, TIBCO File Adapter 5.4, TIBCO Active Database Adapter 5.4, RTC, TIBCO Administrator, TIBCO Rendezvous, XSD, TIBCO Turbo XML, SOAP.

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