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Technical Lead Resume


  • More than 13 years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining JAVA/J2EE enterprise applications. Have very good experience in Java, J2EE, Spring Framework, REST/SOAP Web Services, JPA, Hibernate, EclipseLink.
  • Have good knowledge on designing the architecture of the applications.
  • Have designed the architecture and worked on Micro Services using Spring Boot
  • Improved the performance of applications by restructuring them. In restricting the application design was modified.
  • Worked on various areas like e - commerce, financial and retails applications,
  • Successfully handled various technical risks and delivered by managing the constraints.
  • Good exposure in planning, coordination activities like planning, estimation, scheduling, enhancements and also in maintanence of the application
  • Have the ability to lead the team and shared the knowledge with team members, among the various teams.
  • Worked on preparing the technical specification document, high level and low level design documents.


Programming languages: Java, JEE, Java with Multithreading

Architecture J2EE: Servlets, JSP, JMS, JDBC. JSR 303, JPA, Design Patterns

Framework: Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse Link, JUNIT, Selenium

Integration Technologies: Web Services (SOAP/Rest)

Database technologies: Oracle, DB2,Mongo DB, Janusgraph

Build Tools: Ant, Gradle

Scripting Languages: Groovy

XML technologies: JAXP, SAX, DOM, JAXB



Technical Lead


  • Responsibilities Refactoring the code, Improve the performance of the system, Improve the stability to the system, improve the project status.
  • The project required a senior technical person to bring the project to the normal state. The project was in a crisis state as the application was not stable, performance of the application was not meeting the expectations and in addition to the standards were not at all followed.
  • Refractoring of the complete application was done. This involves changing the architecture without affecting the current functionality of the application.
  • Found out the areas where performance carried can be improved. The performance points were carried out by doing a profiling of the application. This gives us idea where the application fair poorly and we can remove those bottlenecks in the application.
  • Improved the stability of the program. This was done by reducing the defect count and the number of defects that were raised during quality analysis of the application. As a result the number of critical and high defects were brought to a minimum and nothing new were raised.
  • In addition to that improved the quality of the code. This was done using the tool called sonar which gives us the idea where the standards were violated. With help of this reduced the standard violations which were critical and high.
  • Also introduced the validation framework which saves lot of time when performing the validations.

Software used: Java7.0, JEE, Spring Framework, Oracle, Jboss server

Tools: Used: SVN Repository, Maven Tool, Profiling tool, Sonar


Technical Lead


  • The application is a customer facing application. It is used to send appointment details to their emails for the upcoming appointment with the Doctor.
  • The problem which the customer faced was sometimes the emails will be delivered after the appointment time.
  • This created numerous troubles to the customer and would miss the appointment details.
  • To resolve this all the emails should be delivered within 5 mins and remove the bottle necks.
  • This involved in redesigning the architecture without affecting the existing functionalities.
  • We had to change the this module alone to improve the performance and make sure the existing application was not impacted.

Software Used: Java, JEE, Spring Framework, DB2

Tools: Used: RAD 7.5, Gradle, Git, JPA, EclipseLink


Technical Lead


  • This project is used for the calculation of the risk for the client who wants to take an insurance policy with Confidential .
  • The calculation of risk is based on various parameters and it informs the business to accept or reject the insurance policy for the client.
  • Earlier the calculation of risks involved lot of parameters to be taken into consideration.
  • This project uses certain critical parameters to process the risk score much quicker.

Softwares Used: Java, JEE

Tools: Used: Toad for Oracle, Cruise Build, Bridje Framework, Selenium

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