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Student Data Scientist Resume


Data Scientist with over four years of analytics, data visualization, statistical modeling and marketing experience with proficiency in machine learning, data science, optimization, analytical modeling and advanced mathematical skills.


Machine Learning: MS Azure, Python, SPSS Modeler

Visual Analytics: Tableau, EazyBI, Qlik View

Software Development: Python, Excel VBA, Java, C

EDA: Python, MS Excel, Tableau Prep

Statistical Modeling: Minitab, @Risk, Arena, Excel

Database: MySQL, SQL, Dimensional Modeling Text mining and social network analysis

ERP: SAP SRM & E - Sourcing, Marketing Analytics and Operations Management


Student Data Scientist



  • Predicted optimal product mix unique to each business stakeholder of Confidential .
  • Used unsupervised clustering techniques to cluster stakeholders to understand the underlying sales pattern.
  • Conducted EDA and feature selection to develop the machine learning model using python.
  • To support decision making, created Tableau visualization of solution and presented it to Confidential Leadership.

Supply Chain Analyst



  • Optimized product-mix for over 2000 retailers based on multiple marketing variables. This impacted retail placement adherence to increase from 45% to 75%.
  • Designed an efficient distribution network from the existing one and supported management on its implementation. This added value by ensuring zero vacant distribution territories.
  • Applied retailer classification and employee scheduling to develop profitability maximization models and implemented them in market.
  • Acted as a support for the sales team to achieve their KPIs by developing insightful data visualizations and by becoming an inspiring story teller by statistical analysis of large datasets from SAP ERP.
  • These efforts were widely appreciated by leadership as it provided actionable insights for credit management, outlier correction and various other key distribution parameters.
  • As a MBA- Confidential leader hire, managed a team of over 80 employees and more than 1% revenue of the organization through 11 business stakeholders and more than 2000 retailers.
  • Acted as the owner for employee and partner life-cycle management and achieved zero partner attrition.
  • Conducted multiple pilot projects of various other functions in my zone, which lead to developing cross functional relationships which were leveraged for business development.
  • Hired more than 30 employees and took care of their learning and development. These efforts led my team to win ‘Team star award’ for becoming the second ever zone to achieve $1M per month.

Customer Service Operations Analyst



  • Developed simulation models in Excel for service center profitability to influence decision making for new channel partner appointment.
  • These models made a positive impact leading Confidential to restructure its service blueprint.
  • Worked as a data analyst and solution architect for cost saving initiative for CSD function.
  • Collected voice of customer from various stakeholders, clustered these needs and conducted statistical analysis to develop actionable insights. One significant achievement was development of engineer incentive scheme (which focused on quality control and cost saving) which reduced cost per call by 7 percentage points saving $ 45K for BU monthly and later adopted across organization.
  • Managed a team of 80+ Area Service and 8 employees to manage more than 30,000 customer walk-ins per month and increased the TAT adherence by 20+ percentage points.
  • Undertook various quality improvement initiatives to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Acted as subject matter expert from customer service function in the cross functional team which led change management in the organization.

Senior Software Engineer



  • Provided technical support to SAP E-Sourcing ERP system for various clients by developing and implementing new Reports, RFx and Projects modules using Java and SQL.
  • Created custom tables and fields in client database and used SQL to manipulate data in them.

Marketing Analytics Intern



  • Conducted qualitative surveys and mathematical analysis to identify a potential customer base which was 3.5-fold bigger than the active customer base for commercial LPG
  • Developed a KNN recommendation system to recommend songs which uses Pearson correlation as the distance measure and considers distance as weight for NN. KNN and Pearson correlation functions were written using Python.
  • Applied concepts in Text Processing, Network Analysis and Recommendation Systems to make a product recommendation by building a graph from the metadata and analyzing it.
  • Modeled the end to end supply chain for RUTF distribution in Kenya and simulated the model to analyze various possibilities in demand fluctuation, shipping delays, cost fluctuation and funding shortage.
  • Developed a fraud detection classification model and compared the model performance using multiple algorithms like decision jungle, decision forest and decision tree. Used SMOTE on the imbalanced dataset. The model performance was further improved by tuning hyperparameters of these algorithms, stacked ensembles and feature selection.
  • Developed classification model predicting customer satisfaction for a bank using boosted decision tree algorithm.
  • Developed Tableau dashboard to explain interesting findings about various prosperity measures across different governing systems in the world.
  • Developed a DOE to analyze a maximization function (distance travelled by lego car) by varying 4 features of the car in two levels and found out the statistically significant factors.

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