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Tableau Developer Resume

Austin, TX


  • 9+years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of various applications in OLTP, Client/Server OLAP environment using BI tools Extensive experience with design and development of Tableau visualization solutions.
  • Extensive experience in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau reader in various versions of Tableau (7.x/8.x/9.x) and VizQL, SQL, PL SQL and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Experience in business process analysis/modeling, business requirements, and developing High level Designs and Prototypes for Business applications.
  • Support and maintain Project Data Models at multiple levels of detail and functionality (conceptual, logical, physical and subject - level) in developing star schema and snowflake schema.
  • Extensively developed Business Requirements Documents, Functional Design Documents and Technical Design Documents.
  • Actively participated and conducted in JAD sessions with business users, technical leads and with development personnel in all aspects of the SDLC.
  • Efficient in identifying and analyzing Business requirements from documents and end-user discussions and deliver the data requirements necessary to support DW subject areas.
  • Proficient in creating the Design Documents for loading data into Data Warehouse and Data Mart tables.
  • Experienced in designing rich Interactive reports and dashboards integrating various reporting components from multiple sources.
  • Worked on the development of Dashboard reports for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the top management.
  • Experience in aggregating data and configuring reports from different data sources using data blending.
  • Proficient in creating different visualizations using Bars, Lines, Pies, Maps, Scatter plots, Gantts, Bubbles, Histograms, Heat maps and Highlight tables.
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
  • Created action filters, parameters and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets in Tableau.
  • Experienced in working with data modelers to translate business rules/requirements into conceptual/logical dimensional models and worked with complex de-normalized and normalized data models.
  • Good expertise in building dashboards and stories based on the available data points.
  • Expertise in Agile Scrum Methodology to implement project life cycles of reports design and development
  • Harnessing best ways in designing stunning visualizations using tableau software, publishing and presenting dashboards on web and desktop platforms. Trouble Shooting skills, Performance tuning of reports and resolving issues within Tableau Server and Reports.
  • Demonstrated expertise utilizing ETL tools, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Transformation Services (DTS) and sequel server reporting services(SSRS).
  • Strong Data modeling experience using ER diagram, Dimensional data modeling, Working knowledge of ODBC, OLEDB, T-SQL, SQL, PL/SQL, Teradata, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, and scripting languages.
  • Well-versed with Microsoft Office Suite including Office365, Lync, MS Visio, MS Access, Project, Power Query, PowerPivot, DAX, SharePoint, and SharePoint Designer.
  • Widespread knowledge in using report building tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire and Qlikview.
  • Experience in working at various levels of software development cycle such as Analysis, Designing, Developing, and Testing & Implementation of business applications in Client Server / Relational Database Management environment for Windows Platform.
  • An empathetic listener and persuasive speaker with excellent written and verbal skills.


BI Tools: Tableau 7.x, 8.x, Business Intelligence consumer Services, (BICS), Web Intelligence 4.0, Dashboard designer Query Designer, MS Office (Excel, Access etc.)

ETL Tools: Informatica, Data Stage, Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Services

Front End Tools: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Visible Analyst

Databases: Oracle 9i, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, SQL Server

Document management: Visual Source Safe 6.0, Share point, Ultra Edit, Documentum

Defect management tool: HP Quality center 10.0

Languages: C, C++, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, XML

Data modeling: ERwin, ER Studio, MS Visio


Tableau Developer

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Interacted with business users and performed Gap Analysis of client requirements.
  • Involved in reviewing business requirements and analyzing data sources form Excel/Oracle SQL Server for design, development, testing, and production rollover of reporting and analysis projects within Tableau Desktop.
  • Designed and implemented proof of concept solutions and created advanced BI visualizations using Tableau platform.
  • Upgraded the Tableau 7.0 to Tableau 8.2.
  • Installing and configuring of Tableau worker servers.
  • Created views in Tableau Desktop that was published to internal team for review and further data analysis and customization using filters and actions.
  • Worked closely with business power users to create reports/complex dashboards using tableau desktop.
  • Designed and developed various analytical reports from multiple data sources by blending data on a single worksheet in Tableau Desktop.
  • Utilized advance features of Tableau software like to link data from different connections together on one dashboard and to filter data in multiple views at once.
  • Effectively used data blending, filters, actions, and hierarchies feature in tableau.
  • Combined views and reports into interactive dashboards in Tableau Desktop that were presented to Business Users, Program Managers, and End Users.
  • Projected and forecasted future growth in terms of number of customers in developing Area Maps to show details on which states were connected the most.
  • Tableau server maintenance, Tableau server backup activity.
  • Created users using Tableau Admin and assigning privileges to create report/publishing reports to server.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for weekly and monthly increments based on business change to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the changed data accurately.
  • Enabled the data security filters for the users/groups in an AD.
  • Tuned the reports performance using Cache options / Timely refreshes of data.
  • Involved in testing the SQL Scripts for report development, Tableau reports, Dashboards, Scorecards and handled the performance issues effectively.

Environment: Windows Server 2012, Tableau Desktop 8.2/8.0/7.0, Tableau Server, SQL Server 2008/2012, PL/SQL, MS-Access, MS Excel and JavaScript.

Tableau Developer

Confidential, Nashville, TN


  • Worked extensively with Advance analysis Actions, Calculations, Parameters, Background images, Maps, Trend Lines, Statistics, and Log Axes. Groups, hierarchies, Sets to create detail level summary reports and dashboard using KPI's.
  • Installed Tableau Server 7.0 in Dev, QA, UAT and Prod environments.
  • Installed patches on the server and documented upgrade plan from tableau 8.0 to 8.1
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau.
  • Preparing Dashboards using calculations, parameters, calculated fields, groups, sets and hierarchies in Tableau.
  • Using Multiple Measures like Individual Axes, Blended Axes, and Dual Axes.
  • Used Sheet filters to produce multiple chart types in a single view.
  • Used calculated fields extensively for different logics for Trend, Extended price calculations for the different cost types.
  • Create, customize & share interactive web dashboards in minutes with simple drag & drop Expert in generating complex, dashboard reports, adhoc, business views along with user acceptance test and data accuracy test.
  • Involved in creating dashboards and reports in Tableau 8.1 and maintaining server activities, user activity, and customized views on Server Analysis.
  • Coordinated database middleware issues with DBA's, system performance with System Architects.
  • Extensively used Tab admin and Tab cmd commands in creating backups and restoring backups of Tableau repository.
  • Provided 24/7 production support for Tableau users

Environment: Tableau Desktop8.0/7.0, Tableau server/Administrator, SQL developer, SSIS, Oracle 10g, DB2, Microsoft Excel 2007, MS Access, Windows 2007 server, Microsoft office

Tableau Developer

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Served as Business Systems Analyst meeting deadlines and budget requirements.
  • Gathered Business Requirements, interacted with the Users, Project Manager, and SMEs to get a better understanding of the Business Processes
  • Prepared project reports for management and assisted the project manager in the development of weekly and monthly status reports, policies, and procedures.
  • Worked on Business Intelligence standardization to create database layers with user - friendly views in Oracle that can be used for development of various Tableau reports/ dashboards.
  • Involved in creating complex Stored Procedures, triggers, cursors, tables, and views and other SQL joins and statements for applications.
  • Analyzed dimensional and fact tables in a campaign data mart that details Inclusion, exclusion, and Segmentation criteria, Offer assignment and campaign response by campaign.
  • Creating and modifying Business Intelligence analytical reports using Tableau.
  • Created side by side bars, Scatter Plots, Stacked Bars, Heat Maps, Filled Maps, and Symbol Maps according to deliverable specifications.
  • Used geographic view, which clearly gives the performance of a particular state.
  • Effectively used data blending feature in tableau to connect different databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server.
  • Worked on drill through reports by creating HTML references.
  • Designed business intelligence dashboard using Tableau Desktop and publishing the same on Tableau server, allowing executive management to view current and past performance sales trends at various geographic locations.
  • Actively involved in testing new/upgraded features like new Visualizations, Forecasting, Data Blending, Parallelized Dashboard, Hyperlink Objects, Color-coded tabs etc. in Tableau 8 desktop/Server.
  • Worked on Performance tuning of report with huge queries using concurrent query execution for better performance of report.
  • Used various transformations like Filter, Expression, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Joiner, Stored Procedure, and Union to develop robust mappings in the Informatica Designer.
  • Usage of Context, SQL filters to improve performance and different date filters to show the details for different quarters and years.
  • Actively tracking schedule, clear and crisp communications with key resources, stakeholders, and SMEs to keep everyone involved in the project on the same page, milestone tracking and avoiding scope creep issues.
  • Core member for integration of Tableau Reports with Asp.Net web application and usage of JavaScript API for performance improvement.
  • Extensive use of Rally software tool to manage agile development, creation of user stories, estimates and updates. Viewing the burn down charts and other reports, updating the team in meetings.

Environment: s: Tableau 8.x/7.0, Tableau Server 8.0/7.0, Informatica, Oracle 10g, Oracle SQL Developer, SQL, Share Point, Agile-Scrum, Rally, Asp.Net, JavaScript

Tableau Developer

Confidential, Bloomsburg, PA


  • Created Data Connections, published on Tableau Server for usage with Operational/Monitoring Dashboards
  • Resolved various performance issues and analyzed the best process distribution for different projects.
  • Created and assisted users in Tableau dashboard development
  • Administered and provided production support for Enterprise wide Tableau application consisting of multiple key functional business domains.
  • Worked on several complex visualizations that all had to do with improving the programs offered to various schools in NYC.
  • Developed business process and technical design documentation for each reporting service developed in this project.
  • Optimized queries by looking at Execution Plan for better tuning of the database.
  • Developed internal and external performance management dashboards enabling business intelligence reporting for application portfolio.
  • Involved in troubleshooting and performance tuning of reports and resolving issues within TableauServer and Reports.
  • Developed unlinked, on - demand sub reports and linked sub reports using shared variables and complex reports like cross-tab, drill down and hierarchical reports.
  • Use MS Excel, Word, Access, and Power Point to process data, create reports, analyze metrics, implement verification procedures, and fulfil client requests for information.
  • Blended data from multiple databases into one report by selecting primary key's from each database for data validation.
  • Published views and dashboards in Tableau Server for auditor review.

Environment: Tableau Server 7, Tableau Desktop 7, MYSQL Server, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, Excel, TSQL, Oracle 11g, Toad, MS Office, Visual Studio 2010.

Tableau Developer



  • Designed, developed and implemented Tableau Business Intelligence reports.
  • Involved in requirement gathering/analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Production rollover of Reporting and Analysis projects
  • Analysis the metric dashboard reports and identified the formulas and functionality of the dashboard reports and digitizing the metric dashboards to Tableau application.
  • Published the dashboard reports to Tableau Server for navigating the developed dashboards in web.
  • Scheduled the published dashboards from Tableau Server on weekly basis.
  • Given training/demos to users on Tableau Desktop for development.
  • Created Data Connections, published on Tableau Server for usage with Operational/Monitoring Dashboards.
  • Created Extract and scheduled daily refresh
  • Administered user groups and scheduled instances for reports in tableau.
  • Built complex formulas in Tableau for various business calculations.
  • Resolved various performance issues and analyzed the best process distribution for different projects.
  • Published Workbooks by creating user filters so that only appropriate teams can view it.
  • Combine Data sources by Joining Multiple Tables and using Data Blending.
  • Written Custom Sql Queries to join data from multiple tables.
  • Developed and followed best practices in setting up users, groups and permissions in tableau.

Environment: Tableau, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL

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