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Consultant Resume


To obtain a challenging career in enterprise Internetworking architecture in a global diverse corporation specializing in data center design and application performance





  • Develop a Cisco Viptella solution for a nationwide MPLS to SD - WAN Solution. Migrated from a dual carrier (AT&T and Verizon) Network to a multicarrier Internet solution.
  • Develop and maintain Azure cloud environments for devops teams and work closely to monitor usage and integration with on prem networks
  • Utilize Azure cloud services to utilize IaaS and PaaS. Conducted testing for containerized applications with development teams
  • Work with North American Auto manufacturing plant IoT sensors and devices for data collection. Devices connect via Bluetooth/Wireless/NFC based on use cases.
  • Utilize Linux based edge routing using Cumulus Networks and VyOS Opensource
  • Maintain information security for mobile network platforms for large mobile provider
  • Design and conduct a PoC with Cisco Nexus 9000 platform running VXLAN with EVPN/BGP Control plane fabric
  • Design and install an Cisco Nexus 9000 running in ACI environment and APIC controller to replace standard VLAN based separation. Study the use of service chaining but only tested on small environment and not in production aspects during the implementation
  • Build and maintain production ACI Environment with VMWare (VMM) Integration and support for a 90 Leaf cluster in two separate DCs
  • Develop zones for micro segmentation to allow for three tier environments with a automated roll out schedule
  • Utilize Cisco Tetration hardware and software sensors to understand application flows and to build ACI contracts along with documenting application mappings
  • Test and lab Cisco ACI Service Chaining to automate load balancer and firewall use
  • Design and build data center architecture based on Cisco Nexus platform to replace legacy 4500 core services. Utilizing the vDC and VPCs on the Cisco 7K, 5K, and 2K platforms
  • Program in Python and using XML/JSON to automat tasks. Provide logic to development teams to write portal based automation code
  • Migrate from legacy routing architecture utilizing Firewalls as routing devices and implement Cisco ASR with DMVPN for data center to data center connectivity over multiple providers and Internet links for backup redundancy
  • Implement and manage F5 Load balancers with iRules for Extranet connectivity
  • Configure and implement F5 Firepass VPN solution
  • Manage Web based applications on A10 load balancers to manage traffic flow at two data centers and monitor customer facing VIPs
  • Manage Cisco ASA firewalls and customer terminating VPNs and site to site network connectivity
  • Configure and manage day to day MACD’s on Checkpoint and Palo Alto Firewall services using Panorama and CheckPoint management console
  • Setup and design of Cisco UCS platform Fabric Interconnects to allow for cloud services growth.
  • Manager UCS environment with UCS Manager for a multipod setup
  • Architect and design IPv6 network for service provider mobility network for end nodes as well as systems on the SP core to provide services to end points.
  • Provide planning and design guidance for a next generation data center to provide a unified network fabric and multitenant use.
  • Planning of implementing Cisco Nexus 1KV virtual switched to allow for network management into the ESX platform which would run in the UCS platform
  • Manage and maintain global Riverbed wan accelerator platform and upgrades including rules and policy pushes
  • Maintain Riverbed Cascade and Opnet services to help support teams in finding end user performance issues for operations
  • Provide sales/customer support for network design and pre-sales implementations
  • Maintain network connectivity for customers on Juniper MX960 routers and firewall policies on Juniper SRX devices. Utilize Juniper tools to maintain policies and manage configuration standards templates.

Confidential, Plano, Texas

Senior Network Architect


  • Work within a secure banking environment to design, configure, and maintain internetworking services.
  • Design a highly resilient MPLS VPN and Core data center utilizing the latest Cisco Nexus 7K, 5K, 2K switches and Cisco ASR series routers while maintaining legacy systems and services
  • Allow for network architecture to utilize the virtualized environments and use of VMWare functions between data centers.
  • Maintain QoS for the environment to allow for proper SLA and voice / video quality across the WAN and multi-layer LAN environments
  • Use of dual MPLS/VPN Providers for redundancy across all network sites.
  • Maintain OSPF Core services at the Data Centers while running a full BGP WAN Architecture. This allowed for difference services to be run at the same branch offices while maintaining security.
  • Maintain third party DMZ Extranet via MPLS and Private connections to the Capital One network while maintaining PCI standards and abiding by banking regulations.
  • Maintain DNS entries for devices and network assets in infoblox systems for the infrastructure components of the services.
  • Maintain LTM on F5 BigIP systems using iRules for Web and App tier systems within the managed segment of the Data Cetner
  • Configure end users and remote site configuration on the Cisco Unified Call Manager and Express based on number of remote sites and site availability SLA requirements
  • Utilize Opnet and Riverbed Cascade to monitor and troubleshoot network and application
  • Design a large scale MPLS VPN for a large Multinational company with sites around the world.
  • Provide network roadmap for top Confidential packaged goods customers on how to leverage the technologies available across all the regions in which their business is conducted.
  • Work with International Providers in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC to provide interconnectivity between multiple in country MPLS Networks
  • Manage Implementation Teams to bring remote implementations online and provide end customers world class service
  • Assist in RFP Bidding for potential Multinational customers to provide required services from BT
  • Manage outsourcing of tasks to other regions where BT has presence

Confidential, Irving, Texas

Business Solutions Consultant - Subject Mater Expert


  • Design and manage MPLS VPNs for large clients in the airline industries with connectivity around the world
  • Design and implement compression services within a large MPLS backbone for clients to reduce data costs for voice and data using Juniper devices formally owned by Peribit Networks.
  • Business Consulting for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Implement and Manage Networks design and operations for a high availability Data Center.
  • Design and implement VoIP clusters for airline customers for end sites and integration with corporate UC implementations
  • Develop an IPT strategy for the Air Transport Industry based in North America and achieve technical and financial needs.
  • Position WAN Optimization technology to help save on the end customer bandwidth and accelerate traffic for optimal utilization of the WAN transport
  • Position Confidential technologies to reply to customer RFP’s.
  • Deploy WAN Optimization Technologies worldwide in a data center and shared infrastructure environments. Mainly deploying Riverbed Steelhead, Cisco WAAS, and Juniper WXC devices.
  • Develop Virtualized distributed server environment using VMware to reduce overall TCO and better end user experience.

Confidential, Plano, Texas

Senior Network Engineer


  • Manage and configure customer and backbone routers ranging from Cisco 700 series to Cisco 12000 series routers.
  • Work with local telephone companies to work on circuits ranging from fractional T1, ISDN, to ATM, and SONET ring issues.
  • Configure and Manage Redback DSL Subscriber systems along with working with local telephone companies to bring up multiple Optical Circuits for customers on the aggregate circuit
  • Bring new Juniper EFX Routers into production to handle increased capacity of new DSL customers
  • Manage multiple mail server and DNS Servers
  • Work on making Confidential a top tier GSP provider by implementing an OC192 backbone along with a MPLS Backbone.
  • Configure multiple security access-lists and firewall setups for customer along with using Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation.
  • Manage Confidential Peers in Regional and International Peering Locations.
  • Configure and Manage Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches with Native and Hybrid IOS

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

Lead Technician/Network Engineer


  • Started as a part time after school employee and progressed to become a Lead Computer Technician/ Network Engineer.
  • Assisted in an extensive Comm room upgrade at the Confidential Administration Annex building putting in an ATM backbone and converting WAN locations to a T1 circuit.
  • Managed a major extensive project in implementing Microsoft Windows NT and setup of a Domain structure and migrate from Novell 4.11. During that process our team implemented a Novell NDS Tree within individual Novell labs.

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