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Solution Principal Resume

Raleigh, NC


  • Accomplished healthcare and life sciences technologist with over 20 years of comprehensive expertise in communicating, developing, and delivering transformational business and technical solutions for enterprises throughout the globe.
  • Broad in - depth industry knowledge spanning health informatics, bioinformatics, computational biosciences, population health, HL7 FHIR, SMART on FHIR, DICOM, EMRs, PACs and VNAs, clinical/research portals, B2B EDIs for PriorAuth, CDISC, SDTM, ADaM, OHSDI OMOP CDM, GA4GH, and next generation clinical / R&D data platforms.
  • Extensive technical skills spanning enterprise/solutions architecture, HPC, full-stack software engineering, IoT, blockchain, cloud/microservices, big data/data engineering, graph/semantics analysis, streaming analytics, machine learning, and security and compliance. Served in a variety of lead technical SME and director-level capacities in professional services consulting, independent consulting, business development, product management, and R&D/engineering.
  • C-level communicator, in addition to communication across all levels of organizations with extensive business travel in 30 countries.
  • BioITWorld byline author, and ghost writer of several big data, genomics, and precision medicine articles.
  • Active member of HIMSS, RSNA. GA4GH, HL7 FHIR Developers, OHSDI, AAAS, ThinkIT, and founder/leader of the NC Triangle Healthcare and Life Sciences Technologists Chapter.


Soft: Venturist, Scrum Master, Trusted Advisory, R&D & Engineering Ops, Business Development, Product Marketing, Product Management

OS: MacOS, Windows, Linux, AIX, z/OS

Cloud/Virt: AWS, Google, MS-Azure, Confidential, Confidential Softlayer, VMware vCenter & vRA, OpenStack, RHOS/OpenShift, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, EKS, GKE, AKS

Storage: S3, HDFS, GPFS, Ceph, Lustre, ECS/VIPR, Isilon, GlusterFS/Heketi, EFS, MS ADLS

DevOps: git, Jira, Trello, FlowDock, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, vRO, Terraform, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Ant

Big Data: Confidential CDH, CDP, CDF, CDSW, Hortonworks (HDF, HDP), Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Flink, EMR, HDInsight, Databricks, Hive, Kudu, Impala, Solr, Neo4J, TigerGraph, Postgresql, Kafka, AMQP

Data Integration: Confidential TDI, InfoSphere DataStage, Apache Nifi, Attunity, Debezium, Talend, Web Methods

Data Science: Spark MLlib & H20.ai Sparkling Water, Intel MKL, Intel BigDL, Pandas, Scikit, Numpy, TensorFlow, Intel Spark-tk

HCLS: IRODS, cTakes NLP, Annovar, VEP, R Bioconductor, GATK, Cromwell, SGE, Slurm, Torque, BWA, Bowtie2, Tophat, Samtools, Galaxy, ADAM, BaseSpace, Hail, Glow, Biolink, AnVIL Gen3 Data Commons, GA4GH DUO, Beacon, PhenoPackets, Htsget API, OpenCB/OpenCGA, Gromacs/Amber, Edico Genome, Intel BIGStack, HAPI FHIR, OMOP CDM, PACS/VNA (GE, Sectra, Agfa, Fuji, DCM4CHE), DNA/RNA/ChIP-Seq Analysis, S16/S18, Shotgun, WGA/WEA, metagenomics, and GWAS/PheWAS.

Dev: Java/JEE, Scala, Python, pySpark, R, SAS, Node.js, React, Angular

Security: Confidential Security (ISIM, ISAM, FIM, TSPM), Axiomatics, Guardium, HyTrust, CyberArk EPV, RSA, OpenID, SAML, 0authv2, Header Authn/Authz, XACML, HIPAA HITECH, HITRUST, FDA GxP


Solution Principal

Confidential, Raleigh, NC


  • Developing next-generation CDS - Clinical Decisions Support Platform driven as SOF (SMART on FHIR) application integrated with leading EMRs, providing clinical pathways support, prior authorizations and referrals, and presenting key evidences utilizing big data, knowledge graphs, real world evidence, NLP and machine learning.
  • Developing hyper-scale multi-tenancy data use and consent service portal supporting consent and assent flows, pedigrees and panels, FHIR interchange & FHIR data model, Genomic Alliances for Health and Genomics (GA4GH) Data Use Ontology (DUO), REST API mediation, and BPMN automation for over 100M patients spanning entire populations / citizens genomics for Genomics England, State of Florida, UnitedHealth Care, and numerous other entities with national citizens genomics research initiatives.
  • Performing research on FHIR and DUO data mappings, and Disease Ontology mappings
  • Lead daily standups, solutions architecture, perform full-stack development (Springboot, React, Angular, Java/JEE HAPI FHIR & FHIR JPAServer, DMN), architecture (UI/UX, Wireframes Design, Neo4J, TigerGraph, Apache Drools, Nginx and HAProxy Ingress Controllers, microservices design, RDBM & Data Model design, Spark Clusters, CDC with Debezium, Kafka), and DevOps (Jenkins, Terraform, both RHOS and MS-Azure/AKS) implementing entire stack utilizing IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code).
  • Prototyping AnVIL GEN3 Data Commons inside K8s namespaces in RHOS and MS-Azure for sharing, managing, harmonizing, analyzing, democratizing, and accelerating scientific discovery of complex data.
  • Prototyping Hail at-scale tertiary genomics analysis utilizing Spark-in-containers inside a genomics data access / exchange platform as a means to create a cohort semantics and taxonomy database.
  • Developing PySpark GWAS pipelines applying QC, PCA, quantile-quantile and Manhattan plots using Bokeh visualization, and storing data to Impala/HDFS as Parquet, querying and producing variants interpretation reports using Matplotlib and NumPy.


Confidential, Raleigh, NC


  • Established Technology Services Provider firm delivering Software Engineering, DevOps (Cloud, Microservices, HPC), Data Engineering, Data Science, and Health/Biomedical Informatics and Bioinformatics.
  • Developing elastic cloud agnostic HPC and Big Data pipelines working with leading HPC vendors.
  • Developing a secure FHIR-based Blockchain service which supports XACML, BPMN, and ML.

Senior Manager

Confidential, PA, CA


  • Led in-house cross-industry solutions engineering in concert with strategic partners across all healthcare and life science segments, research in all industries, and government. Created new disruptive big data and machine learning analytical solutions for hybrid cloud. Led design, software development, data engineering, data science, data/product integrations, and solution s.
  • Launched interactive health analytics microservices-based solution to holistically achieve turnkey EMR data integration, NLP on clinical notes, ubiquitous ontological taxonomy data repository, tertiary genomics analysis, cohort design and biomarker discovery, and ML models to predict patient decline with ability to test models interactively. Solution utilized StreamSets, CDH (Hadoop and Spark), Confidential Data Science Workbench, Kafka, Elastic Search, HAPI FHIR, MetiStream Ember, and Apache cTakes for Clinical Notes NLP. Launched jointly with Microsoft in Azure and presented on a joint MetiStream and 451 Research Webinar, at Strata, HIMSS, and BioITWorld conferences.
  • Developed OHDSI OMOP Common Data Model DDLs and ETLs for Impala/Hive supporting Real World Evidence-based analytics inside CDH Data Lake. Drove collaboration with IQVIA and Georgia Tech.
  • Complemented MS/MS and MDS HPC pipeline analysis with full text search analytics, Spark R-based machine learning, and Confidential Data Science Workbench utilizing Docker/K8s and Ansible for Health Partners and Mayo Clinic neuroscience teams performing immune therapy drug discovery, and for Servier R&D in Paris, France, similarly analyzing the interactions between biomacromolecules for drug discovery.
  • Traveled to South Korea and Japan with Intel, forming an alliance with JLK Inspection, premier firm for AI medical imaging diagnosis, and supported the of their platform with the entire CDH and Confidential Data Science Workbench portfolio. Migrated proprietary deep learning engine to Spark MLlib, integrated DICOM receiver and de-identification server with Kafka, allowing de-identified DICOM medical images imported into HDFS to be processed via automatic job invocations which were event-driven, and automatically execute CNN model via CDSW API job execution. Co-presented solution with JLK at RSNA 2018 Conference, and HIMSS 2019.
  • Developed MPAGA - Modern Platform for At-Scale Genomics Analysis, which modularly supports upstream (primary, secondary) and downstream (tertiary) genomics analysis, atop Confidential with Spark, using Confidential Data Science Workbench, and supporting R, Scala, and Python-based data science pipelines using R Bioconductor, Hail for Spark, ADAM, Cannoli, Avocado, GATK, BWA-Spark, and Cromwell. Genomic data along with all observational, diagnostic, phenotypic annotative data could be loaded into 2D data frames and processed, have QC performed, and support advanced mathematic and ML methods for achieving end2end omics analysis in a manner which can run in both private and public clouds, and burst as required.
  • Developed joint Health IoT solutions co-engineered with SAS, Intel, Redhat, and Confidential, which supported edge-based analytics, streaming data integration, distributed memory caching, clinical data integration, and the featuring engineering of both clinical and sensor waveform temporal data.
  • Developed Java-based FHIR HAPI NiFi Processor to support FHIR streaming analytics, with Kafka and Spark event streaming analytic integrations.
  • Developed CDF/NiFI pipeline solution for De-identifying DICOM medical images and enabling advance full-text search analytics and spark-tk image pre-processing and CNN analysis using Intel BigDL.
  • Successfully scoped, won, and supported a 2nd Phase Downstream Genomics Pipeline Development engagement with the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta providing interpretations for CNVs, large deletions, and fusions for adolescent cancer patients. Co-presented with CHOA Oncology Team.
  • Lead 200+ Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Customer Council for Data Scientists, leading monthly meetings, in both NASA and EMEA with Confidential ’s HCLS customers. Presented HCLS solution demos.
  • Regularly met with and advised customers at all levels of the organization.
  • Regularly provided to trainers (Sales Engineers, GSIs, professional services, technical marketing staff, partner staff, and customer staff) - deploying Confidential v5.x-6.x and Confidential RT 7.0.1, with both CDH and Confidential Data Platform (CDP) respectively. Performed complete build, tuning, testing, and production support of CDH bare metal and in private cloud, and CDP PaaS in AWS using EKS (Elastic Kubernetes) and EFS (Elastic File System) with Confidential Data Hub, Data Lake, and CML - Confidential Machine Learning Experience. All solutions supported private, public and hybrid-cloud with Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, and cloud-based K8s services.

Managing Director

Confidential, PA, CA


  • Managed over 200 client organizations across all healthcare and life sciences segments globally, responsible for providing technical thought leadership, big data, data engineering, machine learning, and solution advisory. Supported 10 out of 10 top payers, 9 of 10 top world biopharmas, 4 of 4 world top CROs, world top 3 cancer institutes, world’s largest healthcare technology firm, world’s largest genomic repository, 3 renowned national laboratories, world’s largest 2 biomedical firms, 9 of 10 top health systems and world’s largest provider network, and over 10 of the top health information brokers. Regularly engaged client CTOs, CMOs, Chief Data / Data Analytics / Information Officers, Physician Executives, Directors of Translational Medicine/Research, Data Platform Owners, Health IT Executives, Directors of Bioinformatics, working with field sales executives, professional services consultants, field marketing, and technical marketing.
  • Led big data and data science use case and ideation sessions, customer technical workshops, supporting both pre-sales and post-sales with a great deal of Confidential ’s 200 HCLS clients, including a sample of those which can be listed publicly: IQVIA, Abbvie, NYU Langone Medical Center, Geisinger, Yale New Haven Health, Inova, Cerner, Children’s of Atlanta, Montsano (Now Bayer), Sharp Medical Center, and Rush University Medical Center
  • Led field marketing campaigns, including regularly presenting in Industry summits, conferences such as HIMSS, RSNA, BioITWorld, GA4GH Plenaries, Strata and DataWorks Summits, and Webinars.
  • Led Analyst Briefings with 451 Research, Gartner, Precision Medicine Journal, and BioITWorld
  • Closed over $30M in revenue, helping to move Confidential from 150 to over 200 HCLS clients, and making Healthcare the 3rd largest contributing industry to the company’s growth in terms of revenue.

Global Solutions Executive

Confidential, Hopkinton, MA


  • Led solutions engineering responsible for healthcare, Confidential, research, and government verticals, leading solutions design & implementation, new product offering development, GTM strategy, and establishing strategic alliances in which solutions were co-engineered with joint R&D teams.
  • Designed and Established Healthcare Cloud providing managed services for both on-premise and in-cloud infrastructures, cloud hosting of mission critical EMR (Epic and Cerner) workloads and VDI infrastructures, PACS & VNA, Enterprise Medical Imaging, and both Precision Medicine and Clinical Life Science workloads in which both cloud computing and cloud storage could be leveraged and meet HIPAA HiTech, HiTrust, and FDA-GXP compliance.
  • Established joint reseller relationship with 4 x major global PACS medical imaging vendors meeting with alliance executives in UK, Benelux and US, successfully qualifying and generating $200M in pipeline. Developed PACS clinical cloud archive and Big Data imaging analytics offerings. Met with vendor engineering teams, providing Java-based S3 code and pySpark code examples, and providing support to enable S3 support in their products, and use pipelines for accelerating a variety of use cases from de-identifying and anonymizing images, to processing meta-data, to enabling intelligent search of images via their meta-data, and by making ML and deep learning libraries for implementing CNN possible.
  • Prepared Health IoT Telemetry and cloud services integrated demo. Prepared wireless transceivers, and IoT edge gateway with wireless receiver interface, and supported wearable motion tracking wireless sensors for performing gate analysis in order to utilize motion as a source of health information, and prepared Kafka and Spark Streaming integration, and worked with Confidential OEM Health Partner TotemSpark to prepare RNN LSTM to analyze motion waveform IoT data to detect and present health issues.
  • Developed Genomics-As-Service offering comprised of Edico Genome Portal SW running inside VMs, and Edico shim layer software deployed in Docker, which in turn offloaded WGA/WEA to FPGAs.
  • Drove interlock with company product managers, product engineers, engineering management, and operations staff to launch transformative services that help strengthen and position Confidential above and beyond its common base service offerings driving “Stickiness”.

Senior Manager, Rubicon Business Operations

Confidential, Hopkinton, MA


  • Served in cross-functional capacity within the Confidential Rubicon Cloud Division’s R&D organization supporting the Business Operations team. Business Operations, consulted directly with different Confidential LOBs to learn what external demand or needs there were for both tactical and strategic cloud offerings, and where Rubicon Cloud offered 3x private clouds, public cloud in VMware’s vCloudAir and on AWS, in addition to several Object Storage-as-a-Services and Software-as-a-Services which were built atop Big Data and Platform-as-a-Services. The role required intimate hands-on working knowledge of OpenStack, VMware vCenter, vCloud Director, AWS, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, both CDH and HDP distribution of Hadoop, Docker and Kubernetes design, and both cloud architecture and SW development skills.
  • Led business analysis and solution design for Rubicon Infrastructure Cloud Exchange comprised of private clouds (OpenStack and vCloud Director) and public cloud (vCloud Air), SaaS comprised of PCF, Confidential /Hadoop, Confidential Documentum, and Confidential Greenplum, and finally hyper-scale object storage services which served 35 million end consumers. Services spanned 22 data centers throughout NASA, EMEA, and ASIAPAC, with over 1.8EB data, 4.5 billion events per day, and were backed by a data lake comprised of Yarn, Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, ELK, Spark, Flume, Fleuntd, Kafka, and RabbitMQ.
  • Supported Monylitics - a hyper-scale monitoring and analytics platform based on CDH with Hive, Hbase, Kudu, Kafka, Logrouter, Fleuntd, ELK, and Java-based custom REST APIs for monitoring all service provider and tenant, and sub-tenant cloud compute, object storage, and SAN storage utilization, providing data profiling, billing and metering validation, and building sample tenant billable invoices. Provided a Java-based reporting utility and Liferay Portal-based BI dashboard. Provided to all service provider customers and large tenants, them on how to perform metering using Monylitic services APIs.
  • Developed Isilon-to-S3, HDFS-to-S3. Atmos-to-S3, and ECS-to-S3 Java, Golang, and Python data integrations, and launched a Cloud Data Migration Service Offering. Supported over 12x large data migrations to cloud object storage, comprised of over 10PB of data, and helped accelerated sales/revenue recognition generating profits sooner for the business. Received Confidential Service Excellence .
  • Developed Confidential Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, developing a custom Maginetics Fuse FileSystem Integration with Rubicon Cloud Storage (S3), and vCloud Director to offer full managed cloud-based disaster recovery. Developed Python back-end service and vRA Orchestration Service.
  • Developed a high-volume ETL solution for the UK Home Office providing Call Data Record Forensics; solution comprised of generating Java-based CDR generator creating multiple record Parquet files, multi-part uploading these into S3, and upon bucket notification / SQS integration loading the data from S3 into Elastic Search with a tailored Kibana configuration to support full-text queries, and present call locations according to GIS coordinates on a map.
  • Developed Confidential Boomi AtomSphere HL7 integration with OpenEMR to demonstrate sending IoT health telemetry reports as clinical report addendums.
  • Prepared SAP HANA Vora instances in Big Data as a Service tenant environments to enable big data analytics ingestion of data from SAP BW via HANA.

Software Engineering Manager

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA


  • Led 18x person DevOps team inside large global cloud operations organization spanning 3x geos: EMEA, NASA, and ASIAPAC, and supporting all VMware LOBs, Partners, and Customers with over 1M virtual machines running globally. Led full stack JEE & Python Development, CI/CD Jenkins & Team City, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and vRO/vRA orchestration, data warehouse & data model development, big data Spark and Hadoop development, real-time development, RabbitMQ and Kafka streaming and messaging development, SOLR search development, and micro-services (Docker/Mesos, and Kubernetes) dev.
  • Developed RabbitMQ and Kafka real-time event driven automation services for extending storage and runtime leases, and automatically shutting down and re-initializing services for hung or idle services deployed using Kubernetes inside vCloud Director-based clouds.
  • Developed mobile-enabled front-end for searching global catalogs for specific machine images and deploying and managing VM-based and container-based workloads.
  • Developed Machine-Learning-as-a-Service which supported multi-tenancy allowing multiple tenants to securely via SSO, to access PCF, Jupytr Notebooks, and RStudio, and choose between Spark, Hadoop, R, and utilize higher CPU/Mem dense instances, GPU-bound instances, etc.
  • Developed IaaS, Storage, Network, and VM workload monitoring and automation services to help identify metrics, usage, support for chargeback billing, and for automatic action, or healing processes.

Chief PaaS Software Architect

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Performed Pivotal Cloud Foundry Java development, AWS, vCloud Director, vCloud Air, Docker Swarm orchestration, development utilizing vRealize Automation and Orchestrator.
  • Deployed and configured SysDig and Prometheus for micro-services wide monitoring.
  • Deployed GlusterFS for storage and utilized Heketi for persistent storage management API framework.
  • Developed AMIs and CloudFormation and Ansible scripts for complete orchestration automation.
  • Created N2Cloud Confidential cloud readiness, feasibility analysis, and assessment service which resulted in $250K assessment service for Honeywell, assessing 800 in-scope apps for PaaS in the Cloud. N2Cloud was SPA deployed with Angular and Springlet on PCF.

Senior R&D Consultant

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Provided Confidential ’s R&D and CTO with thought leadership and software development expertise, developing public PaaS offering in AWS.
  • Developed software model, and Java classes for DataDirect, a data access abstraction layer for achieving SQL query support for social, operational, IoT, SaaS, NoSQL, object (S3, Confidential Atmos), big data (HDFS), and semantic stores (SOLR) data. Developed DataDirect JEE Meta-Data Services REST API.
  • Developed integrations for AWS RedShift, EMR, Lambda, SQS, Kinesis, and RDS

Senior Managing Consultant

Confidential, RTP, NC


  • Developed XaaS, “Anything as a Service”, a multi-tenancy private cloud framework which provides both web portal and range of web services allowing organizations to easily offer, manage, and consume variety of cloud-based services.
  • Solution supported both OpenStack with KVM and vSphere Hypervisors, and VMware vCenter, while supporting range of compute and storage options spanning Confidential, Intel, Cisco, and VCE, and with GPU (Nvidia) and FPGA (Intel, Xilinx) support.
  • Additionally, SDN using VMware NSX, and SDS using Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform, ECS with VIPR OS, and Isilon were also supported.
  • The solution also offered PaaS comprised of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and BDaaS comprised of Confidential (CDH) and Hortonworks (HDP) supporting Hadoop, Spark, Hive-Acid, Hive-LLAP, Hbase, Impala, Hue, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Solr, and Elastic Search. Performed entire deployment and Liferay JEE Portal development.

Senior Industry Engagement Manager



  • Served in cross-functional developer and solution architecture consultancy role delivering and tailoring solutions for Confidential customers in multiple industries around the globe for Confidential Global Technology Services.
  • Handing 25 million end users per day, developed an EDI and Confidential ECM solution atop WebSphere Portal using WebSphere CICS Transaction Gateway Server and Confidential WebSphere DataPower for USCIS.
  • Developed EDIs for NC-State and NY-State Medicaid services, developing Java-based Web Services and DB2 Changelog Detection-driven ETLs supporting over 440 million data points, and 11 million users; while providing support expertise for data integration with DB2, MQ, TDS, SOAP-WS, and CICS on z/OS.
  • Delivered emergency “Break-The-Glass” process automation WF solution for addressing Code Blues at the Mayo Clinic. Developed WebSphere Portlets, SAP HRIS feeds, and Patient Indices Feeds.
  • Implemented “Clinical Research in the Cloud” for Upenn Medicine, providing unified portal and virtual desktop access, R & SAS analytics, BI & report generation, and clinical and biological data acquisition.

Director of Security Engineering Services

Confidential, Regency Park, Cary, NC


  • Developed and delivered variety of managed services and subscription-based services offering enterprise data integrations, security automation and monitoring, data analytic solutions, business process automation solutions, security auditing and remediation, secure code review, and penetrating testing services.

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