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Solution Architect, Data Scientist Associate Resume


  • Proven record of success delivering innovative global IT solutions at the scale to support of a $49B company. Experienced Product Manager delivering products on time, within budget, while maintaining efficient and consistent systems and improving business processes to reduce costs, increase profit margins, and produce high customer satisfaction.
  • Recognized for designing innovative and impactful solutions by using data and insights to grow targeted revenue and maximize bottom - line profitability. Consistent in exceeding expectations.
  • Transform operations processes and system gaps to meet business requirements.
  • Extensive background in implementing global IT solutions with extensive domain expertise in Master Data Management, Product Data Master, Product Catalog and Search, eCommerce, SaaS, Product/Service/Software Configuration, Pricing and Discounting, Quoting, Order Capture, B2B, Sales Compensation, Deal Management, Sales and Channels.
  • A big believer in data, analytics, science, math and continuous learning—passionate about delivering high quality, out of box and innovative solutions.


Digital Transformation, Customer Success, Vendor Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Visualization, Application Architecture, IT as a Service, Oracle ERP, Teradata / Oracle database, Project Management, Change Management, Requirements Gathering and Design, Business Process Modeling, e-commerce, Master Data Management (MDM), User Experience, Design Thinking, Tableau, Python (scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, pandas), SQL, Python, R, Data Visualization, Hadoop (Hive, MapReduce), Angular JS, MongoDB, Elastic Search, Kafka, Java, Cassandra, Apache Spark, Drools, Oracle, Configuration - Products, Subscription, Technical & Professional Services, regression, clustering, feature engineering, Statistical Methods: regression models, hypothesis testing, PCA and dimensionality.



Solution Architect, Data Scientist Associate


  • Offer Lifecycle Management solution team member.
  • Defining product vision, product strategy and product roadmap.
  • Using customer & market research, customer and user feedback, customer usage and competitive analysis to identify new product opportunities and enhancements.
  • Working with multiple functions to build and evaluate business cases to support product investment decisions.
  • Presenting and clearly articulating product strategy to company leadership.
  • Researching competition and third-party vendors to understand the market dynamics
  • Prioritizing, designing and implementing projects and enhancements.
  • Leveraging data to make more informed product decisions.
  • Structure the offer, apply business rules and launch the offer via Cisco e-commerce and B2B channels.
  • Implemented new business model for device-based subscriptions in CCW to support HW, Subscriptions as well as technical Services using Agile methodology.
  • Data Squad Member of the Machine Learning course for Commerce for a period of six months: Data Cleaning, Data Exploration, Statistics, Python and Machine learning. Showcased Commerce Analytics project.
  • Supported CCW Platform transitioning to cloud-native technologies: MongoDB, Elastic Search, Kafka
  • Worked on commerce data exploratory projects using Machine Learning - Worked on a product recommender - providing similar products based on most popular configurations, best-priced configurations.
  • Worked on machine learning algorithms to find popular products by category, items sold together and best pricing and discounts available
  • Identified use cases to apply Machine Learning in Customer case/issue repositories and Voice of Customer: Business KPIs 1. Cost Reduction 2. Customer Satisfaction 3. Additional Revenue due to upsell/cross-sell
  • Simplified E2E Change Subscription User experience in CCW. Drove recurring revenue to 40%, leading the end-to-end solution design to develop a new, differentiated Change Subscription User experience to adopt, expand and renew for all subscription-based product/service offers.
  • Acknowledged for passion and excellence about delivering outstanding UX and adding business value with absolute emphasis on customer satisfaction , time to capability and quality of deliverables in Commerce and was nominated to a central Rapid Prototyping Team to cater to all teams to review and enrich the user experience for Commerce Workspace.
  • Implemented complex and new business models in commerce: Term and Content, Software Subscriptions, Device based Subscriptions, Technical Service Attach, renewals and Professional Services. Supporting Cisco’s complex product configurations as well as Cisco Acquisition products.
  • Conducted data exploration and presented a summary of insights : Comparative analysis of Cisco Partners selling high order products vs. $ revenue, products launched vs bookings revenue.
  • Leveraging AI and Machine Learning and defined use cases to provide a guided experience to our users and further simplify the complicated Configuration and Ordering experience.
  • Cisco Hack IT 2019 Winner : A novel solution to simplify Cisco Sales processes and defined a solution to determine the Seller Journey, including top seller insights. It is a cloud-based service that can flexibly ingest, analyze, and model data into insights and provide users with the next best action that they should take, at every major phase of Seller’s journey.

Senior Business Analyst



  • Enabled product configuration, pricing, quoting and order bookings for all Cisco products and services. Played a key role in transforming eCommerce (CPQO - Configure, Price, Quote and Order) platform and driving adoption from $40 million to $40 billion annually by simplifying the user experience and defining an independent POC for UCS Product Configuration which was later implemented.
  • Led major global commerce transformation efforts to scale the Confidential platform for buying and selling of products and services, supporting all Seller personas and all route to market: direct, resellers, service providers, and distributors.
  • Implemented custom Billing & Subscription Management system to address complex subscription requirements such as multiple subscriptions within a hardware product, recurring, true up, and tier-based pricing.
  • Enabled multiple business models including Software Subscriptions. The implementation enabled offers supporting Cisco's shift from traditional perpetual license management to subscription models both on premise subscriptions or delivered as a service through cloud (SaaS).
  • Researched and analyzed legacy Professional Services tools and applications in Cisco. Simplified the business processes and defined the professional services configuration process in Config.
  • Built a team of independent vendors and built a working prototype using IBM (Sterling) Configure to illustrate the complicated UCS Product Configuration. This design was incorporated into CCW Configuration.
  • Stakeholder appreciation for technical skills coupled with strong business acumen for solutioning of IronPort Products in commerce workspace. ed Commerce Quarterly for first SAFE agile implementation of professional services in commerce.
  • Migrated 80,000+ users worldwide off seven different legacy tools and built a new, integrated solution for managing $5.5B in service sales business, incorporating new system functionality requested by partners and theaters to improve adoption and increased partner self-sufficiency.


Digital Specialist


  • Supported business critical databases and applications which run Cadence’s core business: Product MDM, eCommerce, Order Management, Supply Chain and Financials. Appreciation for simplifying the management of Corporate Product Master.

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