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Senior Data Scientist / Engineer Resume

Cherry Hill, NJ


  • Senior data scientist and engineer, experienced in large - scale data analytics with Spark + Haddoop HDFS, either AWS cloud platforms or in-house infrastructure.
  • Predictive analytics with machine learning; natural language processing (NLP); Hadoop HDFS + Spark; Java, Scala, Python (pandas, Scikit-Learn); R, SAS, Stata; MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle; Web Services, SOAP, SOA, Amdocs
  • Big 4 consulting experience and skills in the entire lifecycle of business analytics projects from use case analysis to development, testing, deployment and maintenance


Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

Senior data scientist / engineer


  • Designed and implemented an ensemble predictive modeling platform that forecasts customer responses to promotions and offers. The platform has increased customer responses by 10 percent and significantly improved ROI on marketing campaigns. The Big Data framework uses Hadoop + Spark, Scala, Java, MySQL, and R.
  • Implemented n-tier system integration that performs data preprocessing and analysis for direct marketing and customer relationship management;
  • Transformed and normalized data of different formats into unifying datasets that are amenable to machine learning tools in Python’s Scikit-Learn package.
  • Implemented, deployed and maintained data integrators with Java technologies that link, merge and query data in the form of CSVs, SQL Databases, HDFS, or Excel from diverse sources that reside in cloud platforms, in-house databases or social media.
  • Preprocessed large-scale unstructured text data with Stanford CoreNLP, performed large-scale topic modeling with LDA in Mallet and conducted sentiment analysis with ML libraries from Scikit-Learn and Mallet.
  • Designed and implemented reputation management application that captures and predicts customer sentiments towards brands and organizations on social media platforms. The analytics framework integrates machine learning and panel data analysis models.

Technical environment: HDFS, Spark, Scala, Java; Scikit-Learn, Pandas and NLTK (Python), Stanford CoreNLP and Mallet (Java), Web Services; MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Senior Java consultant


  • Created detailed conceptual and technical design documents for order analytics and order management web services, and implemented customer order management platforms that included functions in order analytics, product cataloguing and order management.
  • Implemented business analytics and reporting engines for a new data warehouse which integrated diverse sources of data from two legacy billers, Amdocs and CSG. The project enabled better customer relationship management in retention and acquisition, and supported initiatives in marketing communications tracking and evaluations
  • As a team lead, designed, developed and deployed the shipping project that integrated data from multiple channels, such as the Internet, customer call centers, mobile phones and legacy data warehouse and automated data entry processes. This project facilitated data integration efforts and reduced costs significantly.
  • Managed Shipping project’s releases and scope and worked directly with key business stakeholders to asses problems and provide technology solutions
  • Participated in middle-tier design and development; created, consumed and updated Web Services (including SOAP or REST) on service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Technical environment: Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, Maven; Web Services, SOAP, WSDL; MySQL, Oracle, Amdocs

Confidential, Mclean, VA

Senior IT consultant


  • Designed and implemented a database marketing project that provided tools for predicting customers’ responses to direct marketing campaigns and established metrics for assessing the effectiveness and ROI of direct marketing initiatives.
  • Implemented customer relationship management (CRM) projects and developed web portals that acted as customer interfacing channels and customer service platforms.
  • Consulted for clients on customer knowledge management and data risk controls in enterprise marketing and CRM applications, developed and implemented strategies for customer knowledge transfer within multinational organizations, implemented customized tools to facilitate the customer knowledge management processes.
  • Designed customer data risk assessment and mitigation strategies and investigated the transitional issues from legacy systems (mainframe) to Java-based new platforms.
  • Established system documentation standards and knowledge management procedures for CRM and marketing supporting systems, and coached and trained software developers on how to make cost-effective documentation
  • Achieved high client satisfaction, increased client loyalty and acquired new businesses by demonstrating a deep commitment to superb service, good technical knowledge in software development and in-depth knowledge of software packages in CRM and database marketing.

Confidential, Provo, UT

Software engineer


  • Developed, implemented and tested an online customer relationship management (CRM) application that significantly streamlined and improved the quote generation process.
  • Managed the entire life cycle for the online quote generation project by defining requirements, choosing program architecture and hardware and implementing the application, reported directly to the CTO and provided accurate and timely reporting regarding the status and budgets
  • Conducted system analysis and design, completed use cases to capture business requirements for the online custom quote application, which generates real-time quotes for customers, salespeople, and the marketing department
  • Assisted the CEO in designing business strategies for the Chinese software market, coordinated with the stakeholders to develop business strategies in China, and coordinated a virtual team of twelve from the US, Canada, Germany and China to expand the Chinese market share by two percent.

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