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Data Engineer Resume

Seattle, WA


Professional Data Engineer and development professional with 8 years of experience in building data products and pipelines using database technologies Oracle, SQL Datawarehouse, Azure and Google BigQuery cloud technologies. Master’s in information systems and work domain experience include Health care, Banking - financial, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Retail sectors.


Technical Databases: Oracle, Teradata, SQL Datawarehouse, Azure, Databricks, Google BigQuery

Skills Programming Languages: SQL, Spark SQL, PLSQL, C, Python, Shell

ETL Tools: ADF, Alteryx Designer, Informatica, SSIS

BI Visualization Tools: Tableau, Power BI

Database Access Tools: SQL Developer, SQL *Plus, Toad, SSMS, SQL Workbench, Oracle Forms

Version Control: Tortoise SVN, GIT

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

Cloud Technologies: Azure, Databricks, Google BigQuery

Business Tools: Atlassian Jira, Serena Business Manager, Confluence


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Data Engineer


  • Gathering business requirements, business analysis and design various data products.
  • Developing, testing and maintaining pipelines by connecting various data sources and building the final products.
  • Creating Databricks notebooks using SQL, Python and automated notebooks using jobs.
  • Creating Spark clusters and configuring high concurrency clusters using Azure Databricks to speed up the preparation of high-quality data.
  • Building the Tableau dashboards to provide the effectiveness of weekly campaigns and customer acquisition. Have built the trends over weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Extensively used Azure Data Lake and worked with different file formats csv, parquet, delta.
  • Written Oracle SQL, PLSQL Procedures and packages and automated procedures using DBMS scheduler. Performance tuning the packages and dashboards.
  • Created procedures in Azure SQL Datawarehouse and built the final aggregate tables for dashboards
  • Worked on Big Query projects for extracting the data required for web analytics.
  • Worked extensively on the migration of different data products from Oracle to Azure.
  • Building and publishing various Tableau dashboards. Access management, security groups
  • Have worked on building Tableau self-service data sources and dashboards which have critical KPIs for Business and Finance teams.
  • Effectively built Alteryx workflows to compare the data sets from Oracle and Azure and have built the pipelines. Scheduled the workflows on the Alteryx server and published the output to Tableau server.
  • Worked on list pulls and data encryption for sending targeted audience data to digital media platforms

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Data Engineer


  • Extensively worked on building the data products for CMS applications, by developing the PLSQL procedures and packages for each episode of care modules.
  • Worked closely with Business analysts and architects to gather the requirements and implements the engineering work to create final data sets.
  • Worked on critical change requests and quarterly EOC runs to provide the data to end users for data mining and business intelligence reporting.
  • Created External Tables to load data from the external files to Oracle source tables.
  • Have re-rewritten the procedures to reduce the redundancy and improved the performance of the procedures by tuning the code. Using Explain Plan, Correct Joins, Indexing.
  • Created global temporary tables to improve the query performance by eliminating the repetitive reference of the main tables in the procedures and run time improvements.
  • Effectively partitioned the tables by creating suitable range and list partitions, helped the data reads and deletes to run faster by using partitions.
  • Created Complex ETL Packages using SSIS to extract data from staging tables to partitioned tables with incremental load.
  • Worked on SSIS Package, DTS Import/Export for transferring data from Database (Oracle and Text format data) to SQL Server.

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Database Developer


  • Understand the business requirements and have written Oracle procedures, packages, functions, triggers and created various database objects to build the data sets for the business needs.
  • Extensively worked on re-writing the procedures and packages when the source schema is changed
  • Automated the packages and procedures using Autosys and implemented the dependencies
  • Worked on a critical project to purge and archive the deactivated loans from the OLTP application and archived the data into history database. Closely worked with DBAs and architect to implement the desired solution for the entire project including the POC to code deployment to production and support
  • Prepared the deployment plan and steps for each release by working along with DBAs and environment administrators. Release support and post deployment validations.
  • Worked on deploying the latest changes in the data model to dev environments by taking the snapshot subversion code and pushing it to dev. Tested the deployments and have run the packages ahead of release into UAT and PROD environments.
  • Production support on fixing the hot bugs and ensuring the data quality by doing thorough qc.
  • Improved the performance of daily jobs by tuning the procedures. Created global temporary tables, used suitable indexes, hints, and have re-written the queries with effective join conditions.
  • Purged the data from History databases by dropping the partitions using dynamic SQL by considering the business requirements.
  • Worked on bug fixes, prepared unit test cases and involved in the code review process.
  • Used Bulk binds, Bulk collect and For All to increase the performance of DML operations and considerably lowered the run times of the procedures.
  • Used Explain plan, dbms application info package to track the performance of the queries and worked closely with DBAs to reduce the run times of long running queries.
  • Implemented and used parallel execution in Oracle by using the package dbms parallel execute and created tasks and chunks to run the DML operations in parallel for faster execution.

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Database Developer


  • Worked on Customer web portal backend, for members to access various applications on mymonsanto.com portal. Have written package permissions to grant the users access to different widgets on the portal based on the business rules.
  • Created materialized views to replicate the data periodically from remote databases. Worked on Fast, Complete refreshes and materialized view logs.
  • Created Autosys jobs using JIL commands and automated the daily and weekly manual jobs.
  • Refreshed the fact and dimension tables on daily basis, worked on change requests on source tables and updated the dependent ETL jobs.
  • Used Dynamic SQL, Cursors, Ref Cursors, Collections, Exception handling mechanisms in oracle procedures to handle different data requests.
  • Handled high volumes of upstream data for daily processing using concurrent runs.
  • Worked on Oracle SQL *Loader, Control files to load data from external files into the staging tables.
  • Created workflows, mappings using Informatica ETL and worked with different transformations such as lookup, source qualifier, update strategy, router, sequence generator, aggregator, rank, stored procedure, filter, joiner, sorter.
  • Designed workflows by integrating different data sources from SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle, Flat files

Confidential, Denver, CO

Database Developer / Analyst


  • Created the technical specification documents and mockup charts to design Oracle forms.
  • Attended the business review meetings with stake holders and gathered the inputs for design.
  • Designed and created Oracle forms required for the business team to support GVA application.
  • Created Master detail forms and have written triggering code for buttons.
  • Published the forms to the server and worked along with QA team to resolve the bugs.
  • Prepared the unit test cases and QC documents.
  • Created the table level triggers and tracked the upstream data source feeds.
  • Database objects access to the users by using grants and roles.

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