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Data Acquisition And Etl Architect Resume



  • A highly - experienced ETL Architect with strong technical background, leadership qualities, team spirit, creativity, excellent analytical & communication skills, and a positive attitude to shoulder responsibilities and challenges.
  • Experience in designing and implementing metadata driven framework for ETL and ELT processing, error capturing, process and data auditing for Data Warehouse loads, feeds for Master Data Management, data migration to Oracle Cloud, and Operational Data Sources.
  • Expertise in Data Integration from heterogeneous sources including Oracle, SQL Server, Mainframe, XML and text files using serial processing and Massively Parallel Processing.
  • Experience in all phases of SDLC.


Data Warehousing: Informatica PowerCenter 9.x/8.6/7.1 ( Mapping designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor), Informatica Admin Console, Informatica Power Exchange, Informatica MDM. IBI Data Migrator, IBI ISM, IBI MDC, SSIS

Databases: Oracle, DB2 UDB, Postgres, Greenplum Database, Mainframe, AS400, MS Access, and MS-SQL Server

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL Programming, Unix Shell scripting, Smalltalk, Java, Visual Basic, C.

Technologies: Data warehousing, Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD), Client server Technology, People Soft ERP - Student Information System, Banner ERP

Report tools: Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Web Focus

Utilities: TOAD, Quest Central, SQL Developer, APPWORX, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint, GitHub, PgAdmin, Aginity, SQL Workbench, WinSCP, XML Spy

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windos2005 Server, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 7, IBM-AIX, Solaris, Linux & Ms-DOS.


Data Acquisition and ETL Architect

Confidential, Springfield

Environment and Tools: PostgreSql, Greenplum, Microsoft Sql Server, SSIS, SQL, PL/SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio, Oracle, Github, XML Spy, IBI ISM, IBI MDC, IBI Data Migrator, C#


  • Taking advantage of Massive Parallel Processing (MPP), this provides a very efficient and robust means of replicating source systems out of production environments and into the EDW, applying a wide variety of cleansing and mastering rules to the data. In the process, this also creates a complete transactional version of each table to allow for dynamically creating dimensional data models on the fly.
  • Designed and implemented a framework of control tables to bring data sources into the enterprise data warehouse. This was coded to make heavy use of parameters in order to maximize code modularity and rapidly deploy the initial load while automatically creating the process to perform nightly incremental loads following an Extract -> Load -> Dedupe -> Replicate -> Propagate structure.
  • The incremental loads could consist of either batch updates or “trickle” loads throughout the day via HL7 messages.
  • Working closely with Information Builders, implemented the OmniPatient BI solution, which includes a “Universal Healthcare Model” to cleanse, master, and merge data from multiple healthcare systems and provide a 360 view of each patient. Data from heterogeneous sources is staged to be absorbed by their interface.
  • After receiving the raw information (XML) for surveys filled out by patients, the ETL process parses and loads this information into a database to get aggregated and reported off of.

Lead ETL Developer


Environment: and Tools: Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica PowerExchange, QMF for Mainframe; Oracle, DB2, Main Frame; Visio, MS SharePoint, Windows on DOS.


  • Designed the framework to convert data from legacy Student Information System on Mainframe to PeopleSoft Student Information System on Oracle Cloud. Legacy data was converted into constructs that were consumed by the PeopleSoft Student Information System.
  • Established development standards for the Data warehouse development to make it processes reusable and scalable. Infrastructure Design and framework for ETL with Change Data Capture, error capturing and process recovery. Develop templates for data extract processes and history processing. Implemented a framework to use parameter files and control tables. Create developers checklists for development, code migration and administration. Used date partitions and database snaps to implement CDC.
  • Designed conceptual, logical and physical data models for data marts and star schemas. Followed Agile and iterative delivery methods.
  • Used deployment groups and export-import scripts to migrate Informatica objects from development repository to test repository and from test repository to production repository.

ETL Developer

Confidential, Urbana, IL

Environment: and tools: Informatica Power Center Developer, Informatica Admin Console, Banner ERP, Business Objects Reporting Tool, UC4/Appworx for Enterprise Job Scheduling, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, XML, PL/SQL scripting, Visio, UNIX, Windows


  • Analysis, design, development and unit test source to target transformations for ETL processing using: Informatica, SQL Server, Oracle, flat files. Use push down optimization where possible by Sql/Pl Sql scripting, writing pre-processes and post-processes.
  • Design conceptual, logical and physical data models. Developed the Data Warehouse, Data Marts, and Presentation Layer for Business Objects and Tableau. Used UC4/Appworx to design process flows and schedule Informatica, PL/Sql, and UNIX jobs to run as per the required schedules. Used Informatica PMCMD commands and PMREP commands.
  • Used modified RACI charts to track work progress. The information maintained is used to generate timely reports to present to the management team. Work with a wide variety of clients, analysts, and support personnel. Communicate ideas, requirements, application behavior, and design concepts through written and oral communications. Participate in technical information sharing opportunities.

Object Oriented Designer/Developer

Confidential, Champaign, IL

Environment: and Tools: Object Oriented Application Design, UML, Erwin Data Modeler, Quest Central for DB2, AS 400, Visual Age for Smalltalk, Java, UNIX, Windows


  • Provide CABS billing, Telecom End User Billing & Customer Care solutions services. Design Process wizards for service activation, and customer treatment.
  • Used Erwin Data Modeler to do logical and physical models for schema designs. Created normalized data models for customer service application. Created star schemas and snow flake schemas for billing model.
  • Used Visual Age for Smalltalk and IBM Visual Age Generator for Cobol to implement new modules and use the rating engine on AS/400. Used Java, J2EE, Hibernate ORM, Spring MVC, Jboss and Eclipse to implement the eCare product. Provide active support for user tests, product tests and production problems. Conduct discussions and code reviews to maintain uniform coding standards.
  • Extensive use of SQL, PL/SQL scripts, stored procedures and Shell Scripting. Manage multiple tasks by prioritizing to work/delegate the tasks. Escalate the issues and coordinate between the different groups to get the issues resolved within the prescribed time frame.

Object Oriented Designer/Developer


Environment: and Tools: Visual Age for Smalltalk, Oracle, Lotus notes, Distributed computing, Configuration Manager for build configuration


  • Conduct discussions with user groups to create the Requirements Specifications document and the detailed designs. Use UML methodology to design the loan calculator subsystem. Created Use case diagrams, class diagrams, system sequence diagrams and activity diagrams for new modules and enhancements to existing modules.
  • Lead a team of three to do the detail Design, implement and test the printing interface in Visual Age Smalltalk for printing forms and reports. Design and lead the implementation of Microsoft Word templates and writing the essential macros in Visual Basic for dynamic printing from the loan calculators and loan application forms module
  • Used distributed computing to host the application server services and the data access services on multiple servers. Configuration management and packaging runtime image for production. Enhancement and maintenance of the Sales and Services module

Developer/Team Lead


Environment: and Tools: Digitalk Visual Smalltalk Enterprise, SQL, PL/Sql, Oracle, Object Messaging, Lotus notes, UNIX, Windows


  • Key team member in the on-site development team and Team Lead for the continuation of work offshore. Instrumental in getting the project approved for off-site implementation. Mentor the offshore team for the project implementation.
  • Implementing the application model and the User Interface in Visual Smalltalk Enterprise. Implementing the data access objects, data mapping for the business layer to the database layer to write to flat files. Defining the transaction messages to the securities clearing house.

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