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Machine Vision Engineer Resume

Bessemer, AL


  • 4+ years of experience in Data Analysis, Profiling, Cleansing Integration, Migration, Testing, Governance, Metadata, Master Data and Configuration Management
  • Expertise in data models, database design development, data mining and segmentation techniques.
  • Experienced Data Modeler with strong conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Modeling skills, Data Profiling skills, Maintaining Data Quality, creating data mapping documents, writing functional specifications, queries.
  • Ability to create data mapping documents, write functional specifications, and develop complex reporting queries.
  • Expert in machine vision systems like Keyence and Cognex
  • Expert in backend testing to verify Data integrity and Data validation of client server and web based applications using SQL.
  • Experience in creating views for reporting, involves complex SQL queries with sub - queries, inline views and multi table joins, with clause and outer joins as per the functional needs.
  • Good knowledge in Teradata, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Ad hoc reports, MS Excel.
  • Working experience in agile delivery environments and all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Extensive knowledge of implementing and maintaining access controls in CRM based on roles and access conditions.
  • Experience with data visualization tools, such as (Ggplot, Matplotlib, Seaborn, NumPy & Panda Sebraon) and in R (Data Exploration, Manipulation, Summarization and Visualization & Analysis)
  • Built various statistical models to solve the complex business problems.
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques such as Descriptive Modelling, Linear & Non-linear Models, classification and Data reduction techniques, Predictive Analysis.
  • Excellent understanding of machine learning algorithms, such as Decision tree, Naive Bayes, SVM & Random forest, Cluster, PCA, KNN, ANN, CNN etc.
  • Built fuzzy matching algorithm using k-nearest neighbors to identify non-exact matching duplicates.
  • Worked on Variable reduction techniques to remove the insignificant variables and built model.
  • Commitment, Self-Confidence, Positive Attitude and able to learn New Technologies.


Database: Teradata, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2

Programming: SQL, Python & R.

Business Intelligence: Cognos, Tableau.

SPSS, R & R: Studio.

MSOffice: Excel, Power Point, word

Statistical Analysis: Descriptive Modelling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Correlation, Data Quality, Sampling Distributions, Testing Hypothesis, ANOVA, MANOVA, Factorial and Block Designs, Regression Models, PCA, Dimensional Reduction Techniques, Forecasting and ARIMA Models, Generalized Linear Models, Survival Analysis, Optimization Techniques

Machine Learning: Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, KNN, ANN, CNN, SVM Model, Random Forest, PCA, K-Means, K-Medodis, K-Prototype, DBscan, Markov Model


Confidential, Bessemer, AL

Machine Vision Engineer


  • Adjusting the settings of camera lenses, lights, and optics using image acquisition
  • Developed, Debugged and Tested flowcharts and programs on Vision Editor as well as Vision Terminal
  • Connecting the software to the Keyence controller by changing the IP addresses and using Ethernet or USB
  • Analyzed images to find the difference from the original image and track the odd image
  • Detected the polish, count, and the presence of Aluminum (AL), High Gloss Black (HGB) and CHROME BMW car trims in a tray using Vision tools like EdgeAngle, ProfileEdge, Blob, Grayscale Blob, PatternSearch, EdgeWidth
  • Analyzed images using image operations like Add, Subtract, Multiply, Median, Sobel, Prewitt, Contrast Expansion, Contrast Conversion, Shading Correction, etc.
  • Programmed in Vision Editor (Offline and Online Software) and uploaded on the controller connected to the Vision Terminal.
  • On-screen graphics were added with the results for >500 images
  • Explored Cognex In-sight EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet another machine vision software.
  • Analyzed the Engine cylinder spare part using OCR, Radius, Width, Angle, etc. in the Spreadsheet
  • Learned to load files, save files, navigate through the spreadsheet

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Data Analyst Intern


  • Work with users to identify the most appropriate source of record required to define the asset data for financing
  • Designing of logical and physical data models using SQL Data model based on the client requirements.
  • Perform data profiling in the source systems that are required for financing
  • Document the complete process flow to describe program development, logic, testing, and implementation, application integration, coding.
  • Involved in defining the trumping rules applied by Master Data Repository
  • Define the list codes and code conversions between the source systems and MDR.
  • Worked with internal architects and, assisting in the development of current and target state enterprise data architectures.
  • Involved in defining the source to target data mappings, business rules, business and data definitions
  • Responsible for defining the key identifiers for each mapping/interface
  • Responsible for defining the functional requirement documents for each source to target interface.
  • Document, clarify, and communicate requests for change requests with the requestor and coordinate with the development and testing team.
  • Interact with computer systems end-users and project business sponsors to determine, document, and obtain signoff on business requirements.
  • Responsible in maintaining the Enterprise Metadata Library with any changes or updates
  • Document data quality and traceability documents for each source interface
  • Establish standards of procedures. Generate weekly and monthly asset inventory reports.
  • Remain knowledgeable in all areas of business operations in order to identify systems needs and requirements.
  • Provided direction and shares knowledge with and mentored team members in areas of expertise.
  • Excellent skills in user research and analysis of the existing systems, with knowledge of traceability matrix.
  • Strong Experience in conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Unit Testing and documenting Test Cases and Test Scripts.
  • Involved in Test Planning, Test Preparation, Test Execution, Issue resolution and Report Generation to assure that all aspects of a project are in compliance with the business requirements.

Environment: SQL/Server, ER Studio 9.1.0, Oracle 9i, MS-Excel, Teradata, MDM, SAP, QlikView, Microstrategy, Informatica, PowerPivot, ER Studio, XML, Selenium, SoapUI, CruiseControl.Net, HP Quality Center 10, Maven Business Objects, OBIEE, Cognos

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Data Analyst/ Data Modeler Intern


  • Performed various data analysis at the source level and determined the key attributes for designing of Fact and Dimension tables using star schema for an effective Data Warehouse and Data Mart.
  • Worked closely hand in hand with the Business Analytics manager, who was also a part of the design/data modeling team
  • Created logical and physical data models using Erwin and reviewed these models with the business team.
  • Worked on Optimization of the application and the designing of the database tables with the right partitioning.
  • Worked on Performance Tuning of the database which includes indexes, optimizing SQL Statements.
  • Used Model Mart of Erwin for effective model management of sharing, dividing and reusing model information and design for productivity improvement.
  • Created tables, views, sequences, tablespaces, constraints and generated DDL scripts for physical implementation.
  • Performed data mining on data using very complex SQL queries and discovered a pattern.
  • Experience in Project development and coordination with onshore-offshore ETL/BI developers & Business Analysts.
  • Analyzed database performance with SQL Profiler and Optimized indexes to significantly improve performance.
  • Performed data management projects and fulfilling ad-hoc requests according to user specifications by utilizing data management software programs and tools like Toad, MS Access, Excel and SQL.
  • Performed data analysis and data profiling using complex SQL on various sources systems including Oracle and SQL server.
  • Ensured onsite to offshore transition, QA Processes, and closure of problems & issues.

Environment: Teradata 13.10, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Data stage, SQL Manager, Erwin, Business Objects XI, ER Studio 9.1.0, Linux.


Data Analyst


  • Work with Data scientist team and provide them all sort of data required.
  • Identify source systems, their connectivity, related tables, and fields and ensure data suitably for mapping.
  • Automating all the process from raw data to creating and publishing critical reports using SSIS, SSRS and visual studio.
  • Worked on data mapping process from source system to target system.
  • Developed and maintained Data Dictionary to create Meta data Reports for technical and business purpose.
  • Worked with reversed engineer Data Model from Database instance and Scripts.
  • Designing Database with prominent activities like maintaining sequences, index, primary key, foreign key, manipulating columns and tables.
  • Running Monthly Segmentation jobs with interfaces to BI
  • Interacting with business users to analyze the business process and requirements and transforming requirements into Conceptual, logical and Physical Data Models, designing database, documenting, and rolling out the deliverables.
  • Running Quality checks using SQL Queries and keep synchronize all databases with Erwin model and across all environments.
  • Creating and altering different basic python scripts and making basic changes in UI using Django framework.
  • Managing data flow and providing different data sets to project management managers using Tableau for interactive data visualization and different analysis.

Environment: Microsoft SQL Server, MS-Excel, Microsoft Power BI, SSRS, SSIS, Microsoft Visual Studio. Tableau, Python, Django.

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