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Obiee Resume

Cleveland, OH

Professional Summary:

  • Over Eight years IT experience in Business Requirements Gathering, GAP Analysis, Data Modeling, Development, Testing, Implementations and Documentations of Data Warehouse / Data Marts deployments and Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Extensive working experience on OBIEE repository management (RPD) and the development of custom modules for the Warehouse using Oracle E-Business Applications, Oracle BI (Siebel Analytics), Informatica.
  • Expertise in designing and development of Repository (Siebel Analytics, OBIEE).
  • Worked on complex reports that require running totals, sub-totals, sub-reports, cross-tabs and conditional display of groups, fields and messages.
  • Experience configuring Interactive Dashboards with drill-down and drill through capabilities using global and local Filters, Siebel Security Setup (groups, access / query privileges), Metadata objects and Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports, Session Manager).
  • Well versed with Dimensional Modeling (Star and Snow flake) to build the Data warehouse with the approach of Kimball and Inmon methodology by developing and integrating the database, Client/Server applications using Oracle 11i/10g/9i.
  • Developed many Reports / Dashboards with different Analytics Views (Drill-Down / Dynamic, Cascading Style Sheets, Pivot Table, Chart, Column Selector, Narrative View, Guided Navigation, Tabular with global and local Filters) using Siebel Analytics Web.
  • Very good in Debugging, Optimizing and Performance Tuning of Oracle BI / Siebel Analytical Dashboards/Reports.
  • Very strong experience in developing OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Repository (.rpd) at three layers (Physical Layer, Business Model & Presentation Layer), Time Series Objects, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities using page and dashboard prompts, Siebel Security Setup (groups, object and data level), LDAP, External Tables, configured Analytics Metadata objects (Subject Area, Table, Column), Web Catalog Objects (Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports) and scheduling.
  • Expertise in debugging and optimizing the OBIEE Dashboards / Reports and Informatica Mappings / Workflows.
  • Excellent communication and organization skills, coupled with effective time management and the flexibility to work in a team as well as independently.
  • Excellent ability to understand and analyze the client requirements.
  • Well acquainted with the complete Software Development Life Cycle, Quality Management System (QMS) and six sigma process.


Bachelor’s in engineering

Technical Skills:

Reporting Tools: OBIEE(,,,, Siebel Analytics (7.x), Siebel
Datawarehouse Application Console (DAC), Siebel Analytic Server (SAS), Siebel
Analytic web (SAW), Scheduler, BI Publisher.
Database: Oracle 9i/8i/10g, 11g, SQL Server 7/2000 and 2005.
Programming: SQL, SQL*Plus, HTML.
Methodologies: RUP, JAD, SDLC, QA Process Cycle.
Tools: TOAD, HTML, Excel, Word, MS-Project, Clear Case.
Workflow Tools: MS-Visio2000, MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS- FrontPage.
Environment: Windows NT, 98, 95, 2000, XP.

Professional Experience
Confidential,Cleveland, OH. Jan ’11- Present

OBIEE Developer/Business Intelligence Analyst.
Project: Confidential,is a highly diversified and growing financial services organization spanning the retail, business and corporate markets. It offers a wide range of services for all our customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities spanning in the retail banking, Asset Management Group, Corporate & Institutional Banking Residential Mortgage and Investment Management.
This project provides Commercial Banking loans Analytics solution to PNC Bank to enhance decision making process for the Business Users regarding each Customers and Non performing loans. The system will allow users to perform data analysis and track their products and customer details.


  • As a module lead my responsibilities includes project planning, estimation of the effort for development, testing and implementation of various dashboards to comply with company standards and coordinate with the team towards the project milestones.
  • Working on migration of OBIEE 10g to 11g.In
  • Working on changed functionality of 11g.Made changes in 10g reports to work in 11g according to new functionality.
  • Prepare BRDs, FRD’s, and Technical Design Documents (TDD) for new projects.
  • Working on OBIEE 11g, Dashboards, Reports, RPD Development, BI Publisher Reporting, Development standards and Training.
  • Configured the metadata for KPIs, multiple facts with non conformed dimensions, Level based measures, dimension hierarchies, complex metrics, aggregation, fragmentation
  • Understand the table structure and views present in the database and submit SRS to the BOTW if modifications were required.
  • Prepare deployment packages for the bank with detailed instructions for the release of certain intranet and intranet reports and applications.
  • Developed theOracle BIEEMetadata repository (.rpd)model with for Sales & Marketing subject areas that inviolved creating Physical, BMMlayers with aggregates, dimensions, hierarchies & time series functions, Presentation layerwith catalogs & foldersusingOracle BIAdministration tool.
  • Developed Interactive Dashboards using Reports relating to Sales Forecasting, Marketing Campaigns and Financial Analysis with different Views (Drill-Down, guided navigation, Pivot Table, Chart, Column Selector, dashboard and page prompts) using Oracle Presentation Services.
  • Designed and developed reports in BI Publisher reports using prompts and interactive user views in PDF, excel, RTF formats using BI templates builder & setting up connections to schedule reports using FTP & other delivery methods
  • Customized requests and modified the OBIEE Dashboard using cascading style sheets
  • Scheduled and published the new reports OBIEE server based on the existing reporting requirements.
  • Created Proactive Alerts /iBots using Siebel Delivers & delivered using Scheduler services.
  • Make minor changes in the VB script and the Java script of the existing code to incorporate enhancements to fix defects.
  • Performance Tuning of Dashboards/Reports and made changes to database by implementing the materialized views, re-building of indexes, overwriting the SQL execution path by making use of hints etc.
  • Configured the metadata for KPIs, multiple facts with non conformed dimensions, Level based measures, dimension hierarchies, complex metrics, aggregation, fragmentation.
  • Designed and developed reports in BI Publisher reports using prompts and interactive user views in PDF, excel, RTF formats using BI templates builder & setting up connections to schedule reports using FTP & other delivery methods.
  • Have significantly improved the dashboard look n feel by using interactive maps, KPI’s calculated from different business areas, dashboard navigation functionalities, enabling hierarchical browsing & interactions, custom grouping etc.
  • Have implemented the business model in Administration Tool by configuring multiple Facts & Dimensions (Drill-Down Hierarchies) & Logical & Facts / Calculated Measures objects in Business Model Layer, and creating the Presentation catalogs in Presentation Layer.
  • Configured iBots and scheduled BI Publisher reports to other applications based on requirements to obtain daily and weekly reports.
  • Developed and debugged Dashboards/ reports visibility with respect to user’s responsibility and web groups in an integrated environment.
  • Performed Unit, Integration, and Regression testing to validate report and mapping functionality
  • Actively participated in weekly Project status meetings and communicated effectively with Project Managers

Environments: OBIEE 10.1.3.x, OBIEE11.1.1.5 and, Toad 10.5, Windows XP.

Confidential, Mar\'10 – Nov’10
OBIEE Metadata RPD and Reports Developer

Project : The project was the first and the main phase (i.e. Release 1.x) of the complete overhaul of the online systems of PennDOT. In this release the Financial Administration, Inventory & warehouse and Product lists & Correspondences were covered. Deloitte, one of the leading consulting companies, was awarded the contract for release 1.x. As reporters our job comprised of understanding the Client’s requirements in each of the sectors of Finance, Inventory and Correspondences make the reports and also make sure that the reports were interfaced properly with the Java Application front end with the proper use of the correct Java SDKs along with OBIEE. As the only reporter of the current maintenance team I had to debug complex issues and deal with enhancements requested by the client and implement them.

  • Understanding the existing reports and tuning them to improve performance.
  • Interacted with the client to understand the working and business requirements of the various departments like Finance, Inventory, Warehouse, etc.
  • Designed complex reports involving multiple subreports or reports based on ORACLE SQL commands and Stored Procedures.
  • Analyze, Design, and Develop OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Metadata repository (RPD) that consists of Physical Layer, Business Mapping and Model Layer, and Presentation Layer
  • Built Reporting Dashboards and Pages. Created 40 Critical Reports in Answers developed and debugged manyDashboards / Reportswith differentAnalytics Views(Pivot Table, Chart, Tabular and View Selector),Alerts, Guided Navigation andDynamic Dashboardswith drill-down capabilities using dashboard and page prompts.
  • Created reports off both OLAP and OLTP databases. OLTP database connections were required to generate automated correspondence letters from real time production data.
  • Most of the financial reports created were Daily reports. But there were Monthly and Six Monthly reports too. These reports were scheduled on the basis of whether they were daily, monthly or six monthly. Scheduled and distributed the reports using BCA (Broadcast Agent).
  • Managed security privileges for each subject area and dashboards according to user requirements
  • Developed Metadata repository (.rpd), configured metadata the Business Model Layer & Physical Data Model and Web Catalog Objects as per the data requirements using Siebel Analytics Server Admin and Web tool.
  • Made reports using multiple data sources and created canned as well as parameterized reports.
  • Worked with the DBAs from both the client side as well as Deloitte in order to create the required Views and Stored Procedures.
  • Created detailed documents for all the reports which included the business logic, database connections, types of join statements used, the different filter conditions, details of all the formulas and parameters used, etc. in order to conduct efficient knowledge transfer.
  • Maintained the versioning of all the reports and the documentation for the reports using Clear Case

Environments: OBIEE, Informatica 7.1.4, ORACLE 10g/11g, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Windows XP.

Confidential,Scottsdale, AZ Jan’ 09– Feb’10
Sr. OBIEE Developer /Data Analyst

Project: SA Sales/SA-Sales Analyzer Data Mart.
The Dial Corporation is $1.7 billion Company and is one of America\'s leading manufacturers of consumer products, including Dial soaps, Purex laundry detergents, Renuzit air fresheners and Armour Star canned meats. The company\'s Sales Analyzer data mart is used to integrate data from daily shipments and open orders, giving Dial the capability to track and analyze daily sales performance from an actual and budgeted perspective. This data mart also provides Dial\'s field sales team with daily reports on different sales-related metrics so they can continually refine their sales efforts.


Conducted JAD sessions with extensive involvement from Business, Development and Testing teams, Architects, ETL (Informatica) developers and Managers of various Business Units.
  • Involved in gathering and analyzing user requirements in co-ordination with business.
  • Created/Modified/ Customized Metadata repository (.rpd) and Configured Metadata Objects using Siebel Analytics Server Admin tool.
  • Configured measures in the Business Model Layer and mapped to multiple logical source tables.
  • Worked on Siebel Answers to build Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities.
  • Implemented dynamic dashboard prompts to zoom into particular segments of the business in a performance-optimized manner.
  • Worked closely with Users, Developers and Administrators to resolve ongoing Production Problems by reviewing design changes made to production systems.
  • Managed security privileges for each subject area and dashboards according to user requirements
  • Customized/Created presentation layer catalog folders, to show different views of the business model to different users and assigned group permissions to the catalog folders
  • Worked Extensively on Siebel Answers to create the reports as per the client requirements
  • Defined additional views (narrative, pivot, chart views) of the data returned by the request to visualize data in many different ways
  • Configured Intelligence dashboards by adding content such as links/images, HTML objects and folders
  • Maintained effectiveness in creating the Dashboards by appropriately including guided navigational links and drilldowns
  • Used the Catalog manager and maintained the Analytics web catalog to manage Dashboards, Answers
  • Assisted in creating Reusable and Non-Reusable Mappings and Mapplets using Filters, Aggregator, Lookups, Expression Aggregator ,Sequence generator, sorter, Joiner and Update Strategy Transformation
  • Developed Mappings and Workflows using various Transformations (Update Strategy, Router, Expression, and Aggregator) for extracting the billings data from Oracle Applications.
  • Developed many shell scripts for executing the workflows using Informatica pmcmd command.

Environment: Siebel Analytics 7.x, OBIEE, Informatica PowerCenter7.2/6.1, Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Sun Solaris, TOAD.

Confidential,Los Angeles, CA Nov’ 07 – Oct’ 08
Siebel Analytics Metadata and Reports Developer

Project: Confidential,is the third largest home and auto insurer in the United States. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Farmers provides a range of insurance services to more than 10 million households. Farmers wanted to streamline its automobile claims management process to eliminate inefficiencies. It wanted to monitor repair shop performance, make better use of claims staff, quickly add new functionality to key systems and improve the customers experience after an accident. Although Farmers had implemented many standards and efficiencies in its claims-settlement process, some aspects were still manual, paper-based and complex. The Process Claims- Claims Port solution has automated Farmers’ claims-processing system, providing an all-digital workflow and the ability to track performance. Claims Port integrates seamlessly with Farmers claims-processing system. The automated, Web-based solution gives Farmers the ability to monitor repair facilities, eliminate manual handoffs, reduce cycle time, and make the claims-settlement process more satisfactory for customers.

  • Involved in meeting with business representatives for requirement analysis and to define business and functional specifications.
  • Identified the GAP’s by analyzing the Datamart instance and provided alternative solutions as well recommended changes to database
  • Migrated code from Dev to QA and QA to Production of Repository, Dashboard Reports and Informatica mappings and workflow and DAC Entities.
  • Designed, Developed and Tested Data security and Dashboard security in Analytics
  • Identified Facts and Dimensions (with levels & hierarchy) and developed OBIEE Repository at 3 layers i.e., Physical Layer (connecting Data sources & import schema), Business Model / data mapping (create Logical tables & data source mapping) and Presentation Layer level (create presentation catalogs), create presentation folders, test and validate the model
  • Developed many Reports using different Analytics Views (Pivot Table, Chart, and Column Selector), Dynamic / Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, charts, tabular using global and local Filters. Extensively used Siebel Delivers and iBots
  • Debugged reports and Dashboards visibility with respect to user’s responsibility and web groups in an integrated environment
  • Developed many Ad-hoc and standard Reports / Dashboards with different Analytics Views (Drill-Down, Pivot Table, Chart, Column Selector, and Tabular with global and local Filters) using Presentation Services/Siebel Analytics Web.
  • Modified iBots for various threshold values using Scheduler.
  • Maintained extensive documentation for design, implementation and testing OBIEE Analytics requests, Dashboards.
  • Created templates for presenting results and Analytics and modified the Siebel Dashboard using cascading style sheets.
  • Designed and developed the ETL Mappings for the source systems data extractions, data transformations, data staging, movement and aggregation.
  • Involved in Production Support, UAT and sign-off from the users.
  • Involved in developing complex ETL process i.e., Mappings & Mapplets using various Transformations (Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Rank, Router, Update Strategy, and Look-Up) and Workflows with Sessions / Tasks, Performance Tuning of Dashboards/Reports and made changes to database.

Environment: Siebel Analytics 7.X, Informatica 6.2,Visio and Windows XP.

Confidential,Mumbai, India. Feb 06 - Aug’ 07
Informatica ETL developer

Project 1: Performed requirement analysis, Designed a comprehensive export and import costing application. The Application keeps track of inventory information, sales analysis and delivery Details, Developed using Developer 2000 with Oracle 7.3 database in windows’95 using VBX controls.

  • Documented user requirements, translated requirements into system solutions and developed implementation plan and schedule.
  • Identified the granularity level of the data available for analysis
  • Extensively used transformations like Lookup, Aggregate, Joiner, Filter, Sequence Generator, and Expression to create complex mappings.
  • Created mappings to load aggregate tables in the data warehouse.
  • Customized workflows, worklets, and tasks using Workflow Designer.
  • Used Workflow Manager/ Workflow Monitor to develop, validate and run sequential and concurrent batches and sessions.
  • Created email tasks in workflows to send post session and suspension emails as per user requirements.
  • Translate business requirements to design the ER model using ERWIN tool.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 6.1, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, Windows NT

Confidential,Navi Mumbai Feb 04 – Jan 06
Test Engineer

Project: Provide QA and Implementation Planning for GE Fanuc Automation software ‘iFIX’.
Sarla Technologies is India’s leading software solutions provider for industrial automation and MES. Established in 1991, Sarla Technologies today has expanded its operations in India, Dubai, USA, UK, and Ireland. Sarla Tech ia also a Global Software Solutions Business Partner of GE Fanuc Automation.

  • Testing new builds of iFIX according to given test plans and test cases and also conducted Self testing.
  • Using VBscript to modify and test custom configurations for stability and reliability of the SCADA system.
  • Checking for compatibility of iFIX and Virtual Tables with various RDBMS.
  • Actively participated in Test Plan preparation
  • Involved in Test cases Review.
  • Performed Manual Testing prior to Automate Testing on the Application.
  • Involved in loading the test flat files to Derived table to testing tables.
  • Involved in team meetings with QA Manager and Participated in client meetings for weekly updates.
  • Strong skills in writing SQL queries, generating reports to ensure data integrity and validate business rules.
  • Planning the installation and configuration of iFIX for a milk pasteurizing company.

Environment: Windows 2000/NT/XP, MS Word, MS Access, SQL Plus, Oracle 8i, Test Director, VB and SCADA.

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