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Business Intelligence Analyst Resume


Confidential, (13) years of increasing responsibility in information data processing and design. Currently, she is focused on SAP BI 7.01 (EHP1) system as a Senior SAP BW/BI/IP/ABAP Consultant. She has delivered a stable BI platform with extensive exposure on rollout and maintenance activities, performance management, resolution of application malfunction and handling application enhancements. Her experience also includes development of client/server systems and successful implementation of SAP R/3 and ECC 6.0, FI/CO/MM/SD/WM/PM/CM/PP modules. She is skilled in systems analysis and design, programming and data modeling, application development, software verification and validation. She has solid management skills and has demonstrated proficiency in leading individuals. Also, she is responsible for installation of various application systems, user training, system maintenance, problem analysis, documentation and post-implementation review.


She is skilled in SAP BW version 3.5, SAP BI version 7.0 and SAP BI version 7.01. She has developed and modified objects such as Info Objects, Data Sources, Transformations, Info Packages, DTP’s, Process Chains, Meta Chains, Extractors, Info Source, Info Cubes, DSO, Transfer and Update Rules. She has implemented Enterprise Portal and experienced in Integrated Planning (SAP IP) using Modeler. She has developed reports and applications using Query Designer, Report Designer, BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer and created dashboards using Business Objects Xcelsius 2008. She has experience in SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) version 7.0 data extraction using standard extractors and customized extractors. She is knowledgeable on SAP CRM WebUI, Opportunity Mgt, Organization Mgt, Business Partner Mgt, and Access Control Engine (ACE). She has done data retraction from SAP BOBJ Planning and Consolidation (BPC) version 7.5 using data manager.

She is also adept in using SAP R/3 versions 3.1 to 4.7 and SAP ECC 6.0, particularly in the following modules: Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO), Warehouse Management (WM), Cash Management (CM), Credit Management (CM), Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP) and Human Capital Management (HCM).

She has extensive experience in using ABAP development tools. Examples of which are simple and interactive reports, RFC’s, SAPScripts, SMARTFORMS, ALV’s, function modules, classes, user-exits, customer-exits, BADI’s, customer function calls, dialog programming, module pool, interface programs, LSMW, and programs that use BAPI, ABAP Objects and OLE calls.


Confidential, is a leading global provider of technology solutions for the energy industry.FMC Technologies designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.
Position Held: Business Intelligence Analyst
November 2012 Present

Project Involvement:
Global Reporting
November 2012 Present

Confidential,has performed the following:

  • Gathered and understood business requirements, evaluated and determined how to transform and align current practices with Business Intelligence best practices.
  • Offered solution proposals and gap analyses as well as linkage of business targets to process improvement opportunities.
  • Created and enhanced BI Objects such as InfoObjects, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, DataSources, Transformations, Update Rules, DTP’s, Infopackages, Queries, etc.
  • Designed and created dashboards using Business Objects Xcelsius 2008 that helped global business users to make decisions, improve operations and optimize processes:
  • HCM
  • Efficiency of Hiring Process Employee Trend (Current/New Hire), Employee Turnover (Trend, Categorization), Headcount Budgeting Efficiency (Cost and Headcount)
  • Efficiency of Current Workforce Performance (Sales per Job Family, Margin per Job Family, EBIT % per Job Family), HR Competency Analysis (Training Efficiency)
  • FI/CO Account Receivable Aging Report, Cost Center Performance
  • Created a template using Integrated Planning to integrate headcount data from non-SAP Business Units.

ASM is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment in both front- and back-end markets. The Company possesses a strong technological base, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a competent and qualified workforce and a highly trained, strategically distributed support network.
Position Held: Senior SAP BI/ABAP/IP Consultant
August 2010 September 2012

Project Involvement:
SAP BI Global Rollout
August 2010 September 2012

Confidential,has performed the following:

  • Gathered user requirements, analyzed and built solutions to provide the key decision makers with data reports and analysis of information critical to making strategic decisions across the region.
  • Prepared detailed solution design, data modeling and functional and technical specifications.
  • Analyzed, designed, built and enhanced BI Objects such as InfoObjects, InfoCubes, DSO’s, MultiProviders, InfoSources/DataSources, Transformations, Update Rules, Extractors, User exits, BADI’s, DTP’s, InfoPackages, Queries, Views, Exit Variables, Web Templates and Process Chains.
  • Activated and enhanced Business Content objects.
  • Created IViews, Pages, Worksets, Roles in Enterprise Portal.
  • Fine-tuned long running programs, transformations, routines, user exits, extractors, views, queries, etc.
  • Did performance tuning of reports through indexing, aggregates, caching, etc.
  • Developed and optimized standard and generic extractors from SAP ECC 6.0 for various modules like COPA, FI, SD/LO, MM, Human Resource (HR), Warehouse Management (WM), Quality Management (QM), Project System (PS), etc.
  • Created numerous programs, examples are, module pool for DSO maintenance using ALV Controls; interface programs to/from FTP; utility programs to monitor process chain status, update template/query variants; adhoc programs to resolve complex scenarios; function modules to format, check, extract data, etc
  • Did SAP user authorization and profile maintenance.
  • Designed and developed input-ready Queries and used different Planning Objects such as Aggregation Levels, Planning Sequences, Planning Functions, Planning Function Types, Filters and Fox Formula.
  • Performed detailed testing and implementation related activities.
  • Monitored process chains, provided global support to various countries and resolved numerous production issues.
  • Prepared project related documentation during the different stages of the project.

July 2011 September 2012

As the lead BI Consultant in CRM, she has the following responsibilities:

  • Gathered and understood the business requirements and assessed the solutions provided by BI/CRM Consultants.
  • Provided guidelines that will be followed during the different phases of the development.
  • Coordinated with users and other teams (ECC, CRM, and BASIS) to offer solutions and harmonize the gaps.
  • Designed, developed, and tested objects in BI and CRM that will be used in reporting such as standard and customized extractors, infoobjects, transformations, exits, DTP’s, InfoCubes, DSO’s, MultiProviders, Process Chains, Authorization Objects, Roles, Queries, Views, Web Templates and Portal objects.
  • Developed solution to customized authorization check.
  • Designed and developed programs and function modules, implemented BADI’s for data extraction.
  • Monitored work progress to ensure that project meets the schedule.
  • Did enhancement and developments to cater to new customer requests.
  • Performed training and user support.

Dec 2011 September 2012

As the main BI Consultant for the Project, Ms. Pinson’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Gathered and understood the business requirements and evaluated the impact to current BI objects/reports.
  • Coordinated with the BPC Consultant and users to come up with solutions that are aligned with SAP best practices.
  • Prepared detailed data modeling, analyzed, developed and enhanced various BI objects such as DSO’s, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Queries, Web Templates, etc.
  • Created BADI to retract the BPC data to BI.
  • Configured data managerextractionfrom BPC to BI.
  • Performed enhancements and user support.

Confidential, is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation and is based in Singapore. It serves as the regional management and marketing headquarters for Sony\'s consumer electronic products in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. The main roles and responsibilities are to develop management strategy and create new and integrated business models for the region; oversee all sales and marketing functions for Sony; and provide comprehensive support to Sony sales and marketing companies.
Position Held: SAP BI/IP/ABAP Consultant
October 2005 July 2010

Project Involvement:
June 2007 July 2010
KRONOS is a planning, simulation and procurement system for Sales, Marketing and Procurement of PAN Asia region (SAP BI 7.0 implementation).

Confidential,is the Team Lead for KRONOS Support and Maintenance/Rollout. She has the following responsibilities:

  • Led team in providing 24/7 support to ensure continued operation of 12 Sales Companies/Countries in PAN Asia Region.
  • Involved in providing ideas and solutions to capture various business requirements, to solve business problems and to improve business processes.
  • Provided impact analysis for any BI/IP/ABAP solutions involved that are about to implement.
  • Gathered business requirement and designed solutions for several gaps on the BI data flows that will cater the requirements for various Rollouts, e.g. Sony Marketing AP (RME), Sony Indonesia, Sony Malaysia, Sony New Zealand, Sony South Africa, Sony Singapore, Sony Philippines, Sony Thailand, Sony GULF, Sony Australia, etc.
  • Created functional specifications and ensured that the changes made adhere to the standards and that proper review and testing are done and documented.
  • Prepared documents for the KRONOS/OPS Rollout, e.g. URS, User Guide, FS etc.
  • Spearheaded the development of all requirements:
  • Designed, developed and/or enhanced BI Objects, e.g. Info Objects, InfoCube, MultiProvider, Data Sources, Transformations, Info Packages, DTP’s, Process Chains, Meta Chains etc.
  • Designed, developed and optimized Planning Objects such as Aggregation Levels, Planning Sequences, Planning Functions, Planning Function Types, Filters and Fox Formula.
  • Created input-ready Queries and Workbooks used for planning.
  • Carried out Enterprise Portal new requirements and enhancements, for example, creating and changing of Roles, IViews, Worksets, etc.
  • Performed data loads and data reconciliation to ensure consistency and validity of the data.
  • Created and modified programs to suit user requirements.
  • Responsible for applying notes and involved in applying Support Package/Stack to system.
  • Transported objects from Development to QA and QA to Production using SAP BASIS Transport Management System.
  • Provided technical advice for onshore and offshore development teams.
  • Performed administrative tasks, these include planning, monitoring and assigning of tasks to ABAP/BI/IP Consultants.

October 2005 December 2008
The PICA1-BW system is a Data Warehouse system in Singapore. This system collects Marketing and Financial information from all Pan Asia companies and most of the East Asia companies of SONY.

As part of Support and Maintenance and lead of ABAP team, Confidential,has the following responsibilities:

  • Developed and changed BW objects, e.g. R3 extractors, Info Objects, Data Source, Info Package, Info Source, InfoCubes, ODS, Transfer and Update Rules, etc.
  • Gathered requirements, designed, developed and modified programs to meet FI and Marketing user requirements.
  • Optimized programs to improve system performance.
  • Created routine to be used for the upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 and modified existing programs to call the routine.
  • Performed administrative tasks, these include planning, monitoring and assigning of activities to ABAP developers.

October 2005 May 2007
Confidential, Project is the implementation of SAP SD/MM/FI modules to various sales companies in different countries, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Some of the processes included are Maintenance Master Data; Order to Cash; Customer Debit and Credit Management; Return Processing; General Accounting and Reporting; Profitability and Cost Management; Inter-company Activities; Procure to Pay; Logistics; and Fixed Assets.

As part of Support and Maintenance/Enhancement teams, Ms. Pinson’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Designed, developed and modified programs to meet user requirement under SD/MM/FI Modules.
  • Executed user request and resolved issues using I-Care/Remedy.
  • Assisted Functional Consultants to successfully meet user creative desires.
  • Made necessary configuration in SAP R/3 system, e.g. output determination, pricing and credit control.
  • Did job coaching to other technical consultants.
  • Participated in management team meetings for support activities.
  • In-charged of transferring all SAP scheduled jobs in Control-M and maintaining the jobs.
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing.
  • Handled issues related to various systems, examples are POS System, BOSS System (WM), Regional Code Management (RCM), and B2C (Sony Style - Web).
  • Participated in SAP Unicode migration.
  • Created Functional and Technical Documentation.

Confidential, Thai International is the second largest garment manufacturer in the world, supplying for clients such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne, Limited and Abercrombie & Fitch. Its head office is based in Hong Kong and has more than 100 highly competitive companies all over the world which includes: Saipan, China, Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Philippines and US. It is also involved in insurance, fishing and retailing businesses.
Position Held: SAP/ABAP Technical Consultant II
May 2000 October 2005

Project Involvement:
SAP R/3 Implementation
May 2000 October 2005
The implementation of SAP R/3 addresses the company’s vision of becoming the global leader in the garment manufacturing. The Production Planning module facilitates the planning and control of the manufacturing activities of the company. Materials Management supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in the day-to-day business operations and the Sales and Distribution module helps optimize all the tasks and activities carried out in sales, delivery and billing. All these functionalities are able to link up to the Financial (FI) and Control (CO) modules which are designed to automate management and external reporting of the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as company’s flow of costs and revenue.

Confidential,has been part of the design, development, testing and implementation of numerous programs that meet user requirements under the FI/CO/MM/PP/SD/CM/PM Modules. Her responsibilities include the following:

  • Created new programs, reports, module-pools and customer-exits using SAP R/3’s development tools.
  • Modified existing SAP standard objects to meet user requirements.
  • Developed the first successful interface program in the Philippines for various banks, such as HSBC and Equitable PCI, using DME (Data Medium Exchange) files.
  • Developed download/upload programs to and from FTP servers.
  • Created program that converts data to XML Format, downloads file to Web Server and calls Web Service to process the file.
  • Designed and developed Official Receipt System (a system that lets the user maintain OR using various payment modes, does FI posting and clearing, allows printing of the OR (SAPScript) and other OR reports and lets the user maintain user-defined tables).
  • Designed and developed Project System (a system that bills clients based on the actual work done/services rendered by the company, reports are being sent to respective users via CCMAIL).
  • Involved in the upgrade of SAP from version 4.6B to 4.7
  • Developed utility program that compares versions of customer objects from different systems.
  • Created utility program that imports SAP Standard texts from one system to another.
  • Developed utility program that searches for a given string in all customer objects.
  • Created utility program that lists all programs that connect to SQL server.
  • Monitored and done enhancements and modifications on different systems.
  • Coordinated with Functional Consultants in trouble-shooting functional and technical issues/conflicts.
  • Assisted functional counterparts in the configuration of MM/WM/FI processes like Output Determination, Validation in FI, etc.
  • Performed administrative tasks.
  • Provided supervision and leadership to a group of 6 ABAP programmers.
  • Prepared detailed planning, resource management, evaluation and recommendations.
  • Conducted in-house ABAP trainings for new team members.
  • Introduced the use of table controls, ALV’s, Control Objects, SMARTFORMS, which are now preferred by developers and users

Confidential, 2000 (GO2000) Project
May 2000 October 2005
GO2000 is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning solution for Luen Thai Garment Manufacturing. Its overall functional objective is to provide a multi-country, multi-company information system which supports direct manufacturing management as well as overall corporate management and planning. It uses Visual Basic as its front end and SAP’s Integrated R/3 System as its backbone system together with APL/J and SQL.

Confidential,performed the following:

  • Linked with Visual Basic the appropriate SAP BAPI programs to be called.
  • Created additional Remote Function Calls (RFC’s) to be called by Visual Basic.
  • Created new programs, reports, module-pools, and customer-exits.
  • Modified existing SAP standard programs to meet user requirements.
  • Developed upload /download programs to and from FTP servers.
  • Created background jobs to perform routine programs.
  • Assisted/gave on-call support to Functional Consultants, implementers and users
  • Spearheaded the testing of the system using Rational Testing Tool that includes configuration and set-up of test environment, and creation of test scripts.
  • Responsible for developing a number of programs using Visual Basic.
  • Involved in the creation of tutorial using Multimedia Authorware 5.
  • Documented various systems in Oracle, Visual Basic, APL/J and SAP

BS Computer Science

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