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Financial Crime Compliance (fcc) Analyst Resume

Irving, TexaS


  • AML/BSA Certified by Confidential and Business Administration professional, with experience investigating and monitoring employees and customer transactions to ensure compliance of regulations and detect suspicious.
  • Experienced monitoring company’s liquidity, managing accounts receivables, accounts payables and financial reconciliations.
  • Capable to analyze daily reports, work independently and open to travel based on company needs.
  • My goal is to develop myself in AML/BSA Compliance and work in a dynamic company with people looking for new challenges, who are competitive and efficient, where I can learn every day and contribute to reach goals.


  • AML/BSA Analysis
  • Accounting and Business Administration
  • Investigation unusual activity
  • Quick learner
  • High Motivated
  • Team player
  • Analytical and problem solving
  • Goal oriented
  • Detail Oriented
  • MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Proficiency in LexisNexis
  • Proficiency in Palantir
  • Proficiency in Accuity
  • Administration of accounts receivables and accounts payables


Confidential, Irving, Texas

Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Analyst


  • The most recent assignment is to provide support to the team leader reviewing team cases and making the necessary recommendations to analyst.
  • Provide training to new team members guiding them through the entire AML review process.
  • Conducts internal/external research, pulling of transactions records, and reviewing reports to determine whether transactions are suspicious or not.
  • Review and analyze suspicious, possible fraudulent and unusual activity patterns in order to determine if the case warrant an escalation to draft a SAR Report.
  • Perform high risk/complex investigation activities through the examination of transactions across region, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and verifying information to provide a consolidated/coordinated view of the Alerts reviewed.
  • Conduct in - depth research using World Check, Confidential and Accuity on each entity involved in a transaction, specifically looking for any existing derogatory information.

Confidential, Houston, Texas

Control Room Analyst


  • Responsible for managing BSA/AML regulatory reviews and internal fraud analysis among employees.
  • Collect and analyze documents and financial statements in order to identify unusual activity and transactions patterns.
  • Investigate and ensure employee’s trades following bank regulations and internal policies.
  • Monitor compliance of Regulation O and Regulation W of company employees.
  • Execute Confidential and BSA reviews in order to identify transactions with potential sanctions.
  • Monitor compliance of company employees with Confidential regulations.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance of the Code of Conduct. Follow up employees suspicious reports through the Hotline and Whistleblower.
  • Create and distribute monthly Pre-clearing, Trade and Restricted List reports to Compliance Officers.
  • Lead improvement projects to enhance the whistleblower / employees Hotline channel and implementation of the new Code of Conduct company website.

Confidential, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Accounting Analyst and Liquidity Monitoring


  • Perform company liquidity monitoring by reconciling account receivables and account payables against expected payment reports generated by accounting company system - Confidential Dynamics.
  • Execution of cancellation and reimbursements of funds when applicable based on contract stipulations, using different type of settlement payment methods agreed with the customer (Checks or ACH) and input necessary adjustments in company accounting systems.
  • Apply adjustments to invoice documents generated in a monthly basis and amend billing entries in company accounting systems based in missing charges due to incorrect customer payments.
  • Modification of payment methods by customers in company accounting system, previously agreed with them.


Administrative Assistance


  • Active participation planning and executing the implementation project of the new students billing process.
  • Support the financial department managing the accounts receivables.
  • Team member in university project designing and implementing new Confidential website which main objective was to improve communication between professors and students.


Financial Department Accounting Internship


  • Responsible of the Accounts Receivables administration of the company.
  • Monitoring of Accounts Payable administration of the company and execution of payments to suppliers.
  • Support creating company expenses report and analyzing/reconciling mismatches using SAP System.

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