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Cognos Resume

Minnetonka, MN


  • Over 5 years of experience in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools.
  • Experience in full life cycle project development, including design, coding, testing, implementation and ongoing production support for ReportNet, Cognos 10/8.x products.
  • Proficient in developing reports with varying complexity, including master-detail and drill-down/drill-through reports, multi-level aggregate views/reports using Cognos Reportnet suite and Cognos 8/10 (Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio and Event Studio).
  • Experience with Business Insight Advance and Active Report.
  • Expertise in creation and management of Schema Objects - Tables, Views, Sequence, Synonym, Indexes, Triggers, Database-links, Collections & Objects, Functions and Procedures.
  • Experience of the Cognos environment and tools such as Cognos 10/8BI, ReportNet, Impromptu, PowerPlay, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), Access Manager, Architect and Server Administration on Enterprise, Upfront and IWR servers.
  • Experience in creation of various multi-dimensional cubes using PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Experience in Migrating ReportNet reports to Cognos 8.4
  • Experience in Migrating Impromptu catalogs/ reports to ReportNet.
  • Experience in Migrating Power Cubes to Cognos 8.4
  • Good experience in SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Partitioning, Data Modeling, OLAP, OLTP, Logical and Physical Database Design, Backup and Recovery procedures.
  • Designed, developed Cognos data models and published Packages in Framework Manager to COGNOS 8 BI Server/ReportNet Server.
  • Expertise on Banking, Financial, Insurance, Telecom, and Healthcare domains.

BI Tools: COGNOS 8.2/8.4/10 BI Suite (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Metric Designer, Metric Studio, COGNOS Connection), COGNOS Content store, LDAP Server, SDK, Deployment Tool, MDX, Cognos TM1)
Cognos Series 7 - Cognos Impromptu, Cognos Transformer & PowerPlay User, PowerPlay Web Reports, PowerPlay Enterprise server, Upfront Administration, Access Manager, LDAP Server, Configuration Manager, Cognos Query, CognosVisualizer, Cognos Architect, Cognos Scheduler.
ETL: Informatica Power Center 5.0/5.1/6.1, Informatica PowerMart 4.5, Datamart, OLAP, and OLTP
Methodologies: Star Schema, Snowflake Schema
Databases: Oracle10g, 9i, 8i, Teradata, DB2, MS SQL server 2000/2005, MS Access
Operating System: Windows-2003 Server, Windows-XP/2000/03/NT, UNIX, Red Hat Linux

Bachelor of Engineering

Client: Confidential,Minnetonka, MN (Oct. 2011 – Present)
Position: Sr Cognos Developer
Confidential,is one of the major Financial Companies. The project involved in developing extensive financial reports and statistics to cover daily, monthly, quarterly, half-year and annual historical information with detailed analysis for thedepartments like Credit & Loan Administration, Risk Management, Deposit Administration, Mortgage Division and Recovery Banking. Some part of the project also involved in migration to the Current Version.

  • Designed, developed, and managed reporting and Business Intelligence solutions to meet the business needs.
  • Analyzing the specifications provided by the clients and Developing specification documents for reports as per client requirements.
  • Developed Standard Reports, Charts, advanced Drill through Reports, Bursting Reports using Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Developed several reports – List, Cross tabs, drill through, master-detail, chart and complex reports which involved Multiple Prompts, Conditional Formatting, Filters, multi-page, multi-query reports, which resulted in significant decrease of requirements while increasing the accuracy and amount of data presented.
  • Authoring reports in report studio according to requirement by implementing many features like Prompts, Conditional Formatting.
  • Created Dashboards in Report studio using multiple queries, multiple display objects, complex prompt pages.
  • Reporting Powerplay Cube in Query Studio and Conditional Formatting of Cube Reports in Report Studio.
  • Created interactive user-friendly reports using active report feature.
  • Created ad-hoc and complex reports using Query Studio and Report Studio.
  • Created average Summary and Percentage and user defined Calculations, user friendly Filters, Prompts, Cascading Prompts, Conditions & Bookmarks.
  • Used Cognos SDK to execute/ schedule reports from java application
  • Developed Framework Manager Models having multiple data Sources and Publishing as multiple Packages based on requirement.
  • Customized reports and Web-based GUIs using HTML.
  • Creation of database objects like Tables, Views, Materialized views, Procedures, Packages using Oracle tools like PL/SQL Developer, SQL* Plus.
  • Designed the Logical model that conforms to Data Modeling (Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema Concepts), Different Views (Import, Business, External) as per Business requirement.
  • Involved in Migration of Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10 environment and testing of migrated reports.
  • Scheduled Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
  • Performance Tuning by analyzing and comparing the turnaround times between SQL and Cognos
  • Scheduled and distributed Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection, to run on daily, weekly, monthly, & quarterly basis.
  • Created Boolean Variables and String Variables for blocking charts.
  • Manually modified the SQL in Report Studio to write complicated reports.
  • Testing the Reports in SIT (System Integration Testing) and UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
  • Tested and improved Report Performance

Cognos 10.1.0 /8.4.1 Suite (Cognos Connection, Scheduler, Access, Business Insight, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio), Framework Manager, UAT,Cognos SDK, Transformer, SQL Server2005, Oracle 10g, Windows 2008 R2 64 bit Server.
Client: Confidential,Augusta, GA (Nov. 2010 – Sept. 2011)
Position: CognosDeveloper
Confidential, is leading company in household appliance maker. Its products sell under a variety of brand names including its own and are primarily. The company also makes appliances for professional use. My project consisted operation and maintenance of Cognos BI suite and developing financial report.

  • Migrating Powerplay Client HTML reports that are tabular and pivot oriented and convert them topictorial/dashboard-oriented reports forexecutive management sales.
  • Developed multiple report types including List, Crosstab, and Chart, and features such as cascading prompts, dashboards, drill through, conditional blocks, conditional variables, date range buckets, date conversions, and weekly, monthly and yearly aggregations and scheduling as per functional requirements using report studio and query studio.
  • CreatingDashboard Reportsfrom cube using Report studio MDX Functions and adding it to the portal page using HTML Items.
  • Developed Reports usingConditional Formatting, Cascading Prompts and Report Bursting.
  • Modifying the existing report based upon the change request by the user.
  • Creation of Power Play models and cubes Using Power play Transformer and Testing the report by comparing data withCube databy using powerplay web explorer and the validity of the data it retrieves from the database.
  • BuiltFramework Manager Model, and established the cardinalities to suit the business needs.
  • Developed and Published Packages in Framework Manager - Connecting and testing the data source, createdDatabase layer, Relationship layer and Presentation layer, defining appropriate relationship between query subjects.
  • Testing the Reports in SIT (System Integration Testing) and UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
  • Implemented securityfor Data access, Object level access and Package access.
  • Created User Groups, Roles to implement theCognosSecurity, using Directory Server.
  • Used filters for efficient data retrieval.
  • Experience with conditional blocks and conditional layouts.
  • CustomizingCognosConnection Portal based on user specifications.
  • Created business models based on power cubes, published to the portal and created daily, Monthly reports based on published package.
  • Involved in migrating powerplay cubes to Cognos 8.4 and developed cube based report in report studio
  • GeneratedIQD files in Framework manager and designed Power play models in Transformeras sources ofMetric Extracts.
  • DevelopedMetric Extracts in Metric Designeras a Cube Sources.
  • DevelopedScorecards, Metric Types and Metrics in Metric Studio.
  • Loading data into Metric Studiofrom Cube Sources.
  • Deployment of reports from Development to Production.
  • Production Support and Troubleshoot/Test issues with existing reports and cubes.
  • Interacting with theCognossupport team and creating & following-up the cases in theCognossupport site.

Environment:Cognos8.4 suite (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio), Powerplay Transformer/cubes, SQL Server 2005.

Client: Confidential,Simi Valley, CA (July 2009 – Oct. 2010)
Position: Cognos Developer
Description: Confidential,is leading insurance provider company that deals with auto insurance, home insurance, Life insurance and insurance for business purposes. This project involved generating reports extracting data from legacy systems and transactional systems on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Involved in the requirement gathering and analysis of data
  • Created ad hoc reports and queries using Query studio in Cognos Connection.
  • Created powerplay models based on multiple datasources(csv, iqds) in transformer
  • Worked with various drill through targets from cubes.
  • Customized cubes by using features like omitting dimensions, excluding measures.
  • Created customized Dimension views and customized them by using Suppress, Summarize,Cloak, Exclude, and Apex actions.
  • Worked with Cube groups based on keys for better performance of cubes.
  • Created reports in powerplay for web and powerplay for windows.
  • Worked with User class views in cubes for security of cube data.
  • Worked with manual levels, manual categories, sub-dimensions, special categories, calculated categories
  • Used Powerplay features like Explorer reports, Reporter Reports, layering of report data, subsets. Scheduled and published powerplay reports to Upfront
  • Developed complex reports using Report Studio and Query studio
  • Involved in Migration of FM package, Transformer cubes and Report studio reports from Report Net 1.1 MR3 to Cognos 8.2
  • Involved in the creation of Framework metadata model for new data Elements.
  • Used Link segment for Merging shared dimensions in Framework Manager.
  • Optimized the cube performance and the report response time.
  • Involved in creation of new relationships using Framework Model.
  • Developed multi-dimensional analysis & business metrics reports using Cognos Power Cubes.
  • Configured and setup Cognos 8 in QA and Prod environment.
  • Deployed ReportNet reports and Cubes into Cognos 8.
  • Developed macros used in reports for automation and scheduling purposes.
  • Implemented framework manager security for data access, object level access and Package access based on the organization level.
  • Managed scheduling of reports, maintenance of public and individual folders, distribution lists, users, groups and roles using Cognos connection in Cognos 8.

Environment: Cognos 8.x/7.x, Cognos Report Net 1.1, Framework Manager, Analysis Studio, Report Studio, Query Studio, Access Manger, Cognos Server Administration, Cognos Configuration, Cognos Power play, Cognos Transformer, Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL.

Client: Confidential,Denver, CO (Oct. 2007 – June 2009)
Position: Cognos Developer
Confidential,provides quality healthcare services for its members. As a part of enterprise data warehouse team, my responsibilities included developing and maintaining efficient reporting infrastructure for Cigna using Cognos BI. Scope of the project was building models from the existing data warehouse for summary level and detail level reporting of the claims, members/subscribers, brokers and employee\'s information

  • Used Report Studio to build multi-page, multi-query reports against multiple databases in ReportNet.
  • Created and tested ad hoc reports using Query Studio in ReportNet.
  • Worked on summary reports and detail Reports.
  • Developed standard historical reports in Report Studio.
  • Involved in design and development of Joins, filters, calculations, prompts and conditional variables in Packages in Framework Manager.
  • Involved in scheduling and Administering Cognos ReportNet reports using Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
  • Peer Reviewed Design and Code of other Developers, prepared defects list and modified design docs and code as per defects list
  • Created Impromptu catalogs and reports
  • Worked on scheduling and publishing the report to the Cognos Connection.
  • Secure Cognos Connection and setup ReportNet Security by assigning user to the groups and roles defined in Cognos Namespace.
  • Worked on Security access to clients (using Access Manager and ReportNet with LDAP also worked with Data Access, Object Access, and Package Access in Frame Work Manager).
  • Created drill through reports with different parameters and associated with the summary reports to get details.
  • Sql Tuning to enhance the performance of the reports.
  • Created Prompts, Calculations, Conditions & Filters and creating New Jobs using Impromptu Administrator.
  • Administered ReportNet server with the primary objective of tuning server performance to optimize speed and efficiency.
  • Created Models by using various data sources in PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Created User Classes and Users in Access manager and provided the user credentials
  • Created extremely big OLAP cubes.
  • Used PowerPlay Enterprise Server to publish the cubes and Impromptu reports to the Upfront.
  • Working closely with the ETL Team in the troubleshooting the data issues
  • Worked with Maintenance and Production support team in Scheduling activities
  • Deploying the packages and reports to production environment.

ENVIRONMENT: Cognos ReportNet 1.1 MR3, Impromptu, Cognos PowerPlay 7.3 (Windows / Excel / Web), Access Manager 6.5, Oracle 9i, Sybase,FACETS, Informatica 7.1.3, CITRIX, Oracle HRMS, Toad 8.5, Solaris, Deltek Performance Manager, CostPoint, Windows XP.

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